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Basically this document shows the rolls and characteristics of information technology on the supply chain integration. Importance of information technology has increased in supply chain integration during this globalized economy period. Information technology provides the great range about information. In this document we clarified the relationship and impact between information technology and supply chain management. The information technology has great impact on supply chain integration and total performance of companies. Information technology also provides us the relation among the information technology departments and independents agents of supply chain integration. This is very useful for the organization as well as individual performance. The strong attraction between these two departments offers us the great result on the coming period of globalization. The information technology can also grow strong partnership between the channels members. Therefore the companies have increased their inventories through the efficient activity level. Key words. Development of information technology in supply chain integration, relationship between information technology and channels members.

The system and relationship among the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, retailer and customer. Information technology has major contributions in the changing of economy in the supply chain of companies. Information technology and system has different members to sharing information and integrate the process. Therefore the companies can increase their efficiency by reshaping its supply chain system. This document explain about efficiency and development of channel members and partnership between the departments such manufacturer and retailer. The channels have increased their efficiency by different efficient activities and by sharing data across their mutual supply chain.

Benefits of information technology in supply chain integration.

There are different benefits of information technology in supply chain are following, By of information technology process in supply chain, the management can reach higher financial goals. In supply chain of information technology system the EDI (Electronic data interchange) technology is very useful to share and trade the document, financial, and other business activities. Information technology recourses have major role in business. It can provide us the relationship between retailer and suppliers to perform their task. In information technology there are different programmers tasks which increase the efficiency of supply chain integration.

Consumer needs, desires, and demand can be better understood by information technology.

The technical qualities of information technology departments.

The qualities of information technology department can be defined as the technical value offer to the customers represents by the nearer competitors departments. In technical value we can take performance of hardware, software efficiency of communication service, and the performance of communication of service. We cannot determine the value of information technology departments, because information technology has direct effect by the supply chain integration. Information technology departments has great skills abilities in business application.(Weil and Brodbent 76). Information technology departments have more skills and flexibility in business managers(Byrd and Turner). The implementation of information technology in supply chain has great affect on application and other different operations of company and information technology departments. The integrated functions has physical entities with each other such as relationship between customer and suppliers. There are different activities between information technology and supply chain, a connection with receiving and store the material and put information technology into complete goods. Reducing the cost and good coordination with customer.

The conclusion of this study is that the relationship between information technology and supply chain integration is necessary for the companies in this globalized world. The supply chain integration has more impact on the atmosphere and environment of the organization. This study provides us the information about other variable function of information technology which has great impact on supply chain integration. The initial level of information technology departments depends on the performance of the company, but ultimately information technology guides the integrated function for the increase the efficiency of the company or organization. By information technology we can focus on that technology which is help us to recognize the needs desires and satisfaction of customer to the integrated line such as retailer, distributors and suppliers information technology helps us of the basic approach to the necessities of the integrated functions. Information technology can also be used to get large information about the business parameters. The main goals of information technology is that to build the relationship and coordination between information technology departments and supply chain integrated functions. Therefore the role of information technology in SCI is very important for the organization.