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Black Light Newsletter Special Edition Vol.

1 Edition 17 October 18th, 2011






A slip of tongue has produced two drastic words in meaning and in history, for their relationship are a contrast and never a comparison. Comparison is not even a discussion because one column would out rule the other by facts as the other p resents only broad statements and entitlements of confusion, even if it had the ability of targeting facts. Myth and Math are two terms in the title of this Black Light to decide for the reader if Myth(s) are or not over Math(s). After reading carefully, a direct answer(s) will decide what is to be overstood, but will that present the reality over truth or truth over reality? Truth is simply backed by facts with no alibis because it will stand the test of time (like ancient pyramids all across the world) without anything harboring around it, other than more facts to justify, and reality may be swarmed by having to deal with the inability to take facts comfortably by awareness, which has been hypnotized or altered. A Biblical passage, John 8:32, is expressed by majority of people in accordance now from how it was written by its different versions, and the truth shall set you free. How can truth set you free if there has not been any preparation towards learning about the truth? From how it was written, and the truth shall make you free, this sounds more proper for what truth stands in doing. Truth is not magical or a supernatural event staged by David Copperfield to set persons in complying with its demeanor. Truth is like an earthquake: it can take 10 seconds and people who were involved in the earthquake have to be made free of the turmoil the earthquake did for their habitat of living. How can you set yourself free after what has taken place? You realize what has happened or maybe traumatized by it, but time is the only factor that can be a shoulder lean to realize the devastation and taking account of the life-changing event is urgent to consider. Being set free is irrelevant, for nobody just changes in seconds after seeing, hearing, or experiencing truth of this magnitude. Right after a traumatic experience of an earthquake, tornado, hurricane, or tsunami, a person has to consider time in making her/him free after a predicament of its kind has taken place. Reality of these experiences makes the afterthoughts of what has happened detrimental for lifestyles that have just gone through an extreme situation. If not to reflect on these drastic measurements which can lead to a passive, nave, nonchalant, ignorant, bothered, usurped, assumed, religious, or skeptical mindset, time becomes the only factor qualified to seeing a change gradually for advocating facts. The state of mind of set, from the changing for the worst of the Biblical records of John 8:32, is a numb reaction which brings all of what was described to occur, but not for make, because make, from how it was written as opposed to set, renders a soul of concern is within a person to begin the process of developing truth in, through and around people, as well as itself. Having a spirit only, as people who dont know of emotions, within act like computers that give answers but no feelings. Think of text messaging as opposed to hearing the tones of a persons voice. The soul is felt more than just seeing the words of a message.

Think of the first time that there was a mentioning of the ancient Egyptian Deity Amun-Re, pronounced also as Amen Ra, who was worshipped in Egypt by many Pharaohs, with also having his name attached to their name or position. Explanations follow with mentioning Amen Ra, whose name meant Hidden Wisdom, or Faith in Works(James 2:17,18,24,26) was in Egypt thousands of thousands of years before Christianity (Amen), Judaism (Awmane), Islaam (Amiyn, Al Muwminu), or Buddha (former name Sakiyamuni=Silent Sage of the Sakya Tribe) ever knew he had honorable acknowledgment before their arrival. What happens to persons who see and hear this? They dont even realize that it is the truth, but it is not their reality yet or is not registering in their minds before their hearts receive to declare it, for what theyve been worshipping is of ancient Egyptian origin. This is the example of how truth comes before reality in most cases, and to set free is irrelevant because the surroundings and within those persons concerns are not ready for it. No matter if persons have soul or not, nobody operates like a computer with malfunctions which gets fixed and changes instantly. Time becomes the factor to make free of the prison, locked down, unbreakable chains, or cancerous concerns of mental slavery in justifying and relieving persons to research, investigate, discuss, ask questions, and passionately acknowledge this truth. Because whether they like it or not, this truth will stand the course of time and their reality, eventually, would have to adjust to its circumstances. This brings this Black Light back to the title, Is Myth over Math, and further gateways of investigating (putting time and effort to open a doorway) will show the truth(s) explained from situations and facts rendered. (References of truth and reality are in What is that 9 Ball in discussions of The 9 planes of Nuwaubu.) To take consideration of Greeks traditional values before probing into Myths and Maths Atumology, Greeks have been known for copying, and inducing imitation of ancient Egyptians way of life, but are never complete to duplicate; thus the phrase often imitated but never duplicated. Everything that Greeks were taught or civilized to become has not been perfected or completed and given such great skills of associating with the ancient Egyptian doctrine through art, math and science subjects should have made Greeks appreciate the ancient Egyptians. However, as the 21st century transpires, there is still the contribution lingering in many of human beings thinking that Greeks originated societies now, which is outstandingly wrong. Greeks have aimed to claim themselves as the beginning of civilizations by language icons with latter day societies, preferably the Latin to English with having Alpha and Beta to transcend the Alphabetical Order system of only two letters. All other letters are either Masonic jargon or phrases purported in this Order of

Alpha and Beta, but nothing else. Greeks were civilized by ancient Egyptians, but not the civilizers by far, for ancient Egyptians were the civilizers and must civilize again the minds of current day about whom the ancient Egyptians are. As told in various books by Dr. Malachi Z. York, J. A. Rogers, Cheik Anta Diop, Dr. Ben Jochannan, who have listed several accounts of Greeks involvement in ancient Egypt, the only significance Greeks could uphold is when the final listing Pharaoh, Cleopatra, of Egypt ended her reign, which made Grecian myths, and maths flourished off of falsifying themselves in the Egyptian culture. With again to mention, often imitated, but never duplicated, is the position Greeks can only stand on because of the mysteries of imitating has produced so many misconceptions that will be noticed as this Black Light unravels what has befallen of Greece and even ancient Egypt for the world to see an unscrupulous past to a better future. As time is, and records of events are grouped with more of its kind in time, this waged spiritual war (Revelations 12:7) is not over until the rightful heir of ancient Egyptians knows who they are and are made free. Myths Atumology comes from Greek origin starting with the term Mythos ( s) that means, fable, legend, discourse of unknown origin. Other definitions from Oxford English Dictionary states, a commonly-held but false belief; a common misconception; a fictitious or imaginary person or thing; a traditional story which embodies a belief regarding some fact or phenomenon of experience, which often the forces of nature and of the soul are personified; a sacred narrative regarding a god, a hero, the origin of the world or of a people, etc. As cited by Edward Clodd, 1885, after defining myth from the Oxford English Dictionary, he states, Myth was the product of man's emotion and imagination, acted upon by his surroundings. So to rationalize, myth is heralded by story-telling but is underlined with truth of no citing where it came from. Maths Atumology comes from Greek origin starting with the term Mathema () knowledge, study, learning, what one learns, what one gets to know, science. So with explaining math, a beautiful language of numerals and symbols, many of the subjects associated with math, like Geometry, Algebra, Arithmetic, Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction, Trigonometry, Calculus, Differential of Equations, and so on are apart of the meaning of math. Math, as explained and written, surrounds humans who deal with logic, and Sound Right Reasoning everyday. Math is thought of as numerals and symbols, which associates a beautiful descriptive, mathematical language, but it conveys also the mechanics through discussions, debates, communication, and healthy conversation building on frames of references needed to make sense.

There will be examples displayed to illustrate what myths have triggered into the minds of human beings, but also, showing why history leaves out missing clues on to shun herstory from ourstory in overwhelming persons as how it is suppose to reveal like a newborn coming out of a woman. Math will become apart of the illustration in challenging the myth(s) that has/have been placed in the hearts and minds to reveal what has been at stake as a mistake for far too long. When probing at theories, the first thing that comes to mind is an investigation of data leading to skeptical, doubtful, or inquired thoughts with no substance to support if the theory can be relinquished from remaining a theory or not. The Gap Theory (posited about Earths creation), Big Bang Theory (claiming the Universes beginning and growth investigated by satellite instruments), Theory of Evolution (purporting the development of species to become what it is today), and Theory of Relativity (encompassing Albert Einsteins two subheadings of General and Special Relativity), are all categorized, alongside other theories, with large sums of information to spark intelligent conversations among scientific communities but backed by no facts. Theory is the key word because belief surrounds this word in stating research has not given surmountable evidence; thus, a lie is covering the truth or not resorting to a conclusion of such enormous information. So, what must be analyzed is the word theory. The Atumology of theory is an English word from Greek origin of philosophy called theoria (), meaning viewing, looking, scrutinizing, or taking notice with peculiar thinking. Going further beyond Greek origin embodies the ancient Egyptian teachings of how Greeks, who were called the Hyksos, Heka Khasut, Sheperd Kings, Jacobites, Hibirus (ancient Egyptian word for Hebrews), Israelites, Asians from foreign lands, or supplanted Egyptians, did not overstand why the ancient Egyptians gave such credit and honor to women, the begetters of life on Earth, in acknowledging a deity called Tawaret, who was called by the Greeks Theoris. When the Greeks viewed this relationship in Egypt of the Zodiac, called Iunet, Tantare, or Dendera, from Arabic Dandarah ( ,) they saw the hippopotamus in the center of the 12 signs of the Zodiac. This representation identified this animal as being the only animal able to live on land or water the longest. With that in mind to how ancient Egyptians reasoned, women are the only creative force revered to give life from water to land, as in children. So comparison is made of Tawaret, a female deity of childbirth, representing the hippopotamus annexed to the woman species as the center of creation, and in meaning, Grandeur of Ta (Greatness of Earth). Greeks could not explain or rationalize womens association as the center of dignity, so the male species is what they wanted to promote; thus goes the word theory, in meaning an intelligent conversation with no conclusion.

With the New Testament of the Bible, coming from the Greek language into English, the Jesus story could not survive without God imposing a female, Mary, to birth Jesus in the picture. The question comes to surface, Could God have Jesus to come without Mary? Scientifically, women carry two x chromosomes, and men carry an x and y chromosome, so another question comes to mind, Where did the y chromosome of Jesus come from (Luke chapter 1-please read)? The myth is with Theory and the math is with Tawaret, who is verified on ancient Egyptian walls of ourstory for herstory to replace history. Excuse me, brother Mason is a friendly way of introducing ones self among fellow Masonic brotherhood of the craft. Masonic history is rooted in allegory and fables to conceal the hidden wisdom of Masonry. Many signs and symbols are used, interpreted, reasoned, explained, and proven to give great strength of showing a humungous, saturated, harmonious friendship in service to each other, community, charity, and devotion to the Creator. What makes an inquisitive mind want to know of secrets said to be of the brotherhood makes persons look into websites that speak about Masons as a cult cultured in scripture-knowing, memorization of passages from the Bible, while alleged to be associated with the Illuminati, and cultivating the youth in admiring a special influence of brothers. The innerworkings of Masonry, like how to walk in a lodge, are not revealed, but anticipation is still of wanting to know can persons get to knowing what is the secret(s) to this grand of an organization? As an old man, sharp in his craft, once said, listen=silent, because both words equal each other and are only scrambled to the word enlist that gears a person to join or align to what is identified. In the 21st century, there really are no secrets, for so much has been distributed amongst human beings who could not handle the totality of what is called secrets. It is a need for humans to open themselves in becoming silent in their mind so that they can listen to what is said and enlist in the most proper fashion of grouping towards it. Hiram in meaning is Noble and it identifies with the story of Hiram, who was involved with constructing the temple with King Solomon. There is mentioned in the Bible 3 Hirams. The first is Huram, from the ancestral head of one of the clans of Benjamin in I Chronicles 8:5. Second, Hiram, a king of Tyre in I Kings 5:1 and Samuel 5:11. Third, Hiram, found in I Kings 7:13, 40, an architect and widows son of the tribe of Naphtali, and his father was a man of Tyre. This explanation leads to the story of the befallen Hiram from Masonic allegory, but what is supplanted among brother Masons is their story of Hiram for the real befallen Senquenenre Tao II of ancient Egypt in the 15th Dynasty. This leads to the sons of Senquenenre Tao II, Kamose and Ahmose, who worked on ousting the Hyksos Dynasty of Egypt and ending the 430 years of their rule and influence. What needs mentioning is the

mathematical part of Hiram which will supersede the mythical part of Hiram. The mythical part of Hiram registers in the Bible of no relation to Masonics allegory along with the lack of verification of Hiram from Biblical records. When seeing that the Hyksos are responsible for the corruption done in ancient Egypt, there must be a soundful reason to see how sly the Hyksos were in staging two inconsistencies to fellow Masons and Biblical supporters now of the 21st centuries. The Hyksos, before their killing of Senquenenre Tao of nonsense and foolishness of dealing with the theory of the deity Tawaret called Theoris, the hippopotamus bellowing at night, and Apophis, who became king while wanting to retrieve the sacred word from Senquenenre Tao, made a habitat in a sacred city called Haram in the second millennium B.C.. Haram was in the lower part of early Egypt and the Hyksos saw fit to scramble a few things then that were a major step to keeping away the truth for such a long time of Sequenenre Tao, Tawaret, and the so-called 430 years of what was called the Israelites Exodus in the Bible. They replaced Sequenenre Tao with Hiram, called Hiram Abiff by Masonic legend, and this is the major obliteration to sustain fellow Masons from ever coming to grips with this truth. They also took out the power of questioning about their stay of 430 years in the heart of ancient Egyptian culture for telling a tale of Israelites, when really, they wanted to ascend Gods domain, as they called it in their language of Hebrew from Semetic, in the ancient Egyptian culture. Haram, of course, sounds so identical to Hiram to not be mistaken, but how easy is it to swap a word for the other? By the power of suggestion with convincing (refer to Atumology of Alkaline vs. Alcohol in reference to Hallel and Hillel)! Amazing how Haram is the sacred city in Egypt to the Hyksos, and Hiram is sacred in Masonic legend to the brotherhood of Masons in learning the wisdom of what Hiram, as the story goes in Masonic legend, experienced. The whole meaning of Mason, by Atumology, is nothing but Aset, who is ma (what many people call their mother now and for what ma means in ancient Egypt for water, where children come out of), and Haru, who is son and this is why Hiram, mythically, was called widows son because mathematically, Haru was the true verified widows son. So, the Hyksos did a wonderful job of creating a myth from the math of their secret, but their time is up in keeping this a secret, for the majority have no clue as to what has happened to information. Very few can put these scenarios together in breaking them down, like blast electricity- breaking down atoms in its connection to electricity, and finding the solution.

The Hyksos, as the Israelites, called by meaning ascending to God from intermingling through most of ancient Egyptians magnificent science called Nuwaubu, have proclaimed so much in Egypt as sacred, worshipped a person by calling the city Jerusalem, which is Hierosalem or Heru/Horus/Harus Peace, but unknowingly had and have Masons honor a mythical person called Hiram in regards to their mathematical holy city Haram. The myth is produced from the math in rectifying a mimic of Sequenenre Tao as Hiram, but learning how noble he was in his character to make him be called by Masonic legend Hiram to not give up the sacred word to Apophis, the vengeful king at that time of the 15th Dynasty. That is wickedly clever, but the power of suggestion and persuasion is key in learning the math of this Black Light. Part of this mimicking is why Revelations 11:8 records Jesus as the so-called crucified savior but was really sacrificing himself by teaching the ancient Egyptian doctrine/science to people about family in a place compared to Sodom and Gomorrah. Think of a divine being coming to a corrupt infested city to teach a sacred doctrine in waking up people to the truth in making their reality annexed to the truth; finding Dr. Malachi Z. York in that sentence of thinking is compared to Revelations 11:8. Jesus was patterning the roots of Jerusalem, from its true meaning, along with Israels true meaning in submerging those meanings with his mission of promoting ancient Egyptians doctrine themed at bringing family(s) together from records of Matthew 6:9-13, which says Our Father and not only his father. No other person recorded in the Bible devised a way to use the ancient Egyptian deity Amun as Amen in sealing a prayer, and with purpose of claiming everybody has the same father, which is the family structure in ancient Egypt. This was recorded by the Greeks, called Hyksos in the Biblical records, to display how sacrificed a divine being would have to be aspired in bringing a doctrine to Israel back to its roots of ancient Egyptian. From the hideous government (Matthew 22:21), officials called Sanhedrin, Pharisees, Sadducees, Priests and scribes, and the mindset of so many persons involved in the citys formalities, it would be crucial to think a mission can survive going through so much dirt, but how else can cleanliness become? Washing the dirt from hands is just as compared to cleansing the mindset from the wrong detergent of brainwashing. Ham is known in the Biblical records as one of the sons of Noah and with that name, Ham means Black from Kham of Egypt. But why does Ham mean Black? There is no relationship of declaring through the Biblical records that Ham means Black, or is a person, but just like Haram is a place in southern Egypt worshipped by Hyksos and comes to be the Masonic legend of Hiram, a person, the same circumstance happens and this starts the hypnotizing for persuasion in a worst way to appear. Mythically, Ham was created to hide the math of Khafre or Khefera, the

Representation of the Black Scarab Beetle

Would there ever be references made to confirm Jesus is Horus, by the Greeks having son to mean in their language of Greek huios, said like Horus? The myth of this questioning in despair overrides the math in answering because the power of a deadly, gridlock, dead-end persuasion in taking persons down a path of nowhere but to have no life in Sound Right Reasoning with truth. These examples are the least; for myths have made humanity suffer of so many maths causing a shrewd of evil Talking behind the back of persons and chuckling in laughter with a mask of apathy (refer to Atumology of Alkaline vs. Alcohol newsletter). Zerah is a Hebrew word for seed that resembles the scarab beetle of Egypt called Khafre or Khafera (also Khepera, Khepri). The scarab is very remarkable, who habitats with dung or bile for living purposes. They roll dung in a straight line for cultivation purposes and this is why ancient Egyptians drew pictures on the walls of scarab beetles rolling a big ball, as the sun Ra, around for their culture. Dung of mammals is usually a dark or black color and the sun Ra displays as black, which is the light that births all other colors in the color spectrum. Scarab beetles usually eat dung, which alleviates the need for any other consumption in drinking or eating other things, and it puts dung far above other sources that have nutrients the scarabs need to live. With the mating of a male and female scarab, both prepare together first a ball of dung underground, seldom the female performs this with the male, creating a habitat or for future larvae to form from eggs of the female mixed with the sperm of the male. Transforming into scarab beetles conditions from the dung that scarabs utilize outstandingly. What comes back to reasoning of the Hebrew word Zerah is connected to the English word Zero and the numeral Zero is configured as a seed or the scarab beetles identity because the major part of the scarab beetle resembles the numeral Zero, which is oval and not like the English letter O. The Oval Office in the White House headquarters of Washington, D.C. is where many decisions are birthed or seeded into the world, and resembles the seed, the scarab beetle, and numeral Zero.

The scarab, Khafre, was depicted in rolling the sun, which is a black light, an energy source, around from the appearance of the sunrise, noon, and sunset to be rebirthed again doing the same thing and the object is the word Sun and Son. Both are phonetically the same, and Khafre was the son of Khufu, as he was the son of Sneferu, the hidden meaning behind Noahs name, but the son Khafre categorizes crawling as a baby on 4 (Atum), walking as a man on 2 (Atun), and becoming an older man with a cane (Waas-meaning authority in ancient Egypt for what the cane symbolized) on 3 (Amun). The sun, a black light, illustrated with Khafre rolling it in a straight line shows the similarity of the true color of the sun as black along with the color of mammals dung (this will be explained later about dung). All of this is ancient Egyptian mysteries with the numeral 9 of ourstory helping herstory to replace history, for history is not synchronized with time in catering to too many theories with no conclusions of fact or fiction. Khafre developed Sound Right Reasoning from storing Right Knowledge, Right Wisdom, and Right Overstanding for transformation and Khafre means transformation. This is in hope that all children, not just male children called sons, can assimilate themselves in the same manner, but myths saturate the mind to not see the math of elevating a step by step process of thinking (example: Elementary grade school). This makes what the Biblical records state about killing children in Exodus 1:22 and Matthew 2:16 a reality, for it can be sought to ending a life, but also, to deaden the mind to ignorance from death, dumb, and blind (death of the sense of hearing, dumb to the sense of thinking, and blind to the sense of seeing) characteristics. If a tree is found to be a stump in the ground, it carries over to no transformation; thus, not a Khafre or a blossom. When ending the thought process or life of a child, it ruins the future of that childs family name, roots, and origin. A prison life is sought to be this example for those who are not strong to take its effect of deadening the mind and heart of an individual in dividing its dual of physical and spiritual body. If the Biblical Jesus never went to Egypt as a youth to the age of 12-13 years old, would there have ever been in the 21st century of the discovery with Egypt as the foundation of Christianity? Would there ever be a linkage in knowing that Catholics, the premier of Christian groups, worshipped the Sphinx of Egypt as holy, which has the body of a lion, a big cat figure, and Jesus is the Lion of Judah in Revelations 5:5? [(Revelations 5:5-Lion), (John 1:36-Lamb), (John 1:32-Dove/Bird), (Matthew 12:32Man/Woman)]? While one part of the Hyksos worshipped the Sphinx through the Roman Catholics, the other part of the Hyksos of latter day mixed Muslims revered the Sphinx as the Father of Terror and they unknowingly worship Jesus in their

Quran in many places. Abul-Hol, the meaning of Father of Terror in their language of Arabic for the Sphinx, has the phonetics of Hol or Hall, which means terror and is connected to the Devils name in Hebrew: Hallel (refer to newsletter Atumology of Alkaline vs. Alcohol in reference to Hol). Could there ever be references showing how Jesus, as Horus, ties in to the Sphinx with the four depictions of what the Sphinx originally had before water erosion permitted its look now. Amazing how much correlation is involved with the ancient math of Khafre and latter day 21st century slang phrases of today. When hearing, You aint nothing but shit, reasoning comes along to explain how dung is the bile or manure from a mammal. The slang term shit is dung, but with the phrase as mentioned, it literally describes an indication that a person is nothing, but is dung, and scarab beetles, which are created in dung (shit), have its relation with this phrase. However, a sort of similar phrase, You aint shit, which parallels the first phrase, explains that a person may need to be shit in order to be worthy like how scarab beetles treat dung as worthy. This phrase, You/I are/am the shit is equivalent to how scarab beetles make use of dung in the most specific order of asserting Top Shelf status; their way of life depends on it, and ecologists know of scarab beetles merit in their usage of dung. Ecologists see scarab beetles as protecting livestock by burying dung underground to prevent pests from making it a habitat. Nutrient recycling, pestilent control and soil structuring is observed by scarab beetles of their consumption with dung, and in some countries, they even improve hygiene for agriculturalists. Any religious person who admits mythically that the term shit is apart of curse words is opening the door to investigating the mathematics of Biblical records which has this word in Hebrew describing Acacia trees. Shittim, found in Numbers 25:1; Joshua 2:1; 3:1; Micah 6:5, detects a place, but this is apart of a pluralization, with the im, or Hebrew letters Yod and Mem, of Shittim makes it plural. Shit or Shittah (Judges 7:22) would only identify a single Acacia tree, like how Hebrew language has God or gods/Gods as plural for the word Elohim (Genesis 1:26; 3:5, 6, 22; II Samuel 22:32) therefore, what curse is alleged here? This mythology overrides mathematically how propaganda of lies in dealing with curse words makes Sound Right Reasoning hard to see in understanding enough for overstanding the least of ways among persons thought patterns.

To say curse words are emotional words having no apparent meaning, like many claimed words or phrases in this category, is better to say than for curse word consideration. Saying a persons name wrong can be a curse by the fact of generating criticism, slander, censoring, or apathy towards somebody. The truth of the matter is that emotions, if not explained to reasoning should be kept within and only for that person because everybodys emotions or personal phrases are not going to be understood and may never see overstanding. Everybodys zero time reference of coming on Earth is different, so that insinuates all persons have a unique feature about them. Biblical records has it for interpreting tongues in a church to be governed by two or more, if it is unknown, but if unknown without an interpreter, like an unverified emotion, silence is the key to keep away confusion (I Corinthians 14:27-28). So what about the speaking in tongues catered in churches? Are they known or unknown with no verification ever interpreted properly by anybody? That creates the myth of gibberish talk with the math of verified dialects and languages fitted to assimilate all languages speak spiritually the same thing and are audibly different. Even scatting that is done by Jazz or musical artists is an unknown way of expressing ones self, however, the sounds of it with instruments played together deem a songs worth by listening creating emotional harmony. B.I.B.L.E. 1st is a caption to denote the math of any devotion should be surrounded in knowing Egypt, so with this in mind, B.I.B.L.E. 1st is sensual to mean Basic Instruction By Learning Egypt first. B.I.B.L.E. as an acronym has been considered to mean Basic Instruction Before Leaving the Earth, but no awareness of learning Egyptian mysteries, or to just learn if any person learnt in the Bible was verified involving basic instruction. To leave Earth makes it fit and justifiable that the stay on Earth was great because of the basic instruction from the Bible, but learning no languages of the Bible (Acts 2, along with Hebrew and Greek) makes leaving wonderful to see the Creator. If to show a little reasoning, can people stomach the notion of seeing the Creator after leaving the Earth and learning from reading Isaiah 45:7, which is pertinent to both sides of evil and peace, about a character who was engaged in all aspects of life? Would it matter to be associated with a leader who can make it confusing for arrivals that leave Earth and desires of the leader are peace or/and evil but boast in doing all facets of these things? It wouldnt make any sense, but while on Earth, it was to not challenge questioning the Creator, while childrens basic instruction are told to question in school to find out the truth of answers.

This all concludes to no recollection on a greater scale for the worlds sake has found out why Egypt is the hidden secret in many communities, especially the religious and scientific communities. Never is there excavations done in continents other than Africa, with Egypt surrounding this breakthrough, of archaeologists trying to find answers awaiting unsolved mysteries around the world. Could it be true that all mysteries come back to a continent involving Africa, which is the center of all landmasses, having Egypt as the center to solve civilizations records of their past? Does it always seem that intelligent conversations about women were created first on Earth are detoured towards harsh debates not paralleling the story of a rib in making Eve, where ancient Egyptians knew the truth about women and creation? Why does it seem that cracking the mythical codes of Biblical records resort to the mathematics of Egypt? The myth starts with Biblical records and its enormous decorum to make persons good to not Know Better of so much evil intent to disguise true blessings in the skies. There is nothing wrong with being a good person, but how can Knowing Better vibrate into the hearts and minds of many who dont know how to battle evil? It is evil for a child to learn the math of dinosaurs in Science classes with not realizing that two Latin/Greek terms, deino for terrible and saurus for lizard describes what they study in these classes, but then, going to churchs Bible school/study to read about creation sees no whatsoever discussion about dinosaurs. Knowing that there are skeletons of ancient dinosaurs in museums shown to the public, as well as children, who are in aw, how can the respect of learning about dinosaurs in school cradle a germinating mind of research, ingenuity, and courage from these children who attend church bible study? Planets, galaxies, and suns are being discovered by scientific communities drastically, but Biblical records stagnate children, who see plenty from cartoons, the Discovery and History Channels, to Sunday Bible school/study of God created the Heaven and the Earth. This is the reason why evil is live in confusing the intelligent persons to be audacious in seeking the right quest of questioning known figures on the pulpit who hide in fine linen of clothing as puppets for Satan (Matthew 7:15). This maze of bewilderment makes amazement last, for it starts from the beginning of the thought process of childrens vivid minds to not know how to conclude getting out of the maze to be made free. The mythical importance of the term avarice has attached to many persons way of thinking without the mechanics of math in figuring what does avarice have to do with its meaning? The myth hides the math, but not any longer because mathematics of learning, seeking, and verifying clues on top of clear precise answers have surfaced in destroying these myths.

The Atumology of avarice is a Greek word, , or Avaris and is matched to the ancient Egyptian term Hut-Waret, or Hatwaret, which means Great House. The great house describes splendor of what the Hyksos viewed as a very exquisite, palatial and royal city having an administrative affect for the Hyksos. So now, it is apt to see why the Hyksos gave into making Avaris the new capital of Egypt during their reign of the 430 years and this new capital involved much trading with other countries, such as bridging Syria, and Palestine. Greed for riches of Avaris, with so much to offer like-minded Greeks made this term become, by latter day English speaking people, what it means in word stratagems of today. Avarice cultured the trading, taking, and examining the riches Avaris had in possession, but also in latter day, avarice is a desire for riches unknown of how to acquire them. When these Hyksos kings came from foreign lands in the advent of taking over the 15th Dynasty of ancient Egypt, calling them Asian kings was riveted by their make on the Island of Pelion of Greece from the original Asians called Indians. The term Caucasian extends from their look of a deteriorating or carcass Asian, so how can White serve as a color defining a race when no color in learning colors in kindergarten or grade school describes a Caucasian person? What race could be accepted, with what is defined as the White race, when nature takes its stance on defining who is involved with nature? Between the Sun and Earth would be the determining factor deciding what race is racing towards nature. If the Sun burns certain persons, and knowing internally within a person has to embrace the Sun in calling persons Soul people, for where the Spanish word Sol for Sun phonetically sounds identical to the English word Soul, it would render a group to be Sun people. Caucasians want to be seen in a natural way but dont look natural. A movie that came out in the 20th century called Soul Man was themed of what happens to a person with hue in receiving a scholarship, but the character in the movie took melatonin pills to make his skin reveal a man of hue and he received the scholarship over a natural hue lady who really deserved the scholarship. It didnt last because it was not internally natural and that is the deciding factor that most Caucasians realize. Wanting to be something that their not, but not declaring the classification of what they want to look like is mythical as ever and downright mockery in a despicable way. Tanning the skin color is temporary that goes back to its regular look. Tanning is confusion altogether insofar as it is a waste of time fabricating in believing a person is something where they really are not. Biblical records have a word to sound awfully alike Tanning, called Tanniyn (Isaiah 27:1) and it means Dragon, Sea Creature, Serpent, Demon, and Leviathan, which is going against righteousness or Sound Right Reasoning. Dracula, a myth, speaks of a charming man who roams the night looking for prey, as in people, to spread his venom biting into people. Dracula knows tanning is not for him to try, but when the break of sunlight appears, he hides or sleeps in his coffin until the next break of night comes around.

The math of what was said is taking notice of History, religions, languages, media, education system, infrastructures, and socio-economic statutes catered by the Hyksos of today; Caucasians myths. Many races of people are involved, of course, with this poisonous venom done to suit a set group of peoples thought patterns, speech, health, and history, but this history has proven to be very mythical, believable, and un-user friendly with no concern for the futures children. With only a set group of persons children, these children have to suffer in not knowing why is the natural Sun burning the largest organ of their physical bodies, the skin? Why are their parents putting a sunscreen on their skin as if they can not play as other children do who have a hue of nature? Why must Tanning sound like the Biblical word Tanniyn, which all are encircled by confusion of those who portray themselves in tanning parlors to make themselves be what they are not? If to be that particular hue of nature, will they declare themselves after the race they would want to look like? Will they still call themselves the color of a ghost, White; although so much confusion is surmounted by this dilemma? With time consumed in tanning, and displaying Tanniyn from demonic incantations, what happens is damaging the physical body of time exhausted to the ultra-violet rays of the Sun. Imagine what is said of the Suns rays. They are ultra, in meaning the highest acclaim. They are also violet, in meaning royalty, which is the purple color from the colors of red and blue. Those who embrace the Sun for all its worth are able to experience the royalty the Sun shines on them for being on Earth with royalty in them and the ability to heal. However, those who can not embrace this attribute shield themselves from this royalty in imposing to not be from a royal platform and eagerly dislike it. Now there are Biblical records that have scriptures relating to these two sides about God in Malachi 4:2 as to the Sun of Righteousness comes with healing in his wings. Another scripture(s) (Deuteronomy 4:24; Hebrews 12:29) has God is a consuming fire, a jealous God. Are the persons who cant take this royal platform jealous of those who can emulate the Suns royalness? Why must Biblical records have Gods name to be called Jealous anyway (Exodus 34:14)? May it extend from what is called the Pineal Gland exerting carbon or blackness into the blood stream to give parts of the body a natural look than those who dont have that to begin with and are jealous? The Pineal Gland symbolizes the Black Scarab Beetle, called a Dub in ancient Egypt where ancient priest of Amun Re (Amen Ra) called in ancient Egypt Kahunaat would touch a big cube granite stone with a Dub in their hand, and the Dub represented health, and vitality.

The myth of calling people Black is negative with English connotations having Black as bad (Black cat, Black market, Black ball, Black mail, Devils food cake is chocolate, etc), but the math of calling people Black is positive symbolic of the Dub representing health and vitalityof ancient Egypt and Black brings all colors of nature to the eyes of many. Is it the soul, not from their solar plexus beneath their hearts position, showing an attribute long before the Sun became that is the feats of their spirituality? The Sun of this solar system has the ultimate mercy and care for life, especially people. Whether a person is agreeable (sometimes called good) or disagreeable (sometimes called bad) to persons, places, or things, the Sun still will shine and give life to all. On the contrary, this is also the ultimate worry that needs to be overstood and scientists can adhere to this. Anything that burns has a time, no matter what it is, because it will eventually stop some kind of way, whether silently, or massively. This Sun can also be on a course to stop or explode, and all of whoever is in this galaxy, called the Milky Way, are affected by the Sun, by embrace or burn, they would have to resort to transforming themselves from what was before Hydrogen and Helium, which his what the Sun is made from. This transforming is into a spiritual being who would not feel the aftermath of the physicalities/casualities that can happen to them by nature. This is not a myth; it is a fact of math, and there is no such word phrased as aftermyth like aftermath, which only means outcome, consequences, result or end result. At least aftermath is sorted in repercussions of maths exhibit on display for any and everybody to see. If to be defined of what aftermyth can be, it would surround more confusion, for it would not have an equation like what math presents. When seeing the math of numerals and symbols known, like 3 + 5 X 6 2(27 3), the aftermath of the math is 15. Through knowing what symbols and numerals are, the aftermath of the math shown will always be 15, but can myth be done in that fashion? To expose a myth is through discussion from research, but without any strength, patience, or stamina to come towards the truth of the myth to get to becoming math, it gives over to more myths or aftermyths and it leads to a non-translucent state on borrowed time. Math exposes learning, studying, research, reasoning, and clear answers opening many facets of translucent existences. Think of the ability to complete a degree of study and that study can take a person anywhere on Earth to practice and later perform. Because of math and aftermath, capabilities raise skill levels. Can that be done with contemplating myths? Who cares if all of any myths are known, because a myth, especially not knowing where the roots came from, is time pondering on beliefs for no reason. It is like wanting to be heard, but not coming towards a conclusion. Children should learn that Attitude can go anywhere or nowhere, and they are very prolific and need inspirational catapults for a platform boost.

The title of this Black Light, Is Myth Over Math is very much inundated in a huge percentage of myth as to a scarce percentage of math. Many people love myths because they have colloquial standings of importance, like the talks of signs, To not even know who created signs and what is the root of those signs, or their horoscope (amazing how Egypt is always engaged in todays life: Horus/Haru and scope) creates the myth again with no math or facts. How can a person be called a Capricorn, when their mother may be a Libra, and father, a Leo, with the grandfathers and grandmothers month they were born in may be Scorpios, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces, and so much more? That one person would have to be all of those characteristics combined and is thereby responsible for them through its own character. What about the myth of the Biblical God called Omnipresent, but is In Heaven? Not only that, as the Christian concept of Trinity exist, as a myth of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are one or equal, did Mary have this Trinity inside of her when she was pregnant? With the story of Jesus on the cross, and he yelled out My God, my God, why have you forsaken me, was the Father, and the Holy Ghost there also as one while he yelled out to (to means away from where stood) the Father, who supposed to know already what happen to his son? How about Jesus running from the Jews in John 8:57-59, and he hid himself for they were going to take up stones to throw at him in the temple. Was the Father and the Holy Ghost with him then also and he having to go through this torture of people not wanting to hear the truth of him? These same myths have played so well into the associates who created these myths. However, these same myths are duly respected and given prominence to be for the love of Jesus to uphold. What math(s) can assimilate these myths to rid the devastating marks in the heads of so many people? The answer is only a rare margin. Just as much has been taken out of Egypt and given rank of recognition, it hoards to stubbornness in not wanting for the ancient Egyptians to come forth and recognize myth(s) contrasts math(s) and no comparisons of the two. Many people are and will not be able to decipher myth from math or decide math over myth. Telling a lie worth conversation makes friends unless these friends are about the math of facts and the myth talk would have to end. Looking at a pyramid shows that there is not enough room for error once at the top, for each level or height is smaller than the previous but can be viewed easier at the top because the top experienced what it was to be at the bottom of the pyramid. It takes earnest, pertinent, diligence, direct, and straight-forward motion to get to the pinnacle of thought, reasoning, skills, repertoire, and proficiency (an effective pro) of wanting to get to that pinnacle. At the pinnacle, one is able to pivot to wherever, whoever, and whatever in Overstanding and only at the top can make provisions be reached for a purpose; this is what math(s) does (do).

The Atumology of Sire is used in Great Britain to note a person of superior and importance. Sire comes from the meaning of Sir as Archaic Father. The archaic father is none other than Usir (see Sir),Asaru, or Osirus, called a deity. Desire is not what a king is because it sensationalizes yearning, craving, longing, or needing. RUN-DMC of the 20th centurys Hip Hop groups made a rap through their song called King of Rock. It said, Im the king of rock, there is none higher, sucker mcs should call me sire. The leader of an organization, franchise, group, government, or what have you, has no needs, desires, or anything compared to it. They offer provisions for those subordinate, but no offering of desires, for that would give away their status. What is only to offer would be math, because that person has to set the tone for success and has to be an example to follow in making what is typified a force reckonable. Myths only give unverified thoughts for the sake of passing time in conversation where its not able to give substantial data concluding a conversation to another topic. Two topics that dont get discussed openly are religion and politics that are both rooted to confusion because of not scoping where they might have started from. The U.S. government has a debate between Democrats and Republicans, where they are both called either the Left wing or Right wing, but no bird flies with one wing and Horus of ancient Egypt accompanies the mixture of animal, the bird, and human, the man. Religion is mystified of monotheism and polytheism, but enlightenment comes into going back to Egypt where all gods and goddesses were one, as a family unit ready to take on all comers like the ancient Egyptians are doing now. Myths may just be for the majority while maths are for the rarity. Not everybody is a teacher, but a teacher can teach many people at one time. The beginning of this Black Light expressed a significant question of truth and reality. Reality usually has to take its time with truths speared deepness. Many may not be able to take the fullness of morning light to the eyes and have to adjust gradually to get ready for the day, but the truth of the morning light is there to witness that shine. Especially, when not exposed to the truth, it looks harsh and rough, but that is natural, while truth is still ready for recognition. Time is the key, and change is the motive behind getting use to the immersion of its care. How nifty it is to see that the Atumology of the word Truth has the Hebraic name Ruth in it which means friend? Are friends hard to come by? Yes it is. Can truth be hard to come by? Yes also, because so much saturation of myths, nonsense, beliefs, lies, taking for granted, apathy, no concern, no mercy, and wrong knowledge of Satan contending the Right knowledge of Michael overpowers a persons objectives to shallow remarks in life.

The truth of math is an enlightened friend indeed while the lie of a myth is a confused friend in need. At least the friend indeed will say, Do the math, which gives a chance to go over what has just been placed in a persons hands to examine. The propaganda of the majority stays in persons mind that whatever the majority thinks makes it better to fall in as a number with numbness. Power is in numbers for the majority to rule, but is it heading towards righteousness? Not in most cases. Biblical records claim Many are called, but few are chosen (Matthew 22:14); A lamb (other than Jesus who is called in Biblical records The Lamb) standing with the 144,000, having the Fathers name in their foreheads (Revelations 14:1); and Thy (your) people shall be delivered, every one that shall be found written in the book (Daniel 12:1-it could have said All People, but not quite). It seems always a weaving process to the best that is brought to the mathematics of truth to dispel myths and lies and majority may not always be the strongest to survive. Christianity became a myth when it left the math of Egypt with so many devotees wanted to claim a type of Christian. Theoretically, if Christ was to set the tone for being the example for Christianity and 2000 years later of walking makes him turn around to see his following become many sorted types of Christians, it makes the doctrine of Christianity strange to reflect on with Jesus looking at his followers as eccentric. How can there be types of Christians when Biblical records claim there is only one way to the Father by Christ? Even Christ, along with the Lord, was biblically recorded (Isaiah 19:20; Hosea 11:1; 12:9; 13:4; Matthew 2:13-20; Revelations 11:8) from coming out of Egypt as a youth with births of knowledge and wisdom, so why arent the totality of Christians going to Egypt to figure what may have been Jesus honoring there? Maybe the myth of believing is easier than the math of knowing! The mathematics of Caress in English and the ancient Egyptian Karast can at least link up to what a true regarded closeness of mercy is starting from the ancient Egyptians! By Khety Mery Ib

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