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Grammar Section

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Bilingual Group
HAVE GOT. Complete the questions and short answers with the correct form of have got. 1. ________ Tom ________ a TV? Yes, ________________. 2. ________ Tom and Sue ________ a bicycle? Yes, ________________. 3. ________ Sue and James ________ a cat? No, ________________. 4. ________ Tom ________ a cat? No, ________________.


4. PRESENT CONTINUOUS. Complete the sentences.

1. They (buy) _________________ new clothes for the party. 2. She (not wear) _________________ her tracksuit bottoms today. 3. You (not listen) _________________ to me! 4. We (have) _________________ dinner in a Japanese restaurant tonight. 5. He (tidy) ________________ his bedroom at the moment. 6. I (not leave) _________________ until tomorrow.

2. What can you do in the classroom? Write sentence using CAN or CANT.
Use the computer


My brother and I usually (go) __________ to a disco on Saturdays, but this weekend we (stay) __________ at home. Our cousin (visit) ______________ us from Canada at the moment and he (not like) ______________ dance music. Its OK because I (play) ________________ football on Sunday morning and I (not want) ________________ to be tired.

Listen to music

Talk on the phone

Play games

Write a letter

6. Complete the questions and short answers with the

1. (they/play) Do they play sport? Yes, they do. 2. (she/come) Is she coming to the party tomorrow? No, she isnt.

3. PRESENT SIMPLE. Choose the correct form.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. I never wear / wears socks in the summer. Jenny go / goes to the gym every day. Dan and Jane dont / doesnt like my new books. My friend study / studies drama at university. He dont / doesnt watch a lot of TV. We live / lives in New York. You never send / sends me emails!

3. (you/wear) _____________ your new shirt tonight? Yes, __________. 4. (she/get up) _______________ early at weekends? No, __________ 5. (you/know) ___________ the answer to this question? No, __________. 6. (they/walk) __________________ to school today? No, __________. 7. (he/meet) ____________________ us later? Yes, __________.
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Grammar Section

English Departments Blog IES CARLOS CANO

7. Complete the sentences with the PAST SIMPLE.

1. We (not go) __________ shopping yesterday afternoon. 2. She (put) __________ the letter in the envelope. 3. He (be) __________ late, so he (take) __________ a taxi to the station. 4. Ana (not believe) _____________ my story. 5. Jack (tell) __________ me a funny joke yesterday. 6. _____ they ________ (win) the football match last Saturday? 7. (be) _______ the weather bad yesterday? 8. We (stay) __________ at home and (watch) __________ some videos. 9. I (not clean) __________ my bedroom, so my mother (not be) __________ very happy. 10. (visit) ______ you _______ your best friend?

9. PAST SIMPLE or PAST CONTINUOUS. Choose the correct option.

1. They heard/were hearing strange noises while they were walking past the old house. 2. I walked/was walking home when I saw a car accident. 3. Kate was waiting for me when I arrived/was arriving at the cinema. 4. While she cycled/was cycling to school, it started to rain. 5. It was snowing when I got up/was getting up. 6. While I did/was doing my homework, the phone rung. 7. We were running when Ben broke/was breaking his leg. 8. He was falling/fell asleep while he was watching TV. 9. I didnt listen/wasnt listening when the teacher gave us our homework.

Complete the conversation with the PAST CONTINUOUS form. Mother: What were you doing yesterday afternoon? Sam and Jo: We (watch) ______________ TV. Susan: I (read) __________. Mother: _______ John _____________ (do) his homework? Susan: No, he __________. He (play) ______________ computer games. John: I _______________ (not play) computer games. I _________________ (do) my homework. Susan, what _______ you _______________ (read)? Susan: A school book! I (study) __________________. Mother: Be quiet! Dont argue. And what ______ your father ___________ (do)? Susan: He ________________ (sleep)!


10. It wasnt snowing/didnt snow when they left home.

10. Complete the questions with the PAST SIMPLE or

CONTINUOUS. 1. What (you/do) __________________ last night? I watched a video. 2. We went to Lisbon last month. Where (you/stay) ______________________? 3. Why (they/wear) ________________________ those clothes yesterday? They were going to a party. 4. (it/rain) ____________________ when you left the cinema? Yes. We got very wet! 5. How (she/cut) ____________________ her finger? She was peeling potatoes. 6. Why (the teacher/shout) _____________________ at James? Because he wasnt listening to her. 7. What (you/do) ________________________ when she phoned? Not much.

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Grammar Section

English Departments Blog IES CARLOS CANO

11. Complete the sentences about London and Madrid with the COMPARATIVE FORM of the adjectives.
1. London is (large) _____________ Madrid. 2. Madrid is (hot) _____________ London. 3. Heathrow Airport in London is (busy)

14. QUESTION WORDS. Choose the correct question word and write its translation.
Example: Where/How do you live? Dnde. 1. What/who is your name? Fran. _________ 2. How much/How many is that CD? 14.99 . _________ 3. When/why are you leaving? Because its late. _________ 4. Why/What are you drinking? Milk. _________ 5. Whose/who watch is this? Its mine. _________ 6. How many/how old is your father? Hes 45. _________

_____________ Madrid Airport. 4. London is (expensive) _____________Madrid. 5. Madrid is (high) _____________ London. 6. Madrid is (dry) _____________ London.


Complete these facts with the SUPERLATIVE FORM of these adjectives: BIG, HIGH, LONG, RICH, POPULAR, SMALL and HARD. 1. The Pacific is _____________ ocean in the world. 2. Everest is _____________ mountain in the world. 3. Bill Gates is _____________ man in the world. 4. Diamonds are _____________ substance in the world. 5. Pluto is _____________ planet in the Solar System. 6. The Nile is _____________ river in the world. 7. France is _____________ country in the world for tourists.

15. Complete with AND, BUT, BECAUSE or SO.

1. Im tired, _______ Im going to bed now. 2. I like chips _______ I like pizzas. 3. Im staying at home this evening _______ the weather is terrible. 4. Im good at Maths, _______ Im terrible at Physics. 5. We were hungry, _______ we made some sandwiches. 6. Hes only four, _______ hes very good at football. 7. Im wearing a coat _______ its very cold.

13. MUST. Choose the correct form.

1. I must/mustnt remember to buy snacks for the party. 2. We havent got any food. We must/mustnt go to the supermarket. 3. Hurry up! You must/mustnt be late for the party. 4. You must/mustnt have an invitation to go to the party. 5. You must/mustnt play loud music after 11 pm. 6. Its a fancy dress party. You must/mustnt wear your jeans. 7. Its Janes birthday. You must/mustnt bring her a present!

16. LOVE / LIKE / ENJOY / HATE + Verb-ing. Complete the sentences with the verbs in ing form.
buy / cycle / do / read / write / cook
1. I enjoy __________ in the countryside. Ive got a mountain bike. 2. I love __________ detective stories. Theyre really exciting. 3. I enjoy __________. I make dinner for the family at weekends. 4. I hate __________ the housework. Its so boring. 5. I love __________ clothes. I spend all my money on them! 6. I dont like __________ letters. I prefer using the phone.

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Grammar Section

English Departments Blog IES CARLOS CANO

17. Complete the dialogue with WILL or GOING TO.

Paul: Hi, Kim. What are your plans for the weekend? (you/do) Are you going to do anything nice? Kim: Yes, I (visit) ________________ my uncle and aunt. Theyve got a house by the sea in Wales. Paul: (you/go) ________________ surfing? Kim: Yes, and sailing! Paul: Fantastic. How (you/get) ________________ there? Kim: I (drive) ________________. Paul: What time (you/leave) ________________? Kim: About nine oclock. Paul: It (take) ________________ ages to drive there. Do you really want to spend all of Saturday in a car? Kim: No, I dont. Youre right. I (not drive) ________________. I (go) ________________ by train.

18. Complete Ruths sentences about the arrangements for a party tomorrow. Use the PRESENT CONTINUOUS for future plans.
Pete and I (finish) ________________ school at 4 oclock. Pete (go) ________________to the supermarket at half past four. I (tidy) ________________ the house at five oclock. We (not make) ________________ sandwiches, we (buy) ________________ some cakes. I (have) ________________ a shower at half past six. Our friends (not come) ________________ by car. They (catch) ________________ the bus. So they (arrive) ________________ at seven oclock. They (go) ________________ back home by bus, too.

19. Match sentences 1-6 with a-f to make conversations. Then complete the sentences (a-f) using WILL or GOING
TO and the verbs in brackets. 1. Why are you switching on the television? 2. Im terrible sorry. There isnt any more children. 3. Ive decided to decorate my bedroom this weekend. 4. Oh, no! I havent got enough money to pay for these drinks. 5. Ive decided not to go to university after school. 6. I cant tell you! I promised Kathy. a) Oh, then I (have) ________________ the fish. b) Oh, go on! I (not tell) ________________ anyone. c) Dont worry. I (lend) ________________ you some money. d) I (watch) ______________ my favourite soap opera. e) What colour (you/paint) ________________ the walls? f) Really? What (you/do) ________________ instead?

20. FIRST CONDITIONAL. Complete the sentences.

1. If the computer game (be) ________________ too expensive, I (not buy) ________________ it. 2. If you (give) ________________ me 5, I (go) ________________ to the shops for you. 3. We (make) ________________ dinner if you (do) ________________ the washing up. 4. Mum says that if I (not tidy) ________________ my bedroom, she (not lend) ________________ me the car. 5. They (miss) ________________ the film if they (not leave) ________________ now.

21. Write FIRST CONDITIONAL sentences.

If / it / stop / raining / we / climb / that / mountain.

If / John / score / a goal / they / win / the / match.

I / not / wait / for you / if / you / be / late.

If / Kate / not come / to the party / Mark / not be happy.

They / have / a great time / if / they / go / to New York.

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Grammar Section

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22. Match the IMPERATIVES (1-6) with the situations

(a-f): 1: __ / 2: __ / 3: __ / 4: __ / 5: __ / 6: __ a) Hes your penfriend. b) Its raining. c) The match is at 6.00 pm. d) I cant hear the Cd. e) Its cold outside. f) It bites! 1. Dont be late! 2. Be quiet! 3. Dont play with the tiger! 4. Write to James. 5. Take your umbrella. 6. Wear your scarf.

23. Complete the sentences with the IMPERATIVES:

Be quiet / Do / Dont be / Take / Dont watch
1. ______________ Tv. ___________ your homework. 2. ______________. I cant hear the music. 3. ______________ late. The bus leaves at 8 oclock. 4. ______________ your umbrella. Its raining.


Complete the sentences with the PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE form. 1. Look! That man (steal) ______________ your bag! 2. The teacher is angry because they (not study) ______________ for their exam. 3. Pete (buy) ______________ four shirts from that shop. 4. Dan (not tell) ______________ many people his news. 5. Im hungry. I (not eat) ______________ anything today. 6. I (go) ______________ out every night this week! 7. Youre late! We (miss) ______________ the start of the film.


Complete the sentences with the PRESENT PERFECT SIMPLE form.

Arrive / buy / not do / eat / finish go / invite / not score / see / tidy
1. Can I have a look at your magazine, please? Yes, _______________ with it. 2. Youre so lazy! You _______________ any

housework today. Yes, I have. I _______________ my bedroom. 3. Do you want to listen to my new Cd? Thats the fourth Cd you _______________ this week. 4. I _______________ Paul to my party tonight. He _______________. Hes in the kitchen. 5. Are you hungry? No, I _______________ two pizzas and a hamburger this evening.

25. Write the sentences with the PRESENT PERFECT

SIMPLE form of the verbs. ( ) Tom / tidy his bedroom.

6. __________ you ____________ Nicola? Not for a while. I think she _______________ out. 7. Why is the coach angry with the football team? Because they _______________ any goals this season.

( ) Sue / finish her homework.

(?) Sam / buy present for Dave.

( ) Tom / watch film.

( ) I / make dinner.

(?) He / score a goal.

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