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California California is a state of the United States which is situated on the West Coast of North America, a state famous

because it is by far the most populous state in the United States and also the third most extensive after Alaska and Texas. California is home for Los Angeles metropolitan area and San Francisco Bay Area and for eight most populated cities of this nation. Those cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, Oakland, Long Beach, Fresco, San Jose, San Francisco and Sacramento; the last city is also the capital city of California. In terms of geography, California has a diverse relief. The state ranges from the Pacific Coast in the western part, to the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the east and then from the Redwood-Douglas forests in the northwest to the Mojave Desert areas in the southeast. California has a major agricultural area known as Central Valley, also both highest and lowest points (mountains and valleys) and a long coastline (more exactly the 3rd longest coastline of all states, after Alaska and Florida). But, one inconvenient of living in California is earthquakes which represent a common occurrence and the principal cause of this problem is the position of the state: along the Pacific Ring of Fire. In the state, climate varies from Mediterranean to subarctic, but the predominant climate is the Mediterranean one with rainy winters and dry summers. In the high mountains, we have an alpine climate with snow in winter and mild to moderate heat in summer. Another aspect concerns the expansion of deserts especially in the eastern part of California where we find also the hottest location in North America, Death Valley, a desert which continues to expanse below sea level. California can be proud because there are some sectors which assure the growth of economy: trade, government, education, business services, leisure, transportation, financial services, etc. This means that it is not a myth when we say that the economy of California is very dependent on trade and international related commerce. But, nowadays, people begin to realize the importance of a healthy environment and want to vote yes on Proposition 39; this proposition closes a reduced tax for the corporations in California and all these things for a reason: to give to the state the necessary revenue for providing good-paying jobs in clean energy and energy efficiency. So, if Proposition 39 will be validated, government will be engaged to create new clean energy jobs in California; certainly, this thing will be helpful for the entire world because we begin to consume too much the goods of Earth. California is an important academic centre (with notable private universities, private colleges), a religious state (with many institutions of this type) and a tourist city with many attractions which will impress everyone (historical buildings, botanical gardens, parks, cathedrals, museums, etc.).