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Jvnowledge means the ability to read write or learn about something. It is not without
meaning to say that knowledge is power. The idea that wealth is the source of power does
not sound well because wealth is not a permanent thing. A well-off person of today may
be a financial destitute of tomorrow. Therefore man's wealth cannot be a true source of
power. Thus it is only knowledge that is final and the real source of power and strength.

The definition that knowledge means the ability to read or write is some what narrow in
extent as it is the sum total of all the laws in nature. There are various branches or
disciplines of knowledge. Similarly, physical and386

The Study of Educate


metaphysical principles are also very important. The knowledge of every new
principle has helped man in the development of world culture. Philosophy is said to be
the mother of all existing sciences when one thing is proved it come out of the
metaphysical world. The proof of the existence of matter let to .the introduction. When
minds existence was proved philosophy was recognized as a science. Similarly many
other braches of knowledge e.g. chemistry, botany, zoology, mathematics, logic
psychology, physiology were introduced in due course of time. It is known that all these
branches contributed to the betterment of the world. A person who gets the knowledge of
these sciences is able to harness some aspects of nature and become powerful in true

Our economic or political advancement is impossible without having gained sufficient

knowledge of various disciplines to develop our economic and political institutions.
America, Japan, France, China, Germany and so many other advanced countries have
gained a wide know-how. Their technical knowledge, its application in various fields of
life and their wonderful inventions have proved that knowledge is power.

There are various braches of knowledge and all of them have their own useful functions.
By means of nuclear physics, atom was broken and a great source of power was
discovered. In many advanced countries Atomic Reactors were installed to produce
electricity by means of which the shortage of energy was overcome to a large extent.
Chemistry has helped us in giving a great number of medicine and chemical products. If
we consider agriculture field only a few years ago our crops would easily fall prey to
different kinds of diseases resulting into a low quantity of per acre yield.
Agricultural scientists made standard medicines due to which per acre yield was
multiplied. Psychology told us many things about our minds and body. Religion gave us


The Study of Education

full understanding of our spiritual demands. Civics and political science taught us the
ways and methods of living in the society and the govern ourselves. In this way every
branch of knowledge has contributed to the welfare of mankind.

However there is also another side of the picture. Its benefits on its own place, if handled
wrongly, knowledge being a power may also bring havoc and destroy the mankind. If a
man has full understanding of a subject and takes help from it, he will find that
knowledge is his friend. On the other hand if he has only superficial knowledge of his
subject and use it unwisely, it will give him irreparable loss. As it is said that little
knowledge is a dangerous thing. It is therefore necessary that the application of
knowledge be in a very conscious and careful way so that to avoid its negative force.



I he age we live in is an age of science and technology. The discoveries and inventions
made by scientists have thoroughly changed our life. If we think of the old ages when
there were no trains, no aeroplane no electric fans, no gas heaters, no pressure cooker and
no refrigerator, we will really get frightened. We feel that how our forefathers live such a
dull and monotonous life*There were neither roads nor mechanical transport. People used
to travel long distance by foot or on the back of their animals and took days and some
times months to reach from one place to another. But now science has completely
revolutionized our life. The facilities and inventions of scientists have made our life more
comfortable and happy for us than it was in the past.