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. After 6-months stay in Calamba, Rizal left the Philippines for the 2nd time and boarded this ship bound for Hongkong. 2. The big town. 3. He wrote the prologue of Rizals annotation of Sucesos de los Islas Filipinas. 4.. Its aim was the propagation of all useful knowledge scientific, artistic, and literary in the Philippines. 5.Place where the manuscript of El Filibusterismo was finished. 6. Rizals sweetheart in Brussels. 7. He called Rizal a pearl of man. 8. To cover the ears, open the purse and fold the arms. 9. Panday Pira. 10. A flying dragon discovered by Rizal in Dapitan. 11. An article written by Rizal in defense of Antonio Luna against the attack of Pablo Mir Deas in the newspaper El Pueblo Soberano. 12. The 2nd largest ship in the world. 13.Filipino canon of Manila Cathedral who defended Noli Me Tangere against the attack of the Spanish friars. 14. A Madrid newspaper which sympathized with the Filipino cause. 15. To whom Rizal dedicated the El Filibusterismo. 16. Steamer boarded by Rizal when he left Hongkong for Japan on February 22, 1888. 17. Superior of the Jesuit Society who tried to win back Rizal to the fold of Catholism. 18. Founder of the newspaper La Solidaridad. 19. An article written by Rizal as a bitterM attack against the friars for denying Christian burial to his brother-in-law Mariano Herbosa. 20. He signed Rizals execution on December 30, 1896 at Bagumbayan. 21. British magician famous for his ventriloquism 22. Savior of El Filibusterismo 23. Crisostomo Ibarra 24. Received a bust of Emperor Augustus as a Christmas gift from Rizal 25.The Butcher 26. Former secretary of Governor Terrero who spied on Rizal in Hongkong 27 Co-worker in the Propaganda Movement who died in Barcelona on Aug 19,1890 28. He masterminded the banning of the Noli Me Tangere in Manila 29. Spanish warden in Dapitan where Rizal was exiled 30. Basilio, one of Sisas son 31. Received the bust of Julius Caesar as Christmas gift from Rizal 32. Savior of Noli Me Tangere 33. Pseudonym of Deadato Arellano 34 Author of Sanscristo en la Lengua Tagala 35. Secretary of the Spanish Legation in Japan 36. Editor of the La Solidaridad 37. Conde de Caspe 38. He conceived the establishment of an association of patriotic Filipinos for civic purposes 39. Japanese journalist and champion of human rights 40. The only Spanish priest who defended Noli Me Tangere 41. Jesuit parish priest of Dapitan 42. Gov.-Gen. who conspired with the Ministers of Wars and Colonies for Rizals arrest 43. A Father Damaso without pride and malice 44. He arrested and escorted Rizal to Fort Santiago 45. To whom Rizal entrusted the correction and publication of the FILI if anything happens to him 46. Wrote an article in La Epoca stating that Rizals family and fiends were ejected from their lands in Calamba for not paying their rent 47. Cart pulled by men 48. Place where the manuscript of FILI was finished 49. Journal devoted to Asian studies 50. Leader chosen to direct the editorial policy of La Solidaridad

51. Place where Rizal practiced ophthalmic surgery 52. Mail boat in Dapitan 53. Greatest attraction of the Universal Expo of Paris in 1889 54. Found in every cigar store in Chicago 55. Rizals unfinished novel written in ironic Spanish 56. Japanese drama 57. Official organ of the Propaganda Movement 58. A Portuguese colony 59. Small wooden disc attached to a string 60. Hispanic chivalric code 61. Rizals unfinished novel written in light sarcastic style 62. It means wedding 63. Rizals 1st article in La Solidaridad 64. Steamer which brought Rizal to Dapitan 65. Unus Instar Omnium 66. Tokyo newspaper 67. Land of the Cherry Blossoms 68. A flying dragon 69. Cigarette lighter made of wood invented by Rizal 70. Place where FILI was published 71. A big net for trawl fishing 72. A small beetle 73. A Tagalog translation of The Rights of Man 74. Article written by Rizal in La Solidaridad in defense of Antonio Luna against the attack of Pablo Mir Deas in the Barcelona newspaper El Pueblo Soberano 75. 1st article of Rizal in the Trubners record which consisted of Filipino proverbs 76. Poem written by Rizal for his pupils in Dapitan to sing 77. An account of Rizals visit to the colonial prison of Hongkong contrasting the cruel Spanish prison system with the more modern and humane British prison system 78. Morgas book annnotated by Rizal 79. A witty satire which ridiculed Fr. Salvador Font 80. It denounced the frequent outbreaks of intentional fires in Manila 81. A poem about Rizals serene life as an exile in Dapitan 82. A bitter attack against the friars who denied Christian burial to Mariano Herbosa 83. Rizals 1st article in La Solidaridad 84. An appeal to Spain to correct the wrongs done to the Calamba tenants 85. Rizal expressed his views on the Spanish colonization in the Philippines and predicted the tragic end of Spains sovereignty in Asia 86. A denunciation of Spanish racial prejudice against the brown Filipinos 87. Pathetic poem written by Rizal against a background of mental anguish in Brussels 88. 1st poem written by Rizal as an Atenean dedicated to his beloved mother 89. A tender poem in honor of Calamba, Rizals natal town 90. Good luck Prof. Darlene Fernandez Cruz