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Product Selection Guide


www.f lotech.co.uk

Who we ane
Fotech SolL,tons was establlshed n 1996 as a UK based nclependent llow measurement and contro equrpment supp er The standard product portfolio is wde and vared,
enab ng F otech eng neers to give an unb ased assessment of the product best suited for any pa,ticu ar iow
measuTeTnenl requ Tement


ISO 9OOO registered, a


of the

Insttute of

Measurernent and Control, and F rst Po nt Asessraent s\,stern reg stered we are ab e to accept payment in a var ety ofways, and have the systems to provde specal docLlrnentaton,

advanced materias The declicated team


test ng

made with several d ffeTent technologles, our wicle product

capabilv enab es a choice bet\ /een

Snce most measurements can be


eng neers can a-ssist you n choosng tl-re rght product for your app cat on.

varous \,@s of product to give the best meter to suit the requ rernent and applcaUon condtions

We prcle ourseves in providing a servce secono to none ano can usua y accommodate specal

our prodLrcts can be de vered next day

ivery requests many




Our technologies
Flotech covers

a wlde procluct \/e

are excusve distrbutors for

portfoio coverng mtust of the flow technooges avalable on the market

today We can prov de s mple mechan cal dev ces needing no

power, as wel as soph sticated measuring devces gvng anutiple
output formats, a owing control and monitoring of your key processes using any nteface. Wth our specia st knov!,iedge of trle flow industrywe can provlde so Lt ons for all ranges of fow techno ogv This starts from ensurng that th-a right
procluct s selected for an appl cation
and can nc udeengineered solutions, up to a sef-contaned skd taounted

Brooks InstrLrment and Brodie LLC both names synonymouswith qua ity products having an exlended rel able performance fe. The instaled base


of these h,vo ranges dates back to

the 193Os The technooges we supply include thermal mass f ow, positve disp acement meter ng var all e area,

Corols mass flow

ternperature, utrason
turbine electromagnet

pressure, vortex,

c and many

As new technooges emerge, we

evaluate the mer ts of the technology and wfrere t can be applied before it


s oflered for sae n our qlecialsed

Product @rtfol o.


Our services
?hen supp ecl a flowTneters are ca brated against traceable primary

standards n their ong ife, mantenance and ca bration s

necessary to assure ongoing rel able performance and confirnn accurale measurement.


Flotech can offer ful caibration test ng services usng NMI

(Frt flel or

N ST traceable equ pment combined wth refurbishment where needed, to bring the f owmeter up to

tfre or ginal standard.

Brooks Instrr.lment flow and level

FieC irr:t-irC

.aeasr-t[e[]en l alCl


Thermal mass flow controller$

and contro enhanced temperature to mprove perlormance undeT arouous conditions, and zero drft
stablity The Brooks@ SLA Smart thermal mass fow meters ancl contao lers featL_tre a metal seat vave for greater turndown
oLi$ de of user specmed imts

diagnostics sofhrare to prove devce stabil ty by detect ng any dr ft

. Fast response time . D gita slgna processng . Excelent ong-term rel ab iV . Easy nstallat on

Quantim C('riolis mass flow control

Coros technoogy in iow llow
The Brooks Quantm Corio s mass flow controler is the frst nstrurrent to use

repeaore measurement

is cntrcal.

appications Quantim has been desgned

for use n the speciaity

. D rect mass measurement . htegral control vatves and ptD

Small size compact des gn Mess.


pfEfiTEceL'tiaal, research & de!opment piot pant and sembolrlLrctor manufacturing

man<ets, wnere accurate,

voume density and

temperalure outputs

Me'tal tube Purgemeter

A relabie low flow high pressure meta tube Purgemetet the Brooks MT37SO has a magnetcally couped mechanica
indicator: an electron c analogue outpLrt

or flow alarrn is optonal. Provides a

praclca and economica approach to low fow rate ndicaton wth clffcdt to
hand e I qu ds or gases

. Gas or liquid flow . iigh pressure clLrv . 316Lor Monelflowtube

Magnetic level gauges

Brooks magnetic evel gaLrges provide relable lqud leve measurernent uslng magnetc float technoogy They require no e\terna power so plant eng neers can contrnue to montor materiai levels

Suitable for corrosive, tox c and

nazardous iquids

despte planned or unplanned power antages. @jmal abfl-ts arxl tnsrnittes

are avE able to permit remote

. Except onally ruggecl and durabte . Range from O 3m to 6m

Far industry and laboratorv

Metal tube variable area

The Brooks MT38O9 metal

varable area flowmeter provides a

rugged means of flow rate inclicaton

stainless steet flanged or screwed

fittings are ava able

at frigh temperatures ancl pressures.

The optonal 4-20n'rA output provicles a SmaTYHART programmabie mrcro

. .

Gases, steam or lqLr ds Precrse ow cost measurernent at


processor transanitter The tube and loat s cronstrLrcted from

gll pressure/temperature

Easyto read scale n flow un ts

The Brooks SHO-RATETM series of


owmeters ncudng the cTlgSO

carner gases
ndcat on.


lLrel flow rate

provoe an economical rneans of {low rate nd catton and controlfor genera Pant use, as well as for laboratory and ana\,tca applcaUons ldeat for app ications such as purging
services, coo ing

. .

nterchangeab e tubes and f oats OpUonal neede valves Rugged constructon

or iow


Thernlal mass flour averaging tubes

The Edridge Products thermal mass
Flow Averaging Tubes (FATTM) and n lrne thermal mass flow meters are your f rst choice for mass iow aneasurement of compressed aii combustion a r and natural gas. nciudes 1@J turndown low pressure drop, easy instalation and competitive prcing

No straight engths reqLired.

. Quick and easy to instal . Accurate to < 1% of reading

Drycal pist()n prover

prover Thrs mercury free calibration device has a O15% mass accuracy
The portabe BOS DefinerrM 8OO s the world s most accurate Dryca pston

servce department to discuss your Prmary tow standard caibration


at up to 50 /mn

. .

Accurate to o.ts%
Simp e pLrsh button operation

Contact our

Accurate and reliable flow measurement and contrtll

sc al

ard ieccnca^)/ . re :e- nq

Custody transfer positive displacement meter

The Brodie B Fotor PlusrM is a . Hgh accuracy tineartyand highly advanced volumetric positive repeatabitty displacement meter foT accurate . No meta to meta contact petroieum lqud measurement The
durabi ity

double case desgn provides rugged with long serv ce ife and is combined wth an integaal pu ser gi\ang

ouFis tc e\


iigh reslstance to ar and entrained soids


lndustrial positive displacement meter

The Brodie BiRotor meter s a

dEpacement meter for the

demanding applcations requirlng accuracy, long ife and ruggedness.

The unique design features two balanced rotors to obtain the ult

postve . Long, tong service tife: most \ipcally 25 years


accuracy .

fnety mate

Low mamenance no sliding' rec procat ng or mdta -to-metal contact Accuracy conforms to nternatona standards

Flow control valves


fow control vaves provdo fow rate control and batch

dellvery of fuid producG when used Wth an electronic batch contro device.

. . .

Modu ar construct on
Pos tive shLrtoff with autoanatic check valve

Operatng on the proven mcl durabe balanced piston principle, options nc ude tre popu ar BV88 digital contro

Fai Safe

valve avalable in sjzes up to



Liquid flow monitors

Eletta Flow Montors, usng dfferental pressure measLrrement, are suitable for a wide range of industria app icatons When flow rates exceed or fal below a

target value a iowswtch operates. A cear 12ornm d arneter ndicator provdes oca ndcaton of flow rate
mak ng switchpojnt adlustment

. Econorn c . Robust and relabl; . Simple to re range . Easyto instal

Quality industr"ial flowmetering

Measui-erlei-ri of gases, liqiitCs cr stean'r

Smart vortex flowmeter

The Rosemount@ 88OOC Smart Vodex Fowmeter from Emerson has an all-weded meter body no movng parts and no process seals to leak lt is suitable lor arduous dL,ty, measurjng hazardous qu ds, gases or steam, ln line szes f_om O.5' to 12', at hgh pressures and mperaLrre exrTeTnes.

. Gases, liqu ds ancl steam, O 5 to12 . Fu y welded body constructon

Analogue and dig tal commun|canons

DP flow solutions
otech So L-rt ons can specity and sJpply many sty es of prima,ry e ement for use in
F MLrft

measurernent transmitter provde quid volume flow data over a flow

range as high as 151

DP flow s\,stern. Usng Rosernount ivariable'" DP measurennt s\,stems, a pre-confgured testecl assemby can be provided to give the compLired mass flow of stea,m or any gas Alternatvey standard Fosemount DP

Applicable to any ine size

Retrofit onto exist ng prma,ry


. rtrr<-< ^



Gori{}lis mass flow measurement

The Mlcro Moion ELI|F@ range of Coriois
anass flo\,v transmtters frorn Emerson s

lluid co.apostion in some applcatons

availabe for lqu d or gas measurements n line sizes i-tween O.5" and 12". The

. .

O 17o

acouraoy ava lable: easy tO

insta Mass flow and denst'/ measurement

technque provLles a rasurement of

mass flow rate, flud density and

ternperatLJre; tl-ree paralraeters

can be used to dedLrce flucl volurne flow

Wde range of models and optionalfealures

Electromagnetic flowmeters
FosemoLrnt E-Ser es Magnet c F owmeters, wth optional dgtal

cations, are

ava lab

wde fow measurement range,

obstruct onless and also
s mple to

measurernent technque provdes a

s apply


from simple water

conductve iqud app ications, ranging

consumption monitorng to spec alised app cations such as hyenb duty or batch control.
Tha 66.+. mr^-6ri^

. .

Simple to apply iqurd flowmeter

Wde rangeab lity high accurary

Many custom and spec a conl gurations

Our expertise
Spec aiisl ow floiv
Brooks is a specaist n soving ow flow applcation prob ems tts product Tange includes the new 4800 and SLA thermal massfow meters and Brooks ab iV to rnontor and contro

e{remey ow gas flows accuratey

and repeatedy s second to none

controllers These new modes feature improved response tme,


wnere crtcal measureTnents are

accuracy, stab llh/ and a new sulte of agnost c sofh^/are.

The Brocle narne has
assoc ated wth accurate meterng s nce T93O, specia is ng n petro eum

measuTement to the hghest standards Whether you need to measuTe avaton fue, dlesel or
petToeum, crude or refned products

Brode have aflowmeterthatw I suit your needs. Sizes from 2 to16"are avaiable A products are tested and ca brated on oil-basecl fluids to
ensure that they are fit for pLrrpose.

The array of proclucts ava abe from Flotech Soutons enab es us to provde so L,t ons to flow measurement appications n most ndustries From A to Z in processes ancl plants from

grarnmes per oay tow rates Lrp to tonnes per rn ntrte for closed ppes
or rn open channels frorn vacuLrm so/ution to offer


lOOObar pressures Flotech has a

Fiiot p ants
Pilot pants in

ihe ast decade have

in this highy speciaised area. The

redL-rced n sca e and created a nlche


requ rement for frighy accurate ow

rneasurement of gases and liquds Flotech are unquey qualfed to provide ead ng edge technoiogy

tecnnoogy app ed by Fotech s capable of upsca ng to arger flows a tne way up to ful size process plants You can rely on Fotech


Flotech Soluiions Ltd Flotech HoLlse . Stuart Road. Bredbr:ry r Stockport SKO 2SR -r^t, AB45 777 6356 . Fax: 0161 406 9196 E-Mail: enquiries@f lotec h. co. uk

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