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MEP ONLINE QUESTIONS PLZ SOLVE THIS 1-NPSH(npsha n npshr relation to avoid cavitation) 2-centrifugal pp dismantled without marking

hw to reassemble(3 ques on dis) 1)if pp is single stage 2)if pp is multisatge wid oppsite eye 3)if pp is double entry impeller 3- brass/bronze/gunmetal composition 4- sherardising chromising clarising are methods of protection from corrosion b y which method, a)electroplating b)galvanisation c)metal diffusion d)cladding 5- method of improving corrosion resistance of metal by adding chromium by meta l diffusion is called___________ 6-why metal cladding is bttr method of improving strength 7-galvanic series based quest (like arrange in increasing/decreasing order, stu dy complete series alloys ver also askd) 8-degree of motion 9-centrifugal fire pp #1 shows discharge pressure 5 bar bt no water on deck.u u rself has ascertained dat all relevent valves r open n shut correctly.nw fire pp #2 started n water is delivrd on dect with 2.5 bar pr on hydrant.wat iz wrong w id pp #1 10-trouble shooting question like bilge pp or sludge pp nt taking suction(3-4 q ues) 11-purifier nt rotating wid desired rpm.reason frequency low/busbar vtg low/friction pads worn out 12-purifier leaking,bowl opened,cleaned n seal ring changed n put back bt still leaking wat might b wrong high temp/high density/disc size nt proper/rpm low 13-hfo tfr pp was working efficiently. pp stopped nd started wen nxt tym no fue l deliverd,wat might b reason,head of 6m in tank present 14-which pp will delivr fluid in opposite direction, wen direction of rotation is reversd 15-ref plant short cycling reason 16-ref plant cmprsr running for longer tym.reason 17-air in ref plant reason 18-moisture in ref plant,hw it is indicated 19-which pp used fr high speed application 20-vicosity of fuel oil used for ME was 145cst,new fuel comes whose vicosity wa s more dan earlier,wat shud u do increase temp setting/change setting of vicotherm/do nothing/open steam valve m anually more 21-wat kind of corrosion if outlet of heat xchngr throttled n der is turbulence in HX 22-correct p'dure to open up HX for overhaul 23-correct p'dure fr sea chest opening up 24-frm whr ball vv leaks most of da tym 25-which vv is nt rotaing type ball/buttrfly/gate/plug 26-buutrfly vv stuck in half open position.hw to repair cant b taken out in open position frm line so try to close vv anyhow/apply hamm er to shut it/remove pipeline nd do da overhaul/cannot b repaired onboard 27-why copper tube is used ref plant 28-wat factors contribute to lower efficiency/low pr dvlpmnt in centrifugal pp 29-wat vil lead to overload trip in centrifugal pp worn brg/tight gland packing/cavitation 30-which of dem lead to failure of roller brg(mcq) misallingmnt/overload/overgrease/debris 31-sudden shut down of engine.reason air in fuel/water in fuel/water in air filter

32-use of synthetic polymer treatment limited to low pr blr.why does nt help in prevention of scale formation/does nt help in corrosion prevent ion/does nt form phosphate to tackel caustic embrtllmnt/all of above 33-while stopping purifier abnormally vibrating,reason 34-impingement is which type of corrosion 35-why locking arrangement in butterfly vv 36-hw to use torque wrench(mcq) 37-suction lift n suction head in centrifugal pp