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Frequently Asked Questions About the ETS Authorized Test Site

What are the minimum computer requirements to administer ETS Internet-based tests (iBTs)?
A. Computer Requirements: Administrative Station: Required for image capture, candidate check-in and other

administrative tasks
Cache Proxy (or IAS Local Server): Required for storing test delivery information and temporary

storage of candidate results Testing Stations: Required for delivering tests (one testing station per candidate) Windows XP (32-bit only) Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit) Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)

B. iBT Supported Operating Systems:

The operating system should reside on and boot from the computer's local hard disk. Virtual machines and thin clients are not supported. Note: Macintosh/iMac and Windows 2000 are not supported. C. iBT Supported Web Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer ver. 6, 7, 8 or 9 D. Local Area Network and Internet Connectivity: Cache Proxy, Administrative and Testing Station computers should reside on a Local Area Network (LAN) in the same subnet to allow communication between them without blocking of any port. In addition, they should be connected to the Internet via a broadband Internet connection such as DSL or better. We strongly recommend using a separate device for LAN (switch) and Internet connectivity (router) instead of using an integrated device. E. Specifications for Administrative and Testing Stations:

Minimum Processor: Pentium IV (>1.5 GHz) Minimum RAM: 512 MB Free Disk Space: 150 MB Display Adapter: 1024x768 resolution, with 32-bit color depth/65,536 colors Display Monitor Aspect Ratio: Must support an aspect ratio of 4:3 Display Monitor Screen Size:

o o

CRT: 17-inch or higher LCD: 15-inch or higher

Sound Card: 44.1 KHz (or better) sample rate

Note: Logitech C210 and Microsoft VX800 webcams are approved for image capture at the Administrative Station. KOSS SB45 headsets are approved for audio recording/playback on the Testing Stations. F. Specifications for Cache Proxy (or IAS Local Server) Computers: Low-end CP for up to 20 candidates:

Minimum Processor: Core2Duo with minimum 2.66GHz Minimum Installed Memory: 2GB Minimum RAM: 1 GB free memory Minimum Free Disk Space: 2 GB

Mid-level CP for up to 40 candidates:

Minimum Processor: Core 2 Quad (>2.4 GHz) Minimum Installed Memory: 3 GB Minimum Free Memory: 1 GB free memory Minimum Free Disk Space: 2 GB

G. Test Center Configuration Tips: The test center technicians must review the technical configuration tips. This will help them in configuring the test center network and desktop environment for iBT test delivery.

How much will I be paid for giving the test?

Compensation is made to your site based on the number of computer workstations provided for each test.

How many times per year is the TOEFL iBT test administered?
The fixed-date testing system allows test centers to test more students while reducing administrative requirements. ETS provides approximately 1530 test dates per year, that sites may choose to participate in, according to the demand and center capacity.

What is the benefit of Internet-based testing?

Internet-based testing is designed to capture speech and score responses in an efficient, standardized and fair manner. Internet-based testing also lets ETS increase the number of test centers, providing more location options to test takers.

Would our PCs have to be dedicated to only the ETS tests?

No. The PCs may also be used for other activities when not used for ETS tests. Most tests are given in language and computer labs and scheduled when the computers are not in use for classes or other activities.

What are the test administrators' duties?

Test administrators are required to:

Perform a readiness check several days before each scheduled test administration Complete check-in of examinees Ensure the security of the CTAS Write test Center Problem Reports (CPRs) Coordinate activities with the Proctor(s)

What is the relationship between Prometric Inc. and the academic test sites?
Under the new fixed-date testing model, most iBT sites (about 70 percent) are academic institutions that have a direct contractual relationship with ETS. While the technical and operational support for these sites will be provided by Prometric Inc., the contractual relationship will be between ETS and the sites.

What is the minimum number of computers that a test site needs?

We'd like each test site to designate at least 15 computers for ETS tests. Our goal is to maximize student access to ETS tests and include as many universities as possible, while operating an efficient test network.

Does my institution have to test on all dates?

We are asking sites to be available to participate as often as they can. We will send a schedule of test dates in your market. You can select the days you are available.

What is the process for becoming a test center?

Just fill out the online application form. A representative will contact you and guide you through the process, which includes technical certification, pricing and verification of test site specifications. The process can be completed in two weeks.