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Seoul itinerary from 6 Sept-12th Sept Sun 6th Sept Mon 7th Sept Depart 2330 from Kuala

Lumpur night flight MH66 to Incheon Arrive at Incheon 0710, via airport bus Complimentary T-money cards (value W3,000) for foreign visitors will be distributed at both the Incheon and Gimpo International Airports starting Wednesday 1 July 2009. The programme is supposed to run for one year, until the end of June 2010. Visitors renting a global roaming mobile phone will also receive a free Tmoney card. KT Show Global Mobile Centre. Mobile phone rental service at Incheon Int'l Airport 82-32-743-4011 Between gate 6 & 7 or Gate 10 & 11 on the 1st floor of the passenger terminal. Rental 3,000 per day (phone) Sim Card (1,300 per day) Collect Sim card with T2K Voucher T-Money cards Free W3,000 (The Korea Herald) Airport Bus Guide You can buy Limousine and Premium Bus tickets, and also can get information at the following Bus Ticketing Office : Exit 4 and 9 (indoors) & Exit 4, 6, 7, 8, 11, 13, and 9C (outdoors) 8,000 Return ticket KAL limousine Counter No. 22. Enquire?

Hapjeong Station, Hotel Seokyo, Shinchon Station, Ewha Womans' Univ. Station, Ahyeon Station, Choongjeongno Station, Gwanghwamoon Station, Jongno 1-Ga (Jonggak station), Jongno 2-Ga Cheongnyangni Limousine Seoul (YMCA), Jongno 3-Ga, Jongno 4-Ga, Jongno 6 (yuk)-ga (Dongdaemun (6002) (Standard) (North) Market ), Dongdaemoon Station, Shinseol-Dong Station, Cheongnyangni Station, Seoul municipal Univ., Jeonong sageori, Sindab Station, Dongdaemoon-Gu Office, Shinseol-Dong Station

1st Floor 5B,12A

Early check in at Flower Hotel, Dongdaemun 5 mins Cheonyangni station (line 1 Exit 3) 752m approx 11 mins walk (Taxi?) 30-6 Cheonyangni 1-Dong Dongdaemun Gu, Seoul Tel: 822-962-8251 Nearby Pizza Hut, Red Mango (frozen yoghurt), 7-11. Daeo Pharmacy Lotte Departmental Store Cheonyangni, Jeonnongdong, Dongdaemun-gu (Cheonyangni Subway station line 1 Exit 5) Connect directly to the subway station B1 Groceries, Electronic Kitchen; 1F Fashion Accessories, Living, Event Hall, 2F Ladies Wear; 3F Mens wear, Sport, Golf, Children, Infants; 4F Restaurant, Art & Culture Centre, Event Hall Lotte Supermarket Jeonnongdong (some distance away) Cheongnyangni Station Purchase or top up T- Money 30,000 KNTO Centre Providing travels information, Reservations for transportations and Travel packages, exhibitions related to Hallyu & Korean traditional culture Nanta Booking 02-739 8288 (when in South Korea).... Korean Folk Village tickets, Reservation 02-22669101 for Korea House Wednesday dinner no prawns or octopus (allergy) Hallyu Hall / Souvenir Hallyu Shop B1, KTO building (T2 Tower), 40, Cheongyecheon-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-180 Take subway line 1 Cheongnyangni -> of Jonggak Station Exit 5. Go straight for 3 mins.

Gyeongbokgung Palace (3,000- 13:30) From Exit No. 5 of Gyeongbokgung Subway Station (Seoul Subway Line No.3), walk 5 minutes. Line 1 Jonggak -> Jongno (3) Sam Station change Line 3 -> Gyeongbokgung station Exit 5 Tour in English: 11:00, 13:30, 15:30 In front of information centre, Hongnyemun Gate (main gate) takes an hour The National Folk Museum is located east within Hyangwonjeong. Tours: A Volunteer's Your Guide for Visitors program has an English speaking guide available for tours every Thursday and Saturday at the following times: 10:00-11:10, 11:30-12:30, 14:00-15:10, and 15:40-16:50. Additionally, you can rent a tape recorded guided tour for W2,000. Tapes are available in English, near the entrance are several multimedia kiosks giving a general background of the items found in the museum (in English). A souvenir shop offers a selection of traditional Korean handicrafts. In the park immediately outside the museum are a number of additional examples of Korean culture. Hours: Sep. ~ Oct. - 09:00 ~ 18:00 Admission: Adults (19 to 64 years old): 3,000 won Ticket passes for Gyeongbok Palace can also be used at the National Palace Museum and the National Folk Museum

Gwanghwamun plaza with Seoul International Drama Awards

Street food fish cake Bungeoppang Line 3 Gyeongbokgung -> Anguk station Insadong Street of tradition Art and craft (Attempted to give a copy of the Dano festival or Ssireum) Bukchon Hanok Village (Option if time permits) Take subway line #3 to Anguk Station, exit #3 Jilsiru tteok cafe Line 3 to Anguk Exit 6 (Seoul pg 91) 5 variety Rice Cake & tea 5,000 Insadong-Gil walks towards take Line 1Jonggak Station -> Dongdaemun station Exit 8 National Souvenior Centre Hrs 10:30 2130 (Opposite Myeongdong Gyoja Deokwon Building). Get off at Jongno 3(sam)-ga Stn. (Line 1, Exit 3) or Anguk Stn. (Line 3, Exit 6) Dongdaemun Market shopping Dongdaemun Underground market - hanbok Itaewon Shopping (Option if time permits) Line 3 Anguk to Yaksu change to Line 6 Noksapyeong & Hanganjin Cheonggyecheon stream & Cheongyecheon fountain (option Line 1 & 4 Dongdaemun Station Exit 8 Then go down the stairs to Cheonggyecheon Stream Line 1 Dongdaemun -> Jonggak. Starts from Cheonggye Plaza to Willow Swamp Tue 8th Sept Korean Folk Village (11,000 Suwon, free bus service) (Fare about 1400-2000, travel time 65 mins) Take subway line 1 Cheongnyangni -> Suwon station (Cheonan last station) & take exit no. 4 -> Within 50m of the ticket office, you will find the Tourist Information Centre next to Suwon Station Plaza, & from here you can take the free shuttle bus (departs 10:30, 11:30, 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, five trips daily, 30 minute ride. Returns from 1400,1530,1630. Full package 16,000 (unlimited usage) Kalbi at Suwon (Lunch?) Hwaseong Fortress Suwon & Palace (incl small Daejangeum exhibition 1,000)

Across from Suwon station (Seoul Subway Line 1), Mario Outlet Hrs 10: 30~21:30 / Open 365 days a year Line 1 Suwon -> Gasan Digital Complex station. Exit 4 and walk straight. You will find the Mario 3 building on your left. Mario 1 1F Fendi, DAKS, LOVCAT, Samsonite, Nine West, MICHAA, United Colors of Benetton, Sisley, KUHO, Valencia, Polo, and more; 2F Pierre Cardin, Paul Stuart, OLZEN, Renoma, Giordano, Tommy Hilfiger, and more; 3F - Puma, Nike, Adidas, Spris, Aigle, and more. There is food court & restaurant Noryangjin Fish Market for Salmon (Yo No) Sashimi (Hwee) about 23,000 Step out of the station and you're greeted with this long overhead pedestrian bridge, which leads you across the railway and subway lines before you find yourself at the roof car park of the Fish Market. A must photograph of Gaebul a pink sea slug/sea cucumber/sea urchin kind of thing looks likeintestinal sac Line 1 Gasan Digital Complex -> Noryangjin (last train to Soyosan) Lotte Mart (Discount store) Line 1 Noryangjin -> Seoul Station to get there, & Exit #1. Operating 10:00 24:00 Discount Stores / Grocery, food, office products, consumer electronics, fashion apparel & accessories, CDs & DVDs, pet food & accessories, toys, and more KAL Building purchase return airport ticket to Incheon 3-41, Seosomun-dong Chung-gu, Seoul Line 1 City Hall Exit 10 Wed 9th Sept Lotte Departmental Store Myeongdong Line 1 Cheongnyangni -> City Hall change Line 2 Euljiro (1) Il station Seoul-si Jung-gu Sogong-dong Lotte Shopping Center Building (Line 2 Euljiro (1) Il station exit 1, connect to B1 of the store) 10:30am-8:00pm 12F Restaurants; 11F Restaurants; 10F Duty Free Shop; 9F Multi Plaza / Event Hall 8F Furniture / Home Fashion / Jewellery / Lotte Gallery / Event Hall; 7F Electronics / Living / Children / Infants / Lingerie; 6F Golf / Sports / Traditional 5F Mens Wear / Mens Accessories; 4F Luxury Boutiques / Designers; 3F Ladies Formal Wear / Fur / Ladies Shoes; 2F Young Casual / Ladies Wear 1F Luxury Boutiques / Fashion Accessories / Cosmetics B1 Food Court / Event Hall / Jewellery / Fashion Accessories Need to buy D-War & Painter of the Wind OST Walk to Myeongdong station. Line 2 Euljiro (1) Il station -> Dongdaemun Stadium change to Line 4 -> Myeongdong Myeongdong subway CT Records (Cds) Migliore Myeong Dong Bean Pole Line 4 Myeongdong Station (Exit #5/ connected to the subway) CDs top floor of Migliore building cheapest by K-popped PF Penthouse Event Hall, 12F - 17F Offices; 10F - 11F Living Facilities; 9F Migliore Stadium; 6F Brand Zone, Leather Goods; 5F Fashion Products 4F Mens Wear (Formal, Casual), 3F Ladies Wear (Designer Character, Hiphop, Young Casual), 1F~2F Ladies Wear (Formal, Casual) B1F Ladies Wear (Missy, High Casual), Maternity Clothes, Childrens Wear; B2F Imported Multi Fashion. Hrs 11am-11:30pm Doosan Tower or Doota, next to Migliore Cheap designer brands Freya Town Myeongdong Tony Moly Kim Hyun Joong Lotte Departmental Store next to Westin

Chosun with Krispy Creme Suggest take Taxi to Namsan Park Namsan Park cable car to the Tower Subway line 4, Myeong-dong Station, exit 3 -> 15 minute walk through the alley next to Pacific Hotel -> Namsan Cable Car Station Adults: Round-trip- 6,300 won Back to Line 4 Myeongdong Station -> Chungmuro Namsangol Hanok Village (optional Free 9am-7pm) Subway lines 3 & 4, Chungmuro Station, exit 3, 20 metres Line 4 Chungmuro -> Dongdaemun Stadium change to Line 2 ->Gangnam Gangnam Seochogu (lunch) Line 2 Gangnam or Seoul Honam Bus terminal (Line 3 & 7 Express Bus Terminal Central city mall) Hotsun (Hotsseon) Baked Chicken; Bangpo-dong Gangnam Shopping or alternative to Express Bus terminal Centre City Mall Central City Mall, Marques Plaza Shinsegae Shopping Centre 10:30am 8:00pm Shinnara Records Return to Cheongnyangni Station Line 2 Gangnam -> Wangsimni to change Line 1 -> Cheonyangni Station (Overhead) Korea House for Royal Cuisine & Traditional Music/dance performance in evening (Line 1 Cheongnyangni change Line 3 Jongno (3)Sam station to Chungmuro & 3 mins walk) W80,000 19:20 20:50 dinner + 20:50-21:50 performance with coupon) Alternative. This restaurant serves royal court cuisine and traditional Korean food. Dinner napkins and other accessories are decorated with the Daejanggeum logo and characters. Address: 200-82, Jangchung-dong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul How to get there: Take Subway line 3 and get off at Dongguk Univ. Exit 5. The restaurant is behind Jangchung Stadium Price: Daejanggeum Seon Set Menu 59,000 won. Daejanggeum Mi Set Menu 49,000 won the right Thu 10 Sept Everland (0900-1500) Jajamyun at Everland Chinese restaurant (Oriental Restaurant or China Moon)? Discount Coupon KNTO Coupon 30,000 Enjoy your day at Everland with a discount coupon especially for foreign visitors!

Line 1 Cheongnyangni to Jongno (3) Sam change to Line 3 -> Express Bus Terminal Exit 7 to Honam Terminal & catch Everland express (W1600, 50 mins every half hour) Return there Central City Mall & Shinsegae Departmental store Apgujeong- Shopping Korean Rodeo Drive (optional to Munjeong Outlet stores) Line 3 Express Bus terminal -> Apgujeong Hoehyeon to Namdaemun

Namdaemun Market Line 3 Apgujeong -> Chungmuro change to Line 4 Hoehyeon then Exit 4,5,6 Fake LVs & Gucci Myeongdong Shopping Line 4 Hoehyeon -> Myeongdong Exit No. 5, 6, 7, or 8 Station walk 5 minutes. Shinsegae Department Store in Myeongdong 10:00 8:00 (Gu Joon Pyo takes Geum Jan Di shopping before New Caledonia) Exit #5, Line 4 Myeongdong station, -> walk straight towards the Namdaemun Market then walk through the underground passageway Kwon Sang Woos Tea us Myeongdong Station Exit 6 Nanta Show (1900-2130) Seodaemun W50,000 Line 4 Myeongdong -> Chungmuro change to Line 5 -> Seodaemun GangBuk Nanta Theater; Seoul, Jung-gu, Jeong-dong 15-1, Jeong-dong A&C Everyday : 14:00, 17:00, 20:00 Chongdong Nanta Theatre Line 5 Seodaemun station Exit 5, walk 150m toward Kyunghyang Daily Newspaper B/D. Then walk 50m to Jeongdong Theatre and turn left at Yewon High School. Walk Booking Information and Tickets: +82-2-739-8288 Hongik Sootbul Kalbi, near Hongik University. Also, up around exit 4 of Hongdae is one of the busiest and best galbi restaurants in the city. The high quality meat is the main draw and is always a line of people waiting for a seat. Be aware: you might go in all fresh smelling and clean, but when they leave they smell like the restaurant: greasy. Directions: Line 2 Hongik University (Hongdae) Station Exit 5 and make a right. Cross the road & make a left. It's on the next corner. 02-322-4487. Fri 11 Sept Dae Jang Geum theme Park. Line 1 Cheongnyangni -> Yangju Admission 5,000 Yangju Station (Junae) takes taxi negotiated W10,000 15,000. Ganeung Station take bus No. 30 for the Lake Wood golf course; bus ride is 30 mins; get off at MBC Culture Valley Munhwa Dosan) Hours 0930-1700. Not many taxis seem to swing by the park, so for a speedy return the best bet is to walk to the bus stop at the end of the entrances long driveway, across the road from the park entrance Line 1 Yangju -> Nogyang Nogyang Station Factory outlet Adidas, Guess, K-Swiss. Wolsey, North Face, Fila Line 1 Nogyang -> Jonggak Cheong Jinok Haejangguk jip (Kim Sam Soon handover remedy haejangguk -a broth known to relieve a hangover) Line 1, Jonggak Station, Exit 1 Walk ahead and turn right after the first block Pass by the Seoul Tourist Hotel (The restaurant is on the right) 6,000 Alternative As you come out of Line 1 at Jonggak Station Exit 1, youll see GS 25. Proceed past GS 25 about 100 meters, until you reach a T- intersection, where youll see a pharmacy with a red-cross sign on your right. Turn right and walk about 70 meters until you reach a restaurant with a blue sign (on your right). Hankook Chinaware & Cheongo Wholesale bag Jongno (5) O Station Exit 6 Walk towards Jongno (4) Sa towards Euljiro (4) Sa station Line 5 Gwang jang Market 6am 8pm Walks from Hankook Chinaware opposite street

Buy hanbok & food vendors Gaeryang hanbok readymade W70,000 Gwangjang Market sells fabric, women's apparel, curtains, bedding, craft, lacquer ware, kitchenware, imported goods, food, and jesu (sacrificial service) items. A strip of restaurants and bars close to Seoul's Gwangjang Market is considered the premier daepo-jip alley. Foods such as jokbal (pig's feet), bindaetteok (mung-bean cakes), Odeng (fish cake), sundae (sausage stuffed with pig intestines and rice) and seafood displayed on outdoor stands whet the appetite of passers-by. Some 300 shops are crammed in the district across from Boryung Pharmacy in the downtown street of Jongno 5-ga. Jung Bu Market (Chungbu) Walk to Jongno (2) Cross Kumkang Shoes same street as Jonggak Station Jongno Street hawker Food or Pojangmachas after 7:30pm 11:00pm Tteokbokki: spicy rice cakes; Sundae: Korean sausage (W2,000); Pajeon: green onion pancake (W2,000); Mandu: dumpling; Twigim: vegetables, shrimp, egg and sweet potato deep-fried in batter, Dakkochi: skewered chicken (W1,500); Odeng or emuk: pressed fish cake (W500); Gimbap: rice rolls; Hottoek: sweet dough with melted brown sugar (W500); Gyeranbbang: dough with an egg inside; Bungeobbang: fish- shaped cake with red bean(4pcs W1,000) Tosokchon Samyetang k-popped & Roh Muhyeon Hours 10:00 22:00 (W13,000) Line 3 Jongno (3) Sam to Gyeongbukgung Exit 2 120m Alternative Myeongdong Baekje Samyetang (Ginseng Chicken) 11,000 Line 4 to Myeongdong Exit 6 (Seoul pg 91-Lonely planet) Seoul International Drama Awards KBS 2 6pm

Sat 12 Sept

Depart from Seoul 1100 via taxi leave 6am Line 1 Cheonyangni -> City Hall Exit 10 to KAL Building KAL bus Limo 1 Every 30 mins starts from 0545 : 05,25 & 45 of the hour (W14,000, travel 80-90mins) Cash out the T-Money at City Hall 3 hours before departure Ja Yeon Duty free area, 4th floor - near gate No. 11 (East side restaurant) or near gate No. 43 (West side restaurant), follow the sign transit hotel. Open - 7:00~21:00 Menu - Korean food and Western style food (steak, pasta, and sandwiches) or the good old McDonalds Duty Free Departure Hall 3rd floor Hallyu Centre Hours (Hrs 07:00-21:30) Traditional Arts Experience Enjoy a traditional arts experience and fine arts performance all under one roof. There are two traditional arts experience programs available with courses lasting less than 30 minutes. Visitors may choose to cut and paste traditional Hanji (Korean paper) to make jewellery boxes or use traditional sewing techniques to make unique cell-phone accessories. Location: After being screened for departure, visitors can visit either of the two Traditional Experience Halls that are located at either end of the departure hall. (East) Located 5m from the 3F Departure Area Gate #24 next to <Fizz and Jazz> (West) Located across from <Nescafe>, 5m from the 3F Departure Area Gate #40 Hours 7:00am ~ 10:00pm


Namyangju Studio Complex (Painter of the Wind) Take the Jungang subway (Rail) line to Ungilsan station->Take the free shuttle bus for Namyangju Studio Complex (departs at 08:50, 11:25, 13:25, 14:25, 15:25, 10 minute ride) Youngpoong Bookstore (On Air) the Youngpoong Bookstore in Gwanghwamun, located at the heart of downtown Seoul. Cheonggyecheon Stream and Gyeongbokgung Palace is situated nearby the bookstore along with the Sejong Art Centre located across the street, used as the grounds for the awards ceremony in the first episode of the series. The most memorable scene taken at the Youngpoong Bookstore was Seo YeongEun and Lee Gyeong-Mins first kiss in episode 19. Lee Gyeong-Min finds Seo Yeong-Eun at the bookstore and lends her his shoulder to lean on, then affectionately expresses his love for her. Lee Gyeong-Min looks over at Seo Yeong-Eun leaning on his shoulders, then slowly closes his eyes and leans over and kisses her. Seoul Jongno-gu Seorin-dong Youngpoong Building 33. Directions: Subway Line 1 Jonggak Station -> At Jonggak Station (Seoul Subway Line 1) directly connected with exit No. 5 and No. 6 Store Hours: 9:30AM ~ 10:00PM SBS Broadcast Station On Airs SBC Broadcast Station is actually the SBS Broadcast Station in Mokdong. The broadcast station was the setting where Lee Gyeong-Mins <Ticket to the Moon> production team was taken over by his superior in episode 8. Lee Gyeong-Min then chases his superior to argue his point. The stations coffee room and lounge area appears frequently throughout the drama series. The Park in front of the Ilsan SBS broadcast station was the famous spot where Lee Gyeong-Min proposes to Seo Yeong-Eun in the final episode.Tourist Information Telephone No.: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese) Homepage: (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese) Directions: Subway Line 5 Omokgyo Station Exit #2 -> walk straight for 5 minutes to come across Omok Park, and in front is the SBS Broadcast Station / Subway Line 3 Madu Station -> Take a bus #7727 to Ilsan SBS broadcast station (It takes around 10 min.) Sandongsugyodaewang (Chinese Dumpling King) Coffee Prince. Eun Chan reconciles with Han Gyeol. Chinese restaurant in Yeonhee-dong, the two have fun just like brothers. On the 500-meter-long street there are about eight Chinese restaurants. The street is also called Yeonhui Matgil (Yeonhee Street of Flavors). Take subway line 2 to Hongik University and go out of Exit 5. It is a 10 mins by taxi

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince at Hongdae The 1st shop of Coffee Prince is actually an old coffee shop that was remodeled for the drama. This inconspicuous coffee shop was packed with fans that flocked there to catch a glimpse of the production in process. Set to reopen after filming, both the exterior and interior have been totally overhauled in line with the film. Inside, visitors can find a painting by Han Yoo-joo as well as a number of props from the drama. The only thing missing are the people like Han-gyeol, Eun-chan, Mr. Hong, Wapeulseongi, Minpyeminyeop, and Jappeokarim. If you are a real fan of the drama, Coffee Prince, you may want to stop by for a cup of coffee and enjoy the memories of the drama Take Subway Line 2 to Hongik University, and go out of Exit 4 a Turn right at Seven Springs corner and pass the intersection. At the 3-way intersection, turn left. Walk about 100 meters on the road above the playground and walk towards the road on the right side. Walk about 500 meters until you find the coffee shop on

Kyobo Bookstore in Gwanghwamun Eun-chan possesses a natural gift for smelling and distinguishing good coffee. As such, she works for Coffee Prince and dreams of becoming a barista. Han-gyeol quickly notices her ability and one day takes her to a bookstore where he buys her a book about coffee. The place where the exterior of the bookstore was filmed is Kyobo Bookstore in Gwanghwamun, which is the largest bookstore in Korea. Tel: +82-2-1330 (Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese) How to Get There: Take subway line 5 to Gwanghwamun Station. The bookstore is connected with to station Yeoui-do Hangang Civic Park Go out of Exit No.3 of Yeouinaru Subway Station (Line No.5) Then go down to the Hangang River, turn right, and go straight along the Hangang bicycle path Boys Over Flowers (TV Series) Location : Banpo Bridge Moonlight rainbow fountain *Operation hours during the day (12:30 p.m., 15:00, 17:00 (Sat, Sun)), during the night (20:00p.m, 20:40, 21:20, 22:00(Sat, Sun)) for 20 minutes. * Operation Location: Subway line 3,7, Express Bus Terminal Station, Exit 3, 4, 8, Shuttle Bus No. 8401 Subway line 4, DongJak Station, Exit 1,2 to Han River Park (1km walk around 20 minutes) Subway line 4, SamGakGee Station, Exit 13, Shuttle Bus No. 8401 (5 minutes walk) Subway line 6, Noksapyeong Station, Exit 4, Shuttle Bus No. 8401 *For more information, call 02 3780-0578 Seoul International Drama Awards 2009 Exhibition in Gwanghwamun Plaza opens on August 1st Line 5 Gwanghwamun Exit 7 connected to the subway Heungkuk Life Insurance Building Hammering man Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station Exit 6 opposite Gwanghwamun Plaza Silla Duty Free Shop Fendi (1st floor) Operating Hours 9:30 ~ 20:00 (Open all year round) Subway - Take Subway Line 3 Dongguk University Station and come out Exit #5 towards & next to The Shilla Hotel and take the one-way street next to the hotel's front entrance or next to the Jangchung Gym. *5min walk from the subway station; shuttle buses available Sungkyunhwan (1398) University Museum (10am-5pm Free) Humanities & Social Science Campus: On foot: 10 mins walks Line 4 Hyehwa station Exit 4. Shuttle bus: Leave Line 4 Hyehwa station Exit 1. Factory Outlet Munjeongdong Rodeo Street High Street boutique Levis, Calvin Klein Outlet stores generally offer 30~40% discounts on merchandise, but they also can discount their merchandise even further when they want to sell off their old stock. For example, towards the end of the season, outlet customers can pick up merchandise at prices 90% lower than at a department store. With such great bargains, its tempting to pick up items that you really dont need. The following three outlet stores are located in Seoul or in the citys suburbs and stock many popular foreign brands. Therefore, they attract many international tourists How to get there : From Line 7 Express Bus terminal -> change Line 2 Konkuk Univ -> change Jamsil -> Line 8 Munjeong station. Take exit 1 and walk straight for about five minutes. The entrance to Munjeong-dong Rodeo Street will be on your right. Operating Hours : 10:00 ~ 21:30/ Open 365 days a year

Mario Outlet Hrs 10: 30~21:30 / Open 365 days a year Mario 1 1F Fendi, DAKS, LOVCAT, Samsonite, Nine West, MICHAA, United Colors of Benetton, Sisley, KUHO, Valencia, Polo, and more; 2F Pierre Cardin, Paul Stuart, OLZEN, Renoma, Giordano, Tommy Hilfiger, and more; 3F - Puma, Nike, Adidas, Spris, Aigle, and more Mario 2 1F Anne Klein, JIGOTT, NICE CLAUP, Levis, Swatch, and more; 2F - Trugen, Paco Rabanne, Mind Bridge, CK JEANS, Buckaroo, and more Mario 3 Kipling, LeSportsac, Chi Chi New York, and more Mario Outlet store also provides a VAT (value-added tax) refund service for foreign tourists and nonKorean citizens who spend over 30,000 won at the Mario Outlet. The store will provide you with a tax refund ticket, and if you depart from Korea within three months of your purchase, you will be able to present this ticket at the time of your departure and be refunded the VAT. TAX REFUND tickets are issued at the Mario 2 third floor Information Center How to Get There: Take subway line 1 or 7 to Gasan Digital Complex station. Exit 4 and walk straight. You will find the Mario 3 building on your left. Near the hotel Gyeongdong Herbal Medicine Market (Si Jang) or Kyungdong biggest herbal medicine & ginseng. Joonang Ginseng Herbal Medicine Market; Korea Ginseng Herbal Market. Fresh Dog Meat Hrs 8:00am-6:30pm Line 1 Jegi-dong station exit 2 Kwon Sang Woos Tea us (sounds like tears) - Address: Seoul Jung-gu Chungmuro 2-ga, 65-9 Hi Harriet Building 2F. Opening Hours: 07:00~24:00 (Open all year round) Menu: Coffee 3,800 ~ 5,500 won, Tea, Fruit Juice, Waffle & Gelato Ice Cream 10,000 won, Cup Cake 5,000 won. Getting There: Line 4 Myeongdong station Exit 6 and walk straight, you will see Caf Tea us in the building on your right next to Calvin Klein Jeans. Look for the striking white door with the strange shape Jongjeom Dakpal (Chicken feet) Sindangdong Tteokbokki town From Exit 8 of Sindang Station (Subway Line No. 2 or 6), proceed between a cosmetic store and fire station about 200 meters, until you reach the entrance marked by a sign to Sindangdong Tteokbokki Town, proceed about 100 meters, until you reach Jongjeom on your left. Fat Grandmas place Jokpal (Pigs trotters) Business hours: 24 hours/day. Open year-round Phone: (02) 2273-5320 Menu: Large serving of jokbal: 30,000 won/Medium serving of jokbal: 25,000 won/Small serving of jokbal: 20,000 won/Medium serving of jaengbanguksu (spicy buckwheat noodles): 10,000 won How to get there: Take subway line 3 and get off at Dongguk University. Go out exit 3, & walk straight ahead, around 150 meters. You will see the restaurant on the right. Alternative Original Jangchungdong Grandmother's Place" Fresh jokbal Business hours: 09:30~23:30 Phone: (02) 2279-9979 Menu: Large serving of jokbal 30,000 won/Medium serving of jokbal: 25,000 won/Small serving of jokbal: 20,000 won/Naengmyeon: 5,000 won/Rice cakedumpling soup: 5,000 won How to get there: Take subway line 3 and get off at Dongguk University. Go out exit 3 & walk straight ahead around 150m. You will see the restaurant on the right Pyeongando Jokbal Business hours: 12:00~23:30 Phone: (02) 2279-9759. Menu: Large serving of jokbal: 30,000 won/ Medium serving of jokbal: 25,000 won/Small serving of jokbal: 20,000 won/Bindaetteok: 5,000 won/

Makguksu (buckwheat noodles): 5,000 won How to get there: Take subway 3 and get off at Dongguk University. Go out exit 3 & walk around 150 meters and you will see the restaurant on the right Gogung Jeonju Bibimbap Open: 11:00 am~ 10:00 pm daily Telephone: +82-2-776-3211 (Korean language) Menu: Jeonju bibimbap W10,000, dolsot bibimbap (bibimbap in a stone pot) W8,000, nakji bibimbap (bibimbap with tiny octopus) W8,000, gogung japchae (medley of Chinese noodles, vegetables, and sliced beef) W13,000 How to Get There: From Exit 10 of Myeongdong Station (Subway Line No. 4), walk to the right of Hotel Sejong until you reach a T-intersection. Turn left and walk about 60 meters. Things that may try Dul Dul Chicken Koreas KFC Delimanjoo Korea Creme puff (12-15 pcs for W2,000) Cass & OB Beer

Must get T- Money 30,000? Standard T-money 1,500 won

Seoul City Traffic Card - T-money

Flower Hotel
Hotel Name Rooms TEL Address Flower Hotel 35 Room +822-962-8251 30-6 Cheongnyangni-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

Hotel Information We offer cosy accommodation with latest interior design (remodelled on Dec. 21, 2007). In its vicinity are there Kyunghee University, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, City University and Korea University. In addition, there are herb market, fruit and vegetable markets nearby.
T-money is the new Seoul City traffic card that can be used for both buses and subways. The T-money card can be either prepaid or post-paid (through a credit card). The prepaid card, which can be used only for public transportation, includes the popular-type (1,500 won) and deluxe-type (2,500 won), which uses mileage points accrued from partner companies. The post-paid T-money card, using a credit card, or the prepaid Deluxe Tmoney card will be less useful for foreign tourists. The popular-type T-money card, the most convenient type of T-money for foreign users, will be sold at subway ticket counters from July 1, 2004 and LG25 convenience stores as of July 10, 2004. T-money cards can be recharged easily at any T-money card vender or kiosks for amounts from 1,000 won to 90,000 won. Users departing Seoul can get a refund for any remaining amount on the card (less 1,500 won) at a T-money card vender. By using a T-money card, passengers will enjoy greater discount benefits than with cash. For example, if Mr. A takes five bus or subway rides, for a distance of less than 10 kilometres, he will only pay a base rate of 800 won. If he pays cash, however, that sum would total up to 4,000 won.

New Bus System of Seoul

Seoul Introduces New City Bus System On July 1, 2004, the Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced the newly adjusted public transportation system. Five key points characterize the system overhaul: 1) Bus routes have been simplified; 2) Four different categories of buses have been established; 3) The current fixed-rate bus fare system has been replaced by a differentiated fare scheme based on distance travelled. The subway fare is integrated with the bus fare system. 4) The bus numbers indicate districts in Seoul, which will enable passengers to identify the bus departure point and destination; and 5) The installation of a satellite communications system will enable passenger to check bus arrival times at bus stations or destinations using mobile phones or PDAs.

Feature (5) will have limited convenience for foreigners due to the lack of foreign language support. * A total of 7 Suburban Area Numbers No. 1 2 3 4 City Uijeongbu-si Guri-si Hanam-si Seongnam-si Yangju-si Namyangju-si Gwangju-si Yongin-si Pocheon-si 5 Anyang-si Gwacheon-si Uiwang-si Ansan- si Gunpo-si Suwon-si 6 Incheon Bucheon-si Gimpo-si Gwangmyeong- si Siheung-si 7 Paju-si Goyang-si

Seoul City Bus Numbering System Type of Bus Blue Bus Numbering System 3-digit number : Departure + Destination + Bus ID (0~9) Example) 048 0: This bus starts from District Area 0 (Jongno, Junggu, Yongsan) 4 : 4: This bus heads for District Area 4 (Seocho, Gangnam) 8: Bus ID number Green Bus 4-digit number: Departure + Destination + Bus ID (11~99) Example) 1013 1: This bus starts from District Area 1 (Dobong, Gangbuk, Seongbuk, Nowon) 0: This bus heads for District Area 4 (Jongno, Junggu, Yongsan) 12: Bus ID number Red Bus 4-digit number: 9 (Suburban Area) + Departure + Bus ID (00~99) Example) 9112 9: The first number 9 means this bus serves suburban areas 1: This bus starts from Suburban Area 1 (Uijeongbu, Yangju, Pocheon) 12: Bus ID number Yellow Bus 2-digit number: District + Bus ID (1~9) (1~9) Example) 01 0: This bus circles District Area 0 (Jongno, Junggu, Yongsan) 1: Bus ID number Type of Bus & Bus Fares (When there is no transfer, base fare stated below is applied regardless of distance) Blue buses travel on major arterial roads (long distances) within Seoul Blue Bus Service and serve more than two districts. Fare 19+ 13~18 7~12 6Card 800 640 400 Free Cash Green Bus Service Fare Card Cash Red Bus Service Fare 900 900 400 Free

Green buses operate on branch lines within one district of Seoul, carrying passengers to transfer points. 19+ 13~18 7~12 6800 640 400 Card 900 900 400 Free

Red buses are express buses connecting Seoul with suburban areas. The service is rapid and comfortable, but there is no transfer discount. 19+ 13~18 7~12 6-

Card Cash Yellow Bus

1400 1500

1120 1500

1000 1000

Free Free

Service Fare Card Cash

Yellow buses travel in a closed circle only within major district areas of Seoul. 19+ 13~18 7~12 6500 400 250 Free 550 450 250 Free

Gangbuk Theatre

Synopsis: Three cooks start their day. While they are busy preparing the vegetables and organizing the kitchen, a bad tempered manager appears. He orders them to prepare the food for a wedding by 6 o'clock in the afternoon. The cooks, who had not been told about this event, are caught completely offguard. Not only that, the manager also brings his young nephew with him and demands that the cooks teach him how to cook and prepare food. The manager exits after barking these seemingly impossible orders. At first, the cooks don't like this clueless boy, but have to get on with their work. They start preparing the food, but things don't go on smoothly. The boy and three cooks get closer, though, and the audience joins the show. The cooks struggle to prepare the dishes as quickly as possible, and manage to set the table by 6pm.The wedding banquet draws to a successful conclusion.

Budget Fixed Expenses 300,000 Pointers Haggling & Bargaining there is Korean price & foreign price Cheap Ssan Expensive Pi ssan Foreigner Wei (oe) Guk Saram Price: Ga Kyeok

Photographs opportunity Playful chasing in the beach or street in autumn scene (Myeongdong) Bicycle are scare you need to ride in tandem (Yeoui-do Hangang Civic Park) Everybody comes out from the arrival at the airport always wear sunglasses Things that may do Eat instant noodles in a convenient store with triangle Samgak Gimbap Eat McBulgogi burger at McDonalds Jimjilbang Korean Suana Fall, a season for trench coats, is the best season to visit Korea because of clear skies and low humidity. In September and October, long slacks, long-sleeved shirts, and cardigans or jackets are ideal. November feels quite chilly, so a thick jacket is usually needed. In Korea, the sunlight in fall may feel more intense than in mid-summer, so sunglasses and hats are recommended AK Duty Free is on sale AK COEX or Incheon Departure Hall Things may buy Edamame Line 2 Euljiro (1) Il Exit 6 Flying Dream Mon, Wed & Fri, Evenings