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SBISD Lesson Plan

Lesson Ten Objective (Content, Cognitive Blooms Level, and Proving Behavior)

Eighth Grade Advisory Teacher Grade Level/Subject: Text Reading Skills Adapted from Indiana State University

The students will:

Develop strategies for reading and understanding textbooks and web-based research materials.

ACCOMMODATIONS (can either document in the template or utilize checklist LEP: -ESL.doc



Academic Development Decision Making Motivation to Achieve Teaching & Learning Actions/Procedures: Materials and resources Power Point Presentation: Text Reading Skills, Word Documents: Signal Words, Identifying Main Ideas, Enumerations, Locating Answers to Prepared Questions * Procedure, routines and/or activities

Instructor Procedures: Students will review a Power Point Presentation detailing 2 strategies for reading textbook or informational material. Handouts will be provided on specific strategies. Students will complete worksheets to practice reading strategies. 1. Slide 1. Title and Objectives. Explain to students that there is no mystery to reading and understanding textbooks. There are ways to get the most out of reading material. Highlight the objectives of this lesson. 2. Slide 2. Introduce first reading strategy: SQ3R 3. Slides 3-7. Explain each of 5 steps of SQ3R method. 4. Slide 8. Introduce second reading strategy: PRWR. 5. Slides 9-13. Explain each of 4 steps of PRWR method. 6. Slide 14. Have students complete the exercises on Signal Words, Identifying Main Ideas, Enumerations, and Locating Answers to Prepared Questions.

Student Involvement:

1. Students will actively listen and take notes using the Cornell Notes techniques. 2. Discuss in small groups SQ3R 3. Students will actively listen and take notes using the Cornell Notes techniques.. 4. Discuss in small groups PRWR. 5. Students will complete the Essay WS. 6. Students will self score themselves as the teacher reviews the answers.

* Check for understanding Students will demonstrate an understanding of key reading strategies. * Question stems 1. How can you use what you have learned about reading strategies that can improve your academic skills? 2. What ways can you adapt the reading strategies to your learning styles? 3. How can using these techniques improve your academic success?