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Eaton VFX Operator Interface Panels in Agricultural Hydraulic Systems

Flexible, robust, in-cab information systems keep vehicle operators in control. Eatons VFX operator interface panels bring the power
of programmable electronics into the cab of todays advanced machines. These sophisticated interfaces deliver information needed to keep operators firmly in control of both hydraulic systems and overall machine functions required for todays demanding agricultural applications. Using an array of pre-defined graphical libraries and the capability to create your own, VFX panels can be programmed with Eaton CONTROL F(x) software delivering a complete vehicle information and control package including operational parameters, system status, and critical fault diagnostics. VFX controllers can handle up to 50 discrete I/O channels to monitor and control peripheral devices, making advanced operator interface benefits as feasible for retro-fit applications as they are with new equipment design.
VFX 100m LCD Display

With Eatons VFX operator interfaces, not only can you reduce operator efforts in managing machine complexity, you can also build adaptive systems letting you customize machine parameters to closely match operator skill levels. Programmable operating parameters also suport extending the life of system components by optimizing pressures, flow rates within safe limits regardless of operator inputs. Benefits Premium LCD picture quality using full colorTFT technology; anti-glare & hard coating surface treatment Available in 6.5 and 10.4 inch sizes; programmable encoders or touch interfaces allow machine operators to intuitively monitor vehicle performance or configure system operating parameters Rugged housing optimized for long-life in extreme-duty vehicle environments Designed to incorporate up to three inputs from onboard cameras Available with additional I/O capabilities for efficient cabin and dashboard design Flexible mounting options: Ram ball or Panel mount

Eaton F(x) Architecture Eatons F(x) electrohydraulic architecture is designed to help customers develop high-performance, efficient vehicle control systems for harsh environments that mobile machines, like agricultural equipment, face each day. Eatons broad selection of hydraulic components, coupled with our EFX and SFX electronic controllers, VFX operator interface panels, and CONTROL F(x) programming software work seamlessly allowing to customize electrohydraulic systems easily and efficiently. This means you get reliable results while saving process time and money. Eaton VFX Operator Interfaces A powerful electronic solution for machine monitoring and control for complex applications operating under the most difficult conditions. Available in 6.5 and 10.4 inch sizes, VFX displays are part of a complete, compatible product family protected by robust housings suited to the offhighway industry.

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