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At present, the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) and the Local Government of Surigao City headed by Honorable Mayor Ernesto T. Matugas forged an agreement. Their agreement was to develop this six hundred hectares (600) of sea identified as a MARICULTURE project. They put up Fish Cages and raise Bangus as a means of livelihood for the populace of Barangay Nabago and neighboring Barangays of Surigao City. The Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources through its Regional Director, Dir. NERIO S. CASIL of CARAGA Region provides the fish cages materials, fingerlings and feeds. On the other hand, Mayor Ernesto T. Matugas of Surigao City identifies the beneficiaries at one person per fish cage who will then take care of the fingerlings and the fish cage until the fish will be harvested. Sharing agreement is agreed by the LGU, BFAR and Cooperator. Since PCA Caraga has three sites of the Spanish funded project dubbed as strengthening of Agro-Industrial Sites in Bicol and Caraga (SAIS-BC), the Honorable Administrator, EUCLIDES G. FORBES of PCA, thought of using COCONETS instead of the usual NETS that are used in installing fish cages. Hence, this coming up project, a tripartite tie-up with BFAR-LGU-PCA owes a lot to the Honorable Administrator.

THE PROJECT: Within the 600 hectares MARICULTURE PARK located at Barangay NABAGO, Surigao City, there will be TEN units of Fish Cages that will be installed within this year. In the initial phase of the project, we need Php 248,800.00 for the installation of TEN units in Barangay Nabago, Surigao City Mariculture Park. The bangus fry or fingerlings will be feed for two months and the fish nets will be replaced with another size of the eye.

Instead of using plastic drums as floaters, our Technical experts from BFAR recommended whole matured COCONUTS as floaters. We will be using COCONUTS from the NET to the FLOATERS of the fish cages. We are now all organic.

COST OF THE PROPOSED CIRCULAR COCONET CAGE NOTE: 1. Base liner are made 5-10 pcs/strands of Coir Fiber twine ropes of 56mm size secured and fastened to the main coconet cage by 56mm coir fiber twine ropes.

2. COCONET SPECIFICATION depends upon fish sizes.

a. 40 x 40 lines coconet ( 1 inch eye - CGN 700 ) b. 40 x 90 lines coconet ( inch eye CGN 900 )

3. Total Number of square meters needed : 120 square meters

4. Total Number of twine ropes in Hanks at 16 meters per hank to be used for NETTING/BINDING the coconets, base liner.

5. Budgetary Requirements using CGN 700

a. COCONET @ P 1,000.00 / 120 = P 12, 000.00 b. Twine Ropes @ P 5.00 / 120= c. Labor Services (30%) =


600.00 3, 780.00

(Fabrication of Net Cage) d. 800 pieces of matured whole

nuts are needed as floater per fish cage 800 x Php 10.00/seednut =
e. LABOR for installing Fish cages =

8,000.00 500.00

_____________ P 24, 880.00/cage

6. For the initial installation of TEN fish cages, we need Php

248,800.00. the fish nets using COCONETS will be replaced after two months using another eye
7. For the 2nd installation of another TEN fish cages, we only need Php

168,800.00. There is no more provision for floater since we have still the seednuts. This will last for another two months, then harvesting time for the BANGUS. 8. A total budgetary requirement of Php 417,600.00 is needed.