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Electron Microscope Practical Examination Multiple choice 1. Negative staining is often done with : (a) Lead citrate.

(b) Uranyl acetate. (c) Phosphotungstic acid. (d) Toluidine blue. 2.How much 25% glutaraldehyde is needed to make 50mL of 3% glutaraldehyde? (a) 5 mL (b) 10mL (c) 6mL (d) 3 mL. 3. Propylene oxide is known harmful that is : (a) carcinogenic . (b) mutagenic . (c) allergic . (d) a and b above. 4. Interference colour of floating sections: (a) gold is approximately ranges between 120-150nM. (b) Silver grey is about 60 nM. (c) Blue between 60-90nM. (d) Yellow between 150-190nM. 5.The image of TEM is colourless(black and white) due to : (a) High and ultravacuum column. (b) The use of fluorescent screen. (c) The use of the short wave length beam. (d) Colors are not recommended for scientific and medical studies. Station Spots 1.(a) Identify. (b) Mention the use of it in EM field. 2.(a) (b) 3.(a) (b) 4.(a) (b) 5.(a) (b) 6.(a) (b)

(b) 8.(a) (b) 9.(a) (b) 10.(a) 11.( a)


(b) 12.(a) (b) 13.(a) (b) 14.(a) (b) 15.(a) (b) : Legend 1.(a) Knife holder (b)To fix the knife in place so as to cut sections through ultramicrotome. 2.(a)Multiplate. g wax. (b)To fix and stain semithin sections,to adhere boats to knife using dental or modelin 3.(a) Grid pad. (b)To hold the grids firmly during post staining by the staining machine. 4.(a)Autofine coater(coating machine). (b)To coat non conductive specimens by thin layers of metals to be examined under SEM.

5.(a)Cooling system of SEM. (b)To cool the parts of SEM which are heated by the action of current and high voltage. 6.(a)X-Ray detector. (b)to collect X-Rays for elemental analysis 7.(a)Electron Gun. (b)Anode and cathode production of electron beam ; thermoionic emission. 8.(a)Rotary pump . (b) for column evacuation backed by oil diffusion pump. 9.(a)Specimen airlock. (b) to introduce and remove specimen to TEM without vacuum interruption. 10.(a) Condencer lens. (b) to focus and condense the beam towards the object. 11.(a)Mechanical stage. (b)to move the object horizontally in all direction. 12.(a)High voltage cable. (b) to carry the voltage from the step up transformer to the gun. 13.(a)Eye lash. (b)Useful for manipulation of floating ultrathin section fishing. 14.(a)Embedding moulds. (b)for embedding specimens with resins so as after polymerization we have a suitable Block shape. 15.(a) Boat or Truf(Trough) (b) To contain and keep water surface to allow section float freely.

Recommended Books for Electron microscopy Unit

(1) Electron Microscopy 2nd edition John J. Bozzola Lonnie D. Russell Publishers: John and Bartlett Sudbury, Massachusetts c 1999 Boston,Toronto ,London, Singapore. ISBN 0-7637-0192-0(hard) (2) Electron microscopy Biological Applications 4th edition M.A Hayat Publishers:Cambridge university press c 2000 ISBN 0521632870 hard cover (3)Biological Specimen Preparation for Transmission Electron Microscopy Audrey M. Glauert and Peter R. Lewis Practical Methods in Electron Microscope:volume 17 Series Editor :Audrey M. Glauert c 1998

Publishers : Portland Press -London ISBN 1855780615 (hbk) (4) Transmission Electron Microscopy A text book for materials science David B. Williams and C. Barry Carter Publishers : Plenum Press New York and London

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