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Maqsood Hasni


1-Cencer is not the name of a disease

2-The patient must be treated with reference to-----

3-Cencer is not a mysterious disease

4-Mareez Kansar kay jarsumay say nahain marta

5-Bimari zahmat ya rahmat?

6-Alaj moaljay say pehlay khamir kay ajza par ghoor ki zarorat
7-Yaad rakhnay ki batein


Cancer is not the name of a disease

Posted: Thu May 24, 2007 12:38 pm www.cancerforum.net

Post subject: Cancer is not the name of a disease
Prof Maqsood Hasni

Cancer is not the name of a disease nor does it have any specific germ. Man falls
ill because of some seasonal conditions or the shortage of food. The defensive
forces of the body that
ever remain at war with the disease germs and try to kill them in every way. In
this condition, the enemy is either killed or runs away. The disease spreading
germs search for the weak organ, and if they find it, they make it their haunt.
Here the defensive force has to face failure.
The weak part is a blessing for the disease producing germs. Here they find a
chance of devolvement. Through medicines, try is made to kill these germs. With
suitable and required medicines, they are also killed or they feel some pressure.
Their weakness shows that the patient is recovering and the use of medicines is
stopped. After some time these semi-dead germs recover and they restore their
energy. In this case of their death, the weak organ may become weaker. This weaker
organ may become a safe place for the disease spreading germs and this procedure
goes on. And a stage comes when the organ or the defensive forces can not compete
or defeat them. In this ways, the organ is at the mercy of conditions. In the
absence of proper diagnosis and treatment, the organ itself adopts the form of

The germs of other diseases also resort to it. In other word, it becomes a colony
of diseases. The germ of the former disease becomes so strong that they use the
germs of other diseases and improve their strength. In this way all the germs make
the RBCs or WBCs their food. So the defensive forces become weak. Man’s health
depends on these two types of cells and their shortage or weakness means the
weakness of the whole body. In the coming time, the body moves towards death. The
united front of diseases becomes very strong and becomes a part of blood and
nothing can check them from doing so.

The path of it plunder can be stopped. Fresh blood is required to keep the patient
alive. This process is not of only one time but of frequent times. In other words,
after small intervals blood is supplied again and again.

After some time, unsuccessful efforts to keep the patient alive are made. The
patient passes away after spending a life of helplessness.

To attach cancer with some special germ is the basic mistake that leads to a
mistaken treatment. Treatment will be better and correct only when the germ of the
basic/original disease is treated out. It can lead us to success. Besides it all
would be wrong and meaningless. For treatment, the power of this germ will have to
be reduced. With it not only the blood will be saved but the protective elements
will also be strengthened. And in this way, life will be restored to its routine.
For example Influenza, bad cold, etc., the root of violet works wonders.

In other words, it is must to search out which of the diseases has adopted the
form of cancer. Symptoms also lead us to trace out the basic/original disease.
Here are some suggestions:

• The process of change e.g., change in dress, routine, place, etc., should
• The favorite color must be made prominent
• Water may be prepared with the favorite color
• Good news should be transferred to the patient
as soon as possible
• Sad news should be checked
• Every month, urine, blood, etc., must be get
checked regularly
• The patient should urinate in the alum mixed water
• Sun bath must be done according to need
• The pitcher water should be used
• The use of rain water or that of hail remains
• Instead of tooth paste, “Miswak” should be used
• With favorite fruit, the use of other fruits remain in a week
• Honey and Kalwngi can also be used with in various ways
• Among worm:
the worms that eat dead body, mulberry, apple, etc. can
also be researched upon
• The nail of vulture
• The use of fresh things
• Roots of trees vegetables and fruits

The patient must be treated with reference to----

Prof Maqsood Hasni

The patient must be treated with reference to----

The theory of contraries is not a new one. Discussions have been made on it for

The creator has created pair of every thing. Night with day, darkness with light,
life with death not only keep each other in motion but also help us recognize
them. If grief is not attached with relief, or hunger with satisfaction, life
shall become tasteless. If old age were not attached with youth, youth would lose
its charm and value. In other words, the existence of contradictory elements
highlights the importance of each thing.

Now how it can be accepted that the contradiction of something is not present.
Some or the other way or source is always present. It is another mater whether we
have approach to it or not. Or that is yet to be discovered. Cholera, TB and
Malaria were considered remediless diseases in the past, but it is not so in the
present age. If these diseases are diagnosed and treated in time, heath is

A long time ago, I wrote a paper:

“Man can be kept alive”

That was in fact, the depiction of the same philosophy. It is not doubt a
confirmed fact that death is must and every being is to taste it. In no
Heavenly/Holy Book it is written that a person
would die at this time or his life has this limit.

Doctors try to save a person life even when he is breathing his last. If theory of
keeping man alive had not created, all the door of man’s efforts would have
closed. And the people would have waited only for his death if he had fallen ill.
There is no shortage of homeopathic institution in this country. A lot of people
qualify from these institutions. In spite of all this, they prove
unsuccessful homeopaths. There are two basic reasons for it:

1- The institutions earn more than serve

2- The homeopaths consider their education the source of their income. Therefore
they failed. They more attention of the patients pocket than his recovery. Their
greedy has snatched the vigor of research.

A cancer patient comes to them. They have already decided that the cancer patient
must die and nothing can be done in this regard. They can earn some money from him
till his life. In other word money is dear to them than his life.

It is the tragedy not only of the undeveloped nations/countries. Civilized world

and developed countries are also involved in it. Why they have done nothing
against AIDS and cancer. There is a very deep secret being it. Nobody has,
perhaps, thought about it. If the medical researchers ponder over it seriously,
remedies for the remediless diseases can be searched out certainly.

Every person looks similar with respect to his organs and structure. Only
difference of height and features is noticed. On the contrary, no person, with
respect to his organs and structure, is similar to others. Every person is
different from others with respect to temperament, habits, likes and dislikes, and
his stature. The work of his organs is also quite different from those of other
human beings.

Blood groups are not to the same. Even when blood groups are the same, blood of a
person can not be transferred to other persons with out matching test. The
composition of the same blood groups also differs from person to person. If we
study habits, behavior mood etc., and obvious difference can be seen. The fact can
not be denied that the genies of forefathers are transferred to their issue. But
after transfer, their conditions are entirely changed. And it is according to the
law of nature. The contraries thriving in human bodies don’t remain the same. The
process of combination does not remain the same.

As the organs of every man are different from those of the other human beings with
respect to structure, form, action and reaction, every person should be viewed
with his own reference. Similarly every region has its own separate identity. To
view a region with respect to any other region would be a great blander. Every
region has its own:

1- Seasons and these seasons have their own mood and behaviors

2- Effects in soul, water and air quite different from those of the other regions

3- Elements in space separate from those of other hands

4- Elements in solar energy

5- Economics and social needs

6- Fruit, flowers and plants

7- Animals different in behavior from those of the other regions

8- Natural herbs with particular quality

9- Way of living and the way of taking meal or mess

10- Specific meals

11- Taste of meals separate from the meals of other regions

12- Crops

In other words, there are many things and matters of a land that are different
from those of the other regions. A person is attached with the conditions and
other factors of a region His habits, moods, digestion, hunger, taste, etc, are
linked with his native region. He becomes habitual of it. Each and everything of
his native land is deep rooted in his body, mind and soul. Every the most
delicious and nutrition/health giving things of other regions are tasteless for
him. In the case of migration, he adjusts himself with much difficulty or forces
himself to lead an unhappy but unavoidable life. Even he comes back in his country
after a half century; he feels pleasure and solace in it and feels himself healthy
and strong. Not only this, he also feels freedom in his mind though here he finds
atrocities, diseases and worries.

In backward regions, pollution reaches its extreme levels. He fined more freedom
in his new land, while he feels suffocation in his own region. In spite of all
this, prefers his native land to any other land and feels pleasure in living
there. Therefore the treatment of a patient should be:

1- According to his physical condition

2- In accordance with that/his region

3- With the help of the things of that region

4- According to his likes and dislikes

5- With the help of the things he has been using

6- In accordance with the changing circumstances

7- According to the psychology man that he feels accretion for the forbidden
and non availability of the forbidden things will
create distemper leading to blood pressure tension, else
8- According to the distinction of every patient

There is no doubt that the responsibility of a physical increases and he must make
it certain in his mind that he is a responsible person. Only he is to do
everything. It is not a positive thought that the patient should be referred to
advanced countries with the excuse that the technique is not develop herein
backward countries. When the physician will think that he is responsible and he is
to treat the patient available herbs and other resources of the region, the remedy
will be certain. In this way the treatment of resorting to other lands will come
to anther careless. Non-serious for human life and to make it conditional with
behaviors is extremely dirty and condemnable. It is compulsory for a physician to
gather maximum data about the patient, his conditions, habits and manners,
psychological complexes, family history and his disease/problem. He should collect
information from the attendant as well as patient’s relatives.

The nearer he goes to the patient, the more he would understand the patient. He
must not think
The patient the sources of his income. He is the savior and his task is to redeem
others from physical difficulties. A little carelessness on the physician’s behalf
can put a patient to death and this is the dishonor of a savior.

Science has no doubt produced facilities for man. Science has also provided
sources to save time.
But the scientific instruments a patient can’t be understood. In order to now a
patient, a physician has to work like a research officer. It is also a fact that
some inventions of science also cause damage to human body. The tests of urine,
blood, mucus are really useful but X-ray, ultrasounds, and other like these
supreme inventions are harmful to man. All the organs of a patient become weak and
these instruments harm to him directly. The irony is that the damage may not be
noticed readily but disorder is certainly created somewhere or other. That damages
a patient unconsciously. A lot of patients and their relatives are also seen who,
without any physician’s advice, run the ultrasound.

The ultrasound operators get their fee and give them the ultrasound report. I
don’t want to say that the use of these resources should not be used or they are
meaningless or need is denied.

The point is that these resources should be used only when the physician makes his
utmost effort to locate the disease or problem of the patient. Secondly, all the
things about a patient can’t be known at once. At least three reports of the
patient’s conditions should be collected and these things must be written in his
file in detail.

If the patient is referred to some other place, his file should also be
transferred. If the patient is not satisfied with his physician, and he wants to
resort the same other physician, the physician should not get angry. It is his
right and also need with respect to his physiological satisfaction and
encouragement. In this case, the physician should provide the photocopy without
delay, so that the other physician may adopt some other way with reference to the
earlier results. If the file is not provided, the second physician will have to
start his work a new. Thus a lot of time will be wasted. Resources will also be
used the second time. A new proceeding and research will surely add to his
problem. The malady may develop from one stage to the other. Complexities will
increase. Or the situation may bring about his death.

A physician must have sympathy with his patient. A person’s life is more
important, fortune is Allah’s hands. If a physician’s intention is good, He can
create other sources for him. The last point is in this regard is that without
knowing anything, the treatment would be absolutely unjust, meaningless or

For the destruction of bacteria, a physician uses medicines of high potency even
when the case is not obvious. In the same way, the start uses of
such medicines as become addiction for the patient.

My actual focus is Cancer. The physicians assert that the reality should be
disclosed to the patient. Physicians have this thought because they are not
suffering from Cancer. As soon as a patient listens to the name of this fatal
disease, half of his life is wasted away. Even an educated patient is also shocked
to the marrow of his bones. He loses trust and charm in life and he considers
himself helpless and unfortunate. Furthermore, some RBCs are destroyed by Cancer
and more than them spoilt by worries, anxiety, sorrow, and uncertainly. His
immunity system becomes weaker and weaker.

Whether the doctor accepts it or not, the real thing is the same, and the common
experience is according to it. For the treatment of a disease, the immunity system
requires to be stronger because it leads to the recovery of the patient. Secondly,
constancy and regularity must be developed in the patient otherwise it would be to
push him into death’s mouth. Cancer’s surgery is common these days and it is
thought the easiest solution to this problem.

The crab is called Cancer. The malady spreads its legs to a far extent. Even if a
part of its ¼ cell remains out of the operated upon part, the disease develops a
new. And it can’t be said that no cell of Cancer exists out of the operated upon
part and it
is also impossible. Surgery is not the permanent solution to this problem nor does
any prominent advantage come out of it. I have seen hundreds of such patient as
was quite well before surgery but after surgery they passed away soon.

Now I offer my explanation with reference to the treatment of Cancer:

!- The treatment must not be performed in the wake of any foreign example.

2- The patient must be treated with reference to his own body, condition and
regional circumstances.

3- The physician must be sympatric, resolute, and serious and there is the same
need of creating will power in the patient

4- The physician must be expert in physiology or a psychiatrist can be haired for

this purpose

5- The policy for the treatment of a patient must be prepared separately. The use
of the experiment of some other patient is not proper or suitable. Each patient
must be considered a new challenge. Old experiment maybe awareness

6- Water plays to key role in the recovery of a patient. As Government collects

huge taxes, it is its duty to provide pure water for drinking.
In the old time (Some where even now-a-day) the wound was dressed with water and
it healed.
Similarly water was collected from seven houses and drunk. Why it was so is
another discussion. But it certainly was useful. The effect part must be
washed (without soap) twice or thrice a day

7- Fresh air, charming atmosphere, and freedom from financial worry and
social problems must be provided to the patient with the report that all is well

8- The people of developing/backward countries are habitual of toil and hard work.
The patient must be got busy in some task/work. So that his attention my be
divided and he must feel his pain less

9- In the capital countries, mixing is part and parcel of trade. It must be

checked and the patient must be provided with pure diet and pure medicines

10- The patient must be with 22 ounces of food per day in any case.
A schedule must be prepared and these contents must be involved in the food:
a- The core of the seeds i.e. cucumber, melon, water melon etc
b- Carrot, radish, leave of reddish, ginger, garlic, mint, etc
c- The vegetables must not be peeled
d- Simple food, that is also soon digestible that he has been using in his past
life must be continued

11- The patient must enjoy full sleep

12- The vital organs must be given exercise

13- The slaughtered animal’s flesh must not be cut into pieces until its whole
blood does not spill away

14- The use of Biochemic Medicine Kali Phos 6x (TDS) is very beneficial to remove
the exertion of mind

15- To sit under neem tree for an hour is very advantageous

16- The strategy must be on the top of the list that such medicine must be given
to the patient as may grapple with the disease and the disease shall
depart from the patent’s body.

In other words, it proves a stronger disease foe the disease in this regard
Biochemic Medicine Calc flour 6x can (TDS) be presented as an example

17-Any thing that has been the part of patient’s diet and increases his appetite
must be included in his food

18- The patient’s immunity system must be strengthened. First vegetables and such
other things must be involved

19- The Almighty has not created any such thing as is worthless. The thing that
are considered worthless may have the remedy to the disease.
For example:
a- leaves of tree, flowers, roots etc
b- The worms of a region
c- The wastage of birds
d- The mucus of pet or non-pet animals
e- The foam of mouth of animals
f- Water of hooka (Habal Babal)

20- The Cancer of women’s chest is very common. Its reasons may be over production
of children, load of work, the shortage of food, non-conformity, domestic
disputes, psychological complexes, worries, avoid feeding to the kids etc

21- When a female has an overflow of sexual passions which maybe caused ultras or
ovaries cancer at this stage, the concept of Islam about four marriages can’t be

22-- Cleanliness checks the way of the development of the disease

23- Ignorance also develops disease

24- The use of anti pain medicines that do not conform to the disease must not be
used. In this regard, the spray of the medicines in the accord with the disease
and the patient is useful.

Translated from Urdu to English

Niamat Ali,
English Department
Govt. Isl. College, Kasur (Pakistan)

Dr Maqsood Hasni.
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Her bimari kisi na’kisi androni aza main tabdiliz/kharabi ka natija hoti ub mein
kehta hoon gher mehsus andaz say mojoda aur adi mamolaat main tabdili lae ja’ay to
es say mairi marad androni aur bahar kay mamolaat hotay hain.
Baroni tabdiliaan:
1- Majoda rehan sehan aur os say motalqaat
2- ay mojood mahoolehlay sp
3- Mosamoon ki tabdili
4- Othnay baithnay kay momolaat
5- Khanay pinay ki tarteeb
6- Khanay pinay kay oqaat main tabdili
7- Pasand na’pasand main tabdili
8- Pasand na’pasand ki tarteeb main tabdili
9- Her qisam kay tasalsal aur tawatar ko tabdeel kya ja’ay
10- Roz’mara kay momolaat tabdeel ki’ay jaein
11- Rangoon ki verity tabdeel hoti rehni chahiay
12- Nafrat say mohabat aur mohabat kay mamolaat aur atwar main tabdili
13- Tovajo batanay kay sabqa atwar
14- Doctor ki sar par sawari taqriban khatam ki ja’ay mareez say ziyada motalqeen
say rabta bananay ko tarji di ja’ay
15- Aanay janay kay rastoon tak main tabdili lae ja’ay
16- Jism ko eak hi dwa ka adi na banaya jay lihaza adviyaat main dusray chothay
tabdili lae ja’ay ya kam az kam oon kay oqaat tabdeel kartay rehna chahiay
17- Khanay porana hai to bartan pehlay walay na rahain
Androni aza kay function main tabdiliaan lanay ki baat bila’shuba hiran’kun aur
ahmqana se lagti hai likin yah otna hi zarori hai jitna baroni tabdilioon ka lana
zarori hota hai. Masan
a- khorak ki tabdili say
b- walk aur warzesh kay mukhtalif harboon say
c- sochoon main tabdili la kar
d- jumla havas par mukhtalif hawaloon say asar’andaz hor kar
e- mosmoon kay tafawat kay zariay
f- Mashrobaat main tabdili say
g- Khush rakh kar
h- Tarjihaat main tabdili la kar
Adviyaat main

Calc flour (6) TDS

Kali Phos (30) OD
Ka kisi bhi surat main naga nahain hona chahiay.
Digar main
Apes (30)
Belladonna (30)
Selenium (30)
Naja (30)
Thoja (30)

Ya jo bhi dwa laga rakhti ho mareez kay baltay mazaj aur badalti halat kay motabaq
di jinai chahiay. Yaad rehna chahiay mareez ka her lumha mazaj, halat, zarorat,
rujhan, khaesh waghera main tabdili aati rehti hai es liay eak hi dwa ka daina
manasab/sood’mand na ho sakay ga. Ghar waloon ko es moamla main bara hi sensitive
hona paray ga. Attendant ko moalaj ki se hasiat hasal hoti hai woh mareez ki halat
zarorat waghera ko ba’chasham-e-khud daikhta rehta hai es liay ossay choti choti
tabdilioon ko nazar main rakhna ho ga.
Es kay liay ossay lamha lamha ki khabr likhtay jana chahiay es say mareez kay
Doctor ko alaj main aasani rahay gi.

Adviyaat kay sath sath:

1- Khiray ki jhaag ko pani main mala kar di ja’ay

2- Eak waqt main eak sabzi ki yakhni bana kar os main say eak chamach jab mareez
Pani Talab kary, Pani Kay glass main mala paish ki ja’ay
3- Her qisam ka phal mareez ko diya ja’ay. Pabandi na rakhi ja’ay jitna ji chahay
kha’ay chahay eak qash hi kayoon na lay.
4- Phal ka juice nikal kar rakh lain. Jab mareez Pani Talab kary, Pani Kay glass
main eak chamcha mala paish ki ja’ay

Rang aur Shmsi tavanae

Rang zindgi main bara aham kirdar rakhtay hain. Mareez ko jo rang pasand ho, os
rang ki botal ya phir os rang ka patla kaghaz boltal lipait lain. Pani say bhari
yah botal 6 ta 8 ghaintay kari dhoop main rakhain baad’azaan ossay thainda karkay
mareez ko dain aur yah amaltawatar say hona chahiay.
Wasael omuman sad-e-rah bantay hain aur ghurbat kaam bigarti hai likin ghurbat
main bhi mamolaat main tabdili lana mushkal kaam nahain. Rastoon ki tabdili, dhoop
main chaoon ki khaesh, pakwan kay zaeqay badal kar, namak kam rakh kar namak ki
khaesh paida ho sakti hai, mirch ziyada rakh kar kam mirch kay liay rujhan ho
sakta, tovajo tabdeel karkay waghera waghera qisam kay aqdam aur harboon main koe
dushwari ya kharach nahain aata.
En tamam iqdamaat ka kya faeda ho ga?
Rozmara kay mamolaat khorak ki tabdili say:
1-Androni aza kay function main tabdili aa’ay gi jab’kah bimiri kay garaseem sabqa
mukhsus halaat main parwan charay hotay hain. Wo tabdiloon kay ammal main apni
survival barqarar na rakh paein gay.
Dusra khanay pinay kay mamolaat, taste, oqaat, variety aur pakan ki cooking mamool
say hatnay say oon main baichaini bharay gi natija’kar oon ki bahmi thun ja’ay gi.

Es ki zinda missal yah hai kah karoroon sperms main say eak doo hi uterus main
dakhal ho patay hain baqi eak dusray kay hatoon moot kay ghat otar jatay hain.
Ya yah missal lay lain eak aadmi mukhsus masaloon main bhona howa ghost khata raha
hai aur wo es ka arsa daraz say aadi hai. Ab ossay pehlay masaloon say hat kar
masaloon main paka shorbay wala ghost khanay ko diya jata hai. Yah ammal androni
tabdilioon ka sabab banay ga.
Eak shakas bhais ka doodh pita chal;a aa raha hai ab bhais kay doodh ki bajay
onthni, bakri ya phir ga’ay ka doodh pinay ko diya ja’ay.
Eak shakas hot tea ka adi hai ab ossay ice/cold tea di ja’ay.
Eak aadmi chaoon walay rastay say guzarta hai aur yahhi hamaisha say os ka mamool
raha hai. Ab ossay dhoop walay rastay say guzarna parta hai. Andar chaoon ki
khaesh paida ho gi. Yah kaesh pehlay routine ki zarorat ho gi. Puri na honay kay
sabab andar kay function main tabdiliaan aaein gi. Yah tabdiliaan bimari kay jara
semoon ko kisi bhi hawal say khush na aaein gi.Es moamla main eak zarori baat note
karni chahiay kah bar bar tabdiliaan lae jaein. Eak mamool na rehnay di ja’ay.
2-Blood cells ki haiat-e-tarkibi main tabdili aa’ay gi. Es hawala say bannay wala
khoon bimari kay jarasemoon kay liay kisi kaam ka na ho ga. Es tara wo bhokoon
marain gay yah phir eak dusray ki khorak ban jaein gay.
3-Madafti fooj na’ay saray say eak dusray andaz aur nae qisam ki tavanae kay sath
taiyar ho gi. Yah fooj jarasimoon kisi tara bardast na karay gi aur na’anday aur
nae tariqa ha’ay kar say jang ka aaghaz karay gi. Es fooj ki taqat aur larnay kay
kay atwar say bimari kay jaraseem motahammal na ho sakain gay.
4- jis kamzoor hissa main bimari kay jaraseem panah gazein hoon gay wahahaan
bilkul mukhtalif qisam ka khoon ja sakay ga. Es kay doo favaed hoon gay:
a- wo hissa zindgi ki taraf lotna shoro kar day ga aur os ka
function pehay say mukhtalif andaz aur toor ka ho ga aur
yah bimari kay jarasemoon kay liay mohlak sabat ho ga.
b-yah nae tara ka khoon aur es kay RBCs bimari kay liay kisi kaam
kay na hoon gay. Es hawala say bimari kay jara semoon kin ash-o-nama
ruk ja’ay gi aur lamha-ba-lumha kamzoor partay jaein gay.
Panch moalgein ki zarorat
Hamaray haan baad’qismati yah hai ka mareez ko madi laclach ki vaja say bohat hi
kaam waqt diya jata hai. Warna es mozi marz kay liay panch masihaoon ki zarorat
hoti hai:
1- Qualified Record keeper jo bari zimadari say mareez ki naqal-o-harqat ko note
2- Mahar-e-Nafasyaat jo mareez kay khatamay main bara aham kirdar ada kar sakta
hai aur woh:
a- mareez ki soch kay dharay badal sakta hai
b- jinay ki khaesh ko do’chand kar sakta hai
Aagay bharnay say pehlay batoor hawala eak missal paish kana zarori samjta hoon.
Eak shakas kisi ko qatal karnay kay liay baray ghusa say dhora chala jar aha hai.
Rasta main koe ossay rook kar moamla pochnay baith jata hai aur woh dil khool kar
sara majra/qesa os keh daita. Keh dainay kay baad woh kisi ko qatal karny ki
position main nahain rakhta. Halan’kah ossay samjaya nahain giya hota.
3- Baroni mamolaat main gher mahsus andaz/tariqa say tabdiliaan lanay wala
4- Khorak kay zareay androni aza main tabdiliaan lanay wala
5- Adviyaat kay hawala say es mozi maraz kay jaraseem kay khalaaf jang larnay wala
Mareez ka attendant bhi qabal, zimadar, maraz ki noeat samjnay wala hona chahiay.
Yah baat zehan nasheen rehni chahiay kah charoon ka bahmi rabta aur sala mashwara
rehna chahiay. Goya woh eak team ka sa kirdar ada karain. Kaam mukhtalif likin
maqsad eak. Giyara khilari apnay apnay hawala say eak marboot khail khail kar goal
karnay ki thantay hain. Zindgi kay liay moalajein khilari ki se lagan kay sath yah
qabal-e-izzat masiha Sahiban kaam kayoon nahain kar saktay?!

The Following User Says Thank You to Dr Maqsood Hasni

For This Useful Post:
Aroosa Nadeem
Cencer koe Fooq-ul-Fitrat bimari nahain hai. Es kay jarsumay say bohat kam mareez
fori toor par martay hain. Mareez kay marnay ki aur bohat sari vajohaat ho sakti
hain. Oon main say chand eak ka zikar kar raha hoon ta’kah yah samjha ja sakay kah
yah maraz Qabal-e-Alaj hai aur es ka shakar honay walay mareez ko moot kay monh
main janay say ba’khobi bacha’ya ja sakta hai aur es ko koe mehnga alaj bhi
nahain. Essay Daktar Hazrat ki mali havas aur maal kamae mohim kay hawala say
mehnga samjh aur mehnga bana diya giya hai.


Soni sanae batoon par yaqeen kar laina

Pehlay say teh kar laina kah es maraz ka koe alaj nahain aur mareez ki moot yaqini
aur teh’shuda baat hai
Zati aur logoon say sonay sana’ay totkoon par inhasar aur oon ka bila takallaf
Ta’hum yah tootkay ba’maeni aur la’yaeni bhi nahain hotay. En kay estamal kay
moamla main ehtayat ki bari zarorat hoti hai.
Alaj ki taraf tavajo karnay main dairi
Es ka matlab yah nahain kah dusri ya taisri stage samjh kar mareez ko maraz kay
rehm-o-karam par choor diya ja’ay. Allah karim nay her sata ka liay koe na’koe hal
zaroor rakha hai.
Kisi cheez ko imkan say bahar nahain rakha. Os ka kehna hai kah masusi gonah hai.
Haspataloon main Daktar Hazraat ki bila moavza mareez kay moamla main tasahal
check up main dairi aur la’parvahi
Mareez ko koe relief dainay say pehlay testoon ki bhar’maar.
ya pain killer adviyaat ka estamal
ya nasha’aawar adviyaat daina
Testoon ki report main dairi baz reports to mareez ki moot kay baad mosool hoti
Alaj ka aghaz baray zalam injectionoon aur sakht tareen adviyaat say kiya jata
hai. Jab’kah os waqt tak mareez ki madafti qovatain entahae kamzoor par chuki hoti
hain. Es tara ossay doo mahazoon par larna parta hai. Natija-e-kar Kamzori kay
baes shakast-e-fash say do’char hoti hain.
Gher mayari adviyaat ki dasyabi aur oon ki dasyabi main roak toak/check na hona
Mareez par khool diya jata hai kah ossay kansar hai. Woh yah son kar ½ mar jata
hai. Yah os ta’asar ka natija hai kah yah maraz na’qabal-e-alaj hai aur aakhar
moot mareez ka moqadar teharti hai
Yah ta’asar kah es maraz ka alaj hamaray haan mumkin nahain, ba’zat-e-khud moot
hai halankah baroon-e-mulak es marz ka alaj mumkin nahain. Apnay hi alaqa main es
ka alaj mumkin ho sakta hai
Mareez ki eyadat ko aanay walay, khsusan mohtaram khatein ki hum’dardi aur rikat
aamaiz guftagu mareez ko kha jati hai.

Attendant ki martay shakas kay sath ka sa rovaeya, andaz aur salook

Maraz say mail na khati ghaza, moashi-o-masharti tafakraat, malawat, girani, ganda
pani, na’gowar mahool aur fiza, gharailu jhagray martay shakas ka sa salook aur
ravaeaya Daktar aur es paisha say motalaq amlay ka qisabi rovaeya.
Mareez ko mareez say ziyada maal kamanay ka zareya samja jata hai. Daktaroon ki
yah ada na’seraf insaniat ki qatil hai balkah samaji juram bhi hai.
Kaam say faragh karkay achay aur araam say din gozarnay aur Allah Allah karnay ki
talqeen karna.
Research ka qehat aur foqdan
Seraf Allopathic par ektafa aur essay hi mawa-o-malja samjh laina aur digar tariqa
ha’ay alaj ko bai’kar qarar day diya jana
Mareez ko alag thalag se mukhlooq qarar day daina aur kaar ha’ay hayat say faragh
kar daina
Pain killer adviyaat ka bila'daraigh aur bai’tahasha estamal.
Dard door karnay ka chara karna bura nahain likin assal maslay ki taraf tavajo
pehli tarji hona chahiay, jo sanvi darja ekhtayar kar gae hai
Baray fakhar say bazari ashya-e-khudni ka estamal
Chatpati, khati mithi aur taizabiat bananay wali ashya ka ba’kasrat estamal
Sabzioon main, gher combination rakhnay wali ashya ka pakwan
Masalay’dar pakwan
Bachay ko, sinay kay hosan ko barqarar rakhnay kay liay dudh na pilana. Jabkah
dudh pilana bacha aur zacha, donoon kay liay zarori hai
Pistanoon say bachay ka SAR lagna/takrana ya kisi aur hawala say bai’ehtayati
Qabaz ka matwatar rehna
Jald hazam na honay wali ashya ka estamal
Sabzi kay qimati aur ossay mutwazan rakhnay walay ajza ko kat phankna (Chilka baij
Khana kha kar lait rehna
Paidal chalnay ka ravaj kam ya khatam sa ho jana
Kisi choot kay moamla main bai’ehtyati aur la’parwahi bartna
Parishni, fikarmandi, dukh waghera
Dhowaan (smoke)

Nasha’aawar ashya ka estamal.

Takleef main nasha day kar sola dainay ka rujhan
Othtay hi high potency anti-biotic ka estamal
ya en ka omomi estamal
Aaram talbi
Sadgi say dori
Balgham ka akhraj rokna
(Eak fisad sahi, likin yah sabab zaroor hai)
”Kayoon” kay alaj say dori. Maslan bokhar hota hai bukhar otarnay ki dwa di jati
hai bukhar to koe bimari hi nahain ya pait main dard hota hai to Buscopan wagher
day daitay hain halankah tap aur dard kisi aza kay amal main kharabi ki
nishan’dahi hai.
Khana khanay kay foran baad cha’ay laina.
Garam garam cha’ay pi laina
Bachay ko zamein par khailnay say mana karna
Sehat kay moamla main adam tovajgi
Kal parsoon ki baat hai, eak sahib ko pitay ka kansar tha woh aaghi say pehlay
dard main sahi, ji raha tha. Jonhi Ossay maloom howa to heart attack say chal
Mairay khayaal main ossay kuch din aur bimari kay sath jina tha. Kansar itni jaldi
kab marnay daita hai. Bohat waqt daita hai aur phir tarpa tarpa kar marta hai.

Eak hatay katay aadmi kay hath ghalti say kansar kay mareez ki report thama di
gae. Who dinoon main such kar lakri ho giya. Kansar ka moalja shuro ho giya. Her
aglay din halat kharab hoe. Ossay dobara say test ka mashwara diya giya. Ossay
seray say yah maraz tha hi nahain. Yaqeen manain who eak haftay kay andar andar
phir say pehlay sa ho gya.
Libas aur colors main tabdili na lana
Mutbadlaat ka nazar’andaz hona.
Jis tara saieb/apple ka mutbadal gajar hai.
Taza gajar, saieb/apple kay hotay gajar kay morabay kay khanay ka kya jawaz hai)
Jo khoof pashmani aur aza-e-raesa ki kamzori ka sabab banti hai
Viraj ka ziya na’qabal-e-talafi noqsan hain hai es liay Zana’kari say ijtanab
entahae zarori hai.
Islam main char shadioon ka jaez hona bai’maeni aur bila’jawaz nahain
Bhook rakh kar na kana.
Allah kay naam say aaghaz na karna aur ekhtatam par Allah ka shukar ada na karna.

Dant ki gher monasab safae ya mail na khati paste ka estamal.

Yah bhi kah miswak ko nazar andaz kya jana
Nakhan bharana ya oon ka baqaedgi say kata na jana

Aakhar dudh, podinay, dhnay, anar’danay, tulsi ya sada kachay piyaz kay sath roti
khanay main kya kharabi hai.
Mati kay bartan main khana kayoon nahain pakaya ja sakta.
Gharay ka pani pinay main kya borae hai?
Kuch khanay kay baad teen bar koli kar lainay main yaqenan kuch kharach nahain
Neem kay patay, haldi, phatkari, namak milay pani par pishaab karnay main koe
kharach nahain aata.

Mosam kay sastay phal khanay say qudrati toor par rbcs aur wbcs ki tarkeeb-o-
tashkeel main madad milti rehti hai
Bazahar en main say kuch chaizain cheez kansar say motalaq maloom nahain hotien
likin yah chizain/batain kisi bimari ko taqviat ponchati hain ya kisi na’kisi
bimari ka sabab banti hain. Jo aagay ja kar shifa’yabi na honay ki surat main
kansar ka roop dhar laiti hai.



Allah Karim nay tamam ashya ko oon kay hawalah say khoob paida kiya aur oon main
oon ki takhleeq kay hawah say johar aur kamal rakh diay ta’kah wo apni alag say
ehmiat pehchan aur shanakht barqarar rakh sakhain. Sab say alag baat yah kah oon
tamam main insan kay liay koe na’koe faeda zaroor rakh diya. Goya tamam ashya
insan ki khidmat kay liay mamoor kar deen. Yah eak dusri baat hai kah insan oon
say faeda hasal na kar sakay ya samjh na sakay ya samjhnay ki koshesh hi na karay.

Hamaray haan ka omomi rovaj hai kah hum sab kuch Allah Sahib par choor daitay hain
aur khud say kuch karnay ki zahmat gowara nahain kartay, yah koe sehat’mand
baat/rovaeya nahain. Bila’shuba Allah Sahid Qadir-e-Motliq hain. Saray ekhtiyaraat
ossi kay hath main hain likin os nay koshesh, aur koshesh kay liay to kaha hi hai.
Jab insan jid-o-johad karta hai tab hi os ki madad barkat aur mehabani nazal hoti

Os ki ataoon ko bana sanwarna hifazat na’ay estamalaat daryaft kana waghera to

insan ki zima’dari hai. Gandam os nay khoob di os main barkat bhi rakhi ab ossay
saaf karma aata pisana aatay ko ghondna phir aag waghera jala kar rotiaan banana
to insan ki zima’dari. Hum chahtay hain kah Wo nichay otar kar hamaray yah kaam
bhi kar ja’ay. Kya yah sehat’mand andaz-e-hayat hai, yaqenan nahain.
Insan tamam makhloqaat say afzal tareen makhlooq hai. Essay aqal aur Danish ki
nimat say nawaza giya hai. Yah sochta hai samjhta hai. Naein tarhain nikalta hai.
Barikioon ko jannay ki sae bhi karta hai es cheez nay insan ko dusroon par
afzaliat baklhshi hai. Kalam main bar bar yah sawaliya milta hai,
Aur tum ghoor kayoon nahain kartay.
Asal moamla yah hai jab insan lalach havas aur jama karnay main lag jata hai to
aaghi kay darwazay os par wa nahain hotay. Aaghi aur mada ki jor jama ka lalach
eak sath nahain chal saktay ya ilm es liay hasal kiya ja’ay ta’kah bohat sari
dolat ekhtiyaraat hath lag jaein. Yah ho hi nahain sakta kah en donoon ka kisi bhi
moqam par milan ho sakay. Ilm es liay hasal kiya jata hai kah aaghi kay darwazay
khol jaein aur insan bohat kuch jan kar khushi farhat aur aasodgi hasal kar sakay.

Allah Sahib Alim hain woh chahtay hain insan bhi, jo os ki sab say khoob tareen
makhlooq hai, bhi alim ho. Allah Sahib ilm kay hawala say insan ki zafar’mandi ko
pasand farmatay hain. Insan ki aaghi Allah Sahib ko kuch aati hai. Yah ftri asool
hai kah baap chahta hai kah os ki olad taraqi karay. Ustad shagird ki taraqi say
kush hota hai aur os par fakhar karta hai. Insan Allah Sahib ki afzal tareen
makhlooq hai jab insan taraqi karta hai to woh bhi kush hota hai. Baap aur Ustad,
Allah Sahib kay moqabla main rae kay darja par nahain aatay. jab yah jo os kay
moqabla main mamoli bhi nahain hain, kush hotay hain to wo jo Malik aur takhl’kar
hai kayoon kush nahain ho ga?!

Agar insan ba’izzat aur dusroon say bhar’kar jina chahta hai to ossay ilm, aaghi
kay liay hasal karna ho ga. Ilm aur dolat ko doo alag khanoon main rakhna ho ga.
Ilm dolat hasal karnay ka zariya nahain. Aisa ilm naqas rehta hai aur insan kay
liay sood’mand sabat nahain hota balkah zahmat ka sabab banta hai. Apni baat ko
sankroon zinda misaloon say wazay karnay ki position main hoon yahaan seraf eak
missal par ektafa karkay asal modday ki taraf aa jaoon ga.

Yahaan eak khatoon lamba chora altrasound karnay ka tajarba rehti hain. Pehlay
pehal oon kay nataej achay hotay thay likin ab jab’kah khasa tajarba rehti hain
oon kay nataej qabal-e-etmad nahain rahay,, kayoon?!
1- oon kay pas rozana 150/200 log aatay hain jihain oonhoon nay ¾ ghentoon main
niptana hota hai es liay tovajo main kami aa gae hai
2- mutkabar ho gae hain. Koe bhi mutkabar zaat/khaal main nahain rehta. Es
liay os ka kaha sona qabal-e-etmad nahain rehta
3- dolat kay lalach nay onhain research/honar say door kar diya hai aur woh
lagi bandhi tarkiboon ko estamal main lati hain
4- zarori aur gher zarori say doori ekhtayar kar gae hain
5- motalaq aur gher’motalaq ka emtiyaz oon say chen gya hai

Mein nay emergency kay hawala say baat ki to mairay eak dost nay jawaban kaha shah
ji yah shosha na chorna. Ghariboon ki jaieb par aur bojh ban ja’ay ga jab’kah
moamla wahein wahein rahay ga.

Eak hi darakht ka pahal size aur zaeqa main mukhtalif hota hai kayoon? Yah sawal
bara ahum hai es par ghoor karnay ki zarorat hai. Aakhar
Eak mitha
Eak phika
Eak Bai’zaeqa
Eak karwa
Eak baad’zaeqa
Eak khat mitha
Eak kharab
Kayoon hota hai. Aakhar kis cheez nay yah moamla paida kiya hai. Entahae ghoor
talab baat hai.
Insani aza Cells say tarkeeb-o-tashkeel patay hain aur yah cells bahar say milnay
walay ghazae aur dusray anasar say bantay hain. Sab cells eak se haiat-e-tarkibi
kay malik nahain hotay. En main faraq hota hai. Yahhi karwa mitha bai’zaeqa
waghera ka sabab bantay hain. Jab tak cells kay codes aur haiat-e-tarkibi tak rase
ki sae nahain ki ja’ay gi, masla hal nahain ho sakay ga. Yah sab gher’ mutwazan
surat-e-hal ka natija hota hai. Tasalsal aur tawatar bhi vaja-e-kharabi ho sakta

Sabzioon aur phaloon main kiray par jatay hain. Kiray kayoon partay hain?
Kisi cell main kharabi ya ajza-ay-tarkibi kay adam’twazan kay natija main kiray
partay hain.
Kya yah kiray cell kay tamam ajza ko luqma banatay hain?
koe muhsus juz hi oon ki khorak hoti hai. Haan os juz kay khorak bannay say digar
ajza bhi kharabi ka nishana bantay hain.
Kya yah kiray makhlooq hain ya en ka paida karnay wala koe nahain?
Yah mukhlooq hain aur yah bhi Allah Sahib ki makhlooq hai. Es hawala say yah
bai’maeni nahain ho saktay:
En ki mojodgi kisi na’kisi faeday ka sabab zaroor hai.
Yah bhi kah yah zahmat nahain rahmat hain.
En ki padaesh main koe na’koe Allah Sahib ki hikmat zaroor mojood hai aur kisi
Khud os cheez kay liay
Insan kay liay es main faeda zaroor mojood hai.
Allah Sahib nay koe cheez bai’kar say paida nahain farmae. Dikhnay wali zahmat kay
sath rahmat ka mojood na hona mumkin hi nahain. Yah qanoon-e-qudrat kay khalaf
baat hai.
Insane kay liay en kiroon kay hawala say faeda mood hai. Yah bimarioon ki shifa
kay liay faeda’mand hain.

Insani jisam kay kisi cell main kharabi honay kay sabab os main kiray )
jaraseem/jarsumay) par jatay hain. Wo kiray cell kay tamam ajza ko khorak nahain
banatay koe mukhsus juz on ki khorak banta hai. Haan es say dusray ajza bhi
motasar hotay hain.

Bimari mukhlooq hai. Essi tara bimari kay kiray bhi apni manviat rakhtay hain. Yah
kiray kisi na’kisi sata par, kisi na’kisi hawala say apni afadiat rakhtay hain. Es
amar ka khoj lagana abhi baqi hai.

Her bimari, mukhlooq honay kay hawala say apni afadiat rakhti hai. Shakhas es say
ghabrata hai. Yah aza kay kisi cell kay ajza main baroni adam’tawazan ki taraf
eshara hota hai ta’kah insan apnay baroni adam’tawazan ko mutwazan kary. Maslan
Sadma lo gay to cells damage hoon gay
Fakar’mand hoon gay to sar’dard ka shaker ho jao gay jo aagay ja kar entashar-o-
fashar ka mojab banay ga jo brain heomriage ka mojab ban sakta hai.
Basi ghaza khao gay to hazma kharab ho ga. Hazmay ki kharabi kuch bhi kar sakti
Kisi zakham par khoon roknay ki gharaz say ganda kapra bandho gay to yah mazeed
kharabioon ka sabab banay ga
Cheink roko gay to bhi kharabi ki surat niklay gi
Kanta, paper pin say nikalo gay to kharabi ki surat niklay gi
Gher fitri ajza ka pakwan kharabi paida karay ga
Bhook say ziyada khao gay to bimar paro gay

Gharz un’gint es hawala say misalain fatrahum ki ja sakti hai. Es zaviya-e-nazar

say ghoor karain gay to bimari kay kiray zahmat kay sath sath rahmat ka sabab bhi
nazar aaein gay. Goya bimari zahmat nahain rahmat hai aur yah, “take care” kay
mafaheem ko kholti hai. Shakar honay ki surat main baroni tabdili ka taqaza karti
hai. Yah aae tabdili ko nazr main karnay ki khuli dawat daiti hai.

Baroni mosam halaat zaroratain batan par asar andaz hoti hain. Moods en par sonay
par sohagay ka kaam karta hai. Goya badaltay moods jo halaat ka natija hotay hain,
karway mithay phikay waghera ka sabab bantay hain. Tabdiliaan oon par asar andaz
hoti hain. Cells kay codes ko daryaft karnay say aakhri sans tak ka andaza karma
mumkin hai.

Khud shakas en baroni tabdilioon par ghoor kar sakta hai. Konsi tease karti hain
aur konsi farhat daiti hain, kisi aur say pochnay ki hergiz zarorat nahain hoti.

Shakas farhat bakhsh tabdiliaan la kar apni bimari ka khaud hi alaj kar sakta hai.
Warna aaj kay bashtar Daktar Hazrat baray hazrat hain. Mamoli baat ko testoon kay
chakar main dal kar kamae to kar laitay hain likin admi ko kisi mohlak maraz ka
mareez zaroor bana daitay hain. Cells ki tarkeeb-o-tashkeel badaltay halaat kay
tehhat rehni chahiay. Organs ko cells ki nae varity ka mayasar aana entahae zarori

Sawal yah hai kah phal kay zaeqay ka to andaza hota rehta hai likin insani organs
ka cells kay karway mithay ka kayon’kar andaza ho sakta hai. Ba’zahar es ka andaza
chilinical laborty main hi mumkin hai. Mein kehta hoon, tovajo ghoor soach aur
fikar say bhar’kar koe chilinical laborty nahain. Woh khud apnay andar aanay wali
tabdilioon ka ba’khobi andaza kar sakta hai aur badlao ki suratain paida kar sakta

Insan ko pata hota hai kah dard kayooon ho raha hai, kayonkah:
Woh janta hai os nay kya khaya piya
Kahan say aa kar dard shoro howa
Kis fikar nay ossay dard diya
Ossay yah bhi maloom par jata hai kah konsi cheez/halat ossay raleif faram karti
hai aur koonsay takleef’deh sabat hotay hain.
Konsi tabdili os kay liay sood’mand rehti hai.
Kya karay aur kya na’kary, jis say ossay faeda mil sakta hai, yah sab shakhas
yaqenan khud say maloom kar sakta hai.

Angraizi ka eak mukhtasar magar mukhsus jamay aur maroof jumla hai:
Take care
Urdu main
Apna khayaal rakheay
Yah jumla kisi pas’manzar kay bagher hi tarkeeb pa ga aur yah baimaeni aur
la’yaeni hai?!
Yaqenan aisi baat nahain. Es ka pas’manzar mojood hai aur yah apnay maeni rakhta
Apnay bahar kay mahool ko mutwazan raheay ta’kah aap ka andar/batan ka nazam
muztwazan reh sakay aur aap bimar na parein. Towazan ki kharabi bimari ka sabab
banti hai. Jism jis baat ka taqaza karta hai os ki farahmi bahar’surat zarori
hai. Jis say mana karta hai os say manay aana her’chand zarori hai.


Allah Sahib ka kehna hai kah insan ko teen (Mati) say takhleeq/paida kya giya hai.
Hazrat Amir (AS) es ki wazahat kay zumray main apnay eak khutbay main farmatay
hain, insane ko mukhtalif amarja ki mati akathi karkay banaya giya. Goya
Insan mati say bana
Yah mati mukhtalif amarja say li gae
Mati mukhtalif ajza say tarkeeb pae hai aur her juz ki taseer dusri say alag hai.
Essi tara mukhtalif amarja ki mati kay ajza main faraq hai. Mamasal ajza ki
taseer main bhi yaqenan tanasab aur taseer ka faraq rehta hai.

En ajza main pani miqdar main ziyada hota hai. Essi tara mukhtalif jagoon kay pani
ki taseer alag say hoti hai. Ajza-e-tarkibi kay tanasab main bhi faraq hota hai.
Yahhi surat digar ajza ki taseer kay sath dar’paish rehti hai. Es hawala say
daikha ja’ay to mareez ko na’seraf os kay apnay hawala sy daikhnay ki zarorat hotu
hai balkah os alaqa ka mati pani ki taseer aur ajza –e-tarkibi ko bhi daikhnay ki
zarorat ko nazr’andaz main kanay ki zarorat rehti hai. Es hawala say doo kaam
karna hoon gay:

1- Os alaqa ki mati pani ki majmoe taseer aur ajza-ay-tarkibi kay tanasab say
waqfiyat rakhna paray gi.

2- Madafti qovatoon ki mazboti essi tanazar main baqarar rakhna ho gi.

Jahaan alaj moalja ahaum hasiat rakhta hai wahaan madafti qovat ko mazboot say
mazboot karnay ki zarorat ko nazar andaz karna kharabi say nipatnay main kamzori
daikhana ho gi. Jab yah maloom hai kah kansar, aid aur yarqan (Hapataitas B)
jaisay mozi marzoon kay liay zalim qisam ka injection/adviyaat daina hai to
madafti qovat ko bhi taqviat daina ho gi. Mareez ki madafti qovat bimari say
naburd’azma ho gi kah en adviyaat kay sakhat tareen raad-e-amal say barsar-e-
paikar ho gi. Yah baat mein nay es hawala say bhi arz ki hai kah hamaray haan
allopathic par hi yaqeen rakha jata hai jab’kah digar tariqa -ha’ay-alaj say
parhaiz hi rakha jata hai. Ta’hum koe bhi moaljay kay liay tariqa ekhtayar kiya
ja’ay madafti qovatoon ko sahara daina hi ho ga.

Madafti qovatoon ko sambhala dainay kay liay mati kay ajza-a-tarkibi ki janch
karna pary gi. Androni nazam main kisi bhi vaja say en ajza-a-tarkibi main say
kisi eak ki kami waqay ho sakti hai ya os main azafa ho sakta hai. Es kami ziyadti
ko pora kiya ja’ay. Ajza main kami baishi ka andaza moalaj yahaan tak kah ghar
walay ba’khobi laga saktay hain. Wo es tara
1- mareez kay roz mara mamolaat main tabdili mehsus karkay
2- mareez kay badaltay atwar say
3- mareez ki badalti khahshaat say
4- mareez kay badaltay sabha aur mazaj say
5- mareez ki badalti pasand na’pasand say
6- mareez ki pehlay aur mojoda ki bool chaal kay andaz say
7- aza main mehsus hoti tabdilioon kay hawala say
8- kahein dard rehnay say
9- bukhar ki halat say
10- susti waqay honay say
11- dilchaspioon ki tabdili say
12- omoman koe taklif rehnay say

Gharz aaghaz hi say aisi bohat sari chizoon say andaza lagaya ja sakta hai aur
ossi hawala say moalja sood’mand sabat ho sakta hai. Maslan
mareez main khurdni namak ki khaesh bhar ya kam ho sakti hai.
Gosht khori ki khaesh main kami baishi aa sakti hai.
Ziyada pani paina shoro kar daita ha ya pehlay ki nisbat pani kam pita hai.
Kisi khas sabzi ki taraf raghbat bhar sakti hai.
Kisi sabzi say nafrat ho sakti hai.
Khnay main naqs nikalna shoro kar daita hai
Bartanoon ki tabdili ki khaesh karnay lagta hai
Khnay kay hawala say bohat tara ki tabdilioon ko mehsus kiya ja sakta hai

Kisi mukhsus shakas say pehlay ka sa rovaeya nahain rehta.
Mazaj main chirchara’pun aa sakta hai.
Baat baat par jhagra khara kar daita hai
Batain bholnay lagtqa hai
Baat ko olta lata hai
Etmad ki kami aa sakti hai
Kisi par etmad nahain karta
Auroon say ziyada omidain wabasta kar laita hai
Oltay saidhay khaab daikhnay lagta hai
Hawae qalay tamer karna shoro kar daita hai
Khoof aur haras main rehnay lagta hai yah kisi khas baat say darta hai aur os
say doori ekhtayar karta hai
Mazaji atwaar ki bohat sari tabdilioon ko note kiya ja sakta hai.

Khoraki aur mazaji tabdilioon kay hawala say khorak say motalaq kisi juz main
kami ya azafay ka andaza karna koe dushwar kaam nahain. Es kami baishi ko ajza say
hi pora kya jana mumkin hai. Eak shakas main namak ki kaesh bhar gae o s ki es
khaesh ko din main teen baar Nat Mur (6) nay pora kar diya giya jis say woh aati
bimari say bach gya.

Her shakas apnay khamir ki mati kay motabaq khoraqi ajza laita hai es liay os say
motalaq aaghi hasal karna koe mushkal kaam nahain. Jab hum os ko ibtada main
mehsus nahain kartay aur os kay badaltay atwar par nazar nahain kartay to woh
aatay kal ko kisi khoof’nak bimari main mubtala ho jata hai. Ibtada main hi tovajo
day di ja’ay to yah achi aur sehat mand baat hai dairi ki surat main koe pachidgi
paida ho sakti hai ta’hum yah nahain kaha ja sakta kah ab moot hi os ka moqadar
bun chuki hai aur ossay halaat kay reham-o-karm par choor diya ja’ay. Chara
bahar’toor aakhri sansoon tak puri shidat aur dilchaspi say hotay rehna chahiay.


1-Hum main say bohat say log oncha sarhana rakh kar sony kay adi hai. Yah andaz
darust nahain. Es say khoon ki gardish gher mutwazan ho jati hai jis kay baes koe
bhi bimari zingi ka rasta rook kar khari ho sakti hai aur hum jan bhi nahain
patay kab kya aur kayoon ho giya hai.
Apna khayaal rakheay

2-Shadi biya ya cehlam ya phir etafaq say aap kay ghar ka dastar khan ho, khana
chaba chaba kar aur bhook rakh kar khaeay.
Mana auroon kay haan ka khana aap ki jaieb ka nahain likin papi pait to aap ka
apna hai. Essay dukhi na kijiay yah aap ko kush rakhay ga.
Yah bhi yaad rakheay auroon ko dukh dainay walay sukhi nahain reh saktay
kayoon’kah yahhi asool-e-fitrat hai.

3-Eak dish say aap kay dastar’khani waqar ko noqsan nahain ponchay ga.

4-Allah Sahib kay bandoon ko kacha mat khaeay.

kachi sabziaan kha liya karain.
Pehaly say noqsan jabkah dusray say aap ko faeda ponchay ga.

5-Jan bananay kay shooq main taqat kay tikay ya angraizi adviyaat na khaeay.
Yah aap kay liay qate acha nahain.
Es say bhala yah hai kah eak khob’surat se gajar ya eak saieb nosh-e-jan farma
Yah aap kay liay qate acha hi acha hai.



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