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Psalm 23



I shall not want He is my resource

Primary meaning - I lack nothing, no deficiency Broader meaning absolute contentment Sheep,like David is content with God's care upon him Sheep needs many things, like grass,water,shelter,protection from storm and parasites etc.

Prosperity theology Bible is not teaching prosperity theology ? Hab.3:17-19

Tribulation is promised Jn.16:33 Jesus Christ became poor for our sake Can we pray for material blessings? Eg. Paul's prayer, Lord's blessing Asking for daily bread. Cp 3Jn.2 prayer for prosperity and health

Contentment theology
I shall not want is 'contentment theology' I have learned,.....to be content Phi.4:11-12 I have all... I am full 4:18 'My God shall supply all your need' not greed 4:19 ..be content with such things as ye have.Heb.13:5 1Tim.6:6-8.

Our attitude towards wealth

The way a person handles money is an indicator of our relationship with God 2085 verses deals with Money and wealth,500 on prayer. Out of 38 parables 16 deals with money and wealth.

Material prosperity is not the mark of God's approval of our life.Eg. Lazarus and rich man. God blesses, both wicked and good with sun and rain. Matt.5:45-48

So God's blessing is not an indicator of our spiritual state eg.Laodicea and Smyrna Rev.2:9 and 3:17; water came from the smitten rock Num.
Be content ...He shall provide Read Ps.34:10

Are you content with the divine provisions?

Israelites murmured against God.Num.11:46, in spite of eating Manna Ps.105:37 Am I a fence crawler ? Shepherds some times break the legs of such once Ps 51:8