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Amanita Virosa


Female XhanLich 22nd Level Priestess

ALIGNMENT: Lawful evil

STR 14, DEX 13, CON n/a, INT 19, WIS 16, CHA 14

Nonweapon Proficiencies: Equipment: Amanita has access to most forms of mundane equipment. Weapons of Proficiency: Dagger, staff. Magic Resistance: 25% Spells: (9/9/9/9/9/6/3): 1st: bless, call upon faith (Tome of Magic [ToM]), cause fear, cause light immune to cold damage (due to their nature or a magical item or effect) suffer half damage. Xhanliches can throw up to two balls of this coldfire per round, to a range of 60 yards. The touch of a Xhanlich causes 1dlO points of unearthly cold damage and forces the victim to make a successful saving throw vs. spell, or suffer from complete hopelessness as described in the 4th-level wizard spell emotion. Xhanliches can be hit onIy by magical

wounds x3 , detect magic, protection from good, remove fear; 2nd: augury, create holy symbol (ToM), find traps, hesitation (ToM), hold person (2), mind read (ToM), silence 15. radius; heat metal, 3rd: bestow curse, cause blindness, dispel magic x3, emotion control (ToM), miscast magic (ToM), prayer, speak with dead; 4th : abjure, cause serious wounds, divination, poison, protection from lightning, 5th : cause critical wounds x2, wall of fire x2, flamestrike x3, mindshatter (ToM), word of recall; 6th : blade barrier x3, Sol.s searing orb (ToM), wall of thorns, animal summoning III. 7th : creeping doom, earthquake, fire storm.
Magical Items: Combat/Tactics: Amanitas spells still require verbal and somatic components, but material components are no longer needed. Spells cast by a Xhanlich take the normal amount of time to cast. Xhanliches may use any magical items normally usable by clerics of their alignment. A Xhanlich radiates an aura of fear. Creatures with fewer than 5 Hit Dice or levels that see one will flee in terror for 5d4 rounds. Creatures with 5 or more Hit Dice or levels that make a successful saving throw vs. spell are unaffected Xhanliches are also able to produce violet

weapons of +2 or greater enchantment. These ancient creatures are also immune to the following spells and spell types: charm, sleep,

enfeeblement, polymorph, cold, electricity,

insanity, and death. Xhanliches are immune to all types of poisons and are not affected in any way by sunlight. Holy water from a lawful good temple of Chamlar inflicts Id10 points of damage per vial to them; any other holy water causes only ld6 points of damage. They cannot he turned while in their lairs or in or in areas dedicated to the worship of Xhan. When outside their lairs, theyre turned as special undead. The destruction of a Xhanlich centres on the eradication of the lich's phylactery. Destroying a Xhanlich's phylactery kills it immediately If the phylactery is not found, a destroyed Xhanlich will reform in 2d10 days at the site of the phylactery. The one who destroys a Xhanlichs phylactery and anyone else within 10 feet must make a successful saving throw vs. death magic at -1 or be struck

coldfire missiles that inflict 3d10 points of

freezing damage each. Even beings normally

dead by an incredible negative energy explosion generated by its destruction.

Allies/Companions Foes/Enemies: Appearance: Amanitas true appearance is a gaunt, skeletal, humanoid form with black eye sockets in which burn red pin points of light. She is dressed in elegant but decaying clerical ceremonial robes and wear's an intricately worked gold holy symbol (the curved dagger of Xhan) Personality: History Motivations/Goals

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