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Pastor Jackson Ukiru

I was borne in Western Kenya in the year 1968 to a Quaker Family. I

attended elementary and high school in my home area.

It was when I was attending a Diploma course in Mechanical

Engineering that I became a saved Christian with the Christ Co-
Workers Fellowship Church, Nairobi. I became a borne again Christian
and was baptized in the year 1991, and became a committed member of
the Chrisco church in 1993.

I have served in various ministries in the Chrisco Church. I have

done evangelism for the Sudanese Refugees, where I found a highly
receptive people to the word of God. At the time I evangelized in the
refugees' camp Kenya had over 150 000 refugees concentrated at Kakuma.

I have also evangelized in rural areas of Kenya. I have come to know

that the evil power of witchcraft has kept many Kenyans under
bondage. By the power of the blood of Jesus Christ I have prayed for
people and seen them set free from the demonic power of witchcraft..
Many of these people were sick because they believed they were
bewitched by their neighbors and relatives.

I have done urban ministry, evangelizing in the Nairobi slums through

group cell meetings and night vigils. I have seen the power of the
Word bring peace, joy and hope to people whose lives had been
shattered by extreme poverty, drunkardness, Aids and hopelessness.

I have also been a part of cross-border evangelistic teams in Uganda

and Tanzania. Overall I see a world where many people remain
untouched, unaffected and unreached by the Word of God. These include
the drunkards in our urban towns. Add to this group the pseudo-
Christians who do not live the Christian life. And then the
backsliders and the defectors. The need to reclaim these unreached
people is increasing daily.

Today I am a Pastor and Coordinator of God Will Make A Way Ministries. I want to testify
that the Ministry has greatly edified and expanded my life. It has done
this by exposing the Word in a non-compromising manner. We are a
Ministry that believes in the power of the word as told in the Bible.
We are also a truly prayerful Ministry who share and care for each

I use some of my time to counsel youth both within and outside the
Ministry. The youth in Nairobi city are confronted with major
challenges. There is rampant moral decay, irresponsible parenting,
drug abuse and the killer disease HIV/AIDS, which mostly affects the
youth. Timely and early Christianity is needed to save these youths
from these killer vices. I have been counseling youth about
refraining from illicit sex and avoiding unfaithfulness when in
marriage. One of my greatest joys is when a youth comes to tell you
that you helped save his life from drugs or from Aids.

In the year 2000, I went for a Diploma course in Theology from the
Manna Bible Institute in Nairobi to hone my skills in spiritual
studies, ministry management and counseling. I did this because I
have seen our Ministry expand rapidly putting pressure on us in the
leadership to provide more effective spiritual growth as well as a
greater social mission. As a founder member of the Ministry – God
Will Make A Way Humanitarian Ministries Organization – I am
responding to this challenge through evangelism with a social mission.

I got married to a born again Christian member of Chrisco Church in

1996. We have 2 children with Perpetua called Sifa (dob 1999) and Tumaini