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com India +91-8885560202 ; +91-40-64540202 USA +1-707-666-8949 Course Overview: Oracle Service Busan integral part of Oracle SOA Suiteis the market-leading and fastest growing enterprise service bus (ESB). This course will provide you the knowledge from the point of installation to an in-deep site of OSB. The course is designed in such a way that it includes practical sessions together with providing theoretical knowledge. You will be benefited by the way of hands-on approach you experience with us. Course Contents: 1.) Installation Details, Prerequisites Details about what to download and from where for OSB 11g Installation Discussion on Prerequisite XQuery XPath XSD XSLT 2.) Introduction to SOA, Web Services and Role of a Service Bus Typical Problem Areas How SOA Helps Breaking SOA Misconceptions Why Service Bus is needed 3.) Introduction to OSB and OSB Architecture Understand OSB & Weblogic Console, Eclipse OSB Key Architecture Concepts Binding Layer Transport Layer Proxy and Business Services OSB Key Concepts Message Context Message Flows OSB Message Patterns OSB Design Time Components 4.) Creating First OSB Service Understanding Proxy and Business Services Using a Stage and a Request Response Pipeline Using the Assign and Replace Using the Routing action Utilize the Message Context Practice Create your first OSB Proxy and Business service. The OSB Service calls an external webservice to get Stock Online Training Corporate Training Web-Development Software Development SEO Services

www.VirtualNuggets.com Training@VirtualNuggets.com India +91-8885560202 ; +91-40-64540202 USA +1-707-666-8949 Quote information for the input passed 5.) Interacting with Database using JCA Transport Explain concepts on various transport options available Explain concepts on Routing so that we can call different Business services based on input payload Practice Dynamic Routing Create a JCA adapter in JDeveloper Import the JCA files in OSB Project 6.) Message validation, Error Handling & Security Basic error handling techniques in OSB Message validation Practice Existing processes can be leveraged to add security and Exception Handlers Message validation can be included in processes that have message transformations 7.) OSB and SOA Integration Use cases and concepts covering SOA/BPEL and OSB integration Practice OSB calling BPEL Services BPEL calling OSB Proxy Services Create XSLT transformations and integrate with BPEL adapters Create Xquery expression to implement assignment logic Dynamic Transformation 8.) Miscellaneous topics Logging and Reporting in OSB Alerts SLAs Concept of Work Managers JMS API use case Using Java Callouts in OSB Unit Testing Service Bus Resources Continuous Integration on OSB using Groovy, Hudson, Python etc. Profiling Service Bus Resources for Performance Reading Lists and Referencese

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