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Mary Geanellie M.

Cabrera Sem II



Almighty God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, by the power of the Holy Spirit that God continues to suffice and that continues to dwell within me, never cease to bless me so that I may be a blessing to others and so that I may share the joy that You never fail to give. Help me share Your word because You are the word and by Your word, we will be able to do what is righteous and good. I thank You for the greatness and kindness. Because of these two, I am able to live my life in a proper manner and share with others how fruitful life is when we accept and receive You. I thank You for the wisdom that You pour upon me. Through this wisdom, I am able to share wise words to Your children who have problems in life, whatever the aspect may be. I thank You for the never ending love, because through this love I am able to give love to people who are part of my life. Everything that I am now is because of You. I thank You for these, God. I will continuously ask for Your guidance, God. Amen.