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Multi-Faith Group for Healthcare Chaplaincy

.....advancing multi-faith healthcare chaplaincy.

Chairman The Multi-Faith Group for Healthcare


• Launch
• Purpose
• Membership
• Organisation
• Biennnal Review

The MFGHC was launched formally at a small

event in the Palace of Westminster on Wednesday
25th June 2003. The event was hosted by Peter
Mr Manhar Mehta Bottomley MP and the MFGHC was launched by
Mrs Sarah Mullally, Chief Nursing Officer,
Mr Manhar Mehta was elected to serve as Department of Health on behalf of the Minister of
chairman for the period 2009-2010.
He is a Mechanical Engineer by profession. State (Health). Pictures of the event are carried
Since he came to the UK, in 1968, he has on the MFGHC website.
organised religious activities for the Jains
community here. He established an
organisation called Jain Samaj Leicester that MFGHC includes representatives
has grown and is now known as Jain Samaj of the nine World Faiths:
Europe. The organisation has built a beautiful
Jain Temple in Leicester where Manhar is a
Bahai, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Jain, Jewish,
Trustee. Muslim, Sikh and Zoroastrian Faiths.
He is also the Chairman of an organisation
called The National Council of Vanik
Associations(UK) that has around 25 The Purpose of MFGHC
Jain/Vanik organisations affiliated to it; thus The object of the MFGHC is the advancement of
acting as their umbrella organisation.
multi-faith healthcare chaplaincy in England and
Being the Jain representative at MFGHC since
its establishment, he has taken on the Wales. The Group seeks to further this object by
responsibility to initiate Jain Spiritual Care facilitating a common understanding and support
(Chaplaincy) services for hospitals in the UK.
He also represents the Jain faith at Brent
for healthcare chaplaincy amongst Faith Groups,
Multi-Faith Forum and Brent SACRE. chaplaincy bodies and users; providing a means
of consultation between the Faiths about
healthcare chaplaincy; and working in co-
Vice-Chairman operation with healthcare and chaplaincy
organisations, bodies and authorities.
In particular, the MFGHC seeks to provide advice
to the Department of Health about multi-faith
healthcare chaplaincy on behalf of all Faith
Groups; to enable those Faith Groups engaged in
healthcare chaplaincy to formulate, agree and
promulgate policy on healthcare chaplaincy in
consultation with other chaplaincy bodies; and to
promote the highest quality of healthcare
chaplaincy through the development of agreed
standards across all Faith Groups and within
healthcare organisations.

• See the Constitution of MFGHC

Mr Chowdhury Mueen-
Uddin (2009-2010)
Membership of the MFGHC
Director – Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in
the NHS (2005 – now) Full membership of the Multi-Faith Group shall be
Formerly Deputy Director: the Islamic open to those Faith Groups in the United Kingdom
Foundation, Markfield, Leicestershire (1995 –
2005). which have agreed to participate as full members
He is a graduate ( B.A ) from the University of
Dhaka, Bangladesh and is married with 4 of the Multi-Faith Group, and also to chaplaincy
children. bodies which are multi-faith in their purpose,
Chowdhury Mueen-uddin has served as a membership, and governance. There are also
member of the Multi Faith Joint National
Working Party (MFJNWP) since its inception in categories of associate and observer membership
1998 and became a member of of its
successor organisation the Multi Faith Group
for Healthcare Chaplaincy (MFGHC). He has
Organisation of the MFGHC
over 25 years of experience working with the
community organisations and served and on The Multi-Faith Group comprises the members of
the Board of a number of distinguished
charities. These include among others Board the nominating bodies for those Faith Groups and
member and vice chairman – As Shahada Bodies with membership of the Multi-Faith Group.
Housing Association, Board member Labo
Housing Association and currently Gateway
Housing Association, Chairman – Muslim Aid The Multi-Faith Group undertakes the majority of
(at present board member , Vice Chairman – its work through the Council and the council's
East London Mosque and London Muslim
Centre, Chairman – Governing Body, the
sub-groups, currently for Education and for
London East Academy ( a private secondary Standards. The Education Committee advises on
school). He served as the Secretary General of issues concerned with the education and training
the Council of Mosques UK and Eire for 2
terms (1984 – 1988) and was involved in
of healthcare chaplains and the Standards
setting up the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB). Committee advises on issues concerned with the
He occassionally contributes to news papers setting and maintaining of healthcare chaplaincy
and journals and some of his articles were
published in journals in housing releated sector
such as ‘Regeneration' and ‘Planning'.
The Council is lead by a Chair (Mr Manhar Mehta),
Vice-Chair (Mr Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin), Joint
Chairs - Educatin Committee (HM Shafique
Rahman, Revd Debbie Hodge) and Joint Chairs -
Chief Officer Standards Committee (Revd Bob Evans, Mr Ron
Maddox). Management and administrative
support is provided by a Chief Officer (Revd
Edward Lewis) who manages resources on the
Council's behalf.

Biennial Review

The first Biennial Review (2003-2004) was

published at a Review Conference held in London
in June 2005.

• Biennial Review document 2003-2004

Chief Officer of MFGHC

Revd Edward Lewis Review Conference June 2005