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Company profile

BIOCONSULTING - founded by Dr. Imre Pascik is one of the leading companies

in the field of innovative Environmental Biotechnology, based on his 33 years with Bayer AG, Leverkusen, Germany as founder and head of a team for development and application of biotreatment technologies for wastewater and polluted air. His work comprises innovative designs of more than 40 full scale plants and more than 100 pilot test based feasibility studies and problem solutions for Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry, Petrochemistry and Refineries, Coal conversion : Coke plants, Coal gasification and Pyrolysis, etc., Pulp and Paper mills, Textile finishing and Leather manufacturers, as well as for Special municipal effluents, like landfill leachates and sludge process effluents.

These experiences represent a reliable basis for providing modern, tailormade services, comprising of CONSULTING: Analysing the problem, defining targets, designing of concepts, EXPERIMENTS: Development of the optimal process and process parameters PROCESS DESIGN: Design of tailor made processes for new plants and for extension and/or upgrading of existing plants, respectively SERVICES: Plant startup and technological supervision of plant operation Our specialties are: Anaerobic pre-treatment of complex, persistent industrial effluents Nitrification and denitrification of effluents containing inhibitory components Biological waste gas treatment in optimized biotrickling-filters (BTF) Biofilm reactors, IFAS and MBBR , for industrial and domestic waste water and Production and delivery of high performance LEVAPOR biocarriers.

Our highlights: The first full scale plant for nitrification/denitrification of ammonia-rich effluents (1978) Development of high-performance, adsorbant biocarriers (1983-84) Degradation of toxic effluents by anaerobic biofilm technology (1985) Design of a full scale process for the treatment of toxic effluents in anaerobic-aerobic biofilm reactors (1998). Indoor biotreatment of polluted air of a warehouse for waste plastics (2002) Biotreatment of hypersaline (120 g/L NaCl) industrial effluents. We dont build plants, but cooperate with contractors.

LEVAPOR GmbH offers high performance, adsorbing LEVAPOR biocarrier for

microorganisms in the treatment of effluents and polluted gases in biofilm reactors, like IFAS, MBBR , biofilters and bio-trickling filters (BTF). LEVAPOR is the first synthetic biocarrier, created on basis of technical requirements for their application, with unique properties : Fast colonization of the extremely high surface by microbial specialists and Generation of highly active biofilms, Adsorption of hazardous, inhibiting pollutants on carrier surface and Reduction of inhibitory effects in the liquid phase,

resulting in several BENEFITS for user, like short startup period of bioprocesses, higher process performance, + 100% to +300 % compared with susp.cells, higher process stability, lower sludge yield, low degree of reactor filling,only 12 to 15 % instead of 40 to 65 %, meaning remarkably lower energy consumption than MBBRs using plastic carriers.

Above mentioned benefits have been confirmed in numerous reference plants worldwide as well as by R&D-studies carried out in renowned Institutes. Based on optimized technology, high quantities of LEVAPOR can be produced worldwide , within a very short period.

Fluidized LEVAPOR carrier

Klner Str. 38 D- 51379-Leverkusen Germany Tel.: + 49- 2173-938715 Mobile: + 49- 177-7865533 E-mail: levapor@web.de