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The Idea of Employee Status (Chapter 2) o Employees v. Independent Contractors NLRB v. Hearst National Mutual Insurance Co v. Darden Clackamas Gastroenterology Associates v. Wells Vizcaino v. Microsoft Corp Connor v. Pier Sixty Statutory Exemptions, Small Employers, and Joint Employees Zheng v. Liberty Apparel Co. Legal Restrictions on Job Access Wardwell v. Board of Education Collins Food Intern Inc v. INS Employer Gathering Information Interviews Lysak v. Seller Corp Employment References (Chapter 10) Singer v. Beach Training Co Lewis v. Equitable Life Assurance Socy Invasion of Privacy (Chapter 10) Eddy v. Brown Bratt v. IBM Corp Nelson v. NASA Negligent Hiring/Retention Malroney v. B&L Motor Freight Inc Keller v. Koca Kadlec v. Medical Center v. Lakeview Anesthesia Associates Polygraph and Personality Tests (Chapter 9) Sokora v. Dayton Hudson Corp Drug Testing and Constitution (Chapter 9) National Treasury Employee Union v. Von Raab Chandler v. Miller Drug Testing (conclusion) 19 Solid Waste Dept Mechanics v. Albuquerque Luedtke v. National Alaska Drilling Inc Grooming and Dress Kelley v. Johnson Jespersen v. Harrahs Operating Co, Inc Constitutional and Statutory Responses (Chapter 9) Bodewig v. K-Mart Inc Vega-Rodriguez v. Puerto Rico Tel. Common Law Responses Smyth v. Pyllsbury Co. Catalano v. GWD Management Corp Off-Work Activity

B. The Hiring Process o o

C. Testing of Applicants and Employees o o o

D. Work Environment o

E. Protecting Privacy on the Job o o o

Rulon-Miller v. IBM Corp McCavitt v. Swiss Reinsurance America Co Poirier v. Mass Dept of Correction Rankin v. McPherson Curay-Cramer v. Ursuline Academy Novosel v. Nationwide Insurance Co Jordan v. Ector Country

F. Freedom of Expression On and Away From the Job (Chapter 8)

III. DISCHARGE AND TERMINATION OF EMPLOYMENT A. The Employment At-Will Rule (Chapter 4) o Bulan v. Jacobs and Co B. Erosion of At-Will Employment (Chapter 5 and 6) The Public Policy Exception Gantt v. Sentry Insurance Arres v. IMI Cornelius Remcor Serrano v. Christ Hospital Breach of Contract Terms Gordon v. Matthew Bender & Co Scribner v. Worldcom Inc Pugh v. Sees Candies Inc Employee Handbooks Woolley v. Hoffman-LaRoche Bankey v. Storer Broadcasting Co Niscosia v. Wakefern Food Corp Promissory Estoppel Pepsi-Cola General Bottlers, Inc v. Woods Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing Murphy v. American Home Products Corp Fortune v. National Cash Register Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Whistleblower Statutes Dudewicz v. Norris-Schmid Inc. Wilson v. Monarch Paper Wrongful Discharge Statutes Buck v. Billings Montana Chevrolet Property and Liberty Interests Goetz v. Windsor School District Mosrie v. Barry Common Law and Statutory Responses Local 1330, United Steel Workers v. US Steel Corp WARN Act Litigation Carpenter Dist Council of New Orleans v. Dillard Dept Stores Inc Pena v. American Meat Packing Corp Roquet v. Arthur Anderson LLP Breach of Express Terms Handicapped Childrens Edu Bd v. Lukazewski Breach of Implied Terms Mercer Mgmt Consulting Inc v. Wilde

o o

C. Other Protections for Employment Security o o o

D. Plant Closings (Chapter 13) o o

E. Leaving A Job o o

IV. ALTERNATIVE DISPUTE RESOLUTION o o o Arbitration of Employment Disputes (Chapter 13) The Federal Arbitration Act: 9 USC 1-16 Circuit City v. Adams Arbitration after Circuit City Hooters of America Inc v. Phillips EEOC v. Waffle House Rights of Employees and Arbitration Caley v. Gulfman Aerospace Corp Genrty v. Superior Court 14 Penn Plaza LLC v. Pyett Overview (Chapter 12) Preliminary and Postliminary Time IBP, Inc v. Alvarez Misclassification Kuzinski v. Schering Corporation Retaliation Claudio-Gotay v. Becton Dickinson Caribe Undocumented Workers Rengifo v. Erevos Enterprises