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Hrvoje Zujić, Mr.Sc.E.E.

Independent researcher of pyramids

Reisnerova 54, Croatia



A fragment of wood was found near megalith K-1 and it was dated by 2 laboratories:
- Department of Radioisotopes Gliwice, Poland C Age dating 34000 (+)(-) 1500 BP
- Radiocarbon Laboratory Kiel, Germany C Age dating 30600 +540/-510 BP

We have reasons to believe that symbols on megalith K-1 are among the oldest
writings engraved in the stone on planet Earth. Cracking the code of megalith K-1 will be a
great challenge for researchers. What information could we take out from megalith K-1?

Speleotherapy (staying in underground environments) is believed to be of some

benefit to people with asthma. Benefits are believed to come from air quality, underground
climate or radiation of an unknown source.

The author assumes that pyramids worked as collector and distributer of such
benefitial radiation that is a kind of natural energy. This benefitial radiation is associated with
high concentration of negative ions.

The author assumes that megalith K-1 is an energetic diagram of Bosnian Pyramids.

Key words: pyramid, Bosnian, megalith, K-1, tunnel, ravne, ion, speleotherapy,
electrical engineering, underground water, capacitor, ionizer, radiation


Author is grateful to be able to give you some views on what he has discovered and
where the real scientists are moving in development of the new paradigm of physics and

Basic principles of electrical engineering will help us to understand pyramids and

symbols on megalith K-1.

What is Earth's relationship to the Sun?

Figure 1. Our Sun is a body with a positive electrical charge, and the Earth has a negative
electrical charge.

Figure 2. The pyramid’s effect on the density of electric and magnetic fields Earth –
• Magnetic equipotentials show a great density of the magnetic field at the top.
• The electric field’s voltage grows 100V/m in height.
• The Earth’s minus field is greatest and at its most dense at the very top of the pyramid.

Place or condition negative ions per cubic centimetre:

Hermetically sealed steel-structure office building,

with central heating/Air conditioning 0-250
Normal indoor air (windows open) 250-500
Urban air in average industrial city 250-750
Country air 1000-2000
Mountain air 1000-5000
Inside caves 5000-20,000
Waterfalls 25,000-100,000

Underground water has a high concentration of negative ions as well.

Underground water exposed to sunlight loses negative ions very quickly.

Caves are filled with benefitial negative iones which brought to speleotherapy.

The modern speleotherapy started in Germany, after 2nd World War, based on
observation and experience of Prof. Dr. Spannagel in his patients who were hidden in the
cave Kluttert against heavy bombing.

After the karst cave stay their respiratory difficulties disappeared.

All modern air conditioning systems have negative ion generators.

Figure 3. Speleotherapy in the Eisensteinstollen in Bad Grund, Harz, Germany.

If we know that underground waters and caves are full of benefitial negative iones,
why don't we make a bioionizer – a machine required to draw off negative ions from
underground and to distribute its to local atmosphere?
That's the pyramid.

Figure 4. - Giza. The net of underground tunnels and wells around the pyramid complex. It is
assumed that those canals were once used for flowing of water and that even today on much
larger depth, there still flows underground water which is not water from the Nile on the


Figure 5. Display of energy flows

Pyramid works as a capacitor that collects negative ions from underground water and
tunnel network and discharges it to local atmosphere. The discharging is followed with mild
local trembling (piezoelectric effect).
Ancient pyramids are made of crystal stones. Cyrstal is a transducer of electrical and
mechanical energy, so that pyramid made of crystal stone is a giant crystal piezoelectric
transducer. So that, the pyramid collects negative ions from underground water without
electrical wires.
Underground water currents that surround the lower edges of the pyramid constantly
shake off their negative ions, thus accumulating energy into the pyramid.
Multilayered structure of pyramid would increase the total amount of negative ions that
would be attracted from underground water and tunnel.
The geometric shape of such capacitor could be a sphere, cone or cylinder.
When the pyramidal generators started working, outlet vents („chimneys“) were
required to draw humid air currents into the pyramid. After the humid air started flowing inside
the pyramid itself, joining the negative ions of this massive natural bioionizer, the channels
and chimneys were partially or completely closed from the top.

During the prospection of tunnel Ravne in April of 2006, a stone block-megalith K-1 has
been found by miners of Archaeological park „Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun Foundation“.

Figure 6. - Visoko. The sketch of megalith K-1 with symbols, author Muris Osmanagić, Ph.D.

We have to point out that this is not a ground-plan of the megalith, but a sketch.
Symbols are much smaller in comparison to megalith K-1 and the space between symbols is
much bigger.

Figure 7. - Satellite image which shows the Temple of the Earth (Krstac) - relief form very
similar to symbol of “banana” from megalith K-1.

Figure 8. - The similarities are visible between symbols and with the symbol of
pyramid from the picture from the book “The Land of Osiris” by author Stephen S. Mehler.
We see the glyph on the wall at the Temple of Horus at Edfu in Egypt. The glyph shows the
symbol Per-Neter (pyramid) and the symbol Asgat (the water-jar).
This glyph clearly indicates that the ancients connected pyramids with water.

Figure 9. - Satellite image above the underground labyrinth Ravne which shows the relief
form very similar to symbol “Y” from the megalith K-1.

The beginnings of tunnel KTK and Ravne are located North from the pyramid
complex in Visoko. It is interesting to notice that all 6 symbols “Y” are located on the right end
of megalith K-1. Therefore, we can assume that symbol “Y” presents the beginning of tunnels
located in the North.

Figure 10. - Visoko. The sketch of measuring of underground water by the company
AQUA MUNDI, specialist in geo-hydrodiagnostics.

According to their measurements, the same water flows on the edges of Pyramid of
the Moon, Temple of the Earth, Pyramid of the Love, Pyramid of the Sun and it emerges to
surface from 3 open aquifers. That underground river has many capillaries in the region of
village Zbilje, between the Pyramid of the Moon and Temple of the Earth.

Figure 11. - Megalith K-1 with assumed meaning of some symbols and side view / height

If we orient the right end of megalith K-1 to North, we realize that the registered signal
of underground water coincides with symbol “–“(minus).

If megalith K-1 informs us about minus ionisation, there should be symbol of plus
ionisation also. Remember that plus ionisation comes from the Sun.

So, let's try to illustrate the Sun with beams.

Figure 12. -Illustration of the Sun with beams.

Do we recognize any of K-1 symbols at previous illustrations?

Symbol „ “ should be that symbol of plus ionisation or upward flow of negative ions

Let's try to illustrate the tunnel entrance.

Figure 13. - Illustration of energy flow inside the tunnel.

What do we see?

We see the end of plus ionisation and start of minus ionisation inside the tunnel. That
plus/minus switch is described with symbol „Y“.

Humid air collects negative ions from underground tunnels and bring its to the
pyramid. It is very important that air sholud be of very high humidity in front of the tunnel
entrance. So that, Ravne tunnel and KTK tunnel start near Bosna river.
Humidity of air above river is very high due to evaporation of water.

We have the symbol of tunnel entrance. How would look like a symbol of end of the
Let's try to illustrate the end of the tunnel, so called „vent-shaft“.

Figure 14. -Illustration of energy flow inside the „chimney“ or „vent-shaft“.

What do we see?

Wee see the end of minus ionisation inside the tunnel and start of plus ionisation.
That minus/plus switch is described with symbol „ “ and we can predict „chimneys“ at that
positions on megalith K-1.

What additional information we can read from symbols „Y“ and „ “?

Flow of the minus ions in the underground water is almost horizontal.
Minus ions flow slightly up inside the tunnel.

Notice that symbol „—„ represents minus ions in the underground water and
symbol „│“ represents minus ions in the underground tunnel network.

Notice also that symbol „ “ represents UPWARD FLOW of negative ions and the
symbol „V“ represents DOWNWARD FLOW of negative ions.



Bosnian Pyramids could have worked as bioionizers - generators of negative ions.

Highly advanced civilization existed in prehistory and Bosnian Pyramids are remnants
of their technology.
Further excavacations would confirm or deny PREDICTED underground structure of
this pyramidal complex and evaluate this interpretation of megalith K-1 fairly.

Hrvoje Zujić,Mr.Sc.E.E.


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