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INDIVIDUAL SCORE FORM FORM 2 ENGLISH LANGUAGE FORM 2 NAME : ______________________________________________________ IDENTITY CARD : ______________________________________________________ FORM : ______________________________________________________ BAND

DESCRIPTOR B1 DL1 E1 1 B1 DB1 E1 B1 DT1 E1 B1 DT2 E1 B2 DL1 E1 2 EVIDENS Able to identify initial and final consonants, long and short vowels and diphthongs Able to scan a text for details to complete a given task Able to write a message or an e-mail Able to complete an application form Able to ask questions to get information and respond appropriately to questions on any one of the following: pastimes routines ambitions hopes Able to acquire a range of vocabulary by identifying: words of the same meaning (synonyms) words opposite in meaning (antonyms) one word for a group of words (hypernyms) Able to write a letter on a topic of interest in about 120 words Able to compliment someone and respond appropriately to the compliment Able to identify main ideas and supporting details Able to answer comprehension questions orally Able to identidy main ideas and supporting details by : transferring information from a linear to a non-linear text/non-linear to a linear text answering comprehension questions Able to write a description on a topic of interest : using adjectives/adverbs in at least 3 paragraphs in about 120 words Able to discuss a particular topic by : agreeing politely disagreeing politely Able to discuss and come to a decision on any one of the following: a gift for someone a trip (any other relevant topic of student's choice) Able to ask questions to obtain details about services offered and give appropriate responses upon receiving the information Able to identify cause and effect relationships in a linear text by extracting specific information to complete a graphic organiser. Able to relate the cause and effects from a non-linear text to complete a given task. Able to write a report using the correct format and following appropriate grammar on any one of the following : table pie chart bar graph line graph 1 2 3 4 5

B2 DB1 E1 B2 DT1 E1 B3 DL1 E1 B3 DL2 E1 B2 DL2 E2

3 B3 DB1 E1 B3 DT1 E1 B4 DL1 E1 B4 DL2 E1 B4 DL3 E1 4 B4 DB1 E1 B4 DB1 E2 B4 DT1 E1


DESCRIPTOR B5 DL1 E1 Able to recount a public event


B5 DB1 E1 B5 DT1 E1 B6 DL1 E1

Able to predict the ending of a story, supporting it by giving a reason/reasons. Able to write on an event/incident : using past tense using linkers in paragraphs in about 150 words Able to draw similarities/differences between one's life and that of the character's Able to draw conclusions from a variety of texts : factual narrative descriptive

B6 DB1 E1 B6 DT1 E1

Able to write a story based on the pictures given by including a moral value: in paragraphs in about 180 words