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Thy rod and thy staff....

Thy rod and ...

and thy staff....

Rod and Staff.... Comfort me

Rod and staff- most essential Equipments Now a days they may carry a gun

Equipments of a shepherd

Olden days they carried a sling- eg.David Some times a small knapsack in which packed his lunch Bottle of water

Small first aid box - contains oil and wine

shepherd's bag and a wallet 1sam17:40

For entertainment some musical instrument like Harp, flute etc eg. David


Shepherd's Rod
To be a shepherd one should know how to use the rod

Rod is the symbol of authority, an extension of owner's right hand

A weapon of power and defense eg. Rod of Moses Fear to the enemies and comfort to His sheep

Word of GodThe are the of comfort Following rod comforting aspect of

God's word 1. Rod speaks of authority- God's word it's authority comforts us " Thus saith the Lord" no confusion and chaos Jesus spoke with authority not like scribes Mat.7:29 ' astonished' and 'wondered' at His word. Mat. 7:28; Luke 4:22 - gracious words, comforting words.

Rod used to warn the sheep

2.Rod is used to warn the wandering sheep Keeps them away from poisonous weeds It brings back the 'wayward' sheep to the fold Word of God keeps us away from sin and restores backsliders

Rod is used to count the sheep

3.Process of counting the sheep is called 'passing under the rod' Ezek.20:37 Rod helps to understand the lost sheep Lk 15:4 It helps to examine the skin condition. Heb.4:12. Cleanliness of the fleece we can understand.Ps.139:23-24

Rod protects shepherd and the sheep

4.Shepherd uses the rod to smash the head of wild beasts
David killed lion and bear 1sam.17:34-37

Staff speaks of the ministry of Holy Spirit

Staff a symbol of concern and compassion

Staff or crook comforts the sheep in the following manner

1.Staff speaks of long suffering and kindness. It draws the sheep together into intimate relationship.Ps.133

Ewe and the separated lamb brought together by staff

Staff draws the sheep close to the shepherd

Holy Spirit always draws us close to the Christ Jn.16:14-15 Holy spirit lifts Him up,thereby we are drawn towards Him If I will be lifted up I will draw all men unto myself. Jn.12:32

Staff is used to guide the sheep

Shepherd uses staff to 'touch' the sheep.It is like 'walking hand in hand'. Jn.14:18;16:13 Holy Spirit even today guides us in a mysteries way eg.Ruth's steps were directed by God

Staff helps to bring back the Sheep may slip into water or thorny sheep..... bushes

With the help of staff shepherd lifts it up and bring back to the fold Holy Spirit convicts the sin and brings back a back slider A sheep that is 'hooked in their wool' or caught up in the thicket by horns will be restored Gen.22:13 Staff is used to bring back 'way ward'

Staff is used to feed the sheep

Sheep won't be able to reach to the plants in an higher level With the help of staff shepherd makes it available to the sheep Holy spirit helps us to understand 'higher' truths of the scriptures. Jn.16:13;2 Pet.1:19-21

At the time of delivery mother sheep died leaving the lamb alone.but the other sheep she lost the lamb. Shepherd got an idea to feed the lamb with the help of the mother sheep who is alive when she smelled the lamb refused to feed her finally shepherd took the skin of the dead lamb and covered the live lamb with it when mother sheep could smell her own lamb's smell she allowed the little lamb to feed story narrated by Ravi Zachariah on Christmas message on 25th 2012.

Two mother sheep