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We Make Networks Work

Sunrise Telecoms Product Catalog showcases a tremendous range of high-quality test and measurement products designed to increase productivity and reduce costs. This includes many advances in access, core and transport, optics, cable, mobile, VoIP, and wireless technologies everything from basic tools to comprehensive systems. For more than 15 years weve been developing products and services that are unmatched in their ability to maximize network performance, ensure efficient service delivery, and assist in the development of high-quality products. At Sunrise Telecom, our goal has always been to make your business a success.

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008 Product Catalog

Access Testing
Successful triple play deployment is made possible with comprehensive planning and well-defined test and management strategies. Service providers must build networks that seamlessly deliver bandwidth-intensive services. Sunrise Telecoms access products enable quick and cost-effective roll outs utilizing the latest architectures, such as Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) and Fiber-to-the-Node (FTTN). Our flagship SunSet MTT (Modular Test Toolkit) and HTT (Home Test Toolkit) lead the industry by ensuring reliable triple play service deployment.

HTT (Home Test Toolkit)

The HTT provides customers with a test tool specifically tailored to mass market FTTN deployment. This innovative product provides automatic Go/No Go test routines for VDSL, Home Phoneline Networking Alliance (HPNA) networks, RF video, Ethernet, 80.11x wireless, copper loop fault identification, POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service), and in-home wiring identification and testing.

MTT Family
The SunSet MTT is the industrys premier handheld test set for access network installation, verification, and troubleshooting. The SunSet MTT offers more than 0 test modules to fit applications ranging from Metro, DSL, Access, Transport, Optics, and Service. The MTT family contains various chassis configurations allowing you to match your testing needs and budget.


SunSet MTT (ACM+)

This chassis provides advanced copper maintenance (ACM) tests tailored for high-frequency applications like VDSL and ADSL+. It supports an extended frequency range up to 5 MHz and incorporates a TDR enhanced for effectiveness at short distances. Bright, full-color display Rugged, weather resistant chassis DMM, TDR, and RFL PSD background noise, impulse noise, and SNR Insertion loss and NEXT/FEXT Supports many MTT test modules

SunSet MTT (Basic Color)

The SunSet MTT (Basic Color) chassis is ideal for those who need service verification testing without the cable maintenance features. Bright, full-color display Rugged, weather resistant chassis Supports many MTT test modules

A budget-conscious alternative targeting mass deployment, the MTT-Lite DSL addresses popular ADSL and SHDSL modules with a simple text-based screen.

008 Product Catalog

DSL Modules
ADSL2+ Module
The ATU-R Module enables field technicians to perform efficient service installation and verification for a variety of ADSL technologies, including the ITU ADSL (G.99.) and ADSL+ (G.99.5) standards. Based on TI and Conexant chipsets Modem status measurements Pass through modem emulation Supports advanced features software suite


The VDSL VTU-R Module offers VTU-R capability for quick, one-button installation tests of Conexant-based VDSL DMT systems.

Annex A ATU-R Module

The ATU-R Module qualifies an ADSL1 line at the physical layer and also offers advanced diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities at the ATM and IP layers. Modem status measurements Ping test and advanced IP/ATM features Pass through modem emulation Based on Alcatel/ST Microelectronics chipset

SHDSL Module
The SHDSL Module provides SHDSL modem emulation for both -wire and -wire modes. STU-C/STU-R functions are supported for installation and prequalification. Advanced diagnostics at the ATM and IP layers are available as well as SHDSL/E1 modes. Based on Conexant chipsets Compliant to ITU G.991. for SHDSL

Annex A ATU-C Module

ATU-C is an invaluable tool for prequalifying ADSL1 service. A one-button Link Turn Up test with the far end ATU-R quickly lets you know whether the circuit can deliver the desired data rate and noise margin. One-button acceptance test Simple setup parameters Carrier mask Based on Alcatel/ST Microelectronics chipsets

FTTN Premises Module

An essential tool for FTTN (Fiber-to-the-Node) based triple play deployments, integrating key tests required to turn up a VDSL-based IPTV customer, both inside and outside the home. Conexant based VTU-R modem HPNA analyzer In-home cable tests RF signal level meter


This module features an effective combination of IDSL and ISDN BRI testing capabilities. IDSL modem emulation ISDN BRI U and S/T interfaces ISDN call setup ISDN protocol analysis X.5 emulation and analysis


IPTV Test Suite

The IPTV Test Suite is an option for ADSL+ ATU-R modules. It provides multicast video service validation for MPEG transport streams. In addition to the data testing capabilities of an ATU-R module, IPTV Test Suite works together with the VoIP Test Suite to offer a triple play service validation solution in a single module. Multicast video stream detection Analysis of MPEG transport stream Set-top box emulation Program ID discovery Channel change delay measurement DSL video traffic pass-through User configurable test scripts for simple PASS/FAIL service validation

Optical Modules
Optical Loss Test Module
The Optical Loss Test Module combines the tests needed to qualify optical fiber networks and identify faults. This unit integrates a dynamic power meter, light source, visual fault locator, fully-automated bidirectional optical loss test set (OLTS), and optical return loss (ORL). Power meter with wide dynamic range and a modulation detector for fiber identification Various light sources for different network applications: 850 nm (LED), 110 nm, 850 (LED)/ 110 nm, 110/1550 nm, 1550/15 nm (with hardware option) Visual fault locator Loss test set for automated bidirectional loss testing

VoIP Test Suite

The VoIP Test Suite is an option for ADSL+ ATU-R modules. It provides VoIP service validation with QoS metrics measurement. In addition to the data testing capabilities of an ATU-R module, VoIP Test Suite works together with the IPTV Test Suite to offer a triple play service validation solution in a single module. SIP and H. phone emulation Call emulation with listen and speak capability SIP and H. signaling message flow listing RTP transport performance analysis Call quality metrics measurement MOS

Micro OTDR Module

The Micro OTDR Module gives service providers an affordable solution for verifying fiber networks during the construction phase, or troubleshooting problems during the maintenance phase. The evolution of the access network towards FTTx and Metro has created a need to equip each technician with an OTDR unit. Companion PC program for further data analysis

Optical Channel Monitor Modules

With the explosion of Metro service installations, the CWDM and DWDM Modules provide a low-cost alternative to optical spectrum analyzers. They provide key measurements including lambda, power OSNR, and advanced features, such as power and lambda drift detection.

008 Product Catalog

Cable Maintenance Modules

VF-TIMS Module
The VF-TIMS Module provides complete Voice Frequency testing in the analog range of 50 Hz to 0 kHz. Transmit/receive frequencies and level measurements -Tone Slope and Frequency Sweep functions Noise and signal-to-noise ratio measurements Impulse noise measurement

SunSet MTT Transport and Service Modules

Dual T1 Module
Suited for everything from circuit installation and maintenance to protocol monitoring, the Dual T1 Module offers a full suite of tools for testing T1 circuits.

Dual T1 transmit and receive T1 measurements including frequency/level, pulse mask, errors, alarms, and G.81 BERT T1 loopback and span control ISDN, GR-0, SS, and frame relay VF including call setup, call analysis, and noise measurements

E1 Module
With extensive E1 transmission and signaling testing capabilities, this module is an ideal installation and maintenance tool for the M access network. Dual E1 transmit and receive E1 measurement including frequency/level, pulse mask, BERT, and G.81/G.8/M.100 analysis Jitter measurement and generation Wander measurement VF tone measurement and generation GSM, GPRS, Frame Relay, V5.x, ISDN PRI

DS3 Module
The DS Module offers comprehensive T and T1 testing for installation and maintenance applications on high-speed DS links. Dual DS receivers for bidirectional monitoring Dual DS1 interfaces for dual BERT T and T1 measurements including frequency/level, pulse mask, G.81 BERT, errors, and alarms Mux/Demux testing and emulation Loopback and span control VF call setup and analysis


The SONET/SDH/ATM Module is the smallest 1.5/ Mbps to .5 Gbps test set in the world. This module, with pluggable SFP transceivers for electrical (155 M E) and optical interfaces (5 Mbps up to .5 Gbps). is a perfect tool for installation applications. PDH/T-carrier testing: 1.5 Mbps,  Mbps,  Mbps, and 5 Mbps interfaces SONET/SDH testing: 5 Mbps and 155 Mbps electrical and optical interfaces,  Mbps and .5 Gbps optical interfaces SONET/SDH mapping/demapping of PDH/T-carrier tributaries SONET/SDH overhead bytes control and decode APS timing measurements ATM testing: traffic generation and QoS measurements

Datacom/DDS Module
The Datacom Module offers extensive Datacom/DDS testing capabilities for the installation and verification of WAN/data, frame relay, and DDS services. DTE/DCE emulation Bidirectional monitoring Datacom interfaces: V.5, RS- sync/async, RS-9, RS-50, X.1 Data rates from 00 bps to .08 Mbps

IEEE C37.94 Module

The IEEE C.9 Module assists technicians in turning up a new C.9 communication link or in isolating problems on both sides (teleprotection and multiplexer) of the power transmission network. Bit Error Rate measurement Alarm monitoring Optical Power measurement Propagation Delay testing

008 Product Catalog

Transport Testing
Sunrise Telecom is redefining the installation and maintenance of SONET/SDH/OTN optical transport networks by providing test and management tools, engineered through industry-leading research and development, for existing and emerging high-speed networks. By utilizing next-generation SONET/SDH technologies such as Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), Generic Framing Procedures (GFP), and Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS), Sunrise Telecom helps service providers leverage their existing networks to deliver todays packet-based traffic quickly and cost-effectively.

The STT (Scalable Test Toolkit) is an innovative modular platform for testing core and transport networks. Test modules range from OTN, next-generation SONET/SDH, legacy SONET/SDH, DWDM, OTDR, CD/PMD, Ethernet, Fibre Channel, signaling, and protocol testing. The platform's modularity and unique stacking design allow the STT to evolve with changing communications networks.

The Modular Solution for SONET/SDH, xWDM, Ethernet, and Physical Layer Testing
OTN testing Next-generation SONET/SDH, VCAT, GFP, and LCAS testing SONET/SDH, PDH/ T-carrier testing xWDM measurements including Optical Channel Monitor Ethernet testing at 10/100/1000 Mbps and 10 Gbps Cost-effective, stand-alone configuration Maximum flexibility including multiple simultaneous tests and remote operation Innovative modular design that evolves with your network Portable, battery-powered field instrument


STT Transport Modules

Optical Network Expert Module
The installation and maintenance of OTN Networks requires a portable solution like the STT ONE Optical Network Expert to verify a wide range of network performance standards including end-to-end connectivity, forward error correction capabilities, asynchronous/synchronous mapping of SDH/SONET client signals, and conformance to ITU-T G.09 recommendations. The Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), Generic Framing Procedure (GFP) and Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (LCAS) testing capabilities of the STT ONE Module meet the critical need for next-generation SONET/SDH network testing. OTU1 and OTU testing ODU Time Division Multiplexing testing (ODU1 into OPU mapping) Ethernet over SDH/SONET testing (RFC5, IP Ping) VCAT/LCAS testing GFP-F/T testing Legacy SDH/SONET testing PDH/T-carrier testing

Metro Module
The STT Metro Module has the strength and flexibility to test differentiated data, voice, and video services for multiple customers simultaneously. Each of the  or 8 independent test ports is capable of generating  test streams, each with userdefined frame structure, size, and bandwidth. In addition to Throughput and BER testing, the STT Metro supports Ethernet loopbacks, IP connectivity, RFC 5, and monitoring of live networks. The hot-swappable SFP ports support standard (850 nm, 110 nm, and 1550 nm) and CWDM wavelengths. The STT Metro Modules BER testing and loopback commands are compatible with the STT Ethernet Module as well as the MTT metro modules (Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet). 10/100/1000BASE-T Gigabit Ethernet Layer 1 (Unframed), Layer  (MAC), & Layer  (IP) testing Q-in-Q: Up to  stacked VLAN tags MPLS: Up to  stacked labels Packet capture and decode up to layer 

Network Analysis Module (SONET, SDH, PDH, T-carrier)

The STT NAM (Network Analysis Module) offers advanced SONET/SDH, T-Carrier/PDH testing from 1.5/ Mbps to 10 Gbps. It provides a comprehensive set of transmission applications for the installation, commissioning, and maintenance of SONET and SDH networks and is well suited to test linear, ring, or DWDM network topologies. 1.5/ Mbps to 10 Gbps Transmission testing: BERT, overhead byte analysis, pointer monitor and control, Telcordia and ITU-T performance monitoring APS and service disruption measurement Auto configuration Tributary scan Optical power and frequency measurements

Ethernet Module (LAN, WAN, SAN)

The STT Ethernet Module provides a powerful and versatile solution for the installation and management of 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks. Designed for central office applications, service verification, and network element testing, the Ethernet Module has multiple interfaces for Ethernet at 10/100M, Gigabit, and 10 Gigabit plus Fibre Channel, ESCON, and FICON, each capable of independent testing and configuration. Each optical port uses hot-swappable modules that support 850 nm, 110 nm, and 1550 nm. The STT Ethernet Module is compatible with the SunSet MTT metro Module which includes BERT and loopback commands.

Ethernet BER/throughput testing up to Layer  at full wirespeed with configurable traffic shaping and frame length User-defined MAC/IP/VLAN for up to 18 simultaneous streams Automatic loopback RFC 5 and network element tests Through mode monitoring of live network traffic Packet capture decode up to Layer  Fibre Channel, ESCON, and FICON FC-0/1/ BER and throughput testing at full wirespeed with configurable traffic shaping and frame length User-defined frame header Link initialization and buffer-to-buffer credits Roundtrip delay testing


008 Product Catalog

STT Optics Modules

xWDM Module
Combining a Tunable Laser Source (TLS) with wavelength conversion capabilities, single wavelength drop, and Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA) capabilities, the STT xWDM Module offers a complete set of functions for DWDM and CWDM network installation and maintenance. Economical -in-1 test tool: wavelength converter, channel drop, and OSA TLS with wavelength conversion (C and L-Bands) Wavelength drop to isolate any single wavelength and drop it to a network analyzer OSA-OSNR, power level, frequency, channel number, and more Dual ports for simultaneously testing multiple input signals

The n-OTDR is a high-resolution OTDR for installation of short networks. It can also localize events with high precision in longer networks (up to 0). Deadzone free Localize events with sub-cm precision Identify two events separated by 10 cm Available for most wavelengths and several fiber types

Video Fiber Scope

Dispersion Test Module (CD and PMD)
The STT DTM (Dispersion Test Module) gives network planners a cost-effective tool to analyze new and existing fibers for their dispersion characteristics in order to determine if those fibers can support higher transmission bit rates and DWDM. Utilizing high sensitivity and high-speed photon counting detection technology, it measures both Chromatic Dispersion (CD) and Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) according to ITU-T recommendations. The Video Fiber Scope is a portable fiber optic connector inspection tool used to monitor the cleanliness of a connectors surface. It is quickly configured for inspecting patchcords or panel adapters with standard or angled polished connectors with easily changeable tips. Each Fiber Scope comes with a carrying case, tip body for female FC/PC and SC/PC connectors, FC and SC tip guides, and universal tip for .5 mm male PC connectors. The USB version can be used with the STT Controller or personal computer. Image capture software is provided and can save image files in .bmp, .jpg, or .pdf formats. The LCD version provides a foldable monitor that is compact and lightweight, and includes a rechargeable battery box as the base.

Fiber Analysis Module (OTDR, OLTS, VOA)

The STT FAM (Fiber Analysis Module) is a versatile and costeffective tool for physical layer fiber analysis. With an OTDR and loss test features, this module locates faults and identifies fiber characteristics. For added convenience, it is compatible with the SunSet MTTs Optical Loss Test Set Module. Automatic bidirectional insertion loss measurement with ORL option Easy-to-use Visual Fault Locator Comprehensive OTDR functionality 110 nm, 1550 nm and 15 nm laser sources //1 dB dynamic range Informative and user-friendly display Call setup for analog circuit testing



Metro Modules
Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Modules
The SunSet MTT Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet Modules are powerful tools for service installation and maintenance. These modules offer dual ports for live, bidirectional monitoring of network performance and conformance to Service Level Agreements. Simultaneous BERT and Loopback testing in a single module allows for efficient qualification of network devices. The IP BER/throughput, ping, and trace route tests are ideal for verifying Layer  routed networks. Ethernet Module: Dual 10/100BASE-T ports with optional 100BASE-FX port Gigabit Ethernet Module: Dual SFP ports for 850 nm, 110 nm, 1550 nm, and 1000BASE-T interfaces Layer 1// BER/throughput testing at full wirespeed with configurable traffic shaping and frame length User-defined MAC/IP/VLAN for up to  simultaneous streams Automatic loopback feature Through mode for bidirectional, in-service monitoring RFC 5, VLAN scan, bandwidth sweep, and roundtrip delay tests

SunSet 10G
The SunSet 10G is far more than a handheld test set for 10 Gbps (OC-19/STM-). It is a compact, comprehensive test set that encompasses both optical and electrical interfaces and advanced test features from 1.5/ Mbps through 10 Gbps. Its size, light weight, comprehensive capabilities, and low cost make it a convenient tool for metro and core network field testing. 1.5/ Mbps to 10 Gbps (OC-19/STM-) OC-1//1/8 (STM-0/1//1) single and dual wavelengths: 110 nm and 1550 nm SONET/SDH transmission: BERT, overhead byte analysis and control, pointer monitoring and adjustment, APS timing, ITU-T performance monitoring T-carrier/PDH transmission testing with electrical ports RS-c and Ethernet ports for remote operation 5 lbs. (. kg) and battery-operated

Multi-Protocol Module
The Multi-Protocol Module is a versatile and cost-effective tool for storage area networks, including Fibre Channel (1.05 and .15 Gbps), ESCON, and FICON. This module offers dual ports for live, bidirectional monitoring of network performance and conformance to Service Level Agreements. Standard jitter, noise and random test patterns are provided for stressing network interfaces. Dual SFP ports for 850 nm, 110 nm, 1550 nm, and ES CON interfaces FC-0/1/ BER/throughput testing at full wirespeed with configurable traffic shaping and frame length Link initialization, buffer-to-buffer credits, and login functionality Roundtrip delay testing

Voice Over IP Module

The Voice over IP Module offers a comprehensive suite of tools for installing and troubleshooting Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. SIP and H. phone emulation SIP and H. signaling message decoding Call quality analysis Measurement of R-factor and MOS in VoIP calls DHCP, DNS, IP Ping, and Trace Route services


008 Product Catalog

SunSet OCx
Combining the power of a benchtop SONET test set and protocol analyzer into a handheld platform, the SunSet OCx offers advanced testing for SONET, T-carrier, and ATM networks and services. With electrical and optical interfaces, the SunSet OCx tests from DS1 to OC-8. Its light weight, durability, long battery life, and low cost make it the ideal tool for field technicians testing access and metro networks. DS1 to OC-8 VF measurements and talk/listen over any DS0 channels SONET transmission testing: BERT, overhead byte analysis and control APS testing and service disruption measurement GR-5 performance monitoring T-carrier transmission testing: jitter measurement, pulse mask, loopbacks, data link, FEAC Pointer monitoring and adjustment Service verification: ATM (DS1 to OC-8c), Frame Relay, ISDN PRI, GR-0, SS, voice, GSM Other features: VT100 emulation, remote control,  Mb data storage, histograms, event log Under  lbs. (1.8 kg) and battery-operated Jitter measurement on DS1 and DS

SunSet SDHc
Combining the power of a benchtop SDH/PDH test set and protocol analyzer into a handheld platform, the SunSet SDHc offers advanced testing for SDH, PDH, and ATM networks and services. With electrical and optical interfaces, the SunSet SDHc tests from  kbps to .5 Gbps (STM-1). Its light weight, durability, long battery life, and low cost make it the ideal tool for field technicians testing access and metro networks. 1.5/ Mbps to .5 Gbps (STM-1) Single and dual wavelengths: 110 nm and 1550 nm SDH/PDH transmission testing: BERT, overhead byte analysis and control, pointer monitoring and adjustment, APS testing, tandem connection monitoring Error performance analysis per ITU-T G.81, G.8, G.88, G.89, M.100, M.101, M.110 SDH/PDH jitter generation and measurement Wander generation and measurement Service verification: ATM (T1/E1 to STM-1), VF, GSM, Frame Relay, ISDN, V.5x, and SS RS-c and Ethernet ports for remote operation Pulse Mask Analysis at 1.5 Mbps,  Mbps,  Mbps, and 5 Mbps Under  lbs. (1.8 kg) and battery-operated



SunSet E20c
Combining the power of an E1 transmission test set and protocol analyzer into a handheld unit, the SunSet E0c is designed to test a variety of networks including frame relay, mobile, switching, access, and simple leased line. With its compact size, affordable price, and long battery life, the SunSet E0c is the ideal tool for installing service and locating problems in the access network. Dual E1 transmit and receive E1 measurements including frequency/level, BERT, G.81/G.8/M.100, and pulse mask Datacom testing at V.5, X.1, RS- sync/async, RS-9, G.0 codirectional interfaces ITU-T compliant jitter measurement and generation VF measurement and generation Service verification: SS, GSM, GPRS, Frame Relay, V.5x, ISDN, X.5, R  lbs. (1. kg) 0.8 lb (0. kg)

SunLite Family
Pocket-sized units, the SunLite E1 and SunLite BRI offer simple and low cost solutions for basic E1 and ISDN basic rate testing. Bright LED indicators provide immediate circuit status and internal speaker/microphones give talk and listen capabilities. Power is provided by a charger or two AA rechargeable batteries.

SunLite E1
Single E1 transmit and receive, plus clock input E1 measurements including frequency/level, BERT, and G.81/G.8/M.100 VF measurement and generation Configuration and measurement storage 0.8 lb (0. kg)


008 Product Catalog

Protocol and Signaling Analysis

Sunrise Telecom specializes in testing solutions for next-generation communications networks. Combining both legacy and emerging technologies found in mobile and Voice over IP networks, as well as traditional voice and data networks worldwide, we offer innovation in signaling and traffic simulation for the laboratory, protocol analysis and troubleshooting for the central office/exchange, voice and video quality of service (QoS) measurement, and network management/ surveillance tools for network operation centers.

The GMaster addresses the challenges of deploying and maintaining second and third generation mobile networks. This all-in-one analyzer monitors both the signaling protocol and user traffic. With support for E1, T1, Fast/Gigabit Ethernet, and OC-/STM-1, its ideal for multi-protocol and multi-interface environments like GSM/GPRS/EDGE, UMTS, IMS, and CDMA networks. The GMaster provides long-term monitoring, and troubleshooting for complex problems like roaming or internetworking. Advanced protocol analysis for GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS, HSPA, CDMA 000, EvDO, VoIP, Video over IP, and Video over IuCS E1/T1, LAN (10/100/1000 Mbps), 155 Mbps (STM-1/OC-), ATM, and IMA, VC-, VC-11/ VC-1 Call completion analysis and call detail records Comprehensive analysis over all Gx interfaces for GPRS with automatic Gb deciphering Full coverage of all A and A-bis interfaces for GSM phase  and .5, including proprietary OEM parts and GPRS/EDGE PCU Support for UMTS control/user planes and Mobile Application Part G with automatic configuration and Iub deciphering Multi-protocol and multi-interface correlation for TDM, ATM, and IP networks with ping-pong trace

Supporting TDM, ATM, and IP interfaces, NeTracker is uniquely suited to test and analyze the next generation of convergent networks. With a powerful scripting engine, and high call volume, advanced protocol and Quality of Service (video and voice) analysis, NeTracker performs complete testing of signaling and media gateways. By testing the TDM, ATM, and IP interfaces simultaneously, NeTrackers wraparound tests easily qualify, stress, and troubleshoot gateways and soft switches. Protocol analysis and troubleshooting E1/T1, LAN (10/100/1000 Mbps), 155 Mbps (STM-1/OC-), ATM, IMA, VC-, VC-11/VC-1 and POTS Simultaneous signaling and traffic simulation for multiple protocols Quality of Service testing and analysis with PESQ/ E-Model/NiQA metrics Quality of Service analysis and testing for Video over IP (Enhanced PSNR) Traffic analysis and statistics Call completion analysis and call detail records Multi-protocol and multi-interface correlation for TDM, ATM, and IP networks with ping-pong trace



TAMS (Traffic Analysis and Monitoring System) is a troubleshooting and service assurance tool based on probes deployed onto telecommunication network nodes that collect and send data to centralized servers where this data is stored and transformed into valuable information for the management of the network. The system integrates all of the capabilities for network troubleshooting and service monitoring into one platform, indicating network faults, collecting traffic statistics, and providing tools for problem isolation, analysis, and resolution. Service-oriented Data Records Historical sessions analysis with drill-down Multi-protocol correlated trace Traffic monitoring Traffic alarms Signaling Links Outage Detection Real-time network call trace Voice quality of service (QoS) scoring

STT Multi-Service Analyzer Module

The STT MSA (Multi-Service Analyzer) Module is a lightweight, compact solution that simplifies the process of isolating problems in complex signaling networks like VoIP and mobile. It is designed to simulate, monitor, and analyze different signaling protocols on SS, ISDN, and IP-based nextgeneration networks, and to monitor and analyze telecommunication environments such as G, .5G (including GSM, GPRS, and EDGE), and G (UMTS and CDMA 000). In addition, the MSAs advanced analysis tools capture, decode, and report on both the access network (wireless and wireline) and the core network, simultaneously. Ideal for field locations, customer sites, or in the lab Lightweight and portable (with optional battery pack) VoIP, SS, ISDN, Datacom, Analog, GSM, GPRS, UMTS, IMS, and CDMA 000 T1/E1, Ethernet (10/100/1000 Mbps), OC-/STM-1, and analog Call completion analysis and call detail records Call generation and script-based simulation Advanced protocol analysis and statistics Quality of service measurements Quality of service analysis and testing for Video over IP (Enhanced PSNR) Multi-interface and multi-protocol correlation with arrow diagrams Refer to PAGE 9 for further details on the STT platform.


008 Product Catalog

Broadband/CATV Testing
As the demand for voice, data and multimedia applications over cable increases, service providers face major deployment challenges that can affect service delivery and reliability. These new applications make it necessary to fully characterize every aspect of the cable network from headend to the home. Sunrise Telecoms outstanding broadband cable product portfolio enables network operators to quickly deliver next-generation services and ensure network quality and availability.

Cable Modem Network Analyzer
The CM000 is a powerful cable modem network analyzer that sets a new standard for testing high-speed data, VoIP telephone, and digital and analog video services. The units comprehensive set of customizable test functions (analog and digital SLM, VoIP, and DOCSIS .0 cable modem) speed installations and reduce repair time, while increasing quality of service. A range of automated test suites ensure consistency of tests performed, pass/fail limits, and results. Other features include 5 to 1000 MHz tuning, a field replaceable long-life battery pack, and an integrated MTA all in a weatherproof, rugged, field-ready package. Up to 0 Mb/s throughput Customizable verification and troubleshooting capabilities Validates networks capacity for increased bandwidth and high QoS demands of next-generation services Easy-to-use interface and best display of any instrument in its class Open architecture provides flexibility for future service requirements Windows CE operating system offers user familiarity and flexibility for future expansion Internet Explorer browser provides web access to back office and diagnostic systems PC emulation and Ethernet testing tools eliminate the need for PCs in the field

The CM1000 is an analog and digital SLM with an integrated cable modem that provides comprehensive troubleshooting of modern cable TV, data and VoIP services carried on DOCSIS cable modem networks. Emulating a cable modem, it characterizes a networks digital performance in both directions. The VoIP+ option measures network call quality, providing Mean Opinion Scores (MOS), packet loss, latency and jitter. The CM platform offers rugged portability for the field and modularity for future upgrades. Full analog/digital SLM with cable modem testing plus digital video tests including: MER, BER and constellation Deep interleave, BPI+ with manufacturer certificates and SNMP are standard features VoIP option for verifying and testing VoIP network services, QoS voice and best effort signaling. Includes MOS, R-Factor, lost packets, latency and jitter Web browser option for web-based applications such as workforce management Proprietary BkER test characterizes the upstream path without a headend unit Plug-in modules include a 1 QAM Upstream Signal Generator and TDR options CM1000 supports Annex B and Annex C



For those applications that do not require cable modem testing, the CM50 provides complete analog and digital SLM testing and troubleshooting capabilities. Single channel or SCAN SLM modes provide technicians measurement flexibility. Complete measurement detail is provided for automated and manual tests. An Ethernet port provides network access for downloading configuration setup files and uploading test results. Full analog measurements, including video and audio carrier, V/A ratio, adjacent channel levels, and CC/N Comprehensive digital measurements: average power level, MER, pre and post FEC BER and constellation display Deep interleave capability Single channel or channel scan modes Auto tests with user programmable pass/fail limits Optional optical-to-electrical converter for optical signal to RF testing

CE4000 TDR Module (CM1000 only)

When troubleshooting cable T V or DOCSIS modem installations, the CE000 Module identifies and locates cable faults that contribute to ingress, leakage, and level problems. TDR functions: Distance, cable loss, return loss, and total loss measurements Auto-test or manual-test mode

CM-USG Module (CM1000 only)

The CM-USG Modules 1 QAM Upstream Generator provides a test signal to be analyzed by an AT500 Spectrum/QAM Analyzer, to fully qualify return path performance. Verify, test and troubleshoot 1 QAM upstream deployments with AT500RQ measurements of: MER and BER Group Delay Frequency Response

CM Firmware Options
CM VoIP+ (CM1000)
The VoIP+ option provides advanced voice telephony testing capability to the CM1000 SLM meter. Use this option to ensure that the quality of voice services exceeds your subscribers expectations. Analyze MOS and R-Factor DOCSIS/BPI+ digital certificates ensure operation with dynamic QoS (DQOS) with no provisioning required or Static QoS with provisioning

CM Modules
CM-USG Module (CM1000 only)
The CM-USG Modules 1 QAM Upstream Generator provides a test signal to be analyzed by an AT500 Spectrum/QAM Analyzer, to fully qualify return path performance. Verify, test and troubleshoot 1 QAM upstream deployments with AT500RQ measurements of: MER and BER Group Delay Frequency Response

Determine independent up and downstream packet loss, latency, and jitter

CM Return Pilot Generator

The return pilot generator option provides a way to perform return path alignment, test drop cables, and check passives by inserting return path test signals. Alternating two-tone mode with selectable frequency and level CW or 1 QAM modulation


008 Product Catalog

This portable battery-operated instrument includes forward sweep, return sweep, and signal-level meter (SLM) capabilities. It can also function as a headend unit for troubleshooting intermittent problems in specific network segments. It incorporates Digisweep technology, the fastest high-resolution sweep, allowing placement close to digital signals without interference. Ingress measurements Return path alignment and return sweep measurements Forward and return sweep measurements Digital power measurements

The Calan 010H is a rack-mounted headend unit that supports up to ten 010R field instruments simultaneously on the return path alignment, and an unlimited number of 010Rs field units as a forward sweep transmitter. These functions may be dedicated or combined to allow forward and return sweep in a single unit. The Calan 010H gives you confidence that your broadband system is operating reliably and that youre delivering quality, distortion-free signals to your subscribers. Forward and Return Path Alignment AT10x switch compatible Dual Path feature Ingress Measurements

The AT100 broadband multiplexer provides broadband RF switching and multiplexing for the headend environment. Paired with an AT000/500 spectrum analyzer, it is the ideal solution for remote headend testing and return path monitoring. Full 1 GHz performance 1 RF inputs and 1 or  RF outputs Switch rate of only 100 microseconds Supports up to 5 x  matrix via daisy-chaining



The AT500HMx 1.5 GHz rack-mounted analyzer system provides real-time remote visibility into headend and hub performance. Functions include basic spectrum analysis, automated CATV tools, QAM analysis and video demodulation testing and analysis. The AT500HM, with a frequency range of 5 MHz to 1.5 GHz, can monitor both forward and reverse path signals. The AT500HMQ monitors 1,  and 5 QAM signals, downstream analog channels and return path ingress. Optional software packages, such as realWORX, WinRemote II and WinQAM, offer remote control measurements and data analysis/management for both platforms. AT500HM: 5 MHz to 1.5 GHz frequency range for forward and reverse path (in combination with realWORX monitoring software packages, will help detect and notify you on laser nonlinear operation) AT500HMQ: Headend 1//5 QAM signal testing, forward and reverse path (equalizer stress, frequency response, group delay, micro reflections) Spectrum analyzer with fast scan speed ( ms acquisitions of 500 data points and, in combination with realWORX monitoring software packages, up to 80 return nodes per second) and high sensitivity measurements to detect impairments (common path distortions down to -5 dBmV) Real-time remote control capabilities over Ethernet connectivity

The AT500RQv is a spectrum analyzer designed specifically for cable applications. In addition to its enhanced spectrum analysis, the AT500RQv features CATV, QAM, and video analysis. Its advanced capabilities make it perfect for headend use while its portability and ruggedness make it a powerful tool for field technicians needing a high performance instrument. Spectrum analysis with fast scan speed and high sensitivity to detect bursty transient and low-level ingress Digital 1//5 QAM measurements including MER, BER, QIA (QAM Impairment Analysis), equalizer stress, group delay, amplitude response, micro reflections, and more CATV testing for FCC proof-of-performance (in-house report or family ware) Video demodulation and analysis, vector scope and color tests Time Domain Measurement mode for measuring bursty return signals Real-time remote control to reduce the need for expensive truck rolls


008 Product Catalog

realWORX is a fully-automated broadband performance verification system that allows operators to monitor both upstream and downstream RF signal quality on a continuous basis from one central workstation. Based on the AT000/ 500 spectrum/QAM analyzer and the AT100 broadband multiplexer, realWORX compares and verifies the quality of live RF performance conditions against user-set limits and fosters a proactive approach to plant maintenance. Monitors RF signal and ingress, as well as laser nonlinear operation Monitors ingress, analog and digital QAM measurements (levels, frequency, channel power, CCN/CSO/CTB/depth of modulation, MER, digital compression/phase noise, etc.) Supports multiple analyzers/switches; no limit on size of system Automatic alarm notification by email, pager or cell-phone Sends SNMP Traps notification to a remote Network Operations Center (NOC) Sends return path spectrum traces from multiple analyzers to multiple field personnel simultaneously (using optional realVIEW controller sending to PCs or CM1000/500 series meters in the field) Store and view historical RF measurements for trend analysis Modular and scalable distributed architecture

Software Packages
WinRemote II
WinRemote II is a Windows based software package that provides powerful real-time spectrum analyzer remote control capabilities from a PC. WinRemote II can control both portable and headend versions of the AT500 series spectrum analyzers. Using a network ethernet connection or RS- link, users can log onto a remote analyzer from any location and perform measurements remotely. Remote control of all AT500 spectrum analyzer and QAM functions from any location Measure signal quality in 1//5 QAM constellation display with zoom capabilities Capture up to  days of QAM performance statistics Time stamp of transient events down to one second accuracy Enhanced adaptive equalizer mode helps you identify micro reflections Remotely select RF test points (up to 5 per analyzer with the Sunrise Telecom RF switch)

WinCom II
The WinCOM II Windows based software provides powerful capabilities of analysis and record keeping of stored measurement data. Using a network Ethernet connection or RS- link, users can transfer files to and from an AT500 series spectrum analyzer, to view stored measurement traces, to print reports, to perform firmware upgrades and to create a PC based WinCom II database for archival purposes. View copy, export and/or generate your own FCC report Create and edit customized channels plans View video waveform and vectorscope traces downloaded from the AT500 spectrum analyzer View color test measurements (differential gain and phase, Y/C gain and delay, modulation linearity and video S/N measurements)



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008 Product Catalog

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