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1. cricket under 19 world cup won by india 2. womens world T20 won by aurstralia 3.

3. who wrote Development of Freedom amartya sen 4. if you are in need of money in odd hours, which among the following is fastest mode of withdrwal money- A net banking B mobile banking C ATM ans C 5. Minister of state for Youth affairs and sports Jitendra singh 6. which is the highest policy making authority in IT and Communication sectore Ministry of Communication and information technology 7. Sandy is a Hurricane 8. if you deposit rs 5000 in a cash counter what does the persone siting in the counter will do debit cash account and credit your account with 5000 9. miss world 2012 yu wenxia (china) 10. you are aware that your SB A/C balance was 10000 after depositing 2000 as your last transaction but it incorrectly shows 15000 as your balance. What is the max ammount you can withdraw legally ? 15000 11. term Love related to which sports Badminton 12. national fruit of india mango 13. padma vibhusan for art vocal music awarded to late Bhupen Hazarika 14. RBI functions issue currency note acts as a agent to the government acts as a banker to the bank regulates the money market maintain the reserve fund of foreing currency 15. which of the following is not a member of SAARC china Afghanistan Bangladesh Bhutan India Maldives Nepal Pakistan Srilanka 16. FDI limit on insurance 49% 17. Jaspal Bhatti film actor and comedian 18. Asia cup womens winner India 19. oerating hours of bank locker ???? 20. Indias rank in Economic growth 4th 21. which is Indian dance form kathakali(kerala) 22. which loan in cheaper corp loan 23. latest indian foreign policy duration 24. RBI does not control the interest of which type of account 25. what is indias rank regarding world power consumption 26. main source of foreign income in india FDI 27. which rate is applicable on foreign currency converted in local currency exchange rate 28. direct tax income tax 29. indirect tax VAT 30. who won indian grand prix sebastian vettel 31. what is lock in period related to loan loan must be returned during that period

32. what is not a mode of payment cash 33. which is surface to surface missile test fired by india dhanush 34. common mans account savings account 35. which accounts for max foreign earning exports 36. when balance sheet will be prepared 37. what is not true about draft A cancelation B reissue C duplicate draft 38. what is shown along with balance sheet A. previous year balance B. previous 2 yr balance with future balance plan 39. money earned from stocks is called capital gain 40. audit in a company for financial year 2012 -13 will be done ??? 41. for how many days rojgar schemes provides a job during a year ??? 42. what type of account is called as an investment account in bank term deposit 43. what is financial inclusion finacial inclusion is delivery of banking services at an affordable cost to vast section of disadvantaged and low income group computer knowledge questions 1. RAM full form 2. what is C stands for in CPU 3. collection of data is called 4. what is line spacing it determins ammount of vertical space between lines of text in a paragraph 5. what is flash memory 6. blinking mouse position is called