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New dimension for perfect binding

The perfect system for strong and professional hotmelt gluebinding of a large variety of substrates including digital printed sheets. A unique slitting and fanning device allows high levelled contact of glue to all sheets to be bound. Professional multi-layer glue assembly including reverse rotating smoothening roller. Up to 240 books can be produced per hour. The system is controlled through a central operaor panel. The binding process runs fully automatic by simply pressing the Start + Go button. No special skilled operator is necessary. A fume exhauster is integrated and can be connected with a exible hose to any outlet. The innovative spine processing with new powerful slitting and sheet-fanning functions allows the application of glue in close contact to the sheets to be bound. The system does not create any paper waste but a minimum amount of dust. A dust exhauster with bag is factory inbuild. The binding method can be selected for padding or cover binding.

The sheets to be bound are hold tight in the clamp of the binding carrier by a pneumatic drive system. The clamp moves across the slitting/fanning device (on/o selectable) and trhough the glue assembly into the cover-clamp section. A pneumatic driven cover attachment and sidepressing nishes the book with professional appearance. The cover attachment can be set up in relation to the spine thickness and the substrate of cover. The pneumatic system is running absolutely silent.

Speci cations KB-2000S

Book size: Spine thickness: Cover size: Cover weight: Books per hour: Glue pre-heating time: Binding system: Glue application system: 60 120 mm (min.) 305 320 mm (max.) 3 sheets 80 gsm (min.) 60 mm (max.) 320 780 mm (max.) up to 250 gsm up to 240/h max. 30 minutes Hot Melt 2 application rollers 1 scraper roller Power supply: Dimensions (L W H): Weight: Features: Book or block binding LCD-Display Batch counter Air pump Fume exhauster Dust exhauster Slit (on/o ) Programmable press time Standby Cabinet

230 V, 50 Hz, 16 A 1.320 mm 670 mm 1.380 mm 185 kg

Ing. Fritz Schroeder GmbH & Co. KG Hanskampring 6 22885 Barsbttel Germany Tel.: +49 (0)40 7360770 Fax: +49 (0)40 73607722 Email: Web:

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