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Data Sheet
Characteristics: good temperature resistance very low coefficient of thermal expansion Applications: fixtures and gauges master and copy models lay-up tools tools for serial production of small batch sizes (e.g. draw die moulds and foam moulds) foundry models with high mechanical stress galvano models with high mechanical stress Technical data: Colour Coefficient of thermal expansion Temperature resistance Shore D Compressive strength Flexural strength Density Abrasion resistance (at defined parameters) Fire protection classification Electrical current resistance Notched impact strength Thermal conductivity contains no halogens, plasticizer or solvent manufactured fluorocarbohydrate-free physiologically harmless ivory approx. 48 x 10-6 K-1 approx. 90 C approx. 85 approx. 70 N/mm approx. 72 N/mm approx. 1.20 g/cm approx. 580 mm approx. x cm

approx. 15.4 kJ/m

approx. 0,24 W/mk

Measurements: 1200 1200 1200 1200 400 400 400 400 50 75 100 150 mm mm mm mm

NECURON 1007 is available in customized formats. , surfaces machined parallel, other dimensions on request Storage/Transport: NECURON -boards should be stored on a flat underground and in a dry space at a temperature between 18 and 25 C C. Variations in temperature should be avoided during the transport and storage.

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Data Sheet
Processing: Adhesive Colour Mixture ratio A to B (by weight) 1:1 1:0.2 colourless transparent or usual and compatible patternmaking adhesives/resins We recommend that boards are plane-parallel to ensure good glue joints. Machining: Machining temperature: Tools: Milling parameters: Roughing Type of tool Tool diameter [d] (mm) Cutting speed [Vc] (m/sec) Speed [n] (1/min) Feed speed (m/min) Tooth speed [fz] (mm) Number of teeth [z] Cutting depth [ae] (mm) Cutter mark length [fzeff] (mm) finishing tools d=80mm 80 50 12000 6 0.13 4 0 38 Finishing finishing tools d=80mm 80 50 8000 7.5 0.13 4 0.5 5 Pot life in minutes at 20 C 10 10 Curing time at 20 in hours C 4-6 4-6


colourless transparent

20 - 25 C C metal-cutting tools, large receptacle for removing shavings is required

This material does not contain any fillers that release harmful dust during machining. Nevertheless the dust content in the air should not rise above 6 mg/m. Safety procedures recommended by the vocational co-operative of the chemical industry should be complied with. The article is not a regulatory product according to ICC regulations. In accordance with general local and national regulations waste is to be disposed by incineration in authorised places or conveyed to authorised tips (EAK 120105). Technical statements and recommendations refer to current standard of technique and are based on our own experience. Further developments and improvements are reserved. Due to the variety of processing possibilities own experiments are recommended to optimise results.

NECUMER GmbH - Bruchheide 16 - D-49163 Bohmte - Tel +49 (0) 5471/95020 - Fax +49 (0) 5471/950299 E-Mail: info@necumer.de - Internet www.necumer.de - Version: 30 June 2011