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Edward Monegro Aviation High School

OFL CLASS 103 4/3/12

Police Commissioner for a Day Essay Contest Question: As the Police Commissioner for a Day what program would you implement to reduce youth against youth crime both in schools and in the community?

If I was the New York City Police Commissioner for the day I would stop mostly hate crimes. Today in New York City and in school I have seen a lot of hate crime against peoples race, color, religion and body shape. Every day in school I keep hearing racial slurs and cursing people out part of racism. It is better to have Racism and Bullying Awareness Programs to stop fights and hurting someone feelings which can lead them to killing themselves. I myself have been through bullying and persecution. Of me have a strong Christian faith I have been persecuted for the namesake of Jesus Christ to the good news about him. Even though I fight of the curse words and jokes its not easy for everyone. Today a lot of kids are going

through the same problem Im going through of being laughed and cursed at. The sad thing that the kids are so tired and unhappy with the bullying it might resort for them hurting themselves or hurting the bully or bullies. If schools across New York City and the country take time to make Bullying and Racism Awareness programs or events to inform kids and to be respectful to each other. There should also be high amounts of counseling and assistance. Everyone is different in the world and nobody is perfect. We werent made to beautiful or hot for someone we should see being handsome and beautiful from within. That is one thing kids seem to skip out of their minds that nobody has to perfect for someone. In the bible it says in Proverbs 31:30 that Charm is deceptive, beauty is not lasting but a woman who fears the LORD shall be praised. This connects to both man and woman that charm is misleading and beauty is not lasting. No one is going to be beautiful forever. Kids need to understand this Christian or non- Christian it still applies. I believe

that if people took more action about someones feelings, hurt and problems we would have less teenage deaths through actions of bullying. To sum up we really need to bring up more awareness of Bullying and Racism. All kids should know that Charm is misleading and Beauty is not lasting. It is all about the inside traits not outside. To myself and other Christian singles we should finding people who fear GOD and put GOD first in everything. This is these actions everyone should do from parents to students to administration everyone should aware and tell about bullying and racism.