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AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER . MANUAL SEVENTH EDITION AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MANUAL Se, ye SEVENTH EDITION EDITED BY DR. ROD RYAN ‘THe ASC Press Ho.tywoop, CALIFORNIA ‘American Cinematographer Manual Seventh Edition Copyright® 1993 by The ASC Press Hollywood, California, USA ‘All Rights Reserved Libraty of Congres Catalog Card No. 7350439 ISBN 0-835578-11-0 Cover Design and Artwork by George E Tuer Copy edit by David Heuring, Stephen Pizzelo and May Rhea ‘Production by Martha Wineshalter ‘Printed in the Unit States of America by Sinclair Printing Company Acknowledgements “This elton lke al ofthe previous editions, was ajointefort. We ‘havecalled on ASC members associate members and manufactures! rep resenfatives to discuss the state ofthe art in the areas oftheir exper tse. Toul ike to thank each of the more than 0 cntebutors for ak ing time fom ther busy schedules to help inthe preparation af this, manual. Mehrdad Azarm, Ph.D; Ed Blasko, Eastman Kodak; Paul Bourque, Agfa Photo Divison James K Branch Steven C, Cambrian, Arriflex Corp, Ed Clare, Matthews Stadio Equipment Group; Chris Condon, Stereoision Internationa, lnc: Anthony Coogan, StereoMec, Ine; Jack Cooperman, ASC; Ed DiGiulo, Cinema Products Corp Fred DetmetsLintood G, Dann, ASC; Richard Ealund, ASC; Jonathan Eland Marianne Exbrayat, Aaton Des Autres, Ine: Doug Fries, Fis Engineer ing: Tom Faser Richard Glickman, Glcanen Corp; Wiliam Hansard St. Hansard Enterprises; Friider Hochheim Kinfl nc Michael Hoften Bill logan, Sprocket Digital RabertC. Hummel, Theme Prk Produc tion, ne; Maar bk, Fut Photo Fl USA, Jaa Jurgens, Cinema Pro ucts Coep, Frank M Kay, Panavision; Conrad Kiel, Photonic ne; fon Kranhotse Been Levy, em Levy Assocites Frank Leon, Leet Co. Geant Loucks, Alan Gordon Enterprises; Harry Mathias; Kami Mina,Don Miskowich, Eastman Kodak; John Mosely, CAS; Martin Mueller, MSM Design Inc: Dennis Maren, ASC; Ryan O/H, Chapman Leonard Marty Olle Alan Peach, DemoGraFX Seven Poster, ASC: Davi Quaid ASC Pote Romano, Hydrolmage; Gavin Schutz, Image Transform; Daniel Symmes, Spatial Technologies, Inc; Bil Taylor, AS: ra Tiffen, Tien Manufacturing Coe. Bill Turner, Century Precision Optics Petro Viahos, Vishos Motion Picture, Inc; Paul Westerfer, AMPTP; Michael Whitney DemoGraPX; Geoffrey H. Williamson, Wikam Photo Rescarcy win W. ‘Young, DuArt Laboratories ‘Special thanks to David Heuring, Martha Winterhalte, Steven Pzelo, Mag Rhea, ad the American Cinematographer staf for their suggestions and asitance. Rod Ryan Dr, Ra Ryn tin os Regional Engng Dnt of Eastman Kodak -MPSAV Dinision ater 40 yas sericea that company. He sa graduate of ‘he Unions of Southern Calfornia BA, Ma, PAD. an Honorary Member of ASC, a Life Fellow of SMPTE, Retired Fellw BKSTS, a member of the Act ‘my of Matin Pc Arts and Sciences, the AcamyofTlesion Arts ed [Scinss andthe Motion Picture Ponsr. His ard include the Here T. Kalous Gold Medal, ze SMPTE Special Commendations, the AMPAS Sei tific Engineering Award and the AMPAS Metal Of Commendation, Dur ng World War, ews ISN photographer, an ger he wr nef the po- ‘ogra of the ta Bam Test a Bik Atal. He he aur of" Hs Jory af Motion Pita Calor Tecoiogy,” elitr and contributing eutior of "Calor Seslometry” “Sitch Anniversay Issue SMPTE Journal,” “Fith Anniversary Issue American Cinragrpr” contributing atlar of Con ‘nol Techniques nF Processing,” "Teale in he Laboratory Handling of Motion Picture and Other Lang Fis," "The Beokof Fil Creed several Atles i the SMPTE Journal ad othr tad publications.