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The success of the Men's Program is story entitled There's a Night-

a children's

Men's Retreat At part of a time of new growth at MCC New

York. Since Gay Pride Day, Sunday
mare in my Closet and then explored the
erotic as a gift in our lives. Opportunity
MCC New York attendance has averaged well over 100, and for small group sharing was offered on
• • •
active membership continues to grow, with questions about sexuality. The Sunday
new classes being offered every month. morning session was on "The Word Made
The Midweek Prayer program has a steady Flesh: The Gift of the Church." People
attendance of 20 to 30. The music pro- from many religious backgrounds shared

in the
gram, highlighted by the MCC NY Choir, what they received from MCC and what
attracts many people. Activities are being they could give. People shared the under-
pursued in bible study, liturgy and social standing of MCC as a "believers' church."
action. Especially important components of
Jim Mitulski, whose leadership has the retreat included the sharing of Morning

word coordinated the men's programming, said

"We have been richly blessed by a church
life that includes programming for women
and men which allows us to share together
and Evening Prayer, frequent singing of
hymns, and communion on Saturday night.
Meals began with the singing of the round
"Jubilate Deo " for grace and with the

made in worship, prayer and mission.

working toward a community
men know and care for each other and
where women can do the same. We have
We are
lighting of the Advent Candle. And of
course there were games: a trust walk in
which partners take turns guiding the other
while one is blindfolded, and volleyball,

flesh discovered this to be the healthiest ap-

proach for supporting a church that is
made up of both women and men."
Registration for the Men's Retreat
filled almost immediately. Over 30 at-
which proved to be particularly eventful in
the snow. Free time allowed people to talk
with each other, go on walks, or catch up
on sleep.
by Steve Carson The retreat was an important exper-
tended. There was a mix of new people, ience for people as individuals and as
Student Clergy, MCC New York veteran members, and people in-between, community. Everyone made the effort to
relfecting the new growth of MCC New get to know one another; no one was left
Our van bearing homosexuals-with- York. "Our goals this weekend centered isolated or ignored. We had the time,
coats-scarves-mittens-and-toothbrushes pul- on community building and spiritual beyond the confines of jobs, subways and
led out from the Church Center on 13th renewal," explained Jim Mitulski. "For schedules, to shake off some of the hectic-
Street and joined the Friday traffic heading people new to the church, it offered the ness of the season and center again on God
up the West Side Highway out of New opportunity to open up new friendships. in our lives. The third Sunday of Advent is
York City. We crossed the George Wash- For people who have been around, it was a traditionally called "Gaudete" Sunday,
ington Bridge and headed up the Palisades chance to, deepen relationships. For all of meaning "Rejoice." It is a way of laying
Parkway to Cornwall-on-Hudson, a quaint us, it was a time to be restored and re- down just for a moment all the preparations
little town that welcomed us with the still newed through the grace of God in one of Advent, recognizing that Christmas is in
beauty of the first snow of winter. We another," he said. fact near. The lighting of the pink Gaudete
wondered if we were making history, being After dinner, the program began with candle on the Advent wreath seemed to
the largest number of homosexuals ever at "The Word Made Flesh: The Gift of Each express the joy of being together.
one time in this upstate hamlet. Other," offering a time to get acquainted One of the scripture lessons in our
We drove up the hill to The Grail, our and to share hopes and expectations for Morning Prayer was Jesus' response to the
home for the next two days, a wonderful the weekend. Each person was asked to disciples of John when they asked "Are
three story mansion that in earlier days identify something they would like to you the one who is to come, or shall we
served as a retreat for monied interests "get" from the retreat and something they look for another?" And Jesus answered
escaping from Manhattan 40 miles to the would like to "give." These were written them, "Go and tell John what you hear
south. This weekend, it would be home on paper .ornaments and placed on a big and see: the blind receive their sight and
for a retreat of a different sort. paper Christmas tree. the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and the
The Grail has been used by MCC New The program continued the next day deaf hear, and the dead are reised up, and
York before, once for a Women's Retreat, with "The Word Made Flesh: Our Lives in the poor have good news preached to
and then for a Board and Staff Retreat. the Word," a bible study on the prophecy them." (Matthew 11 :2-6). It was felt by
• This weekend it was home for an Advent in Isaiah 35 that "the desert shall rejoice many that this retreat, and the call of MCC
Men's Retreat. and be glad," and an exercise in faith as a church, is to continue to be a place
I The idea for a Men's Retreat grew out imagination, in which people imagined where such healing happens.
of the men's programming developing at their own times of exile and hope for
MCC New York. This programming has
included two pot-luck dinners at the homes Another gathering centered on deep- GSS is meeting February 17-22 in
of church members, a four part Friday ening our: prayer life, discussing different Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to prepare
night series this past summer, and an eight types of prayer and enriching the ways we the proposal for the 1983 General
week Friday night series that concluded pray. The Saturday evening program was Conference. Housing will be pro-
this past November. Monthly mailings called "The Word Made Flesh: The Gift of vided by the Ft. Lauderdale Church.
keep people informed of upcoming events. Sexuality" which opened with a reading of 000000000000000

en erG I
Paula J. Schoenwether
Teri Anglin, Lucia Chappelle, Phil Gallnitz,
Hasani Gough, Kurt Kreisler, Rick O'Dell,
Emesto Borges Torres, Frank Zerilli
DeBaugh, Bob Arthur, Jennie Boyd Bull,
Larry Uhrig, Nancy Wilson
Carson, Clarence Crossman,
Kassalow, Nancy Radclyffe

JOURNEY is a monthly
The focus of JOURNEY
Bruce M.

magazine of
is to
provide news and report issues of concern for space utilization, and paying per hourly
by Nancy L. Wilson
within UFMCC and the Lesbian and Gay use of facilities - which means that though
community. Contents are copyrighted and Clerk, Board of Elders it is cheaper for housing, room rental is
may not be reproduced or extensively Every General Conference is special expensive.
quoted without perm ission.
and unique and an integral part of our This necessitated a significant increase
Editorial Office: 5300 Santa Monica
Blvd., Suite 304, Los Angeles, CA 90029. journey as UFMCC - General Conference in the registration fee (to $65-$75) in order
Phone: (213) 464-5100. Subscription XI will be no different! to pay for Conference. However, our
rate $9.00 per year in U.S., Canada, Mexico. By now, many of you should have registration fee is still lower than most
$13.00 other areas. Published by Universal
received registration and housing forms for other conferences of our kind, including
Fellowship Press. Printed in U.S.A.
All materials submitted to JOURNEY our upcoming General Conference in Dignity's International Annual Convention.
must be inclusive of gender, age and race. Toronto, Ontario, July 11-17, 1983. The University of Toronto is located
The Editor will modify any language not in the heart of Toronto itself, and has a
meeting these criteria. LOCATION: This is the first UFMCC lovely campus.
General Conference outside of the U.S. THEME: Our theme, this year's "Many
Toronto, Ontario is certainly one of the Gifts, One Spirit," is based on I Corinthians
most beautiful cities in the world, and has 12:4-6. This is a positive theme, which
an established, active Gay and Lesbian em braces our diversity in our oneness, the
community. Our Church in Toronto and gifts of the Holy Spirit and the gift we are
the whole Gay and Lesbian community to each other. A hymn by Al Carmines by
there are very thrilled about our Con- the same title will be featured.
ference. The congregation of Toronto
2 MCCNYMen'sRetreat under the leadership of local Conference SCHEDULE OF EVENTS: The u-
3 GC XI Sneak Preview Coordinator Gary Chapman and Pastor nanimous opinion of the evaluators of the
4 NCC Membership Debate Brent Hawkes, are giving tirelessly' of their last General Conference was that the
6 What's Good for NCC? time and energy to prepare for this event. schedule was too crowded and exhausting.
The congregation will be providing much in People felt that special events that were
8 Raca
the way of hospitality. The Gay and "optional" were under-attended, that there
9 SEC Lesbian community is holding a dance to was not adequate time for business or for
TV Special which we are all invited on Saturday night, sharing with new and old friends, or for
10 Racism/MCC in South July 16. If you've never been to a dance just resting and relaxing. Also, a major
with thousands upon thousands of Gay and criticism was that non-delegates felt that
Lesbian Christians and their friends from there was little meaningful programming
11 Our Journey all over the world, don't miss this op- for them.
12 FFO portunity! ~. We began dealing with the fact that
Genital Spirituality The Conference business, worship and people came to Conference for a variety of
14 Land of Sunshine main housing will be at the University of reasons, and that it might be very helpful
Land of Pro mise? Toronto. This is the first time we've held a to have services such as pastoral counselling
General Conference at a university. This available to Conference participants. So,
means that inexpensive dormitory housing General Conference XI will have a less
CO VER: Paula Schoenwether is available (first come, first served!). It crowded (quality rather than quantity ... )
also requires some schedule adjustments continued on page 15


They debate
ship, UFMCC maintains "that God does
not condemn homosexuality per se any-
where in Holy Scriptures . . . and that
the traditional interpretations of Scriptures
to condemn homosexuality are as incorrect

and invalid as the old interpretations of
Scripture which permitted the holding of
slaves and the subjugation of Black people."
In the face of such opposition, how-
ever, the MCC Governing Board has no

basis in its governance documents for
judgment either of its member com-
munions or their chosen delegates to the
governing board except that: 1) the
communion meets the membership re-
power of the Holy Spirit ... We are a quirements and 2) the delegate to the

to N C C Bible-believing Christian church which is

empowered by the Holy Spirit, and which
calls upon the name of Jesus, as our Savior,
and upon the God who created us al1."
governing board has been duly chosen by
the communion.
A few years ago, the board faced its
constitutional inability to determine the
The communion has in its membership 176 mern bership of its communions' dele-
congregations and about 23,000 members gations or to pass judgment on any in-
in the U.S. and eight other countries. dividual member in the case of Archbishop
BE ADMITTED The liturgy, worship, polity and Valerian Trifa, accused of war crimes. It
TO THE NATIONAL COUNCIL? doctrine of the UFMCC fall within the would not be constitutional or equitable
Christian mainstream: its bylaws state, for only the UFMCC to be excluded or
"Our faith is based upon the principles judged on its theological beliefs as a

yes by Jane Cary Peck

outlined in the historic creeds:
and Nicene."
Its letter of application
communion or the ethical practices of
some of its members.
states that "the Gospel we preach ... is the What would be the effect of its ad-
traditional Christian Gospel of salvation, mission on the NCC? The member com-
Having studied this issue carefully as a social action and community." munions have joined the NCC to live
mem ber of the United Methodist dele- The UFMCC emphasizes Christian together toward unity and in cooperative
gation on the National Council of Churches social action, especially through ministries Christian work. The United Methodist
(NCC) Governing Board, I have concluded to groups of persons who are ignored or Church participates in ecumenical agencies
that the issue is whether or not the Uni- excluded in society: homosexuals, prison- because it recognizes in them "a pro-
versal Fellowship of Metropolitan Com- ers, handicapped, racial and ethnic minor- vidential aid to unity, and it welcomes
munity Churches (UFMCC) meets the ities, aged, institutionalized, alcoholics, [their 1 provisions for appropriate oc-
requirements for membership as set forth terminally ill persons, the poor and hungry. casions and processes whereby separated
in the NCC's constitution and bylaws, and It has participated in numerous inter- churches can emerge from their self-con-
not the question of the Christian legitimacy religious and ecumenical organizations. tainments and confront each other in an
of homosexuality. UFMCC was founded in 1968 by Troy atmosphere of mutual trust, mutual
NCC's Constituent Membership Com- Perry to "meet the need for ministry to a repentance and reform " (UM policy
mittee has determined that the UFMCC largely forgotten, ignored and despised statement on the cause of Christian unity,
meets those requirements and is therefore minority, homosexuals." It was established 1968). The common life of the council is
eligible to be considered for membership. as "a church whose doors would be open marked by pluralism; the communions live
Determination of eligibility is based on a to all of God's children without distinction together with their differences toward
communion's acceptance of the standards or discrimination." Nowhere in its bylaws greater unity and faithfulness.
of trinitarian faith set forth in the NCC is there any reference to homosexuality. Jane Cary Peck is assistant professor of
constitution and on its being an organized Mern bership is open to all baptized Chris- religion and society at Andover Newton
communion of national scope with a tians through letter of transfer or affirm- Theological School in Newton Center,
ation of faith. Leaders of the fellowship
mem bership of at least 20,000 persons and
estimate that about 80 percent of its
50 local churches. Some fear a breach in the council's
I The UFMCC clearly seems to meet
both these requirements. In its application
membership are lesbians and gay men and
about 20 percent are heterosexuals.
unity should the UFMCC be admitted.
my judgment, membership of the UFMCC

for membership, the UFMCC declared its The UFMCC recognizes that opposition in the NCC would contribute to the unity
agreement with the NCC Statement of to its membership in NCC stems from its of the church. It is true that the denom-
purpose and Constitutional Pream ble: " ... ministries to homosexuals and its affirm- ination's founding in 1968 constituted a
we can affirm that the UFMCC is a com- ations of God's love for all of creation, further splintering of the Church of Christ,
munion which responds to the Gospel including homosexuals, and of homo- but its rise was occasioned by injustice and
revealed in the Holy Scriptures; we confess sexuality as a gift from God in the same exclusion. Full acceptance of gay Chris-
Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, as Savior way that heterosexuality is a gift from tians into the ongoing life of Christian
and Lord. We rely on the transforming God. Basing its view on biblical scholar- continued on page 5


DEBA TE continued from page 4 held by the church and government in the order in Jewish thought. Lindsell? and
congregations is still largely absent, there-
past concerning the absoluteness of God's Bockmuhl," writing from the Christian
fore, gay movement into congregations
values are archaic and erroneous. Scientific point of view, 0 bserve that both the Old
organized by themselves and principally for
humanism has therefore attempted to and New Testament Scriptures condemn
gay people will undoubtedly continue,
negate the concept of good and evil and homosexuality. Lindsell emphasizes, how-
observes James Nelson, a UCC ethicist.
deny the moral significance of human ever, that in the New Covenant, homo-
"[Sexuality j has been used as the organ-
behavior. As scientific humanism is at sexuality is specifically condemned along
izing principle by which [gay people] have
present the prevailing philosophy in our with adultery, drunkenness, idolatry and
been excluded from full participation"
society, it is only logical that we should be covetousness. The New Testament takes
(Embodiment, Augsburg Press, 1978, p.
subjected to increasing demands for the the point of view that homosexuality is a
removal of sanctions against behavior that disease and is as amenable to a spiritual
The congregations and membership of
in the past was considered unacceptable. cure (1 Cor. 6: 11) as are other pro blems of
the UFMCC come from somewhere, says
The removal of sanctions requires the "flesh."
Betty Fairchild, coordinator of Parents of
acceptance of the behavior as normal. The normative homosexual lifestyle is
Gays, Washington, D.C. "They come from
When the behavior is normalized, then not compatible with God's order. God
all our churches-yours and mine. And yet
those who indulge in such behavior must created man and woman in disjunction,
these men and women do not seek out gay
be accepted at all levels of society and and it was God's intention that they should
churches simply because they want to
allowed to become full members of society leave their mothers and fathers and become
worship with other gays. They have, in
and its institutions. Neither mainline one (Genesis 2: 24). They were to be
fact, found themselves driven away-
Protestant and Catholic churches nor the faithful to one another and to be fruitful
openly or subtly-from their own faiths, or
government has accepted homosexuality as and multiply. A man was not created for a
from their own particular churches" ("The
a normal lifestyle. The only institution to man or a woman for a woman. There is no
Church's Ministry to Gay People and Their
have done so is the American Psychiatric fruit from a homosexual relationship, and
Families," presentation to the NCC Com-
Association, who has removed homo- the only multiplication that can take place
mission on Women in Ministry, February,
sexuality from its classification of mental from their efforts will have to result from
disease. They did this even though 60 the seduction of youths.
There is precedent for the formation
percent of its members saw it as a patho- When this argument fails, homosexual
of new denominations out of experienced
logical variation immediately before they apologists sometimes turn to the argu-
exclusion. "Black folks denied access to
took this action.f mentum ad hominen. Using this technique,
the Table of Jesus Christ in the White
folks' church went out and formed their It is, then, in this philosophical and they systematically abuse those who
moral climate that the Universal Fellow- condemn homosexual behavior. They call
own denominations. Undoubtedly, they
ship of Metropolitan Community Churches them bigoted and accuse them of a lack of
took Jesus with them, as he always feels
continued on page 6 (UFMCC) is requesting membership in the human compassion comparable to that
National Council of Churches (NCC). I shown by racists. To reinforce their
argue that they should not be admitted. accusations, they try to show what a loving
no by William P. Wilson Apologists for the homosexual
style take a variety of tacks when they
life- and kind person the homosexual is. They
note that he or she doesn't harm anyone
William P. Wilson is chief of the Division argue that homosexuals are normal persons and plead that all they want is to have a
of Biological Psychiatry at Duke University and should be accepted. Their most direct lover and be left alone.
Medical Center in Durham, N.C. method is to try to reinterpret Scripture. What they do not say is that the
Bartlett4 is one who admits that the normative lifestyle of a homosexual male is
Scriptures condemn homosexual practices. filled with turmoil. One-third of his kind
Ruth Tiffany Barnhouse has declared Then, he tries to convince his readers that will have a sexual encounter with a youth
that "homosexuality is not a normal the stories of Sodom (Genesis 19: 1-11) and under 15 years of age.8 Also, nothing will
lifestyle ... it is a failure in human adap- Gibeah (Judges 19:22ff) really don't have be said about some of his practices, which
tation. This may range from forms which anything to do with homosexuality but are disgusting and perverse. Lesbians
by any standards would be considered decry the lack of hospitality of the people are somewhat more restrained and discreet
abnormal and perverse, all the way up to of those towns. He also argues that the but their lifestyle also gives rise to conflict
forms which constitute an isolated pocket levitical laws regarding homosexuality are and aberrant behavior.
of immaturity. However, at best, it is an not binding on Christians. This technique Sometimes the argumentum ad is-
immaturity and immaturity is morally of argumentation, called argumentum ad norantium is used. If the audience is not
significant." She has further commented verecundiam , puts the authority of the too sophisticated, defenders argue that
that homosexual practice does not lead to interpreter above the authority of the homosexuals are born "that way" and
God's goals for human sexuality and, Bible. nothing can change them. They also claim
therefore, does not fulfill God's sacramental Both Jews and Christians argue to the that homosexuals are happy with their
purpose.! Homosexuality is sin and is con- contrary. In a review of Jewish writings, lifestyle. Since so few of them change,
demned by God? Humans are called to Schindlers observed that both the Torah their problem has to have its origin in a
turn away from sin by God! and the Halacha prohibit homosexuality constitutional defect. To document their
But turning away from sin is not very even though the latter views it as a disease point of view, they cite the studies done on
popular these days. Instead, we find that and deserving of treatment. Indeed, he pseudohermaphrodites, who assume their
scientific humanism has convinced the notes Jewish mental health practitioners assigned gender irrespective of their genetic
traditional guardians of societies' mores are obligated to treat it since a change to make-up.I
that values are relative and that the views normative behavior is a value of the highest continued on page 6


DEBA TE continued from page 5

more at home with the rejected than
solely genital sexual beings.
needs to develop theology,
The church
ethics and
education regarding sexuality as relational
Halacha, and the Helping Professions,"
Journal of Religion and Health (18:
and the ground of our human capacity to 4. D.L. Bartlett, "A Biblical Perspective
among the arrogant ... The James Varick love. on Homosexuality," Foundations (20:
of the gay church movement would have to This struggle surely should occur 133-147,1977).
be the Rev. Troy Perry who started the within, rather than outside of, the Christian 5. Schindler.
UFMCC." (James R. McGraw, "The family. Through such dialogue, grounded 6. H. Lindsell, "Homosexuals and the
Scandal of Peculiarity," Christianity and in openness to God's grace and the pos- Church," Christianity Today (17: 8-12,
Crisis, April 16, 1973, p. 67). sibility for God's ongoing revelation and September 1973).
The formation of churches of the relying on the transforming power of the 7. K. Bockmuhl, "Homosexuality in
excluded actually is a manifestation of the Holy Spirit, we may strengthen our unity Biblical Perspective," Christianity To-
inclusiveness of the gospel, so powerful and deepen our understandings of God's day (17:12-18, February 1973).
that it draws those on the outside of the way. 8. W.H. McKain, Jr., "Ministry and
church or repressed within the church to Homosexuality" in What You Should
Know About Homosexuality,
form new churches. But this is further DEBA TE continued from page 5 pp.
brokenness of the Body of Christ. It may 183-225.
be lifted up before the prayerful awareness 9. W.P. Wilson, "Biology, Psychology,
of the ecumenical body and partly healed What they do not say is that biologically and Homosexuality" in What You
by the presence of the UFMCC in the there is no evidence that physically normal Should Know About Homosexuality,
membership of the NCC, as by the mem- homosexuals are different from normal pp.147-167.
bership of the Black denominations. males or females. Psychologically, they 10. C.W. Socarides, Homosexuality (New
The debate on the admission of the are generally healthy. Their only defect York: Jason Aronson, 1978), p. 6.
UFMCC reveals how divided Christians are is in their sexual object choice. They are Reproduced November/December 1982
on the issue of homosexuality. "Indeed," immature individuals. As immaturity is CIRCUIT RIDER. Copyright 1982 by
NCC's Faith and Order Commission a failure of psychic development, they United Methodist Publishing House. Used
reports, "this division has already undone are diseased. Therapy, conducted with an by permission.
some of the ecumenical advances of recent understanding of the dynamics of the
and is disturbing

These differences
life within
and congregations"
dare not be ignored."
. . ..
disease, should and does result in maturation
and the ability to perform
heterosexual persons. 1 0
as mature What's good
In the issue of homosexuality,
church is confronted
data from several disciplines:
with contradictory

The admission of UFMCC into the
NCC has to be a theological decision.
those who are to make the decision believe
for the NCe?
interpretations and exegeses of Scripture, in the authority of the Scriptures, then by Jean Caffey Lyles
inconclusive scientific data about causation there is no way that this body can be It is difficult to find anyone involved
of sexual orientation and possibility or admitted to membership since the Scrip- in the workings of the National Council of
desirability of re-orientation, the meaning tures condemn homosexual behavior and Churches who believes that the council will
and purpose of human sexuality, human insist that Christians are to "drive out the accept into its membership the Universal
experience of homosexuality, and gay wicked person(s) from among us" (1 Cor. Fellowship of Metropolitan Community
Christians' experience of their faith. 5:11-13). No biological, psychological Churches. In the careful words of the
Further, homosexuality should be addressed or sociological arguments are relevant council's own quarterly publication, the
within the context of sexuality in general, except as they document the sinfulness NCC Chronicles, it is "an event that has
but the church is often alienated from of homosexual behavior. been called unlikely."
sexuality. Condemnation of homosexuality came The council is currently considering
Despite our incarnational faith in from God, who has spoken God's word the issues raised by the application of the
"embodied love" and our Hebrew heritage against it and has never stuttered in God's 109 ,OOO-member* denomination, most of
of the goodness of God's creation, including speech. If we do not listen to God, then whose members are homosexuals. The
sexuality, the church has developed both a we are responsible for the consequences UFMCC affirms sexual relations between
dualism and a hierarchy of spirituality and of our behavior. persons of the same sex as one of God's
sexuality. In the case of homosexuality, NOTES good gifts, and contends that there is no
• this dis-ease and even fear of sexuality incompatibility between a homosexual
is exacerbated: Here sexuality is undeniable; 1. R.T. Barnhouse, "Homosexuality," lifestyle and the Christian faith. Within
I its pleasure is not bound within the legit-
imation of matrimony or the duty of
Anglican Theological Review (Sup- many of the mem ber churches of the
plementary Series, Number 6:107-134, National Council, the moral status of
procreation; it is free and for the purpose June 1976). homosexual acts has recently been a
of companionship. 2. J .H. Greenlee, "The New Testament subject of sharp debate, but virtually all
Dis-ease with sexuality in the church and Homosexuality" in What You those churches, at least in their official
either denies the existence of gay people or Should Know About Homosexuality, statements, continue to affirm sexual
becomes homophobic. Homosexuality is C.W. Keysor, ed. (Grand Rapids:
* Actual membership figure for UFMCC
considered solely in genital terms, and gay Zondervan, 1979), pp. 81-114.
is 27,000.
persons are categorized and rejected as 3. R. Schindler, "Homosexuality, the continued on page 7


Nee continued from page 6 group to meet all formal criteria for positions I'm ecumenical involvement and
m em bership . other matters thought to be related to the
activity as appropriate only within marriage According to National Council pro- issues at hand.
and only be-tween a man and woman. Even cedures, membership applications are han- According to one Faith and Order
among Governing Board members who dled by the Governing Board in a two-stage official, there is consensus within that
respect the convictions of the UFMCC's process. The board first votes on eligibility group that "this is not a justice issue," and
adherents, however, there is an uneasy for membership (a two-thirds majority is that Faith and Order has not been asked
awareness that news accounts headlined required); then, once eligibility is estab- "to discuss justice for homosexuals."
"NCC Accepts Gay Church" could create lished, at a subsequent meeting two votes (Some board members would disagree.)
havoc in some denominations, sparking are taken on acceptance into membership. Churches in the council, the official said,
grass-roots revolts to pull out of the On one ballot, each of the 260 board already affirm civil rights for homosexuals,
council, or at least to cut back on financial members gets a vote; on the other, each of and all engage in "appropriate pastoral
support. the 32 mem ber communions has a single ministries to homosexuals, though some
Thus, within the 260-member Govern- vote, on both there must be a two-thirds confess that they are not doing it very
ing Board, most minds are already made majority. well." But the question, as Faith and
up, and few votes will be changed by the Last spring in Nashville, when the Order frames it, seems to be whether the
process of study and discussion. The eligibility vote was scheduled, the board, UFMCC is indeed a church. Is it a single-
process may be valuable for its own sake, on a motion by Disciples ecumenist Paul issue group with too narrow a base of
however, for it will help determine how the Crow, postponed action for a year and existence to be regarded as a church? Are
council explains and interprets its No to its referred the matter to the Commission on its teachings on sexuality heretical?
own constituencies, to the UFMCC and to Faith and Order to study the "ecclesio- Between the advocates who see
a wider public. logical issues" raised by the application. mem bership for the UFMCC as a "question
The UFMCC was founded in 1968 in (Most of those who favored admission of of simple justice" and the opponents who
Los Angeles by Troy Perry, a Pentecostal the UFMCC voted against the referral.) are unable to accept a church made up of
minister. It has seen its ministry as "a That study is proceeding, and chair- homosexuals as being a genuine Christian
particular but not exclusive outreach to the person William Rusch, a Lutheran ecu- communion, there is a larger group who
gay community," and its clergy and lay menical officer, gave a brief upda~e on the view the question in terms of the impact a
members typically are persons who had group's progess at the Governing Board's Yes or No decision would have on the
come to feel unwelcome in their previous recent fall meeting in New York City. But council or on a member denomination.
churches. Theologically, the UFMCC has behind the scenes and out in the corridors Undoubtedly, if the UFMCC were voted in,
tended toward conservatism. Its polity has there were rumblings of discontent: the an uproar would ensue. Orthodox bodies
both congregational and connectional Faith and Order study was defining the might withdraw from membership, along
elements. It started as an urban church (it issues too narrowly; broader representation with the, Reformed Church in America and
has, for example, 14 congregations in Los was essential in the study process; more the American Baptist Churches. Financial
Angeles and eight in San Francisco), but time was needed for dialogue within and support would decline, and denominational
among its 150 congregations are now among member communions. By the end officials would be kept busy answering
churches in smaller towns such as Daven- of the Governing Board meeting, those angry phone calls and letters from pastors
port, Iowa, Quincy, Illinois; and Tex- rum blings had resulted in a decision to and church members. In one worst-case
arkana, Texas. UFMCC officials say that expand the study process and to delay scenario, the outraged reaction could
an estimated 20 per cent of the mem ber- once again a vote on the UFMCC's eligi- virtually destroy the council.
ship is heterosexual. bility. There would also be negative reactions
The UFMCC applied for membership Instead of voting next May, when the if the UFMCC is rejected, but they would
in the National Council of Churches in board meets in San Francisco (some be far less widespread. No denominations
1981. As Elder Nancy Wilson, the ecu- council leaders were nervous about that would pull out. There would, however, be
menical officer, explains her church's setting: the city's gay and lesbian popu- sharp words from critics on the left about
motives for applying: "The council has lation is large, vocal and politically well the NCC's failure of nerve, charges that the
incredible resources for joint ministry, and organized), that meeting will be partially council was selling its soul for the sake of
we want to be a part of that." Another given over to extensive discussion of issues institutional survival, criticism of the
objective, Wilson adds, was to engage the related to the UFMCC application. Rep- council's refusal to risk itself in ecumenical
council in a process of dialogue about the resentatives of the UFMCC will be included openness to a marginalized group of
UFMCC and the issues it raises for the as resource persons. The vote on eligibility Christians. The council would find its
council. Already a number of local and will be delayed to November 1983; at the credibility weakened with some publics,
regional councils of churches have acted on latest, the issue will be finally settled by especially with the many homosexual
a UFMCC application for membership - November 1984. members of NCC denominations.
some accepting it, others rejecting it. The Meanwhile, Faith and Order has 21 Leaders of the council may wish the
Los Angeles-based Southern California theologians named by their respective problem would go away, but the UFMCC is
Ecumenical Council arrived at a com- communions working on position papers; a unlikely to express its love for the ecu-
promise, saying No on membership but dialogue between theologians of the NCC menical movement by withdrawing its
granting observer status. The UFMCC's bid and of the UFMCC is scheduled for De- application and getting the National
to join the National Council went first to cem ber. Faith and Order will also be Council off the hook. Councils of churches
the Constituent Membership Committee. studying a set of documents submitted by at all levels often maintain whatever unity
Under the leadership of United Presbyterian each member church relating to ecclesio- they have by avoiding the issues that divide
Oscar McCloud, the committee found the logy, church actions on homosexuality, continued on page 9



by Bob Arthur
Collective Writer

In recent days I have had some inquiries as to my opinion of That in itself does not have any special significance. We have
an article which recently appeared in THE VOICE by Paul. D. three examples in the Old Testament where this adjective is
Hardman, entitled Don't Call Me Raca! applied to adults, twice in its masculine form rak, and once in its
feminine form rakkah: II Samuel 3:39, where David complains
With this article, Mr. Hardman has certainly opened an of being weak (rak) even though he is king; Deuteronomy 28 :54,
interesting avenue of study. His discussion centers on the English where we read that under God's affliction even the tenderest
translation of Matthew 5 :22, " ... whosever shall say to a brother, (rak) of men will become evil toward his own family; and Deu-
Raca, shall be in danger of the council ... " (KJV).(Keeping male teronomy 28:56, where we read that under the same circumstances
terminology. For the reason, read on.) Although some recent the tenderest (rakkah) of women will be evil toward her own
translations have translated the word Raca with a word to the family.
effect of "foolish," Hardman feels that there is doubt as to the However, what makes this interesting is the fact that raka is
validity of such translations. After considerable study I find that the feminine form of the adjective used to describe the word
I agree with the drift of his objections. "brother." We have no other Biblical example of this adjective
We all know that Jesus spoke Aramaic during his life on used in the feminine form to describe a masculine noun. This in
earth. Aramaic was the popular language of the Hebrew people essence makes it have a very derogatory significance. In a patriar-
of that time. Hebrew and Aramaic are very close to each other chal culture where the Hebrew man praised God every morning
linguistically, and much of the vocabulary is the same. Most that he was created a man and not a woman, to have someone call
commentators have traditionally thought that the word Raca was him weak in a feminine sense was a great insult. About the
from the Aramaic word reyqa' or rehqah which means empty closest we can come in the English idiom would be to call some-
one. The Greek of Matthew does not translate the Aramaic one who valued his macho image a sissy.
word in Greek, but rather transliterates it into Greek letters: This is further evidence that homophobia has its roots in
raka. sexism.
Now if the commentators are correct in their surmise that Now whether the Aramaic use of this term has the same
the word is from reyqa' or reyqah in Aramaic, that is a derivative homosexual undertones as the English epithet sissy does is
from the verb riyq which means to be empty, thus making the unclear. However, the calling of such derogatory names is con-
modern translations of "empty-headed" or "foolish" appropriate. demned by Jesus in Matthew 5: 22.
However, since the Greek transliterates the word raka, not reka If the connotations are the same in both English and Aramaic,
(the closest the Greek could come to the Aramaic reyqa' or we now have the only words recorded as spoken by Jesus on the
reyqah), I suspect it actually is a transliteration of the Aramaic subject of male homosexuality: anyone who ridicules us is
rakkah. Rakkah comes from the Aramaic verb rekak, which is condemned by Jesus' own words.
the same as the Hebrew verb rakak, which means to be tender, EDITORS NOTE: Bob Arthur's column next month will deal
weak or soft. with what the Bible does or doesn 't say about Lesbians.

Final shooting of the TV

special "GOD, GAYS AND THE
took place at MCC Los Angeles.
From left to right are Rev. Troy
Perry, founder UFMCC, Steve
Schein, cameraperson, Greg Cutts
and Mary Anne McEwen, pro-
ducers. Airing time is scheduled
for this spring.

NCC continued from page 7 of class by speaking of the inadequacies of - -- -- -- -- -- ----
them. But this is one divisive issue that its own response: its own dividedness, the
won't be avoided.
The council's plenary debates may be
moral ambiguity of its action. It could say,
in effect: This is who we are and where
dominated by ardent advocates and articu-
late opponents, but the deciding votes -
we are at this point in history. We are
those people who choose to preserve one
and they will be No votes - will be cast by
the political pragmatists of the middle who
would not be opposed to having the
manifestation of Christian unity and, in
doing so, close the door to another kind of
Christian unity. We refuse membership to
UFMCC in membership, but who firmly this Christian church because we fear to
believe it would be irresponsible to admit risk the council's own future. Fellowship headquarters announced
the controversial denomination at the risk An honest acknowledgment of the that Rev. Troy D. Perry will be conducting
of severely weakening an ecumenical body dilemma, coupled with a bold willingness one night fund-raisers across the U.S.A.
that is engaged in so many indispensable to own up to the decision, could serve to and Canada which started February 1st for
ministries that might not get done if the keep open the channels of communication the UFMCC Television special, "God, Gays
NCC didn't do them. with the Metropolitan Community Chur- And The Gospel: This Is Our Story."
But in what looks to be a no-win ches, and in a later decade, when the "We have paid approximately $40,000
situation, it's possible that the council can questions of human sexuality that so on our contract and owe approximately
sound a note of grace even while saying No perplex the church of our age may be seen $28,000 more. This must be paid before
to the Metropolitan Community Churches in a different light, a different answer we take possession of the completed
- if, instead of looking for an ecclesiolo- might be possible. program," saud Perry. "I would like to
gical escape route, it is frank about the bring you up-to-date and ask for your
reasons for its decision. Instead of at- (Copyright 1982 CHRISTIAN CENTURY prayers for our television special.
tributing the decision to the UFMCC's FOUNDATlON' Reprinted by permission The update: We have completed all
inadequacies to measure up to council from the December 1982 issue of THE the filming of the program. The last
standards, the council could show a toucn CHRISTIAN CENTURY.) footage was taped in Los Angeles the
weekend of October 23, 1982. (Forward
Focus Productions, the company that is
producing the program for us, has over 20
Business Meetings hours of film from which to edit the
one-hour special.) Greg Cutts and Mary
Seminars Anne McEwen started the editing work
January 25, and will complete the finished
Discussions product within five to eight weeks from
that date."
Decisions Perry's schedule as JOURNEY goes to
press is as follows:
FEBRUARY 1st Richmond, VA, 5th
Fellowship Baltimore, MD, 10th Sacramento, CA,
22nd Fort Myers, FL, 23rd Fort Lauderdale,
Interest Groups FL, 24th Key West, FL, 26th Raleigh, NC
MARCH 2nd Buffalo, NY, 4th Toron-
Fair to, Ontario, Canada, 8th Pensacola, FL,

~ Entertainment
12th Orlando, FL, 16th Modesto, CA, 18th
Vancouver, B.C, Canada, 22nd Houston,
TX, 24th Waterloo, lA, 26th San Francisco,
~ ~
~~ u~ Time of Sharing CA, 29th Charlotte, NC, 30th Birmingham,
AL, 31st Montgomery, AL,.
~ General Conference XI .0 APRIL 2nd Atlanta, GA, 5th San
Antonio, TX, 6th Ft. Worth, TX, 7th Great
% Toronto,Ontario, Canada~~ For more Falls, MT, 9th Denver, CO, 12th Pittsburgh,
information write: PA, 13th Harrisburg, PA, 14th Providence,
~-11b July 11-17, 1983 GO~~ RI.
0/ .At: ~ Richard Ploen, Conference Coordinator
etropolit~ UFMCC Perry reports that funds are arriving alt
headquarters daily for the special. A check
5300 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 304
Los Angeles, California 90029 from one sister for the amount of $2,500
arrived with the following letter:
This is an experience you won't want to miss! It only comes around every other
year and a lot of planning is going into making it a worthwhile conference and "Please accept the enclosed check as a
a good time of fellowship. small contribution toward the television
continued on page 10



Racism and MCC In a Continuing Resolution passed

during the lame duck session of Congress,
$2 million was appropriated
for acquired
syndrome (AIDS) to be

in South Africa
conducted by the Center for Disease
Control (CDC). This is a dramatic increase
from the $500,000 appropriation in
1982 and is also significant as one of only
three new health related programs funded
by Nancy Wilson during the entire 97th Congress.
and white Lesbian and Gay Christians. The
Clerk, Board of Elders result was that the leader (a white Gay The work of the Gay Rights National
Today a Gay white man is desperately man, whose name we cannot divulge) was Lobby (GRNL) to secure the support of
trying to get back into his own country. given four days to leave the country. key members of Congress was the major
He was deported from South Africa for Being deported meant he had to leave reason for the resolution's passage.
leading an integrated Gay and Lesbian his lover of five years, his job, his money
Christian community. and all his possessions, and not be permit- TV SPECIAL
It is a truism that religion most often ted to even apply to return for at least five continued from page 9
functions in society as the reinforcer of years. He is now staying with people in production costs for "God, Gays And The
social norms, even elevating them to MCC-London, England, who are helping Gospel." God recently blessed me with
universal or timeless truths. Religion then him to find a way to get to Botswana some unexpected resources and I wanted
serves to stifle social protest, making it a so that he may see his lover and friends and my tithe on that abundance to go toward
"sin." take a few more things with him before he the potential healing, liberating work
On the other hand, religion can and emigrates to England. of this program. The reason I used the
has been a powerful agent for social change Our group in South Africa, we are word "small" above is because I know that
and the struggle for justice and peace. told, is deeply shaken, but intends to go this amount is only the tip of the ice-berg
These two contradictions are very forward with their commitment to be who and I wish I could do more.
important in understanding the history of they are. That's all we know at t~e present I want to share with you where the
racism in Western culture. And it is very time. And they are in a kind of constant abundance came from and you will see
crucial for those of us who are in MCC. danger that you and I know little of. clearly how important it is for me to
I bring this up because of a true story This little group is part of a large, contribute to this work, and why I called it
happening at this moment to our brothers growing resistance movement among Blacks a 'healing, liberating work.' I received
and sisters in South Africa reported to me and whites in South Africa that is politico- word of my father's death. When I went
by Rev. Elder Jean White. religious (South Africans do not so falsely down to the funeral, I stayed in my father's
The government of South Africa is separate their politics and religion!). apartment and started to go through some
one of the most notorious modern examples "Everything is politics" is a South African of his things. What I discovered horrified
of white racism coming out of Western expression. me. He was a child molester--little boys. I
Colonialism. For years, Metropolitan Most of what we may have heard firmly feel that his perversity would not
Community Church has had contacts and about religion in South Africa is of the have occured if he had grown up and lived
underground communities in South Africa. "colonial" religions (white Dutch Reform in a loving and free environment toward
Until this year (though we have had a or Anglican) that have been the justifiers of Gay and Lesbian people. If only he
denominational policy statement that is aparteid. But religion is so much more had known when he was young that God
anti-aparteid) those contacts were largely complicated than that in South Africa. loved him just the way he was, that in fact,
with white people. Then, in 1982, a group Native African religion survives there, as God created him that way, may be all the
of Gay and Lesbian Christians in J ohan- does a unique blend of Christianity and children he molested wouldn't have had to
nesburg asked to begin the process of African animism and ancestor worship in endure his obsession.
formally affiliating with MCC. This group the African Independent Churches (the I believe in the power of God's healing
was different from others we had had fastest growing religious movement in all of and message of liberation and Grace that
contact with in that it not only had anti- Africa). The South African Council of the proposed program can bring to millions
racism and anti-aparteid as one of its main Churches has changed in 10 years from an of people, and if and when it does air, I
tenets, but they were actually racially all white organization to having seven pray that the 'good news' proclaimed will
integrated and out of the closet. Blacks and six whites on its Board. Even turn another away from perverse outlets to
Jean and I and the Board of Elders the Roman Catholic Church has taken bold a healthy and whole acceptance of their
were thrilled at this news, and a little steps to integrate its leadership and defy possible Gay nature. My prayers are with
surprised that this group which challenged the government of South Africa. you also, because you are so instrumental
sexist, homophobic and racist ideology was Right wing Christian groups (financed in declaring God's acceptance of us all.
permitted to exist at all. Almost simul- by the government) tried to separate South Thank you for all of your personal work
taneously with their movement towards African Churches from the World Council and prayers in ministering to our healing
becoming an MCC affiliate, an article of Churches because of its support (fi- community. May God bless you abundantly
appeared in a South African Gay news- nancially and morally) for revolutionary in the New Year, as well as those to whom
paper with a picture of this group of Black continued Oil page 11 you minister."


- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --- BALTIMORE ARCHBISHOP
fellowship news CONVERTED

The Roman Catholic Archbishop of

Baltimore, Maryland celebrated a special
Mass with members of Dignity there, only
two years after he was denounced by
community activists for helping to defeat a
----------------- --------------- gay rights bill before the city council.
Archbishop Border's face was described
as "almost strained" as he told the over
JOY MCC EXPERIENCES evidence as over 100 people, including 200 congregants, "You, as members of
BUSY, SUCCESSFUL YEAR MCC's landowner and his wife, shared Dignity, must always appreciate the reality
together in celebrating the birth of Jesus that you are members of the total com-
and the coming again of Christ. munity of God's people on a pilgrimage
Joy MCC in Orlando, Florida is a place The Year has ended with a trip to through time. We obtain happiness and
where they sometimes get tired but never Disney World's Magic Kingdom for the fulfillment in time and eternity only when
get bored. Starting in July this church Children's Sunday School. Four children, we bring others with us." He spoke of his
raised, in one worship service, cash and the Pastor and her spouse and a parent conviction "that the local church of
pledges to pull them out of a debt of enjoyed this day as a present to the children Baltimore had an obligation to respond to
$2,500. from the church. Two of the older children your particular hopes and needs."
As summer went on attendance will be taken on a later excursion to Ginny Apuzzo, Executive Director of
records were broken almost every other Disney's newest Florida attraction, EPCOT. the National Gay Task Force (NGTF) and
Sunday and then in August they moved to 1983 is beginning with plans and a former nun, said at a reception following
new, rented facilities so there would be activity for their Chartering Service on the Mass, "It is an awesome thing to be a
adequa te space to hold them and their March 13th. The Rev. Elder Troy Perry teacher. It is a moment of grace to be a
programs. The end of September brought and his spouse Greg are being flown in for teacher. You have taught this city and this
a church retreat attended by over 70 the celebration and to have Troy present archbishop something, very, very impor-
people. It was a Spirit filled day with the charter. The serious moments of this tant. "
immersion baptisms and lots of testimony long awaited occassion will be well inter-
from people whose lives had changed spersed with fun activities. RACISM AND MCC
Typical of many people who have
MCC GALVESTON continued from page 10
been touched by MCC's ministry, when
these people had an opportunity to share FINDS NEW HOME African movements. But they are not
with the world, the good news thay had winning that fight. The World Alliance
found, they raised $1,600 in one weekend Metropolitan Community Church of of Reformed Churches last year expelled
so "God, Gays and the Gospel" could Galveston has purchased its own building, the two white Dutch Reformed Churches
become a reality. This was unselfish, free located at 1824 Broadway in the famed for their unrelenting racist policies. There
will giving which poured forth as readily as East Side Historical District. The 2200 sq. has been endless persecution and harass-
the Spirit did. Fifteen people made trips ft. building, initially constructed as a ment 'of Black church leaders and white
to Tampa and then St. Petersburg first to residence in the early '20s, offers ample anti-racists.
t hear Rev. Troy Perry and then for District space for worship facilities, offices, con- But it is the persecution of church
Conference. ference center and various social activities. leaders that has brought this so strongly to
..•\ Their lives were again touched and MCCG intends to utilize the facility as the attention of the world church com-
they were a positive witness to other sisters a community center for the island's Gay munity. And, it just may be this that
and brothers. men and Lesbians. In 1983, they hope to makes time run out at long last for the
On November 15 their pastor, Rev. house a Gay/Lesbian Alcoholics Anon- racist politico-religious establishment of
Nancy Radclyffe, was selected as "Out- ymous group, legal and medical referral South Africa. Political analysts have long
standing Woman of 1982" by Gay Com- service, counseling programs and an arts underestimated the power of religion as an
munity Services of Orlando. The con- and crafts center, in addition to a full range agent for social change and that may prove
gregation was doubly proud since she had of religious activities and Christian edu- dramatically so in South Africa.
only served in Orlando since mid-July of cation programs. Our sisters and brothers in South
1982. The dedication service for the building Africa are trying to live in a new way - a
December brought an ever increasing was held Sunday, January 9 and coincided Gay and Lesbian Christian way, in align-
involvement of the laity in the ministry of with the third anniversary of the church's ment with the love of God in Jesus Christ
Joy MCC as they prepared for a Christmas founding. and with other bold, anti-racist, Black and
Eve Open House and Candlelight Service. white South African Christians. They need
MCC shared these occassions with a newly our prayers, love and support. For more
forming chapter of Dignity with both Send your church news to JOURNEY information or to send letters of love and
Father Marty and Rev. Nancy celebrating the first week of the month to appear care to them write to: Rev. Elder Jean
the Catholic and the MCC Eucharists. Once in the next issue. Send photos, too. White, 31 Fairmount Road, Brixton SW2
again the Spirit of God was very much in 2BJ, England.


UFMCC's Commission on Faith, Fellowship and Order

by Jennie Boyd Bull theological concern to us all. liberate us from sexual oppressions in our
One of FFO's major products from the expressions, relationships and civilliberties?
Chair, FFO
meeting was the first draft of study ques- The Commission also made plans for
Many districts paid for the represent- tions toward a Christian theology of General Conference, including a com-
atives' travel to the Faith, Fellowship and sexuality. These are to be refined and mission fair display and presentation,
Order meeting held in San Francisco, ordered during the coming months, for worship, offering workshops I and II plus
California, and there was throughout the final presentation at General Conference, an additional workshop on the study
meeting a spirit of enthusiasm and com- looking toward intensive study of these questions, data and conclusions from
mitment to our task together. It was questions in the coming two years. Two workshops already offered, and plans for
exciting to see our diversity bear fruit in "purpose questions" arose from the the coming two years. No changes to the
the Holy Spirit--in common vision and meeting, to guide all of our seeking on this Statement of Faith will be proposed by
enriched understanding of our varying subject: FFO at General Conference.
perspectives. And we had fun--two teddy 1. How does a theology of sexuality FF6 "embodied" its purpose in a
bears attended the entire meeting; we enable us to reach people with the saving closing worship service. We celebrated
shared food together, sang together and knowledge of Christ? communion together and joined in a Rite
worshipped together. 2. How does Christ in Resurrection continued on page 13
The Commission focused on organizing
and presenting data from the two FFO
workshops being offered throughout
UFMCC, Basics of the Christian Faith I and
II: Integrating our Spirituality and Our
Sexuality and Our Statement of Faith. All
but two districts have already offered or by Clarence Crossman lives. If that is the case, talking about
have definite plans to offer both work- Layperson, FFO expressing your spirituality with your
shops, and there has been enthusiastic Eastern Canada genitals will not make sense, even if you
response from some world church ex- believe your sexual activities to be God-
tension areas. (Persons interested in Genital spirituality!? The phrase pleasing. But I perceive such an image
receiving one credit for attending the strikes me funny, even as I write and think of the relationship between sexuality and
workshops and writing a followup paper about it. And yet it should make perfect spirituality to be dangerously distorted.
should contact Samaritan Extended Studies, sense, if we believe that the mission of One working definition of spirituality
11 Columbia Street, Hartford, Connecticut UFMCC, and our maturing as Christians, describes it as relationship with God. That
06106.) includes reclaiming or discovering the phrase sounds right, but we need to be
The Commission agreed that its spiritual dimensions of sexuality and the constantly reminded that everything we are
primary task at this point is collecting and sexual dimensions of spirituality. and do is important to God and everything
dispersing information, and has agreed to Perhaps you may not wish to go so far we are and do is expression of our relation-
offer a series of articles from individual as to say that your sexuality and spirituality ship with God (or worship of God). Nothing
FFO representatives in upcoming issues of are part of each other - aspects of yourself about us escapes being wrapped up in our
JOURNEY, between now and General that need to be integrated or fit together to relationship with God. We often think or
Conference. These articles are the in- make you whole and holy, yes - but not act as if only explicitly religious aspects of
dividual statements of their authors, and the same thing. I think we often picture our lives are spiritual. If we believe spirit-
reflect the diversity and richness of the spirituality and sexuality to be equal and uality to be the same thing as religiousness,
thought and experience our Fellowship distinct (if not opposite) forces in our lives, it remains one category about ourselves on
offers on matters of deep pastoral and sort of like our church lives and our sex continued on page 13


SPIRITUALITY continued from page 12 transcendence, deep emotions, self-giving,
equal footing with several others, exerting intimacy, wholeness, sensitivity, self-
good and important influences on them
through interaction. But spirituality
cannot be integrated or fit together with
other aspects of ourselves in the manner of
a puzzle, spirituality is the very process of
integration. It is the process of becoming
awareness, self-worth, freedom.
No one has yet described spirituality
as fun, but it has been described as cele-
bration. On putting the two lists side by
side we have discovered them to be, at
times, almost identical and always inter-
FFO representatives will be writing
articles regarding a Christian Theology
whole, holy, perfect: God's deepest changeable: there has never been a de- of Sexuality to be published in
yearning and delight for us. It is an all- scription in one list that was inappropriate JOURNEY. These articles are the
encompassing vocation - it is all of life and for the other. opinion of the individual author
not one element in life. So why do we instinctively drive a and do not represent the opinion of
So the way that sexuality is part of wedge between sexuality and spirituality FFO.
spirituality is different from the way that when our own experiences tell us they are Some upcoming articles are:
spirituality is part of sexuality. By the same thing? I am convinced that any "Healing Sexual Wounds" by Rev.
encompassing all of human life, spirituality description that could be added to the two Roger Webb; "The Risen Christ and
includes sexuality within itself. Sexuality lists will always come under one of three Sexual Liberation" by Rev. Marianne
can be a powerful factor (though only one categories: COMMUNION,CREATIVITY, Van Fossen; "Evangelism and Sex-
factor) of spirituality as vocation, as life. CELEBRATION. They summarize the uality" by Rev. J 0 Crisco; "Eucharist
Sexual and genital activity that is inte- positive content, the Gcd-givenness, of and Embodiment" by Rev. Jennie
grative, healing and God-delighting is both spirituality and sexuality (but that Boyd Bull and "Sexual Holiness"
spiritual. The dictionary definition of topic is another whole essay). I believe our by Sally Sumerall.
spiritual as incorporeal or immaterial has experiences also verify the fact that when
its roots in lousy theology. Spirituality the two are separated, spirituality is
can be embodied; spirituality can be truncated and handicapped and sexuality is
sexual. Unfortunately that lousy theology abusive and dirty. FFO MEETS IN SAN FRANCISCO
has a long history and is extremely in. We desperately need liberation from continued from page 12
fluential. It is a large element in the whatever keeps them. alienated in our lives. of Blessing for the relationship of Betty
heritage that makes sex so feared and hated The bondage and harm that result from Pedersen and Michelle Carmody, North-
in North America and elsewhere. It such tragic separation is expressed in west and Western Canada representatives to
is the basis for the uncomfortable snickers something as minor as sheepishness (for FFO. We were all blessed at such ajoyous
with which I often accompany my sincere example, about admitting that profound confirmation of our task.
declaration that I can worship God and love-making often follows profound wor- The following representatives were
express my spirituality with my genitals. ship services) through to murder and present: Jennie Boyd Bull, chair; Jeri Ann
Considering what a powerful force sex suicide. The more I think about the Harvey, liaison elder; Marianne Van Fossen,
is within our lives, and a potentially potential of, and the alternatives to, genital MidAtlantic; Clarence Crossman, Eastern
powerful force within spirituality, that spirituality the more it makes perfect Canada; Victoria Landes, South Atlantic;
declaration whould be a joyous and matter- sense. Joseph Gilbert and Tad Lincoln, Southeast;
of-fact one. Yet, I know I am not alone in Carol Ann Kyrias, Great Lakes; Candace
my lack of integration and wholeness - in DISPLAY ADVERTISING RATE PER ISSUE Adams and B.J. Couvion, MidCentral; Jo
spite of the fact that people readily demon- Crisco and Sally Sumerall, South Central;
strate, from their own experience, the I PAGE $300 (7-1/2"x9-1/2")
1/2 PAGE $170 (7-1/2"x4-5/8" or
Ernie LaCasse and Michelle Carmody,
commonality between sexuality and spirit- Western Canada; Betty Pedersen and Jack
uality. 1/3 PAGE $120 (7-1/2 "x3" or Hubbs, Northwest; Roger Webb and Chuck
In various seminars, I have asked 2-3/8"x9-1/2 ") Russell, Southwest; Lucia Chappelle and
people to briefly describe how they know, 1/4 PAGE s 90 (3-5/8"x4-5/8")
Sherre Boothman, Samaritan advisors.
1/6 PAGE $ 60 (2-3/8"x4-5/8")
from their personal experience, that
sexuality is a good gift from God. (I (All dimensions given are horizontal x vertical)
encourage you now to briefly make a list). GRNL CREATES NEW REGION;
Lists have been made which, in part, (There is an additional 15% preparation charge
describe sexuality as a means to intimacy, for ads not camera ready)
self-worth, liberation, growth and matur- A discount for repeat ads paid in full in
ation, deep emotions, self-transcendence, advance is available at:
self-giving, self-awareness, sensitivity, The Gay Rights National Lobby
wholeness, and after some encouragement, FULL YEAR (12 issues) 20% off (GRNL) has announced that it will be
people have admitted to having fun. HALF YEAR (6 issues) 10% off opening a regional office to coordinate its
I have then asked them to briefly field operations in 12 Midwestern states:
(Preparation charges not included in dis-
describe how they know, from their own counted rates.) Checks must accompany ad Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan,
experience, that spirituality is a good gift copy, payable to UFMCC, marked "Journey Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North
from God. (I encourage you to briefly Ad." All advertising must be inclusive of Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin.
gender, age and race. Advertising of tobacco, The new office, tentatively scheduled to
make a second list). Lists have been made
alcoholic beverages or sexually oriented
which, in part, describe spirituality as a services will not be accepted.
open in the spring of 1983, will most likely
means to growth and maturation, self- be located in Chicago.


who have moved down here without

Land of sunshine adequate planning and financial resources.

They are down to their last 10 dollars and
have no place to stay, nothing to eat. Even

land of promise!? the Salvation Army and the Union Rescue

Mission have 3-day limits on using their
emergency housing.
church or organization
The most the average
can do is perhaps a
by N aney Radc1yffe of the same sex" to rent a one bedroom couple of meals because we do not have
apartment. Right up front then is the the resources for more. There are no magic
Pastor, Joy MCC
expense of a two bedroom apartment. wands to wave here in the sunshine, the
Do not assume that there will be a gay realities are very similar to where you are.
Rev. Nancy Radclyffe, Pastor of Joy organization where you are moving. If
MCC in Orlando, Florida, is creator of a there is one or more do not assume that
new pilot program of Chaplaincy in the they have resources for housing referrals or
Fellowship which involves pastoral care for
pastors, worship coordinators, lay leaders
roomate services. Such may simply not
exist, may be diminished by the same hard Samaritan
and significant others. This program has times that are hitting you or people are
been endorsed by the Board of Elders and naturally reluctant to take in strangers.
the CCCC. This is a pastoral care article.
In recent years the population of the
While it may be rough where you are you
do know people, you know your way
United States has been migrating south around, and you know more about the
with the promise of warm weather, lower
unemployment figures and southern hos-
available resources and are probably more
eligible for them. There are thousands of
pitality. The purpose of this article is to gay and non-gay people living on the
share the realities of "moving south." I streets even in the "land of sunshine."
speak from the perspective of my experience Many are there because they decided to by Bruee M. Kassalow
in Florida, however, most of this is equally move south without making adequate plans Staff, SEC
applicable to the other warm states. well in advance.
Yes, we do have a lower unemployment If I have not yet discouraged you from Samaritan Education Center is looking
rate than many of the northern states but moving, then here are some suggestions forward to a most ambitious 1983. The
it is still a high unemployment rate. Many that may help to make your move more Correspondence Course Catalogue is cur-
people are out of work and even long term successful. Start planning at least six rently under expansion. Education by mail
residents may spend months finding a new months ahead. Save up your money for is SEC's present method of gathering world
job once they are laid off. Many jobs, even the move. You will need food, lodging and wide UFMCC participation. The school
at Disney, are only at minimum wage gas while looking for work. The lodging desires to have students from every single
regardless of prior experience. Employers will probably be the expensive variety of church in the entire Fellowship.
will be hesitant to employ someone who hotels or motels. Figure a minimum of a The Samaritan Division of The Uni-
has just moved here, especially in the thousand dollars a month for at least 3 to 6 versal Fellowship Press has had a great
winter, for fear that they are "snow birds" months for living expenses. Local public success with its first publication HOMO-
who will return north in the spring. People transportation will probably be inadequate SEXUALITY AND THE CONSER VA-
with college educations and professional and a car will be needed. TIVE CHRISTIAN by the Rev. L. Robert
work experience often find that they Write ahead to the local Chamber of Arthur. The Rev. Freda Smith's DEAR
must take a minimum wage jo b in order to Commerce telling of your pending move DORA DANGEROUS DEREK DIESEL
survive while looking and waiting for -the and requesting relevant information on DYKE is now available. THE UFMCC
right job. jobs.rhousing, food costs, etc. Check a gay COOKBOOK is under preparation and
Apartment complexes require a deposit guide and see if there are any gay organ- should be available by early spring.
of at least one month's rent and sometimes izations. Write them and see what services SEC's Second Semester classes from
two months. They check your references they have to offer and if they have any job the Resident College began on February 1,
to see if you are employed and earn and housing suggestions. Contact the local 1983. Courses being offered include
enough to pay the rent. Utilities are newspaper and request a couple of different Catalysts In UFMCC Theology: The History
usually a separate fee and require deposits copies of the Sunday paper. Read it; Of Feminist Critique instructed by the Rev.
such as $100 to have the electricity turned stories on crime, unemployment, the Lucia Chappelle, Sermon Preparation And
on. There is some shortage of housing and business section and of course the want ads Delivery instructed by the Rev. Elder
few "cheap" rooming houses. Most of the for jobs and housing costs. If you are in a Nancy Wilson, and The Role Of The Pastor
apartments do not take pets. There are kind of work that uses resumes, start instructed by the Rev. A. Stephen Pieters.
very few efficiency or studio apartments. sending them out well in advance. Write Classes in Los Angeles will conclude with
Except perhaps for California, when companies in your line of work and inquire the Finals on May 28, 1983.
you move south you are moving to a more about job opportunities. Plan a trip down SEC wants to have a role in all of the
conservative part of. the country where for job interviews and to see the area lives of all members of UFMCC. The
there are few or no "gay rights." In many before you actually move. address for further information is 5300
of these states, including Florida, it is At the present time I receive an Santa Monica Blvd., No. 104, Los Angeles,
against the law for two "unrelated adults average of two calls a week from people California 90029.


continued from page 3 Saturday evening .... and the Bible, a time of sharing for women
GENERAL CONFERENCE and a time for men; a time of sharing for
SPECIAL SPEAKERS: A brochure Third World people; and a time of exploring
Sneak Preview!
is being produced by the Fellowship with the internationality of MCC and to share
schedule, significant programming for more details on this important aspect of what it is like to be "MCC" in different
non-delegates and attention given to Conference. Our major outside speaker is cultures and countries. Also, MCC-Toronto
pastoral counselling needs. Dr. Virginia Mollenkott, author of Is The plans to offer an ad hoc sharing group for
Homosexual My Neighbor? and Women, lay people who edit newsletters, are
WORSHIP: Worship is always the Men And The Bible, among other titles. Church secretaries/administrators, who are
most important thing we do when we She will be' addressing the General Con- treasurers, etc.
gather together. General Conference XI ference and will lead a four hour seminar.
will be no exception. Our worship services We are experimenting this year with BUDGET PROCESS: For the first
will be held in a separate building from not having dozens of short, poorly at- time in the history of UFMCC, we have a
business meetings and we will have two tended, "squeezed in between business" budget process that maximizes input and
major worship services a day. The morning workshops, but with presenting four major involves every district in decision making.
worship (yet to be designed) will be from seminars simultaneously, on Thursday with All Committees, Commissions, Departments
8-9, except for the opening service which no conflicting business. That way we felt and Boards have already been asked for
will be longer. people could go away from Conference input to the Finance Committee (Chair,
Evening service will be at 7:30 and will with a substantial educational experience. Rev. Reid Christensen of MCC Illiamo).
be more open-ended as to time frame. This The seminars include "Church Growth" The Finance Committee will propose a first
way, we can begin business every morning by Rev. Don Eastman; a seminar on the draft of the budget, will distribute it with
promptly at 9:30 instead of at 11:00 or so laity and building community by Ms. Jean pre-Conference reports and will hold
as in the past. Our hope is that if business Gralley(former chair of the Commission on hearings for the first three days of Con-
progresses by Wednesday afternoon we will the Laity, artist and author); and a seminar ference to make adjustments.
be able to have some honest-to-goodness on "Spirituality and Sexuality" by Rev- They will then present the final draft
free time. erends F. Jay Deacon and Jennie Boyd to the General Conference for action and
The Board of Elders will be choosing Bull. adoption. This will allow for more imput
the preachers in February. Rev. Renee than ever before in the budget process, and
McCoy, pastor of Harlem MCC, will be SPECIAL EVENTS: There will be will eliminate the last minute frustrating
organizing worship for the Conference. time and space for special needs and "budget .changes by resolution" that
Mr. Danny Ray of Dallas, TX will be concerns (Women sharing, alternative min- happened last Conference because that was
coordinating music (special music and istries, substance abuse prevention, caucus the only avenue available for budget input'
congregational singing). Worship will be meetings, etc.) A chapel will be open at all and change.
exciting, filling, reverent and reflective of times, and information centers and hos-
the diversity of worship styles in MCC. pitality rooms will also be staffed. There PRE-CONFERENCE MEETING:
Also, Rev. Bjorn Marcussen of Copenhagen will be pastoral care for those in need of General Conference officially begins Mon-
has offered to lead some times of quiet counselling. day, July 11. However, the Board of
meditation and reflection. Tuesday's The Human Rights Rally and Cele- Elders will meet the week prior, as well as
worship service will focus on and celebrate bration, a regular feature of past General the CCCC, Faith, Fellowship & Order,
Third World outreach, as resolved by Conferences, will occur Saturday afternoon GSS, the Hispanic Americas District, and
General Conference X. We will have a and will include presentation of awards and the Third World Outreach group formed.
special worship celebration of commitment entertainment - music and comedy, UFMCC
from the Third World Gay and Lesbian
to the next biennium of the UFMCC at our fashion -- don't miss it!
Christian Conference held last October:
Friday night service; a Saturday night
That list is not exhaustive. So, really, it
Ordination service and, of course, the FOR NON-DELEGATES: For the first will be a busy two eeeks for many of us!
Sunday morning large worship service
time, the General Conference Management The General Conference Management
featuring Rev. Perry as the preacher. Team has given special thought and plan- Team, Mr. Richard Ploen, Mr. Phil Gallnitz,
ning to the needs of those who are not lay Elder Michael Mank and myself hope that
BUSINESS: This year we will con- or clergy delegates to Conference. The this "sneak preview" really excites you
tinue to use the "forum" concept for the host church, MCC-Toronto, is making plans about General Conference XI.
Elders Report, the reports from the Com- of their own for tours and round-the-clock
mission on GSS and other important hospitality. In addition there will be a The Research and Development Coun-
upcoming issues. In addition, at the seminar on "UFMCC Today and General cil, an advisory group to the Board of
request of the Commission on the Laity, . Conference Orientation"; the two FFO Elders, is researching and preparing plans
we will have a Monday A.M. "prelim- workshops given around the Fellowship for a Board of Pensions fgr UFMCC.
inaries" time for all lay delegates, for the will be offered as well as a new, third This long overdue project will be for
Elders Nominating Committee, for the workshop, Excel (Exercise in Christian clergy, lay leaders and Fellowship em-
Finance Committee (which will have Community Living - a lay renewal move- ployees.
hearings all week-not conflicting with ment in MCC, under the direction of The details of this proposal will be
business sessions) and for clergy delegates. Samaritan Educational Center, adapted included in the pre-conference packet.
We are also planning extra day hours for from the Catholic Cursillo movement) will
business if needed so that we do not have make a presentation; there will be an
to be having business meetings at 11 PM afternoon discussion on "Homosexuality See you in Toronto!