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12 Energies in Kashmir Shaivism

By Claudia Dose

These twelve abstract paintings were inspired by the Indian philosophic viewpoint of the twelve female forces (collectively known as Kali in Indian Philosophy) represening the twelve energies in nature and in ones own body. Through these twelve energies this universe is created, maintained and destroyed, and therefore Kali is often called Ma, or the mother of the universe. On a day to day basis it is these same twelve energies which connect our inner senses with the world around us.

1. In the primary force She is present in the first impulse of any perception. 2. In the second She is direct perception. 3. The third She is the appeased state where the

curiosity of perception has ended. 4. In the fourth She winds up the state of thinking and perceiving and again resides in her own nature. These four states of Kali operate in the objective world. 5. As she takes on the fifth state the impressions of the objective world appear as faint clouds in a clear blue sky. Here one feels, "I have destroyed duality." 6. In the sixth state these clouds disappear and one begins to feels oneness. 7. As the seventh energy She destroys all remaining doubts and suspicions that hold one back on the path to enlightenment. 8. In the eighth state She absorbs the energies of cognition into Herself. These four states of energy operate in the cognitive world. 9. In the ninth state the limited ego, which holds the twelve organs of cognition, is dissolved. 10. In the tenth the function of time still exists. 11. However, when She enters the 11th state,

just like a morsel of food, in one gulp She digests time, along with the totality of the universe. It is here that Kali is often depicted as dancing in the universal cremation ground. 12. In her twelfth and final state the effulgent light of supreme consciousness, responsible for manifesting the subjective, objective and cognitive worlds is held in a state of oneness. These final four states of Kali operate in the field of pure subjectivity. In Kashmir Shaivism the highest aspect of Kali is known as Kalasankarshini. Like a divine actress in her own universal play, She assumes the roles of :(1.) Sristi Kali (2.) Rakta Kali (3.) Sthitinasha Kali (4.) Yama Kali (5.) Samhara Kali (6.) Mrityu Kali (7.) Rudra Kali (8.) Martanda Kali (9.) Paramarka Kali

(10.) Kalagnirudra Kali (11.) Mahakala Kali and (12.) Maha-bhairava-ghora-canda Kali. Through these twelve manifestations She creates, maintains and destroys this whole universe from within Her own nature. Kalasankarshini Kali is the thread of 'supreme awareness' that runs through the twelve beads of perception, which span from the grossest to the subtlest level of creation.