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Riverhawk Shooting Sports

Application for Membership

Section I Personal Information Name (first, last) _______________________________________________ Age______ Email___________________________________ Cell phone_(_____)___________________ School Year __________________________ N#___________________ Emergency Contact: Full Name:________________________ Telephone:_______________ Check all that apply: Student Section II Questionnaire Why do you want to join this club? (recreation, competition, familiarization with firearms etc.) ______________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ What area of shooting sports are you most interested?_____________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Do you have any resources, skills, special training, ideas you could offer to this club? If yes:________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Faculty/Staff Male Female

Are you currently a dues paying or registered member of any other local, state, or national organization pertaining to shooting sports? (i.e. NRA, NSSF, SCTP ) List all: ____________ ______________________________________________________________________________

Form A

Please list all other involvements/activities:_________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________ Have you joined the Riverhawk Shooting Sports facebook page? Section III Membership Fees:
Dues fees will be determined before each semester by executive committee. Dues are subject to change according to club costs, supplies and associated usage of ranges/facilities. Each member must renew membership per year and have submitted payment to the club sponsor or president by the attendance of the first safety course. Members should expect separate costs for additional expenses. Prospective members will be allowed to attend shooting events without participation for the purpose of choosing to join the club/organization. If he/ she wishes to participate, application is necessary. Annual fee of $40 Currently cash will only be accepted. Annual fees will include eligibility for participation in all events organized by club, access to instructional courses, and competitions. Dues will be applied towards club purchasing expenses such as fuel, clays, target, ammunition, safety gear etc.

Section IV Membership Policy [derived from club Constitution] Northeastern State University does not permit the exclusion of membership to any person on the basis of race, creed, color, national origin, or sex. Members must have interest in shooting, have a minimum GPA of 2.0, and comply with all firearm safety requirements. Members are required to attend at least one scheduled meeting a month, but are encouraged to attend all of them. Due to the possible dangers associated with gun use, members are required to comply with every rule of the range in which the member is shooting at and the rules of this organization. There will be no tolerance for any member demonstrating unsafe behaviors while handling a firearm. All unsafe acts are to be reported to the officers immediately and the officers of this organization will decide on the punishment. If the officers feel it is necessary, the member found in violation of the rules of the organization will be suspended for a period of time that is to be decided by the officers. Each members packet will be filed in the club advisors office. **For application to be completed in full, the signer must have submitted the following documents: Form A Liability Waiver Firearms Safety Training Rules Sheet Background Check Waiver

Form A

Section V Safety & Liability [derived from club Constitution]

In accordance to safety precautions enforced by NSU Department of Public Safety, all individuals seeking to participate in club activities (i.e. handling of firearms, exposure to weapons, access to private property etc.) must comply to submitting a background check issued by NSU Department of Public Safety and it be reviewed by Director of Public safety or designee. These must be completed and turned in with signed waiver. Along with membership application, each student MUST attend a safety course from an instructor designated by the club advisor. Any member of Riverhawk Shooting Sports who is a registered member of the Amateur Trapshooting Association, National Skeet Shooting Association, or National Sporting Clays Association, and is suspended from that organization for any reason will be suspended from Riverhawk Shooting Sports immediately and indefinitely until the matter is resolved by the respectful organization that administered the suspension. At least one range safety officer shall be present at each shooting event. It is also the duty of the safety officer to inspect all guns and ammunition for approved use on the range. By policy, all fire arms and ammunition shall be stored at the NSU Police Department or off campus. NO firearms are allowed in dorm rooms or stored in personal vehicles while on campus.

***Once packet has been completed submit to Devon Beurie or Advisor CPT. Nicholls, his office room #4 in Haskell Hall Annex. Turn in Background Check Waiver to NSU Police Department.

For club use ONLY:

Attended Safety Course (mark in pencil if no): Yes____ No____ Instructor Name:_______________________ Comments:_____________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________ Payment Type and amount:_______________________ Paid Dues in full: ____________ Date :___/_____/_____ Date :___/_____/_____

Form A