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Assignment 2 Assume a role of an internal manager/consultant and make a brief write-up of the problem for the consultancies to be undertaken Problem Area: To check the feasibility of the new business model Company: E-Tailing Company Consulting Bid for www.justforyou.com Technical Aspect: Ability to solve the problem:1. 25 years of experience in consultancy industry 2. Team consists of professionals from diverse backgrounds ranging from human resource management, market research, event managers, and retail managers. 3. Many projects are undertaken in the past from Ebay, Archies, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. 4. Full dedication is to one company at one time 5. Adequate number of manpower to handle projects with technical expertise and creative mindset 6. We treat clients as our family Way to solve the problem:1. Detailed investigation Primary Stage: Interaction with the consumers about the way they prefer to purchase things and are they ready to shift to any other medium. Secondary Stage: Interaction with the same consumers to note down their views on this new idea of purchasing online by saving time. Market Research

Questionnaires are prepared Data analyzed on excel/ SPSS Converted into report and submitted Possibilities 1. People may discard the idea of purchasing online through e-commerce site. 2. People may like the new idea of purchasing online which can be customized according to their choice. Recommended plan of Action The solution for the problem that they are facing can be solved in many ways. Firstly, they should decide on the design of the website and should define various ways of customizing an article from which the consumers could choose, to avoid vague ideas by customers. Accordingly, they should fix the prices of each type of customization. They should also keep the prices competitive with the traditional outlets sand other competitive websites. Then it is very important to maintain a proper channel of distribution to cut down on costs. Timely delivery is very important for success of this model.

Financial Aspect Total proposed budget= 5 lakh Total no. of employees a. Market survey=5 b. Data analysis=5 Cost of 1 employee= Rs 200 per day plus 10 questionnaires Survey will take 1 whole day and done by 5 employees Final cost for the survey= Rs 2000*10= Rs 20,000 Salary of the employees= Rs 200*5= Rs 1000

Total cost= Rs 21,000 Salary of analyst for 3 days working 8 hrs per day= Rs 1, 50,000

Expenditure of focus group 20 stakeholders at a time Seminar Hall- Rs 20,000 per day Gifts and snacks= Rs 25000 per meeting For 5 days, Total money spent on gifts and snacks= 5*25000= Rs. 1, 25,000 Total expenditure on focus group= Rs. 1,55,000 Estimated cost for whole project would be around 5 lakhs