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September 9, 2008

Transcriber, this is Detective Keith Roberts with the Louisville Metro Police Homicide
Squad. Today's date is September 9, 2008. Uh, this will be a taped statement from Mark
Bowling. The approximate time now is 12:51 hours. This will be a statement in reference to
Case file #08-197.

Roberts Uh, Mr. Bowling, are you aware the tape-

recorder is on, recording our conversation?

Bowling Yes.

Roberts And for the record, could you please, uh, state
and spell your name for me?

Bowling M-A Mark Bowling. M-A-R-K B-O-W-L-


Roberts And could you give me your home address?

Bowling x

Roberts Okay. Uh, the fact that this conversation is

being taped, does this meet with your

Bowling Yes.

Roberts And I am taking this statement in reference to

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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

the events that happened on 08/20/08 that

occurred during the PRP football practice. And
in your own words, could you please describe
for me the events that happened that day, uh,
from the beginning to the end of practice.

Bowling Uh, it started off like just team take-off and

stretch, or whatever, jogged through, and then
we did team take-offs. We'd go through like
our plays, or whatever, then they would like
uh, pull the ball and run to about 20 yards, and
(inaudible). Then we'd, the first team would go
and, and the second team would go in and we'd
alternate. And then after that, we went and got
water. Came back. Went to like, uh,
specialties. Like line backers were together,
and I was with line backers. So we would do
bag drills, whatever.

Roberts Uh-huh.

Bowling We did like four, like one left foot in the bag,
the two foot in the bag, sideway shuffle, uh,
filled the hole, go up and back, and then…
Then after that, we went to defensive team, and
like, we had like we went over, over the plays
again. And we just went to our holes of our
area we're supposed to go to. Then we came
back, and we went to get water. Then we went
to, uh, we went to run. Or, no. We went to, uh,
we was goin' to team again. Like we was
goin', like we was gona scrimmage offense
versus defense.

Roberts Uh-huh.

Bowling And like some of the people who was over

there at the offense's takin', or the offensive
lineman would not only be holdin' 'em over
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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

there too long. They was just walkin' over

there. So he made us start runnin'. Started
runnin'. And then I did about… We was doin'
gassers. I know we, I did about eight gassers
and then he let me quit because I got done,
'cause I was actually runnin' hard, and
everybody else was still slackin'.

Roberts Uh-huh.

Bowling And I guess he was getting' mad 'cause

everybody was slackin', so he kept on 'em.
Then we just went and got water. And then he
tried to take us over and talk to us. And then
we left.

Roberts Okay. Uh, and how are the water breaks given.
Do you all do this as a team, or do you do it

Bowling Uh, uh, we do it as a team after like team take-

off, or whatever, but then, like our line backers
will go get our water. Like when they get, our
coaches gets done with their little thing. It's
really like ten minutes worth of work there that
we do.

Roberts Uh-huh.

Bowling Then we go get… We'll break it down and go

get water. Then we'll come back.

Roberts Okay. So each little segment, you can get

water after each little thing to do with your
position coach?

Bowling Yeah. Well, yeah, pretty much.

Roberts And who, who is your position coach?

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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

What's his name?

Bowling Coach Houser.

Roberts Houser? Okay. Uh, so basically, it's kind of

like small team that goes, just whoever…

Bowling Yeah.

Roberts If it's all line backers…

Bowling Linebackers…

Roberts …they all, all go…

Bowling Defense and quarterbacks will go together.

Roberts Okay. And on that day, particular day we're

talkin' about, how many water breaks do you
remember taking?

Bowling Three or four… Three or four.

Roberts Okay. Uh, and after the last water break, what
do you all do at practice, with practices and

Bowling After the last water break, we just talk.

Roberts Just talk?

Bowling Yeah.

Roberts As a team?

Bowling Yeah.

Roberts Okay. And you, you said, basically already

said this, but, but why were you all startin' to
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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

run sprints? Why were you told to run sprints?

Bowling Because like they was being lazy, and like

the… It's part of our condi'. Like to get
better, you gotta like go joggin' or practice.
You know what I'm sayin'? So we just, they
was just walkin' and talkin' and whatever
instead of focusing on football, and they was

Roberts So that…

Bowling ...standin' around…

Roberts …that was… The coach that, he's kind of like

he needs you to run…

Bowling Yeah.

Roberts …from station to station, from thing to thing…

Bowling Yeah.

Roberts …He wanted you to at least get there, don't


Bowling Yeah. Don't just…

Roberts …walk.

Bowling …sit there and, yeah, talkin', chatter, or


Roberts So just… Now who was being lazy? Was it

the whole team? Was it anybody individually,

Bowling Well, it wasn't like… I mean, it was about half

the team. Like, it was like some people was
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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

there, some people wasn't. Some linebackers

were talkin'. Uh, they was just… The line,
offensive line was taking to long to get from
the water to where he was goin'.

Roberts Okay. And I know you did… You said you

didn't run as many as the rest, but how many,
how many sprints did your group run? Or…

Bowling Nah, it was only like two of us. They, they

took out like… I 'on't know. They probably
took out like five people because they ran hard.

Roberts Uh-huh.

Bowling They took out me, my friend Logan, Charlie…

Uh, they took out some other people. I don't
know who else. I don't remember the other
people they took.

Roberts Before they took you all out, how many did
you, you remember runnin'?

Bowling About eight.

Roberts About eight? And you said you, you were in

the… Were you in the bigger guy group or the
smaller guy group?

Bowling I was in the small guy group.

Roberts Okay. And when you all are runnin' the

sprints, how many, how many did you run
before you took any of your gear off?

Bowling Uh, I think I ran like six. Somethin' like…

Roberts And do you, did you, when you all were told to
stop, did you run any after you took the gear
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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

off? Did you take, do any running after you

took off the helmet and the shoulder pads at

Bowling Uh, I think I ran one more after that.

Roberts One more after?

Bowling Yeah. Maybe one or two after I took my pad…

I took my helmet off, and then ran one, then I
took my shoulder pads and stuff off and ran
another one. Then they told me I was done
'cause I was runnin' hard.

Roberts Was it just you, or you and a couple other


Bowling Me and the one other guy came out at the same

Roberts And who was that?

Bowling Logan.

Roberts Logan? Okay. And how long do you think

they were all runnin'? I mean, I know you quit
early, but how… Did you stay 'til everybody
was done?

Bowling Yeah. I was done, but I had, we had

to stay there.

Roberts So how long you think it took?

Bowling Five minutes.

Roberts Okay.

Bowling If that.
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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

Roberts And did any of your teammates ask for water

breaks while they was runnin' sprints?

Bowling No. 'Cause we ne'… Uh, I've never seen

anybody ask for water in football practice. In
however many years I've played, I've never
seen anybody ask for water. 'Cause they know
we’ll get done when we get done. Because
that's just how practice is . Because if they let
somebody get a water break every five
seconds, they're gonna slack and be lazy.

Roberts Uh, did you or any of your teammates become

ill during the sprints?

Bowling What do you mean by ill?

Roberts Did you get sick? Did you throw up? Did you
become dizzy? Somebody go down?
Someone faint? Anybody that…

Bowling No.

Roberts …You or anybody?

Bowling No. I don't think so.

Roberts Okay.

Bowling They're all fine out there until like Calloway

came up. He was breathe in' hard. Then they
got him water, and the coach, like coach Steve
Deacon was lookin' at him, or whatever.

Roberts And when, when Calloway looked like he was

havin' a problem, did, was this after he took his
pads off or while he still had pads and stuff on?
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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

Bowling No. He took his pads off already.

Roberts Okay. And during any practices this year, have

you personally seen or heard of any of your
teammates being injured or quitting the team?
Just this year.

Bowling Uh, I've like… What do you mean? Like

stingers, or whatever?

Roberts No. Somethin'… I mean, you know, somethin'

that would 'cause you to say, "Man, I, I, I can't
play this week or, uh… I don't mean like a
cramp. I don't mean a cramp or stingers,

Bowling Uh, I've seen people… Let's see… Wong has

the concussion right now. Uh, uh, I've seen
Wong cut his hand. B. J. had a wrist, his wrist
got hurt. Uh, Justin got in a car wreck. Uh…

Roberts But Justin's injuries, or whatever, wasn't on the


Bowling Yeah. No. It wasn't on the football field. That

was a car.

Roberts What about, uh, anybody quittin'?

Bowling Uh, I seen them quit, but then they come back.

Roberts Who quit and came back?

Bowling David Ingler and… But that, that day he quit,

and then he ended up comin' back like after
that, like the day afterwards, or whatever. Uh,
(inaudible). Yeah.

Roberts Okay.
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Statement: Mark Bowling / Case #08197(B)
Date: September 9, 2008

Bowling Since January, Raverson quit once; and then

came back. Had come back.

Roberts Has anyone influenced you in any way, uh, to

withhold information or change any of the
facts that actually occurred during the practice?

Bowling No sir.

Roberts And is this statement truthful?

Bowling Yes.

Roberts And is there anything else you wanta add that

we didn't go over that you think we oughta
know about?

Bowling No

Roberts Well, with that, we will now go off tape. The

approximate time now is 1:01 pm. Hours.


File #08197broberts-jj