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January 2011

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Contents .............................................................................................................................................................................................. 2 Introduction ........................................................................................................................................................................................ 3 Yellow Purple Brown (YPB) ................................................................................................................................................................. 3 Analysis ............................................................................................................................................................................................... 4 Campaign Development ..................................................................................................................................................................... 6 Internal Marketing Campaign ........................................................................................................................................................... 13 Budget ............................................................................................................................................................................................... 13 Measuring Effectiveness ................................................................................................................................................................... 14 Conclusion ......................................................................................................................................................................................... 14 Appendices........................................................................................................................................................................................ 15 References ........................................................................................................................................................................................ 34

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

The assignment was to pitch for the Cadbury Dairy Milk (CDM) account. The campaign needed to account for competition from premium continental chocolates and remove the glass and a half slogan.


YPB is a fictitious full service agency. Unlike one-stop shops YPB lead partnerships with specialist agencies a la carte, reducing operational costs and maintaining flexibility (Fill, 2005a)

(Fill, 2005d)

To ensure timely delivery of the solution our initial brainstorm included the drafting of a high level project plan (Appendix 1). As a flat organisational structure; key roles are allocated to drive actions that can then be consolidated as a team. For best practice a blog was developed to monitor progress and share information. (Appendix 2)

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Since 1824, Cadbury has been synonymous as a British brand milk chocolate bar. By 2007 Cadburys held over 10% of the 731 million (Leatherhead Food Research, 2009) UK confectionary market share with 23 types of CDM (Cadbury, n.d.). In 2010 Cadbury was purchased by Kraft opening up opportunities and concerns. Kraft re-negated on their contract closing a factory and cutting jobs. (Hillingdon and Uxbridge Times, 2010). Despite Kraft releasing statements to calm fears, their past behaviour and the introduction of Milka, which could potentially cannibalise Dairy Milk sales, (Petre & Rees, 2010) hasnt built trust. The Cadbury SWOT analysis identified concerns relating to social change and competition from premium chocolatiers (Appendix 7). Premium (70% cocoa) chocolate is considered healthier than milk chocolate, with low fat chocolate holding a high market share, re-iterating consumers health concerns. (BBC, 1998) Over 30% buy chocolate every week, 70% of those shares with others, countlines account for 40% of sales volumes (Key Note, 2010). Population, location, average expenditure and leisure activity preferences, provided nationwide knowledge (Appendix 8). The remote environment analysis highlighted the importance of health (Appendix 12).

CDM has three main competitors: Krafts Milka, Mars Galaxy and Lindt. The competitor matrix identified CDMs strengths, weaknesses and competitive positioning (Appendix 9). (European Commission, 2010)

CDM had a strong rating for product innovation and social responsibility and priced at 85p/100g.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Analysing the consumers decision making process saw quality vs. cost concerns (Appendix 11). E-Surveys and face to face interviews (Appendix 3) gathered more qualitative data. Although only an indicator, not a representative sample, it showed Cadburys high brand awareness despite it not being considered a quality chocolate (Appendix 17). Consumers are health conscious and efforts are being made to limit fats, salts and sugars in foods (FDF, 2010). CDM is a childhood memory; the resurgence of retro-style products like Cadburys Wispa reflects this (Donohue, 2007). Meeting with Fallon Agency gave insight to the Cadburys Account, including the non-exclusive approach of the nations favourite chocolate (Appendix 13).

To understand product preferences we conducted two blind taste tests:


Split preference, Galaxy considered smoother.

MILKA VS. CDM General preference for CDM as it had a better and recognisable taste.

From our research the following elements were identified to drive our campaign: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Re-enforce the brand as an integrated campaign Internal Marketing Campaign and maximise distribution Emphasise ethical, health and environmental strengths Emphasis on cocoa not milk, building perception of quality Encourage sharing

Our target market is non-exclusively 18-25 year olds. This follows previous market approaches, re-enforces engagement with younger audiences, connecting with influencers and a large proportion of early adopters (Appendix 4).
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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

With a clear understanding of the problems the campaign process started.

(Egan, 2007)

Improve the perceived quality of CDM, building on its customer loyalty, emphasise cocoa and Fairtrade attributes. Product developed to communicate quality and sharing through an integrated campaign.


The Brand Ladder identified the ideal brand position.

The brand proposition for CDM: A reminiscent chocolate giving you a tasty moment every bite

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Building on the brand ladder and brainstorming (Appendix 16) the creative brief was developed:

Moments was highlighted as the one big thing. Keeping it simple allowed for broad application across numerous platforms. Importantly, no markets are excluded as moments are common to all demographics and not subject to fashion trends. (The Write Blog, 2009). The tagline communicating CDMs brand proposition:

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

The theme Whats Your Moment was developed by integrating platforms around the website; consumers are called to share their moments online with the chance to feature in the next CDM commercial. The campaign communicates a one-sided message, appealing to consumers using a slice of life technique (Fill, 2005c). Usergenerated engagement has the potential for campaign longevity.

The CDM SWOT Analysis (Appendix 10) showed, despite competition and health concerns, opportunities with CDMs strong market share. Product developments were recommended for snack bars and share boxes: Chocolate square separated and made 50% thinner; improves perceived quality, reduces health concerns and encourages sharing. Consider the promotion of CDM Silk as a direct competitor to Galaxy. (Brands Today, n.d.)

New packaging maintains the iconic purple, fairtrade logo and product name, the glass and a half full logo is minimised. A unique code on the inside of the package allows users to register online, building insight. Seasonal or campaign changes to the package design can be cheaply executed using plastic laminate.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Channel objectives are to re-enforce CDM and engage consumers on the whats your moment campaign.

30 second commercial (Appendix 20).

www.whatsyourmoment.co.uk is a video sharing website that allows users to upload recorded moments and vote for the best video to be part of the next TV advert. Links to other online & offline platforms encourages the generation of a viral campaign.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

The Advert:

Full page ads will be used in relevant magazines and newspapers during the campaign. (Appendix 18)


Broadsheets are for specific PR activity and select advertising. Tabloids include adverts and a weekly press release sharing consumers best moments, creating a story.

On the launch day representatives will be located in key locations by statues of moments made of mini-chocolate bars, sharing the new look CDM and promoting the campaign. This will be integrated with Facebook Places moving people from online to on-site.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

A Cadbury Tour Bus will travel the UK raising brand and campaign awareness allowing people to record their videos and upload them inside the bus. This also raises profile in local press.

20 second adverts will be aired on three key radio networks. (Appendix 19)

Distribution via existing and new Kraft channels to build reach, reenforced by an effective communications plan encouraging retailer buy in. Leverage partnerships with existing retailers to incorporate CDM into meal deals. Marks and Spencer interview highlighted the importance of shelf positioning. (M&S Employee, 2010)

Combining pre-movie advertising with on-site purchasing reaches consumers of this popular leisure activity (Appendix 6).

This passive advertising will run in the metropolitan and nonmetropolitan cities (Appendix 15).

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

The Whats Your Moment campaign launches 1st August 2013 after the 2012 Olympics and outside of any key selling period to drive market awareness without high noise impacts from other competitors.

Go live dates across the different platforms during the eight week campaign:

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch


The campaign is centralised round the website. To ensure engagement the campaign needs to be recognisable across different platforms.


With concerns over Krafts influence on Cadbury, the internal campaign (Appendix 14) will re -enforce the value of CDM as a brand and minimise risk of brand damaging actions. Communications are to inform, persuade, remind and differentiate groups (DRIP) as well as aligning transactional behaviour and affiliations (Fill, 2005e).

Budget for the campaign is approximately 21,000,000, including agency fee at 12.5% commission. (Appendix 5) 500,000.00 340,000.00 72,400.00 120,000.00 1,361,890.00 1,236,105.00 13,150,000.00 250,000.00 2,334,445.13 Television Total Radio Total Magazine Total Newspapers Total Outside Advertising Total Website Total Launch Campaign Total Cinema Total 728,166.00 1,167,000.00 Internal Marketing Total Contingency Costs Agency Cost

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Accountability and accurate measurement of campaigns is essential to provide insights and guide strategic decisions. Marketing Mix Models enable sales impacts to be quantified against activities establishing effectiveness. (Marketing Analytics, n.d.) The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) should accurately reflect data despite the complications of measuring intangibles (Barnett, 2010); ROMI and Net Promoter Score are assessed against SMART criteria (Egan, 2007b).

YPB was developed to pitch for the CDM account. The Whats Your Moment camp aign originated from an understanding of the problems from which clear objectives were set and key elements incorporated. The concept process developed Moments as the one thing. We identified the need for an integrated campaign orientated around the website, encouraging active participation over the 8 weeks. We ended by discussing the importance of measuring marketing effectiveness and ensuring agency accountability.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch


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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch




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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch


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Item Television Television Total Radio Radio Total Magazines Magazine Total Newspapers Newspapers Total Bus Stops (based on 100 bus stops containing the ad in the 8 metropolitan cities each, costing from 120.00 per ad per week for 50% of the campaign) (Painted Poster Media, n.d.(a)) In Train (based on 2,000 slots across core commuter networks trains at 30.00 per slot per month for 50% of the campaign) (Painted Poster Media, n.d.(b)) Train Stations (based on a national streetliner pack at 491,490 for one month - to be run for 50% of the campaign) (National Rate Card, 2010b) Tube Station (based on 287 tube stations in London, with 2 advertisements in each location at 1,400 per site) (CBS Outdoor, n.d.) Tube Car Panels (based on 6 sheets for 388 per site per fortnight with approx 200 sites for 50% of the campaign) (National Rate Card, 2010a) Billboards (Based on 10 key billboard placements in the 8 metropolitan cities each, costing from 500.00 per billboard per week for 50% of the campaign) (Painted Poster Media, n.d.(c)) Resources (5 FTE @ 30,000 p/annum = 15,000 (for 6 month assignment) (Salary Track, n.d.) Production Hosting (for one year) Resources (2 FTE @ 30,000 p/annum for 12 month assignment) Moments Construction (based on 15 metropolitan and non-metropolitan areas having one construction, estimated value 1000 each) Launch Day Resource Costs (based on 60 employees at approximately 150.00 per day, with 2 employees per site) Bus Costs (purchasing at 30,000, sign writing at 5,000 and fitting with AV equipment etc at 5,000) Bus Resource Costs (based on 2 employees at approximately 150.00 per day for 8 weeks) Advertising before movies (based on 51 cinemas with 25 screens at 10,000 for 3 cinemas for 2 weeks, to run for 50% of the campaign) (Painted Poster Media, n.d. (d)) Mixture of press releases and adverts to be run in national newspapers for the duration of the campaign Ad Slot Cost Resources (2 FTE @ 30,000 p/annum = 5,000 for 2 month assignment) (Salary Track, n.d.) Half Page Advertisements, regularly Ad Slot Cost Resources (2 FTE @ 30,000 p/annum = 5,000 for 2 month assignment) (Salary Track, n.d.) 20 second radio ad to be aired repetitively nationwide through key radio networks. Air Time cost for 8 week campaign Advert Production (Marketing Minefield, n.d.(b)) Resources (3 FTE @ 30,000 p/annum = 15,000 (for 6 month assignment) (Salary Track, n.d.) Description 30 second TV ad to be aired repetitively through the life of the campaign. To be aired during, films, comedies and soaps. Cost Type Air Time cost for 8 week campaign Advert Production Resources (10 FTE @ 30,000 p/annum = 15,000 (for 6 month assignment) (Salary Track, n.d.) Approximate Cost 12,000,000.00 1,000,000.00 150,000.00 13,150,000.00 1,120,000.00 2,000.00 45,000.00 1,167,000.00 718,166.00 10,000.00 728,166.00 1,226,105.00 10,000.00 1,236,105.00 96,000.00 60,000.00 491,490.00 401,800.00 77,600.00 160,000.00 75,000.00 1,361,890.00 50,000.00 10,000.00 60,000.00 120,000.00 15,000.00 9,000.00 40,000.00 8,400.00 72,400.00 340,000.00 340,000.00 Cost to market across group internally, to inform and persuade stakeholders. 500,000.00 500,000.00 250,000.00 2,334,445.13 21,260,006.13

Outside Advertising

Outdoor print displays including public transport and billboards

Outside Advertising Total Website Website Total Production, hosting and maintenance of the website - including incorporation into data infrastructure to gather insight.

Launch Campaign

Including cost to produce the 'Moments' construction, resource cost and ongoing bus costs

Launch Campaign Total Cinema Advertising Cinema Total Internal Marketing Internal Marketing Total Contingency Costs Agency Cost Total Campaign Cost Advertising before movies (this is linked in with on-site purchasing)

Commission rate of 12.5% on expenditure


The listed chains are the key cinematic distribution channels based on reach. However this is not exclusive.
Cinema Chain Reeltime Caledonian Odeon Apollo Warner IMAX UCI Cineworld Information One of the biggest non-arthouse independent cinemas One of Scotlands largest cinema chains One of the largest UK operators Largest UK operator National chain Involving film experience (3D) Multi-plex segment Multi-plex segment


Strengths Strong presence in UK Confectionary Market Familiar brand strong loyalty Strong Manufacturing competence Opportunities Building on the loyalty and improving attitudinal share Adapt to social trends and focussing on environmental, health and ethical issues Increase efficiency and reducing costs New market opportunities Weaknesses Limited portfolio (chocolate and beverage focus) Limited international experience beyond Europe Focus on mass-market products less premium (Green and Blacks partially addresses this) Threats Introduction of Milka by parent company Social changes: raised concerns over health, ethics, environmental and quality. Competitive pressure from premium chocolate companies

(Business Teacher, n.d.), (Euromonitor Internationals, 2009a)


(Office for National Statistics, 2010)
Total Population 30,151,000 31,232,000 61,383,000 49.12 50.88 15-19 yo 2,049,000 1,939,000 3,988,000 51.38 48.62 6.50 20-29 yo 4,235,000 4,067,000 8,302,000 51.01 48.99 13.52 30-44 yo 6,449,000 6,529,000 12,978,000 49.69 50.31 21.14 83.81 4.88 8.42 England Wales Scotland

Male Female All Male % of Population / Age Total Female % of Population / Age Total % of Total Population




N. Ireland 1,775,000 2.89 Leicester

Gtr London 7,620,000 12.41

Newcastle 274,000 0.45

Principle Metropolitan Cities Leeds Sheffield Birmingham 771,000 534,000 1,017,000 1.66 1.26 0.87 Non-Metropolitan Districts Plymouth 421,000 0.69

Manchester 464,000 0.76

Liverpool 435,000 0.71 Cardiff 325,000 0.53

Nottingham 292,000 0.48 0.48


Stoke-on-Trent 240,000 0.39


253,000 0.41

Conclusion: 15-29 years old represent only 20.02% of the total population, with 83% of those based in England. London has the greatest concentration of population followed by Manchester. Actions: Recommend that the majority of billboard advertising needs to be in highly populated areas namely London and Manchester for greatest reach. Co-ordinated launch event to take place in all of the afore-mentioned cities / districts as these represent the highest population concentration areas.

Male Female All GCSE (2+Passes) (%) 41.20 51.90 46.30 17yo Population 415.70 390.40 806.10 FE - Full Time 519.70 533.60 1053.30 FE - Part Time 983.60 1432.10 2415.70 HE - Full Time 698.10 841.80 1539.90 HE - Part Time 364.80 572.10 936.90

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Conclusion: 46% of the population achieves 2+ GCSE passes, showing a split in education. However this does not consider professional qualifications. Only a small percentage goes onto HE. Action: Build the campaign in a format that is applicable to those who achieved 2+ GCSE. Remove complexity and encourage immediate results to please this market. Elements like fair-trade, lobbying etc is more likely to engage those in HE, however our priority is making CDM a chocolate for everyone so primary focus is on the majority of the population.

Average Household Income Average Weekly Household Expenditure on Food and non-alcoholic drinks Original Income 30,390 74.50 After Tax 22,865 16% of total Expenditure

Conclusion: 16% of HH expenditure is on food and drinks with an average of 74.50 p/week CDM needs to be priced to fit within this budget on a weekly basis. Action: Review CDM price against competitors and consider weekly expenditure of average Household before setting a price.

Oct-10 The Sun 2,904,180 Daily Mirror 1,215,081 Daily Star 793,487 Daily Record 320,736 Daily Mail 2,129,328 Daily Express 642,695 Daily Telegraph 655,006 The Times 479,107 Financial Times 401,898 The Guardian 276,428 The Independent 182,412 Total 10,000,358 (Source: Guardian.co.uk, 2010) ABCs: National dailies, October 2010 % of Total Newspaper Readership 29.04% 12.15% 7.93% 3.21% 21.29% 6.43% 6.55% 4.79% 4.02% 2.76% 1.82% Oct-09 3,026,556 1,295,972 836,556 339,226 2,157,085 698,008 767,894 571,783 412,854 311,878 187,047 10,604,859 % change -4.04% -6.24% -5.15% -5.45% -1.29% -7.92% -14.70% -16.21% -2.65% -11.37% -2.48% -5.70%

Conclusion: The Sun (tabloid) receives the highest readership, with broadsheets being favoured less. This reflects the educational split across the population. Action: Run a story across the tabloids on a weekly basis that follows the best and worst of the What's Your Moment user generated videos, this is entertainment not news and engages readers over the 8 week campaign. Any advertising in broadsheets should be done in association with specific Press Releases i.e. CDM What's Your Moment Campaign purple launch event.


Watching TV Spending time with family and friends Listening to Music Eating Out Sports / Exercise Reading Days Out Shopping Going to pubs/clubs/bars Internet / emailing Cinema Playing Computer Games (Date: 2006/2007) Male % 84 75 72 60 38 57 38 36 50 48 42 28 Female % 85 82 68 63 42 78 61 78 40 41 43 0

Conclusion: Television is the highest activity, time with family and friends are obviously important. For men listening to music rates high, whereas women rate shopping as a high leisure preference
Allen | Dusserre | Iyer | Meersohn | Serres P a g e | 20

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Action: Ensure that the Television Ad is well placed with the right frequency to viewers (most preferred leisure activity). As part of NPD it is essential to develop sharing boxes for friends and family. With music receiving a high rating Radio Ads needs to be incorporated into the promotional mix. For Women shopping is high so good POP displays need to be focussed on. Noting cinema as a high preference Movie advertising with on-site sale of chocolate is a further channel to implement.

16-24 % News Films Comedy Live Sports Coverage Wildlife Soaps Food & Cookery Quiz Shows Current Affairs / Politics Home & DIY Gardening Reality Programmes / Observational Documentaries Popular Music Programmes 48 76 71 30 28 55 21 28 13 19 5 40 42 23-34 % 63 71 63 49 40 43 35 26 25 31 13 35 27 35-44 % 70 68 60 52 46 40 35 26 29 36 22 27 22

(Date: 2006/2007)

Conclusion: 16-24 yo prefer films and comedy to documentaries, politics or news style programmes, however this shifts to a more even spread as the age increases. The constant high is films and soaps also remain fairly constant across the age range. Actions: Advertise within films, comedies and soaps as a priority.


Competitor Matrix:
Cadbury Dairy Milk Western Europe (less international exposure) UK - Approx. 30% (Riley, 2009) Spots vs. Stripes; Pint and a Half Productions Kraft Milka Global (49% of Business in North America), (Kraft Foods, n.d.) Second Largest Food Company Globally (Kraft Foods, 2009) Delight Global Snack Customers; Unleash the Power of our Iconic Heritage Brands; Create a Performance-Driven, Values Led Organisation (Kraft Foods, n.d.) Various Brands Control of Cadburys, strong global presence and market share. Impersonal and currently not recognised in the UK Mars, Galaxy UK, Middle East, Africa Lindt (& Sprungli) Europe


Market Share


Global Approx. 5.3% (Euromonitor Internationals, 2010) The Five Principles: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom (Mars, n.d.)

Global Approx. 1% (Euromonitor Internationals, 2009b) The Lindt Promise (Lindt, n.d.)

Core Product Strengths

Cadbury Dairy Milk Strong loyalty and well established in the UK


Advertising Campaigns

Subject to Kraft, high level of competition, market share being lost to premium chocolates A Pint and a Half Production and Spots vs. Stripes

Various Brands Aligned to key trends of health and addresses environmental concerns; Rainforest Alliance Certified (Galaxy, n.d.) Direct competition from Dairy Milk

Lindt Excellence Recognised as a premium chocolate re-enforced with Lindt Boutiques. Quality and sustainably produced. Niche premium chocolate market only.

Cows Undercover

It not only tastes good it does good

Roger Federer and Do You Dream in Chocolate

In summary CDM showed: Strong brand association in the UK Strong competition from like and premium brands Not recognised as a quality or healthy chocolate
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Competitor Trend Table:

Milk Bar brand Fair trade Dairy Milk Fair Trade (Kraft Foods, 2010e) Certification (Fair-trade Foundation, 2009) Fair Trade blog (Cadbury Blog, 2009) Cadbury Purple Goes Green 2008 (Business in the Community, 2008) Kraft Better world program (Kraft Foods, 2010f) Corporate awards for responsibility Cadbury member of SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, 2010) mark 5 Galaxy Rainforest Alliance certification (Rainforest Alliance, 2009) Rainforest Alliance certification (Rainforest Alliance, 2010) Mars member of SEDEX (The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, 2010) mark 5 Milka Kraft Better world program (Kraft Foods, 2010f) mark 1 Excellence Supplier Code of Conduct and Compliance Declaration set by Lindt (Lindt, 2010) Internal Environmental Policy 2008 awarded by Carbon Disclosure Project for Leadership and Achievement in Sustainability with US subsidiary (Ghirardelli) (Stopwaste, 2010) mark 2 Aero Nestle + fair trade = Kit Kat only (Nestle, 2010c) mark 1

Sustainable development

5 Kraft Better world program (Kraft Foods, 2010f) Corporate awards for responsibility Kraft member of SEDEX (The Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, 2010) skimmed milk powder cocoa butter Total Fat: 29.5g per 100g Continental Chocolate: Milka Suchard's Alpen-Milch Chocolate Suchards lilac legend, Milka, was brought to life in 1901.(Kraft Foods, 2010b) 0

Nestle corporate responsibility (Carbon Disclosure Project, 2010) Nestle engagement in CO2 reduction

Healthy British Heritage milk chocolate Continental Chocolate

Fresh milk Ghanaian cocoa Total fat: 29.8g per 100g (Cadbury, 2010) The New York Academy of Medicine honoured Kraft Foods for our longstanding commitment to health and wellness (2009) British chocolate: The iconic Cadbury Dairy Milk was introduced to the British market in 1905, but the story that lead to the most famous range of British chocolates started long before. (Kraft Foods, 2010a) Since 2006: Cadbury Wishes with Make-A-Wish Foundation (Cadbury Make a Wish, 2010)

Skimmed milk powder cocoa ingredients (cocoa butter, cocoa mass) Total Fat: 32.5g per 100g British chocolate: GALAXY Think chocolate. Think GALAXY. "Smooth and creamy GALAXY chocolate is your perfect partner in chocolate indulgence. Since its launch in 1960" (Mars, 2009b)

Milk, Cocoa butter, Total Fat: 15g per 100g Continental Chocolate: Lindt EXCELLENCE is chocolate in its purest form: the exquisite result of over 160 years of dedication and craftsmanship by our LINDT Master Chocolatiers.(Lindt, 2009a)

Modified Milk Ingredients, Cocoa butter, (Nestle, 2010a) Total Fat: 30.9g per 100g (Aero Chocolate, 2010b) British chocolate: Aero was introduced in the North of England in 1935 as a new chocolate and proved so popular that sales were extended throughout the UK by the end of the same year. (Nestle, 2010b)


April 2010, Lindt USA Announces 'Lindt Unsung Heroes of Autism'

Social Responsibility Waitrose ASDA Sainsbury's Tesco Average Online Price per 100g Ranges of Dark Chocolate

3.75 230g 230g 230g 230g 230g (7) Bourneville (Cadbury, 2009b) 0.87 0.774 0.86 0.87 0.84 3 125g 125g 125g 125g 125g (1) Smooth Dark

3 1.11 0.8 0.79 1.12 0.96 1 100g 100g 300g 100g 125g

1 0.97 0.87 0.66 1.09 0.90 0 100g 100g 100g 100g 100g (11) Excellence: 50%, 60%, 70%, 85%, 90%, 99%, Orange Intense, Chilli, Ginger, Mint Intense, Dark Roasted, (3) Petites Desserts: Dark Orange, Crme Brule, Tiramisu (2) Excellence: Extra Creamy, Milk Roasted Almonds (4) Swiss Classic:

2.25 1.78 1.78 1.78 1.39 1.68 5 120g 120g 120g 120g 120g

0.75 0.88 0.625 0.66 0.83 0.75 0

Ranges of milk bar flavour

(23)Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel (Kraft Foods, 2010g), Crunchie, Fruit and Nut, Turkish, Wholenut, Bubbly, Miniatures, Freddo (Cadbury, 2009a)

(9) Galaxy Caramelised Hazelnuts; Galaxy Milk; a little extra milk;

(5) Choco & Rice Tablet, Choco-Swing Biscuit, Triolade, Toffee Whole Nuts,

(2)Aero for me: Aero Milk Bubbles Pack/Snacksize/Minis Aero Peppermint Bubbles Pack/Snacksize/Minis (Aero Chocolate,

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

Caramel; Ripple 4-pack; Orange & Shortcake bar; Smooth Truffle; Raisin, Almond and Hazelnuts; Cookie Crumble (Mars, 2009a) In 2007, new Galaxy shape Smooth dark chocolate (Galaxy Chocolate, 2008a) Galaxy Bubbles Milk chocolate (Galaxy Chocolate, 2008b) and Alpine Milk Milk chocolate, Double milk chocolate, Hazelnut, Hazelnut & Raisin 2010a)

New taste or product development

Dairy Milk Bliss (YouTube, 2009) Cadbury Luxury Selection Praline (Kraft Foods, 2010d)

Milka Imagine pralines (Kraft Foods, 2010c)

Sharing packs

(8) CDM Sharing Pouches & Chunks Bag: Caramel, Wholenut, Fruit and Nut, Dairy Milk

(1) Minstrels pouch

(6) Milka Milk Miniatures Bag Milka Travel Pack Milka Cow Milka Mix Milka Lunch Bag

(9) Excellence: Caramelised Hazelnut, Crunchy Caramel, Touch of Sea Salt, Swiss Classic: Milk Caramel Petites desserts: Tarte citron meringue Mousse au chocolat: Dark, Milk, Hazelnut Swiss Classic: Double milk caramel chocolate (4) Lindor Boxes: White, Assorted, Milk, 60% (1) Petites desserts -200/400g(1) Pralines du connoisseur 200g/1Kg- (Lindt, 2009b) Minimum 6 euro

(4)Aero for me: Aero Milk Bubbles/sharing bag/Multi-pack Aero Peppermint Bubbles sharing bag/Multipack

Product Innovation




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P a g e | 23

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch


Strengths Fair-Trade Status Familiarity and Loyalty in the UK Variety Opportunities Promote Strengths Address threats Build on the loyalty Weaknesses Seen as low quality Association with milk not cocoa Threats Competition from premium chocolates Raised health and ethical concerns


Decision Making Stage Problem Recognition Information Search Alternative Evaluation Purchase Decision Post-Purchase Evaluation Cadbury Consumer Snack Bar 48% Impulse purchase. Health consideration. (Keynote,2010) Internal Search Internal Search Routinised Response Behaviour Direct Product Experience Cadbury Consumer Share Box Cost vs. Quality Decision. Influence on decision by receiver Limited Problem Solving Brand Recall and Brand Value comparison Evaluation based on considerations Direct Product Experience

(Fill, 2005b)


Political In 2008 the government pledges 75million to address childhood obesity, impacting OfComs decision on advertising junk foods to children (Sweney, 2008) Social Increased health concerns and preference for premium chocolate Economic Trader purchased Europes Cocoa beans, increasing cost (Siburn & Wallop, 2010) Technical Kraft produces Milka using powdered milk, concern that this cost effective method will be implemented in Dairy Milk (Petre & Rees 2010)


The Gorilla campaign came about because it was identified that Cadbury didnt relate to younger people despite being the nations favourite. Typically Cadbury sales fluctuate between 1-2% every year; it increased 7% after this campaign. Cadburys is a generous brand it is not a hard sell, its about putting a message not just a TV ad out there. The campaign (along with Cadbury Music) was about giving moments of joy, not just chocolate. The public will do what they want it is about constant questioning and being flexible and responsive. Cadbury Dairy Milks targeting is about not excluding anyone; however their key target market is 18 24 year olds.

(Fraser, 2010)

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P a g e | 24

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch


(Mulhern and Schultz, n.d.)


Bus Stops:

Allen | Dusserre | Iyer | Meersohn | Serres

P a g e | 25

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch


Pole Kiosk:


Allen | Dusserre | Iyer | Meersohn | Serres

P a g e | 26

Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch


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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch



From 67 different respondents, 44.8% female and 55.2% male from 16 to 61, key findings were: Over 40% of respondents recalled Cadburys brand with chocolate 66.7% reported feeling happy, 36.4% relaxed and 21.2% said other Perception of CDM was a cheap, sweet chocolate, nice but other options often preferred.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch


Demographic Profile ABC1 - 68% Average Age 28 Reach 1 in 3 Male - 10% Female - 90% ABC1 - 75% Average Age 26 Reach 1 in 8 Av. HH Income 48,753 Male - 3% Female - 97% ABC1 - 44% Average Age 24 Male - 5% Female - 95% ABC1 - 70% Average Age 28 Readers per Copy Unknown Cost for Full Page Ad 21,945 Cost for Inside Front Cover / Outer Back Page 27,444 Sponsorship Rates for Term of Campaign No. Of Full Page Ads During Campaign 2 No. Of Back / Inside Cover Ads During Campaign 1 Cost for Campaign 71,334


Circulation 401,750

Readership 1,571,000

Frequency Monthly

Cosmopolitan (National Magazine Company, 2010)








Company (National Magazine Company, 2010)

Reveal (National Magazine Company, 2010) Elle (Elle, n.d.) Glamour (Glamour, n.d.), (Conde Nast, 2010) Grazia (Bauer Media, n.d.(a)) Heat (Bauer Media, n.d.(a) & (b)) Hello (Hello, n.d.) OK (Northern and Shell Network, 2009)









789,000 Unknown (Global Presence)





ABC1 - 75% Age 18-34 Average Age 30 ABC1 Age 16-35 ABC1 - 58% Average Age 36 Majority Female Readership ABC1 - 54% Average Age 28 Majority Female Readership ABC1C2 - 70% Average Age 27






228,694 Unknown 397,634 599,847

Unknown Unknown 1,600,000 2,849,000

Unknown Unknown Unknown 4.6

Monthly Monthly Weekly Weekly

10,800 21,735 20,495 19,470 Unknown

33,235 26,082 42,000 27,060

2 2 4 4

1 1 0 1

54,835 69,552 123,980 104,940








New (Northern and Shell Network, 2009) Star








Now (IPC Advertising, n.d.) GQ (GQ, n.d.)

FHM (Bauer Media, n.d.(a) & (c)) Zoo (Bauer Media, n.d.(a)) TOTALS Top 7 Magazine TOTALS

Majority Female Readership ABC1C2D - 89% Average Age 28 ABC1 - 51% Majority Male Readership AB - 43% Average Age 33 Majority Male Readership Age 18-35 Age 16-24























Unknown 10,220,000 8,542,000



8,800 250,059 172,605

11,440 274,485 169,726

29,040 1,031,083 710,966

Recommendations: Total cost to advertise consistently across all the medias mentioned comes to 1,031,083 reaching over 10 million readers (exact figures unknown). To reduce the cost and improve efforts, we recommend targeted approach advertising only in the top 9 magazines based on readership volumes (highlighted blue). This ensures we are getting maximum coverage improving brand visibility. Recommend not to target male orientated magazines as this demographic is unlikely to be receptive to a confectionery product through that medium. This targeted approach will reach approximately 8.5 million at an approximate cost of 710,966.00 By advertising consistently throughout the campaign ensures maximum visibility. Recommendation is to have the first weekly / monthly publication of the campaign period showing an ad on the outside back cover. For the rest of the campaign a full page ad within the first half of the magazine is displayed. Note that a recommended sponsorship campaign is run in Hello which further builds brand reputation.

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Readership (Office for National Statistics, 2010) Advertising Costs per/week; mon-sat. (full page colour ad) No. Of Ads during campaign

Newspaper The Sun (News Group Newspapers Ltd, 2010), (NMA, n.d.(a))

Type Tabloid

Daily Mirror (Mirror Group Advertising, n.d.), (NMA, n.d.(b))


Daily Mail (Mail Connected, n.d.), (NMA, n.d.(c)) The Independent (The Independent, n.d.), (NMA, n.d.(d))



The Guardian (The Guardian, 2008), (NMA, n.d.(e))


Daily Telegraph (The Daily Telegraph, 2010), (NMA, n.d.(f))


The Times (The Times, 2010), (NMA, n.d.(g)) Evening Standard (London Evening Standard, n.d.), (NMA, n.d.(h)) TOTALS
*Monday - Wednesday Only


Free Newspaper

Demographic Profile Broad Age Range, largest group being 35-44 year olds. Predominantly ABC1C2 Adults. Majority male readers. Greatest readership level in London and Central UK. Broad Age Range, largest group being 65+ Predominantly ABC1C2 Adults. Majority male readers. Greatest readership level in London and Granada ITV region. Broad Age Range, largest group being 65+ Predominantly ABC1C2 Adults. Fairly even split between male and female readers Greatest readership level in London and Central UK. Broad Age Range, largest groups being 15-34 year olds. Predominantly ABC1C2 Adults. Majority male readers. Greatest readership level in London and Central UK. Broad Age Range, largest groups being 35-54 year olds. Predominantly ABC1C2 Adults. Fairly even split between male and female readers Greatest readership level in London and Central UK. Broad Age Range, largest group being 65+ Predominantly ABC1C2 Adults. Fairly even split between male and female readers Greatest readership level in London and Meridian ITV Region. Broad Age Range, largest group being 55-64 Predominantly ABC1C2 Adults. Majority male readers. Greatest readership level in London. Broad Age Range, largest group being 25-54 Predominantly ABC1C2 Adults. Majority male readers. London Only (overlaps a bit with Meridian ITV region)


Total Cost


Story & Regular Advertising




Story & Regular Advertising




Story & Regular Advertising Corporate Press Release & One-off Advert Corporate Press Release & One-off Advert










Corporate Press Release & One-off Advert Corporate Press Release & One-off Advert Story & Regular Advertising (scc slots)






1,257,000 23,057,000

1,680 170,512.00

13,440 1,226,105.00

Recommendations: The majority of newspapers had a fairly evenly spread readership. The tabloids and free newspapers are a platform to share the 'what's your moment' story and to advertise regularly. Whereas the broadsheets
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are for more corporate PR purposes with only a couple of advertisements to raise awareness. Total cost of the campaign is estimated at 1.2 million reaching over 23,000,000 readers. These are estimates only are for guideline purposes at this stage.


The Network Radio Capital Radio Leicester Sound FM RAM FM Red Dragon 96 Trent FM Kiss 100 (London) Kiss 101 (S. Wales & S.W. England) Kiss 105 - 108 (E.England) Radio 1 Radio 1Xtra Galaxy 100-106 17 Stations Demographic Profile Reach per Week Cost to Develop Ad (Approximate) (Marketing Minefield, n.d.) Ad Cost per week (Approximate) (Radioworks, 2010) Total Cost for 8 Week Campaign

Capital & Hit Music Network (Global Radio Sales, n.d.(a))

Adults 15+





Total Kiss Network (Kiss 100, n.d.) BBC Radio Network (BBC, n.d.), (Rajar, n.d.) Galaxy Network (Global Radio, n.d.) Heart Network (Global Radio Sales, n.d.(b)) TOTALS Top 3 Networks (Based on Target Market Reach)

Under 30 Year Olds

3,000,000 11,647,000 806,000 3,800,000 7,988,000 30,820,000 14,567,000




2,000.00 2,000.00 2,000.00 10,000.00 6,000.00

70,000.00* 40,000.00 40,000.00* 140,000.00 100,000.00

562,000.00 322,000.00 322,000.00 2,010,000.00 1,126,000.00

Adults 15+ Age Range 25-44

* Estimation based on RadioWorks advice (Radioworks, 2010).

Recommendations: Total cost to run a radio ad campaign across various networks continuously throughout the 8 week campaign is approximately 2,090,000. Because of the very tailored nature of radio advertising packages this is an estimate only and is for guideline purposes only. To improve cost efficiencies and provide a more specific approach to our target market (18-25) we selected the three networks that best cater to our target market. The radio campaigns call to action is to drive listeners to the website not just as a brand awareness exercise, this approach is best suited to the early adoptive nature of this demographic. By selecting these networks only we reach over 14,000,000 listeners per week for approximately 1,100,0000 (this does not include satellite visitors or any web activity). The networks chosen have localised stations which are more likely to build loyal fan bases (Marketing Minefield, n.d.) resulting in a higher adoption of the campaign amongst it's listeners.

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Channel BBC1 London BBC2 London ITV Five Channel 4 Dave Film4 Totals: Which Programme Category Slot Various Various Various Various Various Various Various Approximate Showing times 6 - 9pm 6 - 9pm 6 - 9pm 6 - 9pm 6 - 9pm 6 - 9pm 6 - 9pm Viewing Figures (Daily) (BARB, n.d.) 27,728,000 14,888,000 20,384,000 8,279,000 2,603,000 3,000,000 (Wikipedia, n.d.) 8,300,000 (per month) (Film4, n.d.) Advertising Costs per/ad (OptiComm, 2010) 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 100,000.00 25,000.00 25,000.00 No. Of Ads aired campaign 30 30 15 15 15 30 30 165 Total Cost 3,000,000.00 3,000,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 1,500,000.00 750,000.00 750,000.00 12,000,000.00

Recommendations: The television communication channel is the highest cost coming in at approximately 12,000,000. However with TV being recognised as a key tool to re-enforce brand awareness (OptiComm, 2010), beyond the initial campaign and user generated advert, there should not be the need to continuously advertise on TV and more cost-effective routes can be maximised.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk Pitch

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