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This house supports the use of performance-enhancing drugs by athletes This side of the house fully supports the

use of performanceenhancing drugs, colloquially known as PED, in the world of sports. Performance-enhancing drugs refer to any substance taken to perform better athletically. Inclusion in this area are substances both naturally possessing such characteristics, and those that are scientifically altered, also known as medical drugs. Currently, the use of PED is not allowed in any sports.* However, this side of the house believes otherwise. As a counter plan to the status quo, we would support PED given that there will be a regulation board or committee. We understand, as we all know, that any drug, no matter how effective it is or how thorough it is made or processed or researched, if taken without the substantial knowledge and/or proper medical supervision, is harmful. Thus, we believe that with the right knowledge and guide from experts, drugs which we thought so badly of, could be of good use. These will be discussed further later on. A regulation board or committee will consists of a group of medical experts who are without doubt, knowledgeable to the field given. There would also be a representative from different teams that will personally see a fair process. Lastly, a representative from the organizing body and from the committee of whatever sport involved. This regulation boards function is to see that everyone will be given fair and equal access to drugs prescribed by a medical expert. By drugs, we are referring to those which we do not have easy access with such as substances that are natural enhances and over-thecounter drugs, but those that when taken in the wrong dosage, might result to abuse, complications and worse, death. Of course, the athletes will still have the right to choose: whether they would want to keep themselves away from these drugs, or the other way around. The regulation board will still see to it that only the drugs prescribed are the ones the athletes would take, thus a need for drug tests, or any other method used in determining the drug one intakes. We believe that by putting everything on the table, we are reducing the risk of athletes to be in danger in terms of their health, unlike keeping it illegal and banned, which would just drive it to an underground, causing it to be harder to regulate or to track down.

In 1904, Thomas Hicks won the Olympic marathon. But it almost cost him his life. His trainer pulled out a hypodermic that is a milligram of strychnine during that time when Hicks was already struggling for life due to extreme tiredness. It gave him strength, and was able to finish the marathon, collecting his gold medal. Hicks was almost between life and death, but was saved by the dope. Tour de France is an annual multiple stage bicycle race in France. The tour has typically 21 days of racing and 2 rest days and cover 3,200 kilometers or 2000 miles. And you know whats 2000 miles from Manila? Bicol. That long. The 2012 Olympic Marathon Course covers 42.195 kilometers or 26.219 miles. And you know whats 26 miles from Manila, thats right, Calumpit, Bulacan. It is actually funny bordering weird to realize that a lot of people expect athletes to accomplish all this with just training, right diet and a bunch of moral supports aka coaching. What I am showing to you, ladies and gentlemen, is how crucial and cruel sports can be. And to expect people to push off anything that could help them get past through it is deeply appalling in my opinion. Performance-enhancing drugs are supposed to enhance, improve, or for the lack of better term, help a person in his performance. In this matter, we are referring it to sports that would stretch the threshold of strength and test the limit of a person. PED are not there to magically transport you to the finish line, or to instantly give you strength you thought you never have. PED are actually there to help you survive, just as how food and water and sunlight and good clothing and a home to a person. PED are enhancers, definitely not creators. With the proper knowledge of its usage, appropriate supervision, determination, and lastly, the genuine will to achieve your goal will definitely bring you home the bacon. Not just the stupid pill.