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Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Thesis

By :
Dr.Ing. Ir. Agus Maryono
(Director of Master Program of Engineering System,
Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University)

Presentation On Internasional Seminar :

ICT-Based Learning in School and University Partnership with
Southeast Asian Countries
Yogyakarta, 19th Februari 2009

A. Background
1. There are many graduates students (S1) who want to continue their
postgraduate study (S2), especially for certain fields which are directly
required by society. Meanwhile, the schooling cost for postgraduate study is
extremely high.
2. Society needs many professional human resources.
3. A cheap and high quality learning method is much needed.
4. The implementation of Sandwich/Hybrid System by utilizing e-learning
technology becomes an alternative

B. Objective
1. To run postgraduate study by implementing Sandwich/Hybrid System.
2. To coordinate and put e-learning into function, in cooperation with SEAMEO
3. To collect a large number of postgraduate study students.
4. To maximize the compensation quality toward the outcome of Sandwich/
Hybrid System.

C. Significance
1. Sandwich/Hybrid Program testing by e-learning can be held in order to
know its inferiority and superiority.
2. Students can maximally use and utilize internet network.
3. Cost of operational program can be suppressed.
4. There will be many candidates of postgraduate study who can take part in
this program.

D. Target
1. Students who individually and institutionally have facilities, such as
internet, video conference, and so forth.
2. Students from local government staff, who can take the program while
they are doing their task in their original districts.

3. Students from industrial field who have limited time, thus, they need more
flexible time to study.
4. Lecturers and teachers who, in a long time, cannot leave their job in their
universities and schools altogether.
5. Foreign students who have internet connection network with University/

E. Cooperation Scheme between SEAMOLEC and University/College

University/College in cooperation with SEAMEO SEAMOLEC plans to
hold cooperation on Human Resources Developing.
For the first step, this cooperation program will give some chance to
human resources in South East Asia nations in relationship with SEAMOLEC.
Additionally, it is dedicated for graduate students of engineering and science.
After they pass the election process, they will have a follow up postgraduate
study in Master Program University/College.
This cooperation pattern on Sandwich/Hybrid System is a new pattern
which will be held by University/College and most of the material will be
delivered in English.
The planning of educational scheme can be seen in Figure 1 below:

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course e-learning course, exam trimester e-learning exam trimester 3,
1,2 final exam

Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Thesis

at Master of Engineering System, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah

Mada University (course and exam)

Back to their own nations or districts

e-learning, experiment, thesis

Figure 1. The scheme of postgraduate study (S2) process according to

Sandwich/Hybrid Program

1. Regarding the scheme above, the students follow a face to face lecturing
in University/College within two months, it aims to get complete and direct
information, either lecturing material or practicum material, and the whole
information related to the administration process they have to complete
from the very first time until they finish the study.
Next, the program is conducted in students’ own districts or nations,
completing the lecturing process by utilizing video conference, or other
ICT facilities (within the last two months, at the end of the first semester).
Recently, tutorial activity is led by those who have graduated from The
University/College and come several districts and provinces in Indonesia.
2. At the second trimester, within two months, the students do the lecturing
process in their own districts or nations and follow up the lecturing by
utilizing ICT and video conference facilities. Next, they go back to
University/College to follow the lecturing up, do the practicum, and have
the examination of trimester 1 and 2.
3. At the third trimester, the students still have the lecturing and tutorial
activities in University/College within two months, then, in the last two
months, they will go back to their districts or nations.
4. At the forth trimester, the students begin to work on their thesis, which is
done in their own districts or nations, with their consultants and finally they
will have the final exam of their thesis in the last two months.

According to Sandwich/Hybrid pattern explained above, the students

can get their chance to face and interact with their lecturers and other
students in each trimester. By the time they work on their thesis, they have
some time to do the experiment in their own districts or nations and
intensively have discussion with their consultants at University/College.
The implementation of Sandwich/Hybrid pattern is expected to
develop relationship, information exchange, and technology among South
East Asia nations or districts in Indonesia which are involved in SEAMOLEC
and University. Specially case at MST FT UGM, the implementation of
effective technology on microhydro (renewable energy) can be implemented
in order to solve waste problem of small-scale and middle-scale industry.

F. Assisting, Tutoring, and Monitoring Process

In implementing the program, for the sake of quality of Sandwich/

Hybrid Method, University/College creates assistance, tutorial and monitoring
process which involve the alumnus University from all districts and provinces
in Indonesia. They will be the tutors/assistants as the representative from
University to give material which is delivered via internet. University through
its decision letter will choose those who deserve to be the official assistants.
It is expected that by having the tutors, the students of Sandwich/
Hybrid Program can both understand the lesson well and develop networking
with the alumnus whose profession is similar. Meanwhile, for students of
Sandwich/Hybrid System from other nations, the assistance and tutorial
process are conducted via internet by utilizing facilities such as Yahoo
Messenger, video conference, and telephone.

G. Sandwich/Hybrid System Testing (special for Microhydro)

In the academic year of 2008, there will be a testing on Sandwich/

Hybrid System which involve 10 students of Microhydro Power System
concentration. The candidates are the students who have e-learning facilities
such as internet (YM, Skype, e-mail), video conference, and telephone.
The fund of this program is supported by BKLN through SEAMOLEC.
By this project pilot system, Master Program of Engineering System will learn
how to develop the affectivity and efficiency of learning process by
implementing Sandwich/Hybrid System. Next, the project will become the
evaluation in conducting Sandwich/Hybrid Program that involves more
students for more major such as Technology for Small and Medium
Enterprises concentration and Management and Technology Application for
Municipal Waste Treatment concentration.
This program is expected to minimize schooling cost up to 50%, thus
there are more students can join this program. The candidates who will join
the Sandwich/Hybrid Program testing consist of several parties as follows:

1. lecturers of universities and polytechnics from all parts of Indonesia,
2. teachers of PUTK, PMTK, and DIKNAS,
3. teachers of industrial courses under related departments, and
4. graduate students who have compatible e-learning facilities.
This following figure discription The scheme of Sandwich/Hybrid
Program as the cooperation between Master Program of Engineering
System, Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah Mada University and SEAMOLEC


SEAMOLEC MST Tutors/assistants

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MST learning
MST learning

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Trimester 1 Trimester 2 Trimester 3 Thesis

Figure 2. The scheme of Sandwich/Hybrid Program as the cooperation between

Master Program of Engineering System (=MST), Faculty of Engineering, Gadjah
Mada University and SEAMOLEC.

H. Conclusion and Suggestion
1. Sandwich/Hybrid Program needs to be implemented soon since it can
significantly reduce the schooling cost.
2. By implementing lecturing method as shown in Figure 2, the quality of
postgraduate study can be guaranteed. Moreover, the quality tends to be
better because there will be many students who finally implement their
ability in their own districts or nations.
3. By implementing the program, the networking in departments of national
education can be optimally done.
4. By implementing the program, there will be useful values to be broadly
enhanced to make e-learning program into better cooperation and quality.
5. The contributions University/College and networking alumnus can
develop well.
6. The union and unity of the nation via dynamic networking in all parts of
Indonesia can be gained.
7. The developing of education quality can be increased faster.