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Thou anoints my head with oil.....

Summer time
Time of joy and comfort on the mountain top Summer time is a 'fly time' Like "a fly in the ointment" Ecc.10:1 Flies are heel fly,nose flies,black flies, bot flies,mosquitoes, gnats etc.


Warble fly

Nose fly on a cat

Infection due to nose flies

A crow removing larvae from the nose of a sheep

Flies make the Golden summer a time of torture

'Flies in the ointment'

In the midst of "lofty Spiritual experiences" a sinner cause a lot of disturbances. Ecc 9:18-10:1 Achan 'troubler of Israel'1Chr.2:7 Experiances on the mount of transfiguration Mat17:1-6 Spirit of life helps us Rom 8:1-2 Classical eg. Act 6:1-11

Summer time is 'scab time'

Scab is an irritating and highly contagious disease Minute, microscopic parasite it spreads fast Rubbing of head spreads the disease Sheep without blemish


Rubbing of head spreads the disease

Chemical treatment
Home made line-seed oil, sulphur and other chemicals are used In the beginning above chemical is applied on the head to control it Some times head need a repeated plunging to ensure its control

Some times head need a repeated plunging to ensure its control

Dips are build and sheep is completely submerged

Scab speaks of sin in our thought life

Every thought should be made captive 2Cor.10:5-7


Breeding season
As summer subsides autumn gradually sets in

Flies starts disappearing

Flocks prepares to return home

This the beginning of breeding season

Great battle between the Rams

Shepherd catches the Ram/ Sheep and smear their head with grease

Lubricant reduces the impact

Eg upper room ministry of our Lord

My cup runneth over

Because of the change of climate from autumn to winter both sheep and shepherd suffer a lot Some time Ewe or lamb may be chilled due to exposer to wet, cold weather He pours a spoonful of wine into its throat

Sheep during cold weather

First aid box

Oil and wine Lk.10:34

Oil- pain killer

Wine- anti septic

Wine gladness to the heart of man and God


Onesiphorus 2 Tim1:16-18; Philemon v.7,20

Oil- to make face to shine see Acts 6:15