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A call to launch joint civic action to support the Syrian people " IT Can Do it " The Syrian people

are living today in the ongoing cycle of increasing violence that was experienced by the Lebanese people for more than 40 years. Moreover, Syria has always been the vital reach for Lebanon. Therefore, since the first day of the outbreaks in Syria, the Lebanese realized that they would be affected by those incidents, especially since the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon has reached more than 220,000 refugees. Hence, the Lebanese civil society organizations, and the private sector, pointed out the need to stop violence, and called to put their experiences and capabilities to help and assist the Syrian CSOs, which provided aid and assistance to Lebanese people during the July 2006 war. Lebanese civil society has played an important role in Lebanon during the civil war and beyond, and as there were moderate forces and moderate calls in Lebanon to stop the war and the violence that are affecting the civilians, there are voices calling for peace and moderation in Syria today as well. Due to the importance of reading the history, drawing lessons from the past, and learning from others` experiences, and because of the similarity between the conflict experienced by the Lebanese and the one taking place in Syria; the Arab ICT Organization "IJMA3" in partnership with the Lebanese Center for Civic Education " LCCE ", announce their initiative " IT Can Do it ", in cooperation with the Lebanese civil society organizations and Syrian and Lebanese volunteers, for a civic, humanitarian, and non-political action which aims at providing humanitarian and technical assistance to the Syrian people in two directions: 1- To assist the Syrian business men who moved to Lebanon to continue their business activities in the best possible way.

2- To empower Syrian CSOs with the needed skills that enable them to assist the Syrian people to overcome the negative effects of the crisis. Given the importance of this issue and its repercussions on Lebanon economically and socially, IJMA3 and LCCE are pleased to invite you to participate in a round table meeting comprising representatives from the Private Sector, and Civil Society Organizations from Syria and Lebanon, to discuss and launch this important initiative at 3 p.m. on Wednesday February 27th 2013, in the conference room at IJMA3 Office located in the 2nd floor Abboud Abdulrazzak building, crossroad of Al Massaref street and Bab Idris street, Beirut downtown. The meeting agenda will include the following points: - How can we take advantage of the Lebanese experience: How can we help? - How can we work together to rebuild the community: lets work together! - How can technology be used to build the capacity of the civil society in Syria and enhance opportunities for social and economic development ?

Looking forward to seeing you there. General Secretary The Arab ICT Organization (IJMA3)