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Thou Preparest a Table.....

Table mountain - Cape Town

Table Mountain
In summer shepherd leads the sheep towards table land - mountain top Common in western United States and Southern Europe and is called 'Mesas' 'Mesas' is a Spanish word for table

Prepares the Table Land....

Before summer shepherd goes to survey the land Jn.10:3-4
He distributes salt and minerals at strategic places. Identifies site for his camp

Determines the carrying capacity of the land that helps to decide grazing pattern
He removes poisonous weeds if any Eg. Joseph / job

White and Blue Cammas



A single white Camma in the midst of blue Cammas

He keeps eye on predators

Wild beasts cunningly come to snatch the sheep Beasts like wolf, bear, lion etc. We need to be careful, be closer to the shepherd Eg. Peter, Lord warned him, yet he walked afar off. Lk.22:31-32,54-62 We should not be ignorant of his devices 2Cor.2:11 He comes some time like a roaring Lion or like an angel of light 1Pet.5:8;2 Cor.11:14; Mat.7:15

He makes provision for water

He clears out water holes and springs He makes sure that clean, clear, cool, deep water is available Ezekiel 34:18

He makes sure that sheep are safe there on the mountain top from weeds and predators

Still waters......

He protects them from storms and gales

Shepherd should know the direction and nature of wind as he goes to higher ground

Satan some times takes us to the top of the mountain - material prosperity. Matt. 4:8-10
Some times he may allow us to reach the pinnacle of temple - spiritual progress Matt.4:5-6 We need to be extremely careful of his tactics 2Cor.2:11

Prepared Table is the symbol of His love

Lord's Table reminds the love of the good shepherd.

Lord's Table and LORD's Supper

The Lords supper

(I Cor 11:20)

It is Lords and not ours He invited us to the supper Observed in the evening (Acts 10:7) . Supper is defined as the most important meal of the day. (To Indians lunch and for Europeans dinner) So it is not necessary to be in the evening . Early church did it because of social pressureslaves working It is different from Lords table. I Cor 10:21

Lords table and Lords supper

Both are different Lords supper is exclusively of NT Table of the Lord found in OT and also in Kingdom-Lords daily provision for His children Mal. 1:7,12 Lk.22:29-30 Provison of priestly family at the alter is the Table of the Lord He also provided Manna and water. Prepared a table in the Wilderness

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