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13 Nile Courniche, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. 010.670.1907 m.hosam@aucegypt.


Mohammed Hosam Eldin Farrag

Master of Arts Candidate: Economics in International Development :The American University in Cairo (AUC) 2015 Bachelor of Arts: Economics: AUC 2011:Received high academic standing scholarship Placed on the Dean of Students List of top 16 students of merit in the class of Spring 2011 Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA): Level 1 Candidate. Intl General Certicate of Secondary Education (IGCSE): Ranked 15th on Egypt

Analyzing robust data to tailor promotions for targeted customers tiered by telecom value, geography and usage behavior Proposing new concepts, pricing methods, products and services to attract and retain customers Working with stakeholders from customer care, nance and technology departments to deliver the best customer experience Presenting new initiatives and ideas directly to the CEO and the executive committee Interpreted economic policy by the interim Egyptian government and its potential effect on wealth distribution Utilized primary material to gather evidence of infringements by CIA/EIS & US/Egyptian governments Analyzed and interpreted new texts of Arab laws Watch dogged hot spots and streets for violations by security forces Communicated with NY and Arab ofces for joint projects online

Vodafone Egypt: Marketing Specialist: May 2012-Present

Human Rights Watch (HRW): Research Assistant: July-August 2011

The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE): Internship: Foreign Reserve Management Unit: June 2011
Witnessed how some 30 billion dollars in reserves were managed Oversaw the return/risk measures by rms like GoldmanSachs and Wellington Calculated portfolio durations maintaining the risk equation and attended phone meetings with traders Overlooked how the CBE controlled the money supply of domestic and foreign currency Derived risk management models from outright duration, yield curve normal and buttery spreads

The Egyptian Exchange (EGX): Internship: Rotated through seven departments: July 2010
Worked in a governmental institution and learned how to penetrate the bureaucracy Calculated listing and disclosure requirements for stock market companies Observed market-operations supervision and indicators Researched comparable stock market indices, sectoral trends and contributed to the EGX annual report Arranged hypothetical EGX30 portfolios and analyzed performances through live streaming Differentiated between fundamentals, technical analysis and market sentiment

EFG Hermes: Internship: Stock Market Brokerage Department: June 2010

Elected by the student body after sitting for an AUC constitution exam Supervised elections and maintained fairness, writing and imposing guidelines Penalised unabiding students through the University Disciplinary and Academic Integrity Committees Presided over Clubs and Conferences Committee which manages a 400,000 EGP budget Lobbied with AUC president/administrators for students rights and for nancial disclosure Defended the AUC constitution and supervised the Student Union and Student Senate Organized a business plan competition with a few hundred attendees for the graduates of our youth empowerment program Partnered with a human development agency to organize a 2000 attendee training amassing revenue of 70,000 EGP Presented for the team in the SIFE Egypt competition to board members from top companies (HSBC;Coca-Cola;Mobinil) Afforded handicraft trainings for underprivileged individuals and farmers in rural Egypt Joined with Vodafone and Fujitsu in training and incubating 75 fresh graduates

Student Judicial Board AUC: Chairman December 2010 June 2011

Students In Free Enterprise AUC: Director September 2008- July 2010

Entrepreneurs Society AUC: Moderator August 2008 - April 2009

Received trainings from the Social Fund for Development Taught 40 college students how to write a Business Plan through sessions and managing a conference on them Carried out a three-day simulation on the logistics to start up a small business in Egypt Managed public relations, marketing and logistics for the AUC talent show (1500 attendees, 30 sponsors)

Student Union AUC: 2007-2008 SKILLS AND TRAININGS

English/Arabic: Mother Tongues; French: Fair Understanding An excellent command of Microsoft Ofce; C++: Fair Understanding Agency for Development and Advancement: Received a project logistics training course Dale Carnegie: Attended an extensive leadership and presentation training