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Board of Supervisors


County of Rice, State of Minnesota

November 10, 2008

The meeting was called to order by Chair Kathleen Doran-Norton. In

attendance were supervisors Glen Castore and Leif Knecht, treasurer, Brad
Pfahning, Zoning Administrator Jim Braun, Planning Consultant, Carolyn
Braun, and clerk, Pam Petersen.

The Flag Pledge was said by all present.

The agenda was approved by a motion by G Castore, second by L Knecht,

motion carried.

The Claims were approved to be paid by a motion by L Knecht, second by G

Castore, motion carried.

There was no treasurer’s report at this time.

The minutes from the October 14th meeting were approved, with two
changes, by a motion made by L Knecht and second by G Castore.

The date was set for the Open House to be held on Nov. 25. Jim Braun will
obtain addresses of all Bridgewater residents and get all mailings ready.

Bill Fossum will put on the storm door to the office. The cost with the door,
labor and jam extension will be about $475.00.

The purchase of a new computer for the zoning office was approved with a
motion by L Knecht, second by G Castore, motion carried. It will be a desktop
with a larger monitor.

Landfill Permit: With regards to the Data Practices Act, K Doran-Norton will
provide clear guidance to P Tiede on how to move forward with the county in
this matter.

The supervisors have some rough drafts of priorities and amounts for uses
for the host fee revenue. At this time they will keep refining.

Planning & Zoning: Jim Braun. Agape Crossing is withdrawing their
application at this time. The question of a gun range in Rice County, for local
law enforcement only, at the landfill site.

Lot split for Chris Shimek. There has already been one split in 2004 of 5.99
acres, believed to be an old dump site.

There is a question of chain of command within the zoning staff. The building
official, inspector, reports to the zoning Administrator. K D-N will speak with
zoning staff.

Upcoming Dundas Planning Commission meeting on 11-20-2008,

Bridgewater Township will authorize C. Braun to write the ordinances for the
annexation area for the Dundas Planning Commission.

Move the Planning Commission meeting for BWTP to a December date.

Place a Public Notice in December announcing an opening on the BWTP

Planning Commission to be filled this winter. Applicants need to file by end o
f the filing period.

The Board is authorizing the final updates to the town hall in the way of paint
and new carpet in the meeting area and gutters for the entire building to be
installed. Motion was made by G Castore, second by L Knecht, motion
carried. Gary Ebling will oversee the project.

The Stream Inventory Resolution passed with a motion made by L Knecht,

second by G Castore, motion carried. It is number 2008-09.

K D-N will write a thank you letter to the NW Corridor Study Group thanking
them for the long range planning.

A new flag is needed for the town hall. The purchase was authorized by a
motion by L Knecht, second by G Castore, motion carried. P Petersen will get
the flag.

Next work session is Tuesday, November 18, 2008 at 7:00PM.

Motion to adjourn made by G Castore, second by L Knecht. Motion carried.

Pam Petersen, Clerk


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