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Regulates the digestive system

The Man Behind The Method

Isaac Tivoni has always been a man of vision and integrity. His years of experience specializing in functional medicine, oligotherapy, and treatment through the ear canal, led to the development of a revolutionary treatment process called TheTivoni Method - a process for diagnosing and treating the root causes of illness within the body, as well as other physical and psychological issues affecting the quality of ones life.




For Balanced Defense and Immune Systems

Intracellular Glutathione to fight Degenerative Diseases WellTiv-10

For Digestive Flora Balance and Constipation M-Tiv


The Method

The Tivoni Method helps each person improve his or her quality of life by providing them with innovative and individualized tools for treatment - based upon years of accumulated knowledge - that help rid the body of dangerous toxins, promote healthier digestion of nutrients, restore proper immune system function, optimize energy, and reestablish psychological equilibrium. The Tivoni Method allows each and every person to efficiently cope with different diseases, starting from the source of the illness, not the symptom.

For Balanced Cardiovascular Functions

For Weight Management

For Better Attention, Concentration and Memory

This brochure contains professional information about our product, which is a dietary supplement, and does not constitute a medical recommendation or indication.

The Results

Tivoni products go through a rigorous quality assurance process and are approved for widespread circulation ONLY after being proven effective by practitioners. The Tivoni Method has been instrumental in treating hundreds of thousands of patients suffering from a wide range of issues, not only in Israel, but the world over - and with lasting results.

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The digestive system fuels all our other bodily systems, making it one of the most important to maintain. A break down in the digestive system affects our ability to function, causing a major disruption in our daily lives. DigesTiv, another of Tivoni Internationals renowned products, rehabilitates and protects the digestive systems functionality, dramatically improving the users overall physical health. One thing to keep in mind is that toxic waste accumulates within the digestive system, mostly due to overconsumption of processed food, medication, and vitamins and minerals - all of which can cause damage that worsens with time. But DigesTiv remedies that problem by neutralizing toxins and optimizing digestion, which in turn maximizes elimination of waste. Research has proven that DigesTiv is highly effective in treating gas, heartburn, swelling, diarrhea, stomach pains and more.

Why You Need DigesTiv?

According to recent research, around 80 percent of the adult population suffers from some type of digestive disorder, usually attributed to the modern processed diet. As a result, you need a natural supplement like DigesTiv that can balance your digestive system, halt its

DigesTiv Benefits
Efficient for problems and diseases of the digestion system, such as: Heartburns, stomach aches, gas, diarrhea or constipation, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, gastric or duodenal ulcer, neutralizes the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria, irritation and sores in the esophagus, gastrointestinal fungi (Candida albicans, etc.), Crohns, colitis ulcerosa, diverticulosis and more. Treats effectively nausea caused by illness, pregnancy, travel and chemotherapy. Supports external treatment of: wounds, ulcers, acne, aphthous stomatitis, herpes, fungi (on the skin, nails or in the vagina), throat and gum infections, oily skin, eczema, chafes, itches and burns.

functional deterioration, and serve as a control unit for the efficient processing of toxins - to include elimination of waste from the body. DigesTiv is that supplement. It allows your body to cope with the negative elements that cause damage to our digestive system while healing existing malfunctions, thus preventing the absorption of new toxins. Optimal digestion. Optimum health. DigesTiv.

What is DigesTiv?
DigesTiv is a natural dietary supplement containing two types of edible clay, purepropolis and pollen. DigesTiv is an efficient solution for a wide range of internal digestion problems, as well as for external treatment of throat infections, wounds, gums, fungi and acne. The propolis and pollen undergo allergens neutralizing process to reduce risk of allergic reactions to them.

DigesTiv Activity
DigesTiv restores the intestinal mucosa and improves its absorption capacity; balances the digestion PH; supports the absorption, neutralization and removal of toxins fromthe digestive system and liver. DigesTiv also restricts the habitat of fungi (Candida albicans and others), and allows an effective treatment without having to go on an extreme diet.

Did you know?

A proper function of your digestive system has a positive effect on your entire physical and emotional systems.