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ATT NTT a TR TT TTS TTT rar ae rar TT CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY PRESS 7 Which is more difficult to do? Give or take? Listen or ae eee AN eeu’ pees eee eee er Ae eos er ath aN influence on your opinions? Would your ideal friend Peet te) ee renee ny eee ea ee ey ee resource book of specking activities designed to encourage lively and meaningful discussion among prereset eee Pe tec eet eats medical ethics, freedom of the press and moral ee een eyes as running from A to Z, each filled with a variety of stimulating activities. The units contain authentic reading and listening texts which are intended to be Peer ec ete Peet ee eae oy cctivity, as well as providing a wealth of Pee ne eee eon ee eee ADVANCED Nn eas UL i in + offers a fresh perspective on a variely of discussion topics ‘encourages fluency through personalised activities See de ee a eos * flexible and freestanding: activities can either be fee rete eg + easy-louse format: leacher’s notes and Sees eee ean) eed « subject index: enables teachers to search for topics which fitin with the student's main coursebook The accompanying cassette features a good variely Career ee epee CAMBRIDGE SMES Ue eed Pere oe on ttt Acknowledgements _ Introduction to the teacher Advice Body English Fear Gender Home _ Intelligence Justice Kids Language ‘Memory Contents Personality Quizzes _ Revolution Science Talk Utopia Value War _ ca X-certificate You Zodiac Subject index Links index