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QUESTIONNAIRE Title: Electronic Bill Depositor Machine For demographic purposes, please input the required field appropriately:

Name:_________________________________ Department:____________________________ Position:________________________________ Your answers to the questions below will help provide us with information about the way of paying bills in University of Cebu Lapu Lapu and Mandaue. Directions: Put a check () to your corresponding answer. Only one (1) answer per question is allowed. A.Evaluating the Current Billing System in University of Cebu Lapu- Lapu and Mandaue. Please take as much space to answer each question as you need, but keep in mind that the goal is to gain high-level summary information. Additional detail will be requested as needed. CRITERIAS Strongly Agree (5) A. Reliability/Credibility Trusted and safe Accessible with all types of transactions. Can generate information immediately. B. Process/ Procedures The process is fast and easy The procedures are understandable. Well organized It provides accurate information Moderately Agree (4) RATINGS Agree (3) Disagree (2) Strongly Disagree (1)

It is user friendly

C. Effectiveness It is capable of producing accurate reports to the user

It sustains the availability of office hours to the customers. It is done in a timely manner. Are properly utilized

B. Assessing Problems Encountered by the Current System You are asked to answer the questions with your own opinions. Please do take time in answering these questions. You answers are very helpful to us in developing the proposed system. Your answers are highly appreciated. Please answer whether YES OR NO.

A. Interrogating about the current system 1. Do you experience having much time waiting for your turn in paying bills? 2. Do you think we should improve the Current System? 3. Are you satisfied with the services rendered by the Staffs in University of Cebu Lapu Lapu and Mandaue? 4. Do you think that the Current system is reliable enough in making such transactions? 5. In terms of functionality, does the current system provide quality generated reports in a timely manner? 6. Are the staffs in University of Cebu Lapu Lapu and Mandaue takes care the concerns of each customers? 7. Are the information generated is accurate? 8. Do you experience having not entertained by the Staffs in University of Cebu Lapu- Lapu and Mandaue? 9. Do you find it hard in paying tuition fees or any other payments made in University of Cebu Lapu Lapu and Mandaue? 10. Do you find the Staffs in University of Cebu Lapu- Lapu and Mandaue Customer Friendly? 11. Do the services of University Of Cebu LapuLapu and Mandaue sustains the credibility of your transactions made? 12. Do you encounter inconsistent reports made by University of Cebu Lapu Lapu and Mandaue in terms of record distribution? 13. Do you have any suggestions to make the current system more dependable and improved and at the same time can lessen the unexpected disclosure of inappropriate reports to our valued customers?

C. Benefits you can get in the proposed System. In this area, you are asked to check whether the proposed system will give positive impact to the customers, who needs quality service than the previous system. Directions:Please check () the checkboxes that satisfies your preferences on the given statements below. These are related to the improved system and will give you benefits in any transactions you made. Take time in answering each statement. Your answers are highly appreciated. 1. The customers can get the generated report immediately, after he/she makes the transaction. Agree Disagree

2. The customers will be informed if he/she deposits invalid or insufficient amount of money. Agree Disagree

3. The customers can choose different Languages before he/ she can make transactions. Agree Disagree

4. The customers will be updated by the machine accordingly, based on the previous transactions made. Agree Disagree

5. The customers will be verified first for security purposes, before he/she can make transactions. Agree Disagree

6. Because it is in the Business Process Improvement, your excess money depositedfrom the previous transaction will be saved to your account, and will be used to deduct future bills accordingly. Agree Disagree

7. The customers will be noticed if the transaction is successful in less than a minute. Agree Disagree

D. Features of the Electronic Bill Depositor Machine A.Below are the possible features of Electronic Bill Depositor Machine for University Of Cebu LapuLapu and Mandaue.

Directions:Please put a check () mark on the space provided which you positively think that will help improve the proposed system in terms of services offered for the Customers. () mark CRITERIAS Provides User - Friendly Interface. Provides Easy Access and Retrieval of information. Improvised Security level against theft and Hackers. Supports hidden Camera for intensive inspection for the Users. Detects conflict in terms of Accounts used and transaction type chosen. It provides customer bill depositing simulations and Tutorials for thoroughly understandable for first time users.