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Tesla Disk Technology Reference

Implementation of Innovation

A listing of papers and articles on Tesla Disk Technology from the Eagle-Research archives

George Wiseman

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since 1984

Patent-free Technology Brown's Gas Fuel Savers Free Energy


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I differ from most inventors in many ways. For one, I actually make my living and finance continued research by inventing. Two, I dont hold-back secrets of my innovations. Three, I do not patent my work. It is distributed worldwide as public knowledge, so no one else can patent it either. Actually, the patent office is very inefficient and people have gotten patents on my technology... usually to fraud investors. However, the patent is worthless. Patent law states public domain information is not patentable.


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source of record. Source of record information is listed when possible and applicable. The intent is to make these references easy to get. We assume that most people can access the Inter-Library loan program through their local college, university, school or community libraries. Nikola Tesla Locate the documents in the various libraries (usually by phone) and then give the complete information to the library closest to you, to arrange for inter-library loan. Then photocopy the parts of the document that are applicable to your research and return the document. Additions and corrections to this reference are always welcome. In some cases, (for research purposes only) we can provide copies of these documents from our files. Send an email entitled: TDTR Photocopies, order_room@eagle-research.com for photocopy and postage rates. (Source A) University Microfilms, 300 North Zeib Road, Ann Arbor, MI, 48106. To get document from University Microfilms, send $55, Last name, First name and initials of author and the title of the document. Request paper or microfilm. Phone 1-313-761-4700 or FAX 1-313-973-1540. (Source B) University of Montana, Missoula, MT. Inter-Library Loans, Phone 1-406-243-6736 and FAX 1-406-243-2060. Send $7.50 per request. Include author full name, title of document, page numbers (if applicable), and
In almost every step of progress in electrical power engineering, as well as in radio, we can trace the spark of thought back to Nikola Tesla. There are few indeed who in their lifetime see realization of such a far-flung imagination. (E.F.W. Alexanderson)

Yugoslavian born Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943) was undoubtedly a visionary of profound impact. He was a prolific writer, had an extraordinary ability to visualize, and his inventions were so far ahead of his time that we have still not caught up. Even a mere glance through a fair account of Nikola Tesla inspires, causes ones mouth to drop open and ones heart to sink. Where could human civilization be now if Teslas genius had been fairly and fully celebrated? Perhaps, more to the point: Where couldnt we be? It is because of Nikola Teslas legacy of inspiration that EagleResearch, Inc. (ER) and many other admirers pay their respects to his work by whatever means they are able. In this case, ER has compiled this list of Nikola Teslas patents in the hopes of helping others to learn from and take further steps with his work.

The following symbols have been used to indicate the source of the material.


University Microfilms University of Montana ASME

B = C= D= E= F= G= H= I= J= K= L=

University of Wisconsin 21st Century Books Arizona State University NTIS Diskflo Corp
Rex Research RPI University of Illinois USA Patent Office

To avoid having to repeat the contact information fro document sources, the sources have been listed in the beginning of this booklet. Example: I will refer to "Source A", which is University Microfilms. The source where ER obtained the document, not the

Tesla Disk Technology Reference / www.eagle-research.com

publisher of document. If document is included in a journal or such, be sure to list all location information. (Source C) American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Engineering Societies Library, depository of ASME documents. Phone 1-212-705-7611 between 11 AM and 3 PM eastern standard time. (Source D) University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI. Depository of ASME documents. Phone 1-608-262-5913 or 5917. They charge $13 per article and 25 cents per page after 16 pages; they also have a "shipping" charge. Send FAX to Wisconsin Techsearch FAX: 1-608-262-4739. (Be sure to ask for their brochure.) (Source E) Gary L. Peterson of Twenty First Century Books, PO Box 2001, 100 South Ridge Street, #101, Breckenridge, CO, 804242001. Phone 1-303-453-9293. A lot of documents from Gary came from NTIS. (Source F) (ASU) Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ. Phone: 602-965-9011 (ask for reference library) (Source G) NTIS reports and documents generated by government research programs. Includes technical, scientific and engineering information. National Technical Information Service (NTIS), US Department of Commerce, Springfield, VA, 22161. Phone: 703-487-4660. (Source H) DISKFLO Corp., 9429 Abraham Way, Santee, CA, 92071. Phone: 619-449-1971.

(Source I) Rex Research, PO Box 19250, Jean, NV, 89019. (Source J) RPI Inter-library loan Dept., Fulsum Library, Troy, NY, 12180. Phone 518-276-8330. (Source K) University of Illinois, University of Illinois Library, Inter-library loan Dept., 1408 West Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL, 61801 Phone: 217-333-1958. FAX: 217-244-0398 (Source L) USA Patent Office, Dept. of Commerces United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) PO Box 1450 Alexandria, VA 22313-1450 The USPTO has separate mailing addresses for other subject-specific correspondence. To determine the appropriate addresses for such correspondence, customers should check the USPTO Web site www.uspto.gov/web/offices/pac/dap p/opla/preognotice/addresschange. htm.

Inspirationthat is what he gave to other inventors whose endeavors his life spanned, and that is what his work continues to give to technical specialists in these times. On the occasion of Teslas seventy-fifth birthday (1931), his contemporaries wrote that his lectures where then both as imaginative and inspirational to productive development as when they were first published forty years before that: In reading of Teslas work one is constantly struck by his many suggestions which have anticipated later developments in the radio art. (Louis Cohen) There are three aspects of Teslas work which particularly deserve our admiration: The importance of the achievements in themselves, as judged by their practical bearing; the logical clearness and purity of thought, with which the arguments are pursued and new results obtained; the vision and the inspiration, I should almost say the courage, of seeing remote things far ahead and so opening up new avenues to mankind. (I. C. M. Brentano) Today, we yet find that the writings of Tesla retain their undiminished power of inspirational endeavor to the reader. Tesla was indeed out of his time, and this biography represents a distinct achievement in overcoming unusual investigative obstacles to bring his remarkable story to life. (Leland Anderson) from the Introduction to Tesla, Man Out of Time, by Margaret Cheney 1981, Published by Prentice-Hall ISBN: 0-13-906859-7

In this reference, we list alphabetically by first author's last name. I am including cross references to other reference sources that list some of these documents. These cross references are mostly for my own use, to assist my research. Example: I bought and received a document called Tesla Turbine References by Leland (Lee) I. Anderson from . When I list (here) a document listed in the Tesla Turbine Reference, I will list it as [TTR ##]. The Tesla Turbine Reference has an Appendix taken from the reference section of Tesla

www.eagle-research.com / Tesla Disk Technology Reference

Turbomachinery by Professor Warren Rice during his tenure with the Arizona State University. I will cross reference to that Appendix with [TTRA ##]. Articles that are included in the book "Boundary Layer Breakthrough" by Jeff Hayes, I will cross reference with [BLB pages ##]. In effect. "Boundary Layer Breakthrough" becomes a source for several documents that you acquire all at once. Jeff Hayes now has a much better book called Tesla's Engine. Available through TEBA, see below. If I've not been able to locate a document I say so in the "Status", which refers to the status in my own personal records. Checking: = Ive discovered that a document exists and Im trying to find where to get it. Ordered: = Ive found it, am buying it but do not yet have it. Acquired: = I have it in my files. During my research to find the references in the TTR, I came across further documents and I am documenting my acquisition techniques to make this a more complete and user friendly reference than the TTR. Eventually I will include a short explanation of each document to assist the researcher using this reference. Twenty First Century Books specializes in information on Nikola Tesla, who was the originator of the disk turbomachinery concept. Tesla is also well known in other engineering fields. Another good source of information on Tesla technology is Tesla Book

Company, PO Box 121873, Chula Vista, CA, 91912. Phone 1-800-398-2056. A third source is the Tesla Engine Builders Association (TEBA), 5464 N. Port Washington Road, Suite 293, Milwaukee, WI, 53217. These people are actively promoting construction and application of Tesla disk turbomachinery. They have a newsletter that you'd be wise to subscribe to ($25 per year for US resident) if you're into disk machinery. A fourth source for books on Nikola Tesla is the International Tesla Society, PO Box 5636, Colorado Springs, CO, 80909. You can order books from their comprehensive resource guide. Becoming a member gives you a 10% discount on all orders plus a subscription to ExtraOrdinary Science magazine and After Hours, for members only. Status; acquired, found, GIT Library, call # TJ 153.G45X A75. Phone 404-894-4529. [TTR 37] Armstrong, James H., An Investigation of the Performance of a Modified Tesla Turbine, MS Thesis, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, 1952. 80 pages. Status; acquired, found, U of C Library, in Dissertation Abstracts Vol. 30, issue 6, page 2658, December 1969. Phone 303-492-7521. [TTR 62] Bakke, Evan., A Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of the Flow Phonomena Between Two Co-Rotating Parallel Disks With Source Flow, PhD Dissertation, Chemical Engineering, University of Colorado, 1969. 250 pages.

Prolific inventor, who solved the greatest problem in electrical engineering of his time, and gave to the world the polyphase motor and system of distribution, revolutionizing the power art and founding its phenomenal development. My contact as your assistant at the historic Columbia University high frequency lecture and afterward has left an indelible impression and inspiration which has influenced my life. (Gano Dunn)

The following symbols have been used to indicate the source of the material. A=

University Microfilms University of Montana ASME

B = C= D= E= F= G= H= I= J= K= L=

University of Wisconsin 21st Century Books Arizona State University NTIS Diskflo Corp
Rex Research RPI University of Illinois USA Patent Office

Tesla Disk Technology Reference / www.eagle-research.com

Status; checking. [TTRA 20] Bakke, Evan and Kreith, F., "Disk Pump Performance in a Turbulent Flow." Journal of Fluids Engineering ASME, Paper No. 77WA/FE-26. Status; acquired, #69-20753. [TTR 61] Boyack, Brent Evans, An Integral Solution for the ThreeDimensional, Laminar Flow of a Viscous, Incompressible Fluid Between Parallel, Co-Rotating Disks, PhD Dissertation, Mechanical Engineering, ASU, June 1969.130 pages. Status; acquired, #67-10860. [TTR 55] Boyd, Keith Edward, An Analysis of the Laminar Flow of a Viscous, Incompressible Fluid Through a Full Admission Multiple-Disk Turbine, PhD Dissertation, Mechanical Engineering Department, ASU, May 1967. 150 pages. Status; acquired,. [TTRA 7] Breiter, M.C. and Pohlausen, K., Laminar Flow between Two Parallel Rotating Disks. ARL 62318, Aeronautical Research Laboratory, OSR, USAF, WrightPatterson AFB, March 1962. 60 pages. Status; acquired,. [TTR 50] Burton, Walter E., "Make a Model Tesla Turbine." The author remarks, "one of the great 'lost' engines, Tesla's long-neglected turbine, is due for a revival." Popular Science, September 1965, pp. 188-193. Status; acquired. [TTRA 31] Chew, J.W., "Computation of Flow and Heat Transfer in Rotating Disk Systems." 2nd ASME-JSME Thermal Engineering Conference, Hawaii, March 1987. pp. 361-367

Status; ordered, found in U of H reference library, phone 713-743 1050; call number "HO-620.C55i". [TTRA 6] Chrismer, Donald-Orville, An Investigation of a Disk Type Blower, MS Thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Houston, August 1960. Status; acquired, found , call #LD 179.15 1972.C72. Crawford, Michael Edwood, A Composite Solution Method for Analytical Design and Optimization Studies of a Multiple Disk Pump. MS Thesis, ASU, 1972. 140 pages. Status; acquired , found , call #LD 179.15 1973.C765. [TTR 69] Crowther, Errett William., An Experimental Investigation of Outward Flow of an Incompressible Fluid Between Closely Spaced CoRotating Disks, MSE Thesis, Mechanical Engineering, ASU, May 1973. 170 pages. Status; acquired, found , call #LD 179.15 1969.D35. Dant, Robert Ugene, Calculated Performance of a Multiple Disk Turbine operating with incompressible fluid, MS Thesis, ASU, 1969. 240 pages. Status; acquired. [TTR 60] Dussourd, J., Discussion of Paper (TTR 58) Journal of Applied Mechanics, Trans. ASME, June 1969 pp. 376-377. Status; acquired. [TTRA 18] Garrison, P.W. and Harvey, D.W. and Catton, I., Laminar Compressible Flow Between Rotating Disks. "Journal of Fluids Engineering ASME, September 1976, pp. 382-389.

...Not to stagger on being shown through the laboratory of Nikola Tesla McGovern would later recall, requires the possession of an uncommonly sturdy mind... Fancy yourself seated in a large, well-lighted rom, with mountains of curious-looking machinery on all sides. A tall, thin young man walks up to you, and by merely snapping his fingers creates instantaneously a ball of leaping red flame, and holds it calmly in his hands. As you gaze you are surprised to see it does not burn his fingers. He lets it fall upon is clothing, on his hair, into your lap, and, finally, puts the ball of flame into a wooden box. You are amazed to see that nowhere does the flame leave the slightest trace, and you rub your eyes to make sure you are not asleep. If McGovern was baffled by Teslas fireball, he was at least not alone. None of his contemporaries could explain how Tesla produced this oftrepeated effect, and no one can explain it today. ... from Tesla, Man Out of Time, by Margaret Cheney 1981, Published by Prentice-Hall ISBN: 0-13-906859-7

www.eagle-research.com / Tesla Disk Technology Reference

Status; acquired. Girth, Max, brochures for pumps manufactured by DISCFLO. Mostly acquired at International Tesla Symposium (1991?). Status; acquired (Source B), searched (Source A), (Source F), not found. [TTR 44] Gordon, W., An investigation of a Disk-Type Compressor, MS Thesis, ASU, 1962. 100 pages. Status; ordered, searched , , not found. [TTR 41] Gruber, E.L., An Investigation of a Turbine With a Multiple-Disk Rotor, MS Thesis, ASU, 1960 Status; acquired, [TTR 46] Hasinger, S.H. and Kehrt, L.G., "Investigation of a Shear-Force Pump," Aeronautical Research Laboratories, Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. Journal of Engineering for Power, Trans. ASME, July 1963, pp. 201-207. Status; acquired, [TTRA 10] Hasinger, S.H. and Kehrt, L.G. and Goksel, O.T., Cavitation Tests with a High Efficiency Shear Force Pump. ASME Proceedings, Symposium on Cavitation in Fluid Machinery, Chicago, Illinios, November 7-11, 1965, pp. 132-147. Status; acquired, [TTRA 33] Hayes, Jeffery A., Boundary Layer Breakthrough, soft cover, 180 pages. An extensive collection of patents, papers and articles by Nikola Tesla and others on disktype turbines and pumps. Includes photographs of working applications. Status; acquired, [TTRA 28] Hedin, R. S., "The Tesla Turbine", Live Steam, November 1984, pp. 32-35.

Status; acquired, found call #LD 179.15 1972.L39 Lawn, Michael John, An Investigation of Multiple Disk Turbine Performance Parameters, MS Thesis, ASU, 1972. 280 pages. Status; acquired, found, U of Maryland library call # LD 3231.M70m Leaman. Phone 301-314-9416. . [TTR 36] Leaman, A.B., The Design, Construction, and Investigation of a Tesla Turbine, MS Thesis, University of Maryland, College Park, MD, 1950. 90 pages. Status; acquired, found call #LD 179.15 1987.M35. Maiti, Devadutta, An Integral Analysis of Turbulent Flow in a Multiple Disk Pump, MS Thesis, ASU, 1987. 140 pages. Status; acquired, [TTRA 35] Morris, Joseph H., "Performance of Multiple-Disk-Rotor Pumps With Varied Interdisk Spacings." Report of Investigation performed by David W. Taylor Navel Ship R&D Center, Bethesda, MD, NTIS Report # AD A088010. Interdisk spacings from 0.006 to 0.260 inch at operating speeds from 3,550 to 7000 RPM were investigated. Good performance at wide interdisk spacings was obtained. August 1980. 100 pages. Status; checking, [TTR 59] Nendl, D., Discussion of Paper (TTR 58) Journal of Applied Mechanics, Trans. ASME, June 1969 pp. 375-376. Status; acquired, #69-1662. [TTRA 11] North, Richard Charles, An Investigation of the Tesla Turbine, PhD Dissertation, University of Maryland, 1969. 170 pages.

Status; acquired, #73-07310. [TTR 68] Pater, L.L., Transition of Inward Flow Between Closely-Spaced Parallel Corotating Disks, PhD Dissertation, Mechanical Engineering, ASU, January 1973. 220 pages. Status; acquired, [TTRA 35] Possell, C.R., The Bladeless Turbine. ITS International Tesla Symposium, Colorado Springs, Colorado, July 21-23, 1990. 10 pages. Status; added to above, US Patent office Source

Possell, Clarence R., Patent # 4,403,911; "Bladeless Pump and Method of Using Same". Patent date Sept. 13, 1983. 10 pages. Status; added to above TPS, "(Jake) Possell Timeline", ExtraOrdinary Science magazine, APR/MAY/JUN 1992, pp 37-40. Status; acquired REX Research, "Vortex Tube". File on vortex in tube technology. Highly applicable to the Tesla turbine and pump. INFOLIO NR. R6-RAN (186-RNQ), TITLE: RANQUE. 80 pages. Status; acquired, [TTR 45] Rice, Warren, An Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Multiple-Disk Pumps and Compressors. Journal of Engineering for Power, Trans. ASME, July 1963, pp. 191-200. Status; acquired. [TTR 48] Rice, Warren, An Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Multiple-Disk Turbines. Journal of Engineering for Power, Trans. ASME, January 1965, pp. 29-36.

Tesla Disk Technology Reference / www.eagle-research.com

Status; acquired, [TTRA 37] Rice, Warren, Tesla Turbomachinery. SASA Proceedings, IV International Tesla Symposium, Belgrade, Yugoslavia, September 22-25, 1991. 20 pages. Status; acquired, [TTR 64] Rice, Warren and Adams, R., Experimental Investigation of the Flow Between Corotating Disks. Journal of Applied Mechanics, Trans. ASME, September 1970, pp. 844-849. Status; acquired, [TTR 67] Rice, Warren and Boyack, B.E., Integral Method for Flow Between Corotating Disks. Journal of Basic Engineering, Trans. ASME, September 1971, pp. 350-354. Status; acquired, [TTR 58] Rice, Warren and Boyd, K.E., Laminar Inward Flow of an Incompressible Fluid Between Rotating Disks, with Full Peripheral Admission. Journal of Applied Mechanics, Trans. ASME, June 1968, pp. 229-237. Status; acquired, [TTR 71] Rice, Warren and Crawford, M.E., Calculated Design Data for Multiple-Disk Turbine Using Incompressible Fluid. Journal of Engineering for Power, Trans. ASME, July 1974, pp. 274-282. Status; checking, [TTR 72] Rice, Warren and Lawn, Micheal, J., Jr., Calculated Design Data for Multiple-Disk Turbine Using Incompressible Fluid. Journal of Fluids Engineering, Trans. ASME, September 1974, pp. 252-258. Status; acquired, [TTR 54] Rice, Warren and Matsch, Lee, Potential Flow Between Two Parallel Circular Disks With Partial Admission. Journal of Applied Mechanics, Trans. ASME, March 1967, pp. 239-240.

Status; acquired, [TTR 56] Rice, Warren and Matsch, Lee, Flow at Low Reynolds Number With Partial Admission Between Rotating Disks. Journal of Applied Mechanics. ASME, September 1967, pp. 768-771. Status; acquired, [TTR 57] Rice, Warren and Matsch, Lee, An Asympotic Solution for Laminar Flow of an Incompressible Fluid Between Rotating Disks. Journal of Applied Mechanics, Trans. ASME, March 1968, pp. 155-159. Status; duplicate of TTRA 12 below. [TTR 63] Rice, Warren and McAlister, K.W., Laminar Throughflow of Newtonian Fluid Between Coaxial Rotating Cones. Journal of Applied Mechanics, Trans. ASME, March 1970, pp. 210-213. Status; acquired, [TTRA 12] Rice, Warren and McAlister, K.W., Laminar Throughflow of Newtonian Fluid Between Co-Axial Rotating Cones. ASME Transactions, Journal of Applied Mechanics. 37(1) Series E, March 1970, pp. 210-212. Status; acquired, [TTR 65] Rice, Warren and McAlister, K.W., Throughflows Between Rotating Surfaces of Revolution, Having Similarity Solutions. Journal of Applied Mechanics, Trans. ASME, December 1970, pp. 924-930. Status; acquired, [TTR 70] Rice, Warren and Pater, L.L. and Crowther, E., Flow Regime Definition for Flow Between Corotating Disks. Journal of Fluids Engineering, Trans. ASME, March 1974, pp. 29-34.

Status; acquired, [TTRA 21] Rice, Warren and Truman, C.R. and Jankowski, D.F., Laminar Throughflow of Varying Quality Steam Between Corotating Disks. ASME Transactions, Journal of Fluid Engineering, 100(2), June 1978, pp. 194-200. Status; acquired, [TTRA 22] Rice, Warren and Truman, C.R. and Jankowski, D.F., Laminar Throughflow of a Fluid Containing Particals Between Corotating Disks. ASME Transactions, Journal of Fluid Engineering, 101(2), March 1979, pp. 87-92. Status; acquired You can obtain copy by sending $16.80 [TTR 35] Schroeder, Henry B., An Investigation of Viscosity Force in Air by Means of a Viscosity Turbine, MS Thesis, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, 1950. 30 pages. Status; ordered, searched , , not found. [TTR 42] An Investigation of a Disk-Type Pump, MS Thesis, ASU, 1960 Status; acquired, [TTR 34] Tesla, Nikola, Our Future Motive Power. In this article, Tesla discusses a method of ocean thermal energy conversion utilizing his Tesla turbine in a Wollstons's scientific toy, the "cyrophoros," on a hugh scale. Everyday Science and Mechanics, December 1931, pp. 26-28, 78, 80, 81, 96. Status; found and ordered, #8322535. [TTRA 27] Truman, C.R., Turbulent Source Flow Between Stationary and Rotating Disks, PhD Dissertation, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, ASU, August 1983.

www.eagle-research.com / Tesla Disk Technology Reference

Status; acquired, [TTRA 32] Truman, Charles Randall and Shirazi, S.A., Prediction of Turbulent Source Flow Between Corotating Disks with an Anisotropic Two-Equation Turbulence Model. ASME Gas Turbine Conference, Anaheim, CA, May 31-June 4, 1987. Journal of Turbomachinery, Vol. 110(2), April, 1988, pp. 187-194. Status; acquired, found, U of M library call # LD 3231.M70m Warner. Phone 301-314-9416. [TTRA 4] Warner, R.K., The Design, Construction and Testing of a Tesla Turbine. MS Thesis, University of Maryland, College Park, 1949. 70 pages. Status; acquired, found , call #LD 179.15 1986.W87. [TTRA 30] Wu, Pey Shey, Evaluation of Analytical Models for MultipleDisk Pump Rotor Calculation. MS Thesis, Department of Mechanical Engineering, ASU, May 1986. 130 pages. Status; acquired, U of I Library, call # 1957 Y87, send FAX to Interlibrary loan Dept., Phone: 217-3331958. FAX: 217-244-0398, [TTR 39], available from University in microfilm only. I have made photocopies of the microfilm. Young, Stanislans Kwok Pong, The Investigation and Analysis of the Tesla Turbine, 1957, MS Thesis, University of Illinois, 1408 West Gregory Drive, Urbana, IL, 61801. 60 pages.

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Eagle-Research (George Wiseman) in cooperation with Being Unlimited (Tenaj DaCosta Wiseman) are in the initial stages of creating their ultimate dream. They envision a world-renowned educational energy centre designed to find, develop and harness the unique genius inside each of us. The centre will be open to all sorts of creative-thinkers in their respective fields: inventors; writers; healing arts practitioners; feng shui specialists; architects; illustrators; horticulturalists; fitness experts www.eagle-research.com


George Wiseman is available for a limited number of speaking engagements each year. For consideration of your next event, FAX details to Eagle-Research, at least three months in advance.

All Eagle-Research products are sold with a money back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied for any reason, return the product(s) within 60 days of receipt for a full refund of the product(s) price.