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Placido Salazar psalazar9@satx.rr.com Santa Maria Police Dept.

It is truly a State and National shame, that in this day and age, we still find it necessary to keep fighting the viper of discrimination and injustice. Congratulations to every AGIF and LULAC member who participated in correcting this travesty of JUSTICE. The question is why hasnt the Dept of Justice been quicker to respond? Shouldnt they STILL respond, to ensure that officers of the law who violated the law and civil rights, under the color of law are punished, to the fullest extent of the law? Placido Salazar, USAF Retired Vietnam Veteran Veterans Legislation Liaison Dr. Hector P. Garcia American GI Forum Org of TX Inc
From: Willie Galvan [mailto:wcgalvan@gmail.com] Sent: Friday, March 08, 2013 5:37 PM To: Castellanos, Jose L SFC RET Subject: Santa Maria Police Dept.

In my haste yesterday to give the news of the Santa Maria Police Department's straightening up their scandalous behavior in the shootings of Santa Maria Hispanics, I gave some misinformation. There were only two firings and various demotions and reprimands. The results were brought about through LULAC and GI Forum members appearing and speaking at City Council meetings, urging them to make right the injustices by the Police Department. Courageous LULAC and GI Forum members who spoke were Jos Castellanos, Vibiana Saavedra, Raul Ceja, Minga Ceja, Pedro Reyes, Willie Galvan, Helen Galvan, Mary Jacka, and various others. The good results of Justice coming to Santa Maria was through the efforts of those who spoke of a dire need for change. It happened, thanks to all. I have today informed the Washington Office of Civil Rights and the CA Attorney General's office that the Santa Maria situation has really subsided, and to cancel their possible investigative trip to Santa Maria.

We are all very appreciative of your efforts for Justice, for your courage to speak up for Justice before a hostile police and crowds of those approving Misjustice against our low-income people. Our work doesn't end with the City Council and Police Dept.; it's an ongoing effort. The Santa Maria High School Faculty Association and Board are also an ongoing effort to make and to bring changes for a better education for our students. Several members of LULAC and GI Forum have spoken at Board meetings, pleading with them for changes and to make them believe and know that changes are coming with or without their help. We'll keep you informed of our continued efforts for a better and more informed and educated community. Thank you. Willie Galvan, President LULAC Santa Maria Council #3187 805-714-6015